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Brazen and Devilish [Dark Universe Incursions - Major]

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A voice sighed as its body moved along. Steps pressing forward in light firm steps as the light and frame of the town began to finally come into view. After moving through grass and open plains to now mountains, and sand, Jikan had made her way through the Seighart Mountaints to reach Rush Valley. She was on her way back to her home section of the North, Orchidia. Normally, she would have gone the way that would not involve her crossing into this land, but, she figured she would take a change of scenery.

As much as she disliked Paradise Dawn and knew of the distaste this part of the North had of her and her guild. It was still the North, and if she was going to watch her own town, she had to watch the others to a degree. If issues broke through here, it would only be her home left to be targeted. And besides, an excuse to put a step of influence here was all well within her hopes of goals in the future. She would be a fool to not take up the opportunity.

An opportunity that was going to happening soon it seemed. She was a bit away from one of the town's entrance when she saw it. Rifts appearing from all over. Smaller in size than the one she saw last time but many many more in number. Perhaps they wanted to swarm the town from numerous angles instead of charging in from one direction like a large battering ram. This time, they would use their efforts to crushing the defensive walls of the town in targeting precise locations. Jikan could only hope that other rifts elsewhere would not come up as well. Less it would through a bigger wrench into this mess.


Jikan crept-ed forward to meet one of the many rifts that appeared, her left hand reaching across her body the tips of her fingers and palm, grips the handle of her new sword just below the guard, draws it out, snaps it forward so it’s pointing at a specific solder. The man was dressed in different armor than the others alongside him. The man holding his hands across his chest as he watched Jikan move. Standing before him Jikan then places her right hand on the grip just below the left.

The grinning warrior does the same.

Both of them bend their knees, dropping into a low squat while keeping the torso bolt upright, then stand up again and shuffle their feet into the proper stance—feet parallel, both pointed straight ahead, right foot in front of the left foot. Eyes glued to the others. Peering inside for the slightest signal at their next more....of the gears and maps forming within their mind.


"Jikan Supēsu. Or at least what you go by in this world. You are a lot smaller than my commander, weaker. I am sure she will be happy to see your head on a spear".

Jikan narrowed her eyes, not uttering a word back at the man. Her eyes said enough for her.

The warrior smile before he charges directly at Jikan, hollering at the top of his lungs. The movement actually consists of a very rapid shuffling motion of the feet, so that he stays balanced at all times. At the last moment, he draws the sword up over his head and snaps it down toward her. Jikan brings her own sword up, rotating it around sideways so that the handle is up high, above and to the left of her face, and the blade slopes down and to the right, providing a roof above. The captain’s blow bounces off this roof like rain, and then Jikan sidesteps to let him go by and snaps the sword down toward his unprotected shoulder. But the warrior is moving too fast, and Jikan’s timing is off. The blade cuts behind and to the side. She was much too new using the blade still. Rusty and sloppy.

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#2Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin stretched and stumbled weary eyed out of the pub's upstairs room. A long night of drinking had put him on his but. Now he looked out into the world anew, whipping the groggy feeling from his eyes. He grabbed hold of his stupid whip, that he seemed to always get tormented for. Ruffling his hair, he yawned as an arrow pierced the wall next to his head. Wide-eyed now, he looked at the arrow and then the dozens more that rained from over the wall. The town alarm blared and Jin sighed and slumped.

"Come on," he huffed and grabbed his helmet. Mayeb he could just avoid it this time? he thought as he pressed the helmet over his head nd looked out into the town. In the distance,he could see her again. Jikan was already in a sword battle. "Crap," he muttered and jumped down from the second floor. His armor on and whip at his side. He rushed forward to do the job of a healer. An explosion rocked the city wall. Debris fell across his face and scattered into the street. A hole the size of a horse was blown into the wall. Dark forces were geared and ready to charge through. The path to Jikan was blocked by the mountain of debris and brick.

"Really," he pouted and turned to the hole in the wall. Familiar looking soldiers began to pour through. "Well...hang on pal," he spoke about Jikan and stated to loose his whip when a soldier charged with a spear. He side stepped and dropped the man with a punch to the gut. Jin kicked the spear back into his hands. His father's legacy was to use polearms. This was something he had to get used to eventually. He ran out with spear in hand and parried attackers. Oen by one he jabbed the spear into legs and torsos. It felt so much more aggressive than the whip. It was just like being back in war again.

