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Subject 777 [SQ]

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#1Silver Sparrow 

Subject 777 [SQ] Empty Tue Nov 01, 2022 7:37 pm

Silver Sparrow

The Demi-human sighed. They stared at the ceiling in silence in the blackened room in Dahlia's most popular inn. Despite being its most popular safe haven nobody inside was ever truly safe. Vampires had the managers in a chokehold and every so often Nine could hear a scream down the hall or a groan next door. None of the strange noises bothered them. Really, it was the aromas that irritated them the most. For now though they were content. Dahlia City was the first city in Fiore they had ever actually been too. They weren't impressed but they were definitely intrigued by how things operated here. Politics were the same everywhere- everywhere except Dahlia City. There was no official Lord, just various groups of Vampires and Lycans. Some other mysterious creatures were sprinkled in here and there too.

Nine closed their eyes and turned to their side, facing the wall beside their bed. Tonight was just like any night since they've been in Dahlia; boring. As much as they wanted to go out and explore or begin working towards the "Dream" they knew they had to get stronger first. Fiore had a lot of powerful mages and there was much 9 still needed to learn. Utopian Demise had been helping them get the hang of things so far. In this world things were usually on a binary spectrum; Good and Evil, Light and Dark...it was hard for the Demi to wrap their mind around. No matter which way they put it, the world would view them as a villain. What they intended on doing had never been done before and it meant that Nine had to become a conqueror of lands they did not have connections too. All the same, they had been chosen for this task.

Dream dream dream dream dream dream...

Silver eyes darted around the building, bouncing from wall, to table, to soldier as Number 9 absorbed their surroundings. It'd been only a day or two Nine was released from the device containing their body. It was hard to walk. Luckily the Facility Soldiers were helping them stand. In exchange for providing them the nutrients they needed to survive 9 had agreed to talk to them and reveal to them as much information as they could. It wasn't like they remembered much anyway. The facility staff seemed to be kind but the Demi-human was aware that kindness was often a tactic to trick people. Unlike normal humans Nine had a sense for those types of things. As they ushered the stranger down the hall, Nine kept their eyes peeled. Their white hospital gown stopped at their ankles and their slippers provided a barrier between their bare feet and the floor.

The first stop was around the corner from the section of the building Nine had emerged from. When they arrived the soldiers stepped back and raised their guns. The technology was similar to that on Nirvana though not as advanced. Their weapons and armor were primal at best despite the fact that it was more advanced than majority of this country's technology. From what 9 read years, they learned that Earthland was in a very melee weapon era. Iron swords, steel armor. Facility 12 had been generations beyond what most of this world's inhabitants had been used to. "Subject Seven-seventy-seven has arrived." one of the soldiers reported. Nine turned back to face the two soldiers before facing the white door in front of them again. No windows, no indication of what was inside, just a white room.


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Subject 777 [SQ] Empty Tue Nov 01, 2022 10:19 pm

Silver Sparrow

Just after the Soldier announced Nine's arrival, the white door released a sizzling noise and cracked open. Anyone with a brain would realize that 9 was subject 777. Still a bit disoriented, the stranger pushed open the door. It was much lighter than it looked. Inside the white room was one nurse at the far end near a table with what appeared to be a Lacrima screen in front of her. There was a bed at the center and of course two more guards standing on both sides of the door. These precautions were necessary if they sought to protect the facility but Nine couldn't help but feel a sense of uneasiness. Either way, they made a promise to get this done and they intended to keep those promises. Some of the Staff already revealed the terms and conditions.

Once Nine was done with rehabilitation, they'd be released into the world. Perhaps trusting in pesky humans was a dumb decision, there was just simply no other choice- not if they wanted to regain their strength. So with an opened mind 9 stepped into the room. A cold aura engulfed their being, naturally. Not a smile, not a frown, just a raised eyebrow as they stood waiting for the nurse to say something. Her fingers clicked and clacked away on the keyboard in front of her. "Subject Seven-Seven-Seven, it's a pleasure to meet you. Please, sit." With her back still turned to Nine she finally spoke. The stranger shuffled towards the bed and sat in their gown in silence.

A few moments later the nurse turned around and approached them. First she whipped out a device that wrapped around their arm, listening to their breathing. Then she took their blood pressure, checked their ears and throat. "Your name is Nine, correct?" 9 blinked. The woman pointed to the scale at the corner of the room to measure their weight and height."Correct." Nine responded nonchalantly. The woman brushed her blonde hair out of her rounded face, tooling with the the pieces on the scale. "An interesting name, I'd say. Who gave it to you?" the woman asked. Maybe she was just trying to make small talk or maybe she was poking and prodding in things out of her jurisdiction.

This was supposed to be a simple check up after all. "My family..." Nine blinked. The guardians on Nirvana weren't actually their family. Still, they were the ones that named them. The woman nodded her head and didn't press further. It was clear as day that Nine didn't want to talk about it. When the nurse was done she brought Nine back to the bed and returned to her station. Those fingers clacked away at what felt like supersonic speeds. What a boring day, Nine thought. They were ready to go out and explore Earthland. There was one place in particular that they were excited to see. Unfortunately, today wasn't the day they looked forward to.


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Subject 777 [SQ] Empty Tue Nov 08, 2022 5:20 pm

Silver Sparrow

It was time to move on to the next portion of the day. The nurse checking Nine's vitals proceeded to write the results on paper, but the report wasn't for subject 777. Instead, the results were for whoever was at the top of the food chain in this facility. Nine, of course, took note of the fact that they were kept in the dark. Earthlanders were just some of the people who had carried out comparable procedures. Nine was no fool. They knew what was happening, but Nine had also already decided they weren't staying here long enough to become a guinea pig. The nurse turned to nod at the two guards ushering Nino throughout the day. That was their cue to take the subject to the following location, so they did just that. Gently, both guards slipped their hands into the space between Nino's arms and ribs before gently hauling them out of the room.

Silver eyes bounced around the halls, skimming for any omen that could reveal more about this place. But, alas, the demi-human could find none- at least not yet. Instead, all their eyes told was that this facility was an important place. Guards positioned themselves along the walls with guns and other weapons. Sometimes a white-coated doctor would strut through the white hallways, but for the most part, this building looked more like a military base. Nevertheless, it took only a short time for the stranger and their escorts to reach the next office. Like before, the guards announced that they had arrived, and the white door released a sizzling sound, sliding open to unveil what was inside the room. For a moment, Nino's eyes broadened. They immediately spotted a glass-framed refrigerator holding small vials filled with crimson liquid. This office was, without a doubt, a blood doctor.

"Good Morning", the peeved voice croaked. Nine knew the routine already. They were a prompt learner. Unhurriedly, Nino seated on the chair. As much as they wanted to avoid adhering to this specific requirement in the agreement they had made with the staff of this facility, there simply was no other way for them to acquire the instruments they required to recover their strength. The doctor, this time around, wasted absolutely no time. He almost seemed to be in a rush. Perhaps he had children or some other task to tend to. The doctor slid over to Nine with his wheeled cheer and pulled the tools out of his lab-coats pocket. After assembling all the pieces to make the needle, he stuck it into Nine's arm and drew blood. This procedure transpired around two to three times. Each time the doctor supplied the vials to the brim.

It felt like hardly any time had passed. But, before Nino knew it, they were already up and out of the doctor's office. Only about thirty minutes had passed since the staff at Facility 12 brought in Nino to visit the doctors, and in the next thirty minutes, they would be free of all these tedious procedures. Now that they thought about it, they needed some clothes too. There was only one more room they needed to get to next, and Nino had no thought of what this next meeting would entail.


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