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Loneliness Hurts, Embrace the Truth, says the Zenko [SL]

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Loneliness Hurts, Embrace the Truth, says the Zenko [SL] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 6:30 pm


She agreed for Zenko to follow her. She wanted what their actual name was and they would yet to tell her and tell later on. She just shrugged and accepted it as she didn't want to get into the gritty details. She looked around the beautiful nature as they were walking the path. Finally saw the crew after a few moments and they were wondering what all happened. She explained that she has found this little creature. They all looked at it and each and every one of them besides a couple decided to pet it. It stayed guarded by Mishiko. She started to explain to them that the creature was an extraordinary creature from the heavens. They were left in abandoned here by a God who didn't realize they were missing. She gave them more details about it and then after they were done, they decided that they wanted to search more around the island.



Loneliness Hurts, Embrace the Truth, says the Zenko [SL] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 6:34 pm


One from the crew told her that they had time to search through the island more. They seem to be very excited about this place and they decided that maybe they will start a living here. This place had everything for them. They all sat down in a circle as they both all explained each location that they found. We found a beautiful forest filled with purple and pink trees. Another found a unique land that was filled with coral and sea creatures. They even found some mermaids that told them about how no one has been on this island for many years. She looked at the next person, who started to say there was an abandoned city. After everyone was done explaining their locations, they began to agree that they didn't want to stay here until they found the body of their leader. Quilla. She kind of looked away nervously and then looked back at them as she didn't want to know where her body was.



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They all decided to have a rest at the beach as some of them brought out some crates of food and drinks. The others went to go find sticks to make a fire as they created a fire pit. Were they going to have a little party before they all went off? Just gave them all light smiles as she then also helped them prepare. Once it was all done, it was already night time and every lamp was lit. Zenko came over and started to whisper some words. They wanted to tell them that they should really tell them who they were. They felt like she was going to regret it if she doesn't tell them who she was, mostly to Ayako and Akio. She said softly and went to go grab a drink. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not. Her eyes looked up at the stars and moon to look for guidance.



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She went over to coach sit with Ayako and Akio were sitting with each other chatting. She offered them a drink as they looked up at her, skeptical. There are probably wondering what she wanted. She asked them if they minded, if she sat with him or not. Akio, spoke with wisdom, did not care as he felt like more the merrier. That wasn't the case for Ayako. He just scoffed and took the drink and started to chug it down. The other one told her to not worry about him as he's always been like this ever since her death. Ayako told him to not talk about it, as he has told them multiple times not to bring her up. She curiously asked them what they had been up to after the whole ordeal of their leader dying. She was also curious if they had any clues of who could have killed her.



Loneliness Hurts, Embrace the Truth, says the Zenko [SL] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 6:47 pm


All three of them started to drink with each other as they looked up at the stars together. Ayako sighed as he started to explain that they haven't found any clues as to who killed her. She saw him rub his face in frustration as she could tell it was a big deal for him to find out. I didn't really know of Mashiko's back story, but he decided to tell her about some of his. He started to explain that he grew up in a city where him and Akio, as well as Quilla, grew up together. He was more of a Prince figure within the city as he was seen as Prince Ayako. He didn't really use his name as everyone just decided to call him Prince. He met Quilla when they were the same age, around 10 years old. They never got to talk to each other because of her adopted father's rules and the fact she was a priestess.



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At the first sight of her, he always felt some close bond with her. He didn't know what it was and he still doesn't know. Akio on the other hand knew her by the chance of meeting her during her dancing routine at the age of eleven. Akio and Ayako became friends through status. Neither of them liked their status, so they decided to leave Joya as a whole. It was a coincidence that the two and Quilla met again when their old captain called out to them. She started a chuckle as she then finally realized that they had a huge history together without even realizing it. She would have never found this out without zenko's advice, as she had learned something new.

Ayako started to explain a part of the story, but then got stuck on a subject as he couldn't remember. She giggled at the thought of the scene and corrected him on accident. Both the guys looked at her in a confused manner as they were wondering how she knew. She tried to say that she was guessing. Neither of them was fooled, as they were more intelligent than that. She studied hyperventilate as she realized that they finally noticed and before I yokel could yell out her name. As he started to tear up and go towards her, she knocked both of them out, leaving in the shadows after getting her Zenko.



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