But he intended to fight his way to the other side and entry next to his allies. a dark rift was in front of him. It was always a rift. With annoyance he cut down the enemies that he was facing. His spear dropped them one after another. Their speard stabbed into his body, but the mage healed himself while sapping the life from them in the process.

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She sighed softly as cold air escaped her lips and nose. She was unsure if it was because death was getting closer or because she was just cold. Her tired eyes gazed around the mountains while carrying her scythe everywhere she went. Mishiko had her dress of black and other colors that draped downward and against the ground. She was here for a reason. "I'm excited, aren't you?!", Outa announced to Mishiko in their excited tone. Ohta cuddled against Mishiko's bosoms as she allowed it due to the nature of Ohta. "Are you cold...?", she asked coldly and emotionlessly. As her scythe was against her own back she held onto Ohta and started to pet them.

They shook their head and looked forward after they looked at each other. "I sense mana, a great amount of it," Ohta told her. "Enemies or allies I wonder," she questioned it as she headed down the path against the mountain trial. She was coming from the East, so getting to the north wasn't as hard as it would've been if she came from the South directly. Mishiko powerwalked there as she didn't feel like running, it wasn't her style unless she was actually fighting someone, Her white hair waved as the wind became a little intense.

"Ohta, I need you to hide on top of a tree while I fight," she instructed them to do something once they get to the ideal location where the portals will be. Last thing she needed was a repeat of the slicing Jin. So far she didn't know that Jin nor Jikan was here. She wondered what her guild was up to while she was out and about, destroying the dark universe that could possibly help out with her goals more than anything. It will be easier to take over Joya and the other countries, along with destroying her other target that she has yet to be known.

Hopefully, her guild was doing something other than sitting on their asses. She will not have complete lazy people in her guild. At least get information from people within other guilds. Mishiko did not expect the same amount of work she was doing from her other members. "We're now closer," Ohta repeated as Mishiko then saw a portal form. It was about a three meter long and 2 meter wide portal. Several knights came out as they tried to surround her. "Ohta, go hide while I take care of this," she told them. "But..." they started and looked around. Ohta started to float on a cloud, "You're weak till your body gets the strength you once used to have, you need backup," they refused to leave. "I can't die," she chuckled darkly while she prepared her scythe by using both of her hands.

She remembered the time she use to only have to use one, but she was so weak right now that she had no spells, no magic, just her scythe. What sort of Demigod was she? Were her powers late? She glared, "Go! Find someone if you must, but you need to go," she was about to catch them and throw them as far as she could, but thankfully Ohta left in a good enough speed to escape their attempts to stop them from leaving. "Now then..." she ghostly spoke while licking her canine. She prepared a launch while going forward to attack the first knight who prepared a hit with their sword.

Ohta was scattering around the Forest, nervously searching for help as they knew their master's powers weren't showing yet. Right now, the comparison to what she is, was just a regular adventurer. She had no magic.



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Both warriors wheeled to face each other, back up, working to get back into their stance. Atmospheric intensity does not convey half of it, but it does a small decent amount.  Then the man said something that made Jikan blinked and narrow her eyes. It was a sentence in a Fiore language but one she knew. It was the kind of coarse and disappointing lack of respect that would make the dismembered bodies of honored warriors spin in their graves. It was the type that even made Jikan, a lady who rarely believed in the inspiration pseudo-mystical ideology of effort. Decided that she was going to 110 percent kill this man with 200% effort. The flaring alarm sounds of the town in the background started. Waking the people and as well, playing a funny symbol for the fire light within Jikan.

The portal showing up with even more troops as well as the sound of an explosion rocketing a hole in the wall was not a bad wake up either.

The person facing Jikan moved forward, rushing to let out another attack. This one more restrained in the style done; straightforward, a quick shuffling approach and then a snapping cut in the direction of Jikan's rib cage on her left side. Titling her blade down to the said, Jikan crashes into the blade and parries it. The commander lets his sword slide off of Jikan's green blade before letting out a ear splitting screech as he stomps his front foot down. His sword sliced the air, cutting and snapping in its movement in response to this. Jikan leans to the side and carries the attack before taking on the momentum and used it to continue with a movement. Turning around in a short, quick circular spin, she aims low and cuts both of his legs through the gap in his armor just above the knees. Resulting in the limbs being separated from his body.

