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Festive Night 'Alone' [Minigames][Solo]

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Festive Night 'Alone' [Minigames][Solo] Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 12:27 pm


Eyes beautiful and mystic as they gaze at the lights of each and every game. She was wanting to try out the normal games' humans play and truthfully, she wondered if she will be able to win any of them. The demigoddess roamed the streets as she held onto herself. The woman wore a large leather cloak and held her scythe, pretending to dress like the grim reaper. First she wanted to get some food before she started her little game parade so slowly she walked towards the stand and looked at their options. Her stomach will hurt if she got any sweats so the teriyaki sticks would probably be satisfying enough.

Once she ordered them, she bought some water and walked off. Her eyes wandered to look at all the people and maybe she will notice someone. Sadly, that soon became true as she noticed the light-white hair with a blue tint and those eyes. Next to them was the one with golden-brown eyes and hair. Akio and Ayako. "Shit..." she muttered and finished eating her teriyaki, throwing the sticks away.

They seemed to have noticed her somehow as she was sure everything was carefully hidden. Slowly, they approached her, "...So this is how we meet again," Ayako started, "It seems festivals are quite useful to bring together those who are fated to be in each other's lives," Akio replied.

"Yes...", she muttered loudly enough for them to hear. "How about we play the games together while we talk about the problem," Akio advised as he knew Ayako was going to cause a show. Both of them went towards the apples to bob them. Sadly, she got only one. Ayato got two and Akio got 4.


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"Hmph, of course you'd get the most," Ayako rolled his eyes with a smirk, nudging against Akio's shoulder. His eyes then gazed at Mishiko who walked in the opposite direction of him. She stayed next to Akio for safe measures as she was unsure about this whole situation. They kept casual expressions to hide how they were all actually feeling. "So why did you knock us out when we figured out who you were," he wondered coldly. Akio's warm eyes gazed at Mishiko who sighed. They still only know her as Quilla. The name Mishiko still hasn't been publicly named.

"I-", she was about to begin. "We all thought you died," Akio spoke in a despair tone. She hated the tone because it made her feel like it was her fault, kind of was, but was not the point. "I did die, but things happened," she pointed towards the next game. "Let us see who pins the tail closest to the ass. Whoever gets closest, they get to ask a question," she offered. "Fine," they synced their answer. All three of them went to the booth and got their eyes covered by a black headband. It was magical of course as they were not able to see anything but pitch black. Twirled a couple of times they were escorted towards the donkey. Her hand felt air, so far no donkey. Soon enough she then felt the paper and pinned it where she felt was the butt, as did the other two.


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All three of them looked to see who was the closest in getting the tail right. Akio seemed to be the winner, again. Was she just not good at this? Ayako felt annoyed, "Well, your turn again," he told Akio. They started to walk towards the next game which were bottles to throw rings at. It was really a simple game that they could talk while playing it unlike the others. "Mmm, tempting..." he spoke in his deep velvet-like voice. "Back to the earlier question," he hinted towards the last question of why she knocked them out. She put her hand on her other forearm, squeezing it. "I... It's because I was afraid of what you'd say since I did die, came back to end up going back to Joya," she started. "I will always have unfinished business there as I need to finish it," she ended.

Finally, they got to the rings and stood beside each other. Each of them got five rings to throw onto the bottle to make the ring go in. She did not pay attention to how they were doing as she had to concentrate. The question he asked made her feel uneasy. What kind of question will they ask next? She did not want to find out so she tried her best to win so she could win. Blue ring, red ring, every ring was a different color. She got the pink, purple, black and red ring around a different bottle. What about them? Did they get any?


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She looked to see that she won. She sighed in relief since she didn't have to answer any of their questions. Her eyes looked away and then at them. "So..." she started and finally looked around for what could be the next game for them to play. Mishiko was unsure of what to ask the two. It has been a while since they were together, adventuring through the sea and Joya as a whole. The next game seemed to put about touching and feeling objects and who knows what while blind folded. It felt weird, but it was for the prizes, was it not? She went first, approached the clerk who blind folded her. The two men paid attention to what they were doing with her.

She ignored the two as she approached the box with the help of the clerk. Her hand slowly entered the hole in the box to feel around. So far she felt nothing, but then she felt fur. Her heart went cold as she couldn't feel it moving. "I-it's not dead, is it?", she asked worriedly. They didn't answer as she answered that it was a kitten. They put a hand in the next one after that and this one had crawly bugs in it. She shivered and hopped back, shacking her hand. "N-nope nope nope nope," she shivered and hopped back towards the guys now as she guessed they were beetles, cockroaches even. Her heart was pounding quickly as she nervously looked at them for them to go ahead.


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Ayako chickened out after seeing the insects, but Akio told her that they should probably leave before she gets more traumatized by mere cockroaches. He touched the mid part of her back as he led her away from the game and to another. "Perhaps this one will let you release your anger," he spoke and paid the clerk the right amount to let her do whatever. Mishiko went to grab the mallet and saw that multiple heads started to pop up. Each one was smacked, harder than the last. Three points, twelve points, more, as she whacked them all with the mallet.

She stepped back as she watched them have a go too. It was like they all forgot the conflict they had went through. The depression, despair and death all thanks to the three getting really into the Halloween spirit. They all laughed at each other as they were close in score.


