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Bits of the Party

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Bits of the Party Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 5:19 am

It was a pleasantly cool evening in Samhain, well, those more inclined to the colder side of life would say that anyway. Ikanbi remembered meeting Sia here in Samhain long ago, a strange woman far from home with her memories and magics stolen, supposedly. Stirring about at the Inn, Ikanbi had furnished rooms in Samhain for her Guild Mates, dipping into her families pull, weight, and finances, and swayed at minimum of two rooms at the Inn as well as access to the kitchen and back door. Why? A quick escape, of course. You never knew what type of ruffian you might bump into in Samhain. After all, things weren't always to be fun and games, no?

Ikanbi of Desierto stalked through her room at the Inn and tried on a few different outfits, examining herself in the mirror and swapping back and forth between dark purple with gold and black trim or a darker attire that was lighter in color but covered in blood. She stared at it, the once all-white suit that another rogue Hunter had helped her to create. The bodies that had fallen the day it became so ghastly in appearance though, she stared at the blood that had stained it. The metal had been dyed, scoured, beaten, scarred, and blemished. The leather had been drenched in blood. What was white was grey and red.

It would make for an amazing Halloween costume, she thought to herself, but, perhaps not something to wear specifically tonight. Tonight? Tonight there was a party. A festive party, here in Samhain where she knew many people of every walk of life would attend. She figured she would here and there find a bit of a person to chat with and network a little bit. Surely members of the other Guild Halls would be around, and she found it obvious that a few Hunters would be in the midst. In the midst of the party, she did see Kon, and, as best she could tell, she was almost in to as many drinks as she was. Ikanbi found something strong, she sniffed it and recoiled. She poured the two of them several tiny glasses each, two each for now. She thought on it for a moment then poured another of something even stronger for the both of them, then very, very carefully Ikanbi carried the array over to Kon quietly, avoiding and waltzing around people in the room as she made her way towards her.

"Ah, Kon...I have a proposition.... How many drinks have you had?" Ikanbi stared at the odd-eyed Woman with a gentle smile but her head tilted forward and her grin widened crazily on purpose as she giggled. "I've had a few, but...for...research...There's something I want to know."


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