The man yells and collapses to the floor. Blade still in hand.

Jikan was new with the blade, but she had fighting experience and time on her side. Sure, just using her martial arts skills would have made this gone by faster, but, this was a learning situation for her. It takes a lot of practice to make your body move through the ether of combat; doing beyond that of a living being and becoming a warrior. As skilled as one was though, when you lost your legs, all that skill goes out the window.

Gazing at the man who was crumbled on the ground, she lifted her right foot, stomping it onto the man's hand and grinding it as she forced a higher pitch cry out of him. His clenched fist breaking and letting go of his blade; she kept her foot pressed onto his hand. Without speaking a word, she whips her blade sideways, cutting off both of the man's forearms, causing the last threads of hope of him fighting to be cut.

At this point Jikan would see a...small white blob ball floating? It seemed to be moving with urgency and even more so, away from a rift that had a horde of warriors coming out of it. The line of sight of Jikan was blocked, all she saw was enemies and had not seen Mishiko out on the other side of the number of warriors, nor Jin who was on the other side of the wall.

Jikan continued to finish of the man, the sin of his words to her head to be paid. Shifting her blade, she whips the sword around sideways before cutting the commanders' body in half just above the navel. Slashing through his heavy armor like it was butter and she held a hot knife. Now was when Jikan spoke, leaning down so that she's looking the half dead commander in the eyes. "May the Gods of Death welcome you to the other side, and ridicule you for your disrespect. Do try to cheat death, but, I'm a little bit know as a hacker~". Then she hacks the guy’s head off. It falls to the floor, does a half-roll, and comes to rest staring straight up at the ceiling.

Stepping over the man's body, Jikan walks towards the unknown creature, swinging her sword to clean the first layer of blood off. Creating a blinding attack to the few attackers chasing Ohta by putting blood in their eyes and cover their visors. "Is something wrong little one?".

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#5Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
The battle raged around the paladin. Time and time again he found himself surrounded by the screams of war. He grew more and more tired from the constant ins and outs, and yet he was here all the time. Always finding himself thrust upon the great wheel of violence.

Snap! The sound of the spear breaking in two resonated as he battered it against an invader's shield. He kicked another spear up into his hands and flung it around with a wild spin. The shaft of the spear snapped across the invader's skull, sending him to the ground. More and more they poured through and Jin swayed and leaned against the broken wall of the kingdom's outer defense, and the immense amount of rubble that cut off his access to the other side. "More of you. Cooome on," he groaned and ducked beneath another blow. He bucked the person off his back and crashed behind him. he side-stepped the next couple of assaults and grabbed one man by the head and knocked it against the wall.

The man's face was groggy and Jin pulled rubble down on top of him. it made for a small mound that the paladin scampered up. More chased after him. He drove his boot into one and sent him flying back and pummeling into his allies. The paladin was able to reach the ramparts with a leap. His hand gripped the ledge. Rocks crumbled from his grasp, and then he heard Jikan on the other side. He pulled himself up higher. Onto the edge. A dead rune knight was laid out on the ground with a javelin through his chest.

"ouch," he whispered and stood up tall. He could see Jikan now on the other side and then Mishiko in the near distance, ready to charge forth. Before he could say anything, he felt the earth rumble. The walls wobbled and ruble dripped from the edges. Gazing out into the fields of enemies as he crouched. They poured closer to the walls but slowed their pace. A large ballista was making its way toward them. A giant jagged-edged bolt was fastened to the front of it. Runes lit up one by one down the side of the siege weapon.

"That's not good," he murmured and watched them aim the weapon lower and at either one of his comrades. Jin gulped and stood up as tall as he could with one foot on the wall.

"Hey fella's good ta see ya again," he yelled out both to his allies and enemies, as a large magic circle appeared beneath him. The siege weapon quickly aimed up at the paladin, assuming he was some ranged artillery mage from that vantage point. The ballista integrated into a beam of dark energy and blasted off right toward Jin.