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They walked to the next and saw someone standing in front of a mirror. They were trying something out and Oddly enough, nothing happened. All three of them walked towards the game and watched Ayako speak up and walk there, "Watch this, I got it," he had a proudful grin as he rolled up his sleeves for no reason. His beautiful eyes gazed at the mirror while it suddenly got dark. He rolled around three times repeating the same name over and over again during the process.

After he was done he looked in the mirror again and saw nothing. "What a rip off," he spoke up and sighed, "How about you go for a try," he told Mishiko. She looked over deadly at the mirror and repeated the same steps as him. She felt odd though as she could feel the gazes of many. When she opened her eyes at the mirror she spotted something and someone there. Spooked, she left and went back to the group.


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She chuckled at Ayako's dismay at her being able to do it but both of them wrapped their arms around her from each side to comfort. "Someone who escaped death. Afraid of something like that?", Ayako jested towards Mishiko. "Enough, Ayako, leave her be," he spoke in his deep wisdom-like tone. She looked away for the next game, trying to get the last one out of her mind. The image of the woman's face got her a little wiled up.

Thankfully, they found the next one which seemed to be simple. "Ah look, a simple one for you Ayako," Akio jested with a small smile. Ayako went first and started to mess with the lock. He only got one try though and it instantly locked on him anyways. "Seems bad luck is common," Mishiko jested lightly as she approached the lock. She messed with some numbers and within a minute, the lock became busted. "As I was saying," she muttered and went back to the group for the next game.


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She yawned softly and leaned against Akio, which unknowingly made Ayako jealous. She didn't see anything of it. "Tired?", they both asked and then looked at each other. Her eyes looked left and right and then straight ahead to see a paintball game. "Hey, let's go play that," she left their arms and powerwalked towards the game entrance. She turned and grinned at them both. "Paintball fighting sounds fun," she then turned away and left without them. Soon they followed and went inside as well.

They were all put in their spots as magic made them separate. She looked around to see that she was alone with all her setup. As soon as she heard the buzzer, it was obvious that it was time to go. She looked around while speed walking and was ready to duck. A few randoms were shot by her, but she was trying to find Akio and Ayako. She ended up finding them shooting at each other as they seemed to be fast.


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Their speed and agility were par on par with gods as they were really fast. They didn't even notice her as they were trying to attack each other. She hid behind a wall and listened in, "You know me and them are meant to be, our past says so," Ayako smirked as he rolled out of the way of Akio's shot and shot a few times at him. Akio 'hmph'd' with a smirk as he then suddenly controlled the earth to rise to block a shot of Ayako's. "So we're playing that way, huh?", he then suddenly controlled the liquid of the paint to whip towards Akio. "You know, I still remember the day that you bullied her and your sister followed," he summoned some tea behind his pillar and started to sip.

How powerful was he? Just then she was shot with a paintball by some random kid. With that she was kicked out and so was the kid as Mishiko shot him back just as quickly. She was wondering what was going on between the two of them as she then played blackjack with a random group of people.


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She looked at her cards as she had a five and a ten. She wondered if she should fold or ask for another card. She chewed on her lip and then asked for another card. As they turned it around she saw that it was an Ace. Not the best, but not a loss. "I'll fold," she said as she waited for the others. She saw that the person's card was a bust so she won. As it was done, she turned to see they still weren't out so she went to the game with a wheel on it. A skeleton stood there in front of it as they gestured for her to go to them. Mishiko followed and looked at it.

"Just spin the wheel and see whacha get," they said. Mishiko spinned a few times and got some foods that her stomach was able to handle for some reason, but the taste was aweful.


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She shivered at the aftertaste of the food and saw the next game was more simple. "At least it's just picking which cup," she muttered to herself. She got in line and then suddenly heard some bickering behind her. "Where is she!? How did we lose her?", she arched an eyebrow and turned a little to see Akio and Ayato. "Perhaps if we didn't get busy arguing, we wouldn't have taken so long to be done," Akio sighed and then looked directly at her. He made a soft smile and turned towards her to approach and apologize for taking awhile.

"Do you think she heard any of it?", he whispered to him. Akio studied Mishiko and frowned, "Probably some of it," he assumed. She looked away and went to her table and looked at the skeleton switching cups. Left to right, right to middle, she then saw him stop. Her eyes searched them and then picked the left. "That one," she assumed for it to be right. He lifted up the card and gave her a pop for it.


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They walked together to the last game where she saw a small target and a seat. "Ah yes, good, you brought friends," the skeleton said while grabbing ahold of Ayako. They escorted him to the seat and strapped him down against his will. They laughed as Ayako was struggling, "Hey! Let me go you -", he was silenced by magic. "Now girly, all ya gotta do is hit the target to drop him into the water and you win!". They finished and gave her some balls to throw. She missed her first two and then looked up at him.

She remembered her first life as she was bullied by him. Sure, they became friends later, fell in love, and she killed him, but something was yelling at her to be mean back. Plus, she had to win those pumpkin pops. She threw the last one with all she could and hit the middle. She watched him get dunked into the water. She heard Akio chuckle darkly and put his hand on her shoulder, "Did you have fun?", he wondered as Ayako was being helped out and walked his way to them.

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