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Pest Control PT. 21 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were in Orchidia today as they were enjoying some shopping. They had gotten a lot of things throughout Fiore, but they had not shopped in the North in a while. It was good to have different types of clothing, and this was why Yuurei was here. He was moving through the area, and they were using Renji’s bag to their advantage. It was a nice trip, and it was different from what they were used to. He didn’t mind being at home all the time, but he wanted to enjoy his day today. He also wanted to get away from the scene and he didn’t want to work today.

Still, that was what he wanted, but it didn’t mean he was going to get that luxury. He would move around the area, but it would seem like someone was approaching him. They weren’t dangerous, so Yuurei didn’t feel them coming, but he would wish he did.


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Yuurei would soon see them in his sight and his eyes widen when he saw that they had found him. He started to wonder if he had a tracking device on him or something. He wasn’t sure of it, but he knew that he was going to have to figure it out. He wasn’t going to run as it would look immature to do that. He would just smile at the person as they were huffing and puffing. It would seem like they were looking everywhere for him.

He would hand him a letter and Yuurei would take it without hesitation. He hoped that it was not from Mr. Cliff as it would drive him mad. He would see that it was an insignia he had never seen before, which made him happy. Still, he knew that if it wasn’t Mr. Cliff, then it had to be someone with an infestation problem. He sigh with disappointment as he figured he would be killing rats today.



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He would look over to Renji as he would look back at the letter. It would be a small job and it was nothing crazy. He would read where he had to go as he placed the letter in his pocket.

“It seems like we’re cutting our shopping short for today.” He said to Renji.

Renji would look at him when he heard this and he would shake his head. He figured this was going to happen, but at least they got away for a bit.

“It’s fine, lead the way.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear his friend and he would start walking. He would move around the place as he would continue to say hello to those who did it first. His smile was radiant, and their mission would be simple. The rats here were strong but were nothing to him. It was an easy task to handle and one he could do in his sleep.



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Yuurei was already in the market area with Renji, so finding the location wasn’t a hard thing to do. It was something that they did quickly and he would soon see someone waiting for them at a small shop again. It would seem like this one was boarded up and the only way to get in and out was through the front door.

He would approach the person without a problem and when he got to them he would come to a stop.

“I’m here for the request you sent directly to me.” He said to them.

They would hear this as they would walk up to him with a smile on their face. He waited to see what they would say before they explained things and enter the place.

“Ah, Yuurei, you’ve arrived. This is perfect, I was hoping you would come to help me. Do you know what I need from you?” He asked Yuurei as he was sure he did.



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Yuurei would look behind the man and then he would look at him with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, I do know what I’m here for. It’s time for me to clear out the infestation inside your shop. Who sells these places to you guys?” He asked him curious to hear what they had to say.

“I have never seen them, but they always do everything where we can’t see them. Still, they sell these things super cheap, so it’s why I bought mine.” He explained to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would look at the shop and he would shake his head.

“Alright, I’m going to be taking the job, but I need you to do a few things first. While I’m in there I need you to get a person to clean up the dead rats, and another person to permanently fill up the hole that is within your shop.” He said to him waiting for his confirmation.



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The man would hear what Yuurei had said to him, and he was going to question it, but then he figured that it would be fine. He knew that this guy knew what he was doing, so he would nod.

“Understood, I will go and make sure that I get those two people to do that. It shouldn’t be too hard to find them.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would hear this and he would walk to the door in front of him. He would enter without a problem and Renji was right by him. They would enter the place together and would close the door behind them, so no rats could even escape.

He would look around the place as he was trying to figure out what to do and where to go. It wouldn’t take long, but his necklaces would feel a lot of movements to the left of the place.



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Yuurei would start walking there and the same would go for Renji. When they got there, they would see that there were a bunch of rats within this one room. Renji was the first to be seen and the rats would chase after him. The Nephilim would see this, and he would take advantage of this. He would start attacking the rats that were here. He would shoulder one as it would fly to the wall squealing before coming to a silence. He would then move on to another one and he would kick it up in the air before it fell to the ground. He kept moving as he would punch three of them one after the other.

It was then he would see that they would change their focus on him. This was good as he would get ready to continue the fight. They would make some screeching noises and he would shake his head as he knew that couldn’t be good.



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Yuurei wasn’t going to wait and find out what it was as he would move straight to the remaining rats in this room. He would move around to dodge the incoming attacks, but he would punch them quickly and them without a problem. He would keep moving without a problem as he would see that they weren’t as organized as the ones before. Renji was hiding from it all as he didn’t want to become rat food. It wouldn’t take long for Yuurei to clear out the rats in this room. He wasn’t sure what was that screech was for, but he was going to find out.

He would hear a bunch of noises coming from the right side of the shop. It wasn’t just that, but he could sense the danger as well. It wouldn’t take long, but Renji would see a bunch of rats coming straight for him. It was then he would run back into the room as he couldn’t believe this shit.



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Yuurei would get ready, and he would see them coming in as if they wanted vengeance. He would shake his head because this wasn’t going to be food for them. He would see this, and he would dodge their attacks as they were coming to him in large numbers. Renji had already disappeared from the room as he didn’t want anything to do with that. The Nephilim would be able to dodge and block their attacks as he would counter with his own. He would be able to take them out slowly as they would fall to the ground. There was a lot here, and it would seem like he had given the rats the opportunity to call for reinforcement.

Still, this was exciting as he would see to it that more of these rats were going to perish before he finished his job. They would keep coming at him, but the results would be the same.



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Yuurei would continue his fight with the rats in front of him and Renji would watch from a safe distance. He would see Yuurei breaking them down and making sure that none of the rats would be able to get back up from the pain he was causing them. He would continue with the fight, but soon enough it would come to an end. He would see that all the rats were done and out. It would seem like there weren’t any more rats coming in his direction. This was good, which was a good thing. He would look around the room and he would look at Renji. The Exceed would look around the room with Yuurei as they were looking for valuable things for the owner. They would find a few of them in this room, which would allow them to move to the next room.

They would move to the next area of the shop as they were searching for things and even the hole where they had come from.



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Yuurei and Renji would keep searching for everything that they could within the shop. They would find a lot of value in this place, and soon enough they would even find the hole. This was the source of where they were coming from, and Yuurei would get something to cover it for the time being. When he did that, the two of them would move to the exit of the shop. They would see that their client was waiting for them with the people who were going to clean all of this and even the people who would fix the hole.

He would report to the client what they did, where they could find the hole, and even the dead rats. Renji would open his bag and he would hand over the valuables that they had found to the owner. They would see this and they would be excited that they would have a lot of things they could sell and get rid of.

The client was pleased by all of this and they would hand Yuurei a bag of jewels. He would take it when he felt that the jewels were what he wanted them to be. When he was fine, he and Renji would make their leave and back to their guild instead of shopping.

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