"uh oh," he dashed back to jump out of the way, as the 16-diameter ball of barreling darkness energy obliterated the stone wall that he was standing at. Just before the blow hit, Jin surrounded himself with an armor of light. The impact sent him flying back into the kingdom and through the wall of a building. Debris started to rain on him and a large part of the second floor dislodged. He rolled out of the way just as it crashed into the ground. Smoke covered his vision. He stumbled through it, back to the outside, with the armor of light still partially wrapped around him.

He tried to slink his way back toward the others while holding his head. His vision was still a bit shakey from the impact. Hoping he would run into them. Meanwhile, the ballista was recharging for its second shot.

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TLDR: Stood on top of the wall to see his allies. Saw a magical ballista. Distracted it so a giant ball of darkness erupted on him instead of his allies.


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She broke the enemy's weapon with her own as hers was better in every way. That was how she saw it. Her black glass eyes gazed around as the soldier cowered, but was soon beheaded by her truly. They wanted to have the intent to kill, then she shall show no mercy. More started to arrive as they circled her. "This way! This one seems to not have any magic!" one of them yelled who she assumes is the leader of their large group. Her eyes flashed towards them as she saw the height difference. "Oh, you're definitely their leader," she smirked and pointed her scythe towards them. "All of you shall see damnation and the God of Death shall take you there," she declared as they looked at each other in shock. Her eyes gazed up into the sky.

Mishiko brought her scythe upward and twisted her wrist to trigger her scythe's power. Suddenly ...

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Suddenly the sky of the whole large area of 50 meters started to swirl around and become dark. The clouds are colored grey with a mix of black. It was no more an extended day as the pure darkness devoured the area of the sky. Eyes of red pierced the sky as they glanced at everyone. Storms were rising as the lightning could be heard, but suddenly the sky's clouds became more black and green. As a flash of lightning struck, giant tentacles could be seen, their shadows in the clouds. Instantly, the tentacles hit out of the dark clouds, grabbed every enemy, and strangled them. The magical ballista was destroyed as one tentacle smashed it to nothing.

Mishiko laughed at this as they disappeared, and the sky turned back to normal. Ordinary soldiers were dead as it just left their leader with her. The leader looked over at her as if they had seen a ghost. "What is this trickery?!" he brought out his axe, and she looked at it and then at him. "Mmm, I have a friend that mains axes..." she brought a single finger by her lips as she thought, dropping her scythe for the moment. "This will be decent practice for me..." she laughed and then picked up the weapon to go forward towards them. Sadly, that was her only spell, so she hoped it was useful or helpful to anyone fighting these damn things.

Ignoring the dead bodies surrounding her, she concentrated on fighting the leader. He tried to slam down his axe towards the middle part of her body but dodged by dashing to the side. Swinging her weapon, she sliced the mid-section of his body, splitting him open. Blood splattered dramatically on her body and face as she gazed at him with no emotion. She didn't care about these beings as they came from another realm. They had nothing to do with hers. Now that she was done, she moved forward to see what was going on with the others. She walked slowly as her head turned left and right with her eyes that looked carefully.

She noticed how much damage her spell did to the nature of the area, but she knew nature will fix itself. Suddenly, she looked and saw someone on a wall. "Jin?", she muttered quietly and lowered her gaze saddened. She wanted to say something, but she had to hold her tongue. Biting her lower lip she looked forward to see Jikan. Ohta floated on their cloud back to Mishiko. "Did you kill them?", they asked curiously. "I did... as well as others on the way it seems," she quietly spoke and saw more portals start to come up to bring out others.




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Jikan waited sword resting lazily on her shoulder from the mysterious creatures response. It was the first time she had ever saw such a thing. Was this a sprite? A spirit? Or some wonderful fluffy sweet scientific masterpiece?

...probably not. They didn't look edible.

She heard sounds in the background. Walls falling, ground cracking, the fires of war spinning and the voices of the living and dying mixing on the same plane of existence in a figurative sense.

Jikan thought she heard something about someone not being able to use magic. And wonder who this fighter was in the distance as well as who the spoken person was who lacked magic here. The troops defending the mountain had not arrived yet, at least to her knowledge. She wouldn't be surprise if there were adventures though.

As Jikan thought this a strange yet somewhat familiar shift began. The air felt stiff and the sky  began to swirl as if it was being stirred. The light vanishing from the sky far and wide as a cloak of darkness 50 meters wide came upon them. Grey and black like a dark foreshadowing or heavy rain waiting to swallow all below its reach. Red eyes popping out of them gazing down.

Mentally Jikan let out an annoyed sigh. She had enough of eyes popping up and watching her movements when Kahl was in charge of Paradise Dawn. The experience causing her to have a distaste of such magical appearances. She had half a mind to raise a hand and try to blow it up as the storm began its windy reign.

A whim or curiosity or a belief it wasn't from an enemy in this field due to not seeing any magical circles. Jikan decided to watch and see what would happen. A flash of lightning like a gate sparking open to unleash giant tentacles. The numerous slick appendages slashing from the clouds to grab and wrangle the foes of Fiore. Off in the distance and unnoticed a magical ballista was destroyed as one tentacle smashed it to nothing. Her head turned thinking she heard Jin's voice before the initial unleash of the magic weapon. And then a dark laugh that was strangely becoming more and more familiar to Jikan.

Yep, those two were here. Would Quillareine show up next? Where one was the other was most likely near as well after all. When she would show up Jikan was unclear but either way Ohta floated back to who Jikan assumed was their master; Mishiko. While this happened Jikan turned and walked towards Jin her eyes catching a glimpse of something behind him. "Hey Jin", she shifted her right leg. Kicking a dagger that flew in a straight line that soared over Jin's head before clanking and block the sword strike of a enemy solider that came up out of the rubble behind him. "DUCK".

This battle was only beginning it seemed as another way of energy came. Portals  coming out at random points of the battle field to funnel out warriors. She continued to look around, seeking a weak point to attack from while gripping her blade.

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#10Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Before the smashing of the wall. Jin's gaze had been momentarily shifted toward the strange dark occurrence in the sky, "what in the..." he uttered as tentacles emerged. He could only assume it was due to the raiders. Something that they brought to attack them. But then the beasts reached out against the invaders and began to murder. Jin shuttered at whatever had brought something so vicious to the battle. But thankful that it was on their side. The force decimated one side of the field, while he heard Jikan slaughtering the other side. A fortunate meeting yet again. He looked down at the last moment to see...Quilla, before the attack, sent him flying into the buildings.


Jin crawled out of the pile of rubble and shook out his hair. Having staggered back to the front lines, he saw the mass destruction everywhere. He saw Jikan in front of him and started to wave, when she kicked a knife toward him, "What the!" he ducked as she yelled out. The thin blade of the weapon whizzed by him and struck down a guard. He sheepishly looked over his shoulder to see the dead guard and then pulled at his strands of hair, making sure it was still there.

"That was close," he murmured and then shook his head with a smile. He knew her aim was true, but that was a hell of a hello. He dusted himself off as new portals opened up around the walls of the city with soldiers beginning to reinforce the ranks that were already lost. It seemed like they were at it again. He prayed in his mind for an end to these constant attacks. His whip loosed at his side. His armor glowed with light magic as he stepped forward.

The waves of enemies marched with heavy armor and pikes. Behind them was a field or archers. This time though, on either side were battalions of cavalry that began to gallop toward the front lines, and threatening any rune knight foot soldiers that dared march out from the castle walls.

"Seems we are in the thick of it again." He said to Jikan. "Good to see you again though. Looks like the main fates are surrounded. But we have a tentacle beast taking out some of them. It's a bigger force than last time so they must be getting pretty bold about things. Maybe nearing a final assault." Jin spoke as he took time to point at the various gates and enemies that were coming for them and looked around the battlefield. He was sure they could handle it...as long as no one surprising came through. They had already survived one raider and one battle. Hopefully, their luck would hold together.

"I'll hold the back line and make sure you stay healed and take out groups the best I can from here." He tightened up his gloves in case he had to get into any boxing matches when his whip failed him. tentacle monsters and whips...he wondered if that would make Jikan think even more strange stuff happened around him.

He had seen Quilla on the other side, but she had remained silent. He assumed she was in her battle trance once again. This time he would give her some space so she wouldn't accidentally cut through him again. He felt the pressure on his chest where the blade had been. Luckily his armor was able to take the impact.

Jin rushed forward from side to side, staying behind either of his allies. Foes that had already breached the wall, darted out from crevices and doorways for sneak attacks. Jin side stepped and battered them with fists and his whip, making sure his allies had no surprise attacks from behind. The cavalry rushed forward and Jin flung out at a giant circle of healing magic. An area of effect that he could control with his hand. He whipped it across the battlefield. Horses collapsed sending riders crashing into the ground. The invaders lay motionless as the healing magic drained their strength.

Jin was careful to keep a watchful eye on his allies in case they ran into anyone more dangerous so he could back them up. Slowly but surely a few people emerged from the portals with better armor and weapons than the others. Some were heavily armored with lances and others more nimble.

WC 750
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TLDR: Met Jikan. Decided to watch Quilla and Jikan's flank. Fought off some of the Cavalry units.

Dark Incursion sergeants enter the battle.


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She noticed Jin and Jikan around as she must have gotten closer to them without noticing it. She sighed softly and clenched her weapon tightly. Her tired eyes gazed annoyingly at the portals that sent out more. It was never ending with these weird knights. Couldn't be something more creative than people? Shit, even some weird monster could be more fun than killing mere Earthrealmers. Thankfully, Jin didn't come close to her like the last time so she did not have the chance to slice him, but the thought about the taste of his blood excited her.

Why did she feel hot and bothered by the sweet taste? She bit her lower lip and looked away, swinging her large scythe as she twisted and turned to face behind her. It sliced through a knight that was trying to sneak up behind her. "Tsk, shame on you for sneaking on me while I was trying to gaze at my allies," she saw the knight turn into dust. Slowly, she turned back to face them with her doll-like facial expression. "Ohta, how many are coming?", she wondered as Ohta could feel and see the mana of everyone and thing.

"A few -", they were about to begin. "Only a few?", she raspberried boredly. "A few hundred," they finished. Mishiko's gaze slid towards Ohta. "Oh really? Let us go test them, maybe I'll get a thrill out of killing them and collect their souls in the mean time," she clicked her tongue and waved goodbye to her allies with a lazy wave. She yawned softly as Ohta floated five meters in the air next to their mistress. "Are you sure it is a good idea to stray away from your allies?", Ohta wondered. "I don't need them for these," she looked at the portal where soilders were coming out.

"Plus, they have sergeants to worry about," she answered. Someone giant came out of the portal. This one was more different than the others as he had a more sinister aura. In his hand was a scythe just like hers. Their hair was long and white-blonde while eyes were white that looked like blue. Opposite of hers. Quite nicely built in the body category as he was stocky and tall. "I finally get to meet you, but I can sense that you're weak. Shame," he darkly spoke disappointedly.

She glared and sneered, "So? Maybe if you died and ascended without warning, you would be too," she pointed her scythe towards him as soldiers circled around her like they were making a man-made arena with themselves. "Heh, so that's where you are. Your excuse is simply time. I suppose I can go for practice before I go for our siblings in this Universe. Don't worry though, I won't kill you nor use my spells as that'd be less fun for your universe," he boredly looked back at her as they both at the same look. It didn't click till now, "Wait, are you me?", she looked and scanned him. Within an instant, he dashed towards her and she blocked his attack, but sparks started to fly as their scythes hit each other. Their eyes were gazing into the other's, "So, how's Jinny?" he chuckled as she was wondering what the hell he was talking about, but then it clicked. "Is that his name in that realm as a female?", she wanted to die laughing, but she had a fight to practice with.

She knew that he wouldn't kill her since knowing their plans, he wanted Joya to be conquered as much as she did. Where's Ohta?




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Blade in hand Jikan gave a plain look towards Jin's location. It was most definitely not the most welcoming way to greet a fellow warrior of Fiore on the battlefield. Alas, in the spur of the moment and the sudden appearance of an enemy behind Jin. A dagger flying over his head stopping him from getting harmed was better than getting cut in half. Even if it was definitely a what the heck moment. Hopefully he would not hold a grudge when all of this was over. When they walked out of this pit field of destruction and conflict on top of the hill of opposition against them.  But for now, she would wave back to Jin, after the kicked dagger had took care of the attacker behind him and Jin had had his rational response to seeing a weapon flying towards him.

Her head flicked after greeting Jin, another portal forming before another and another in a continued string of battle pressure. Hanging around the walls of the city like picture frames and decorations. Solders spilling out in waves, voices shouting, armors clanking, weapons drawn. Ready to replenish their ranks and wear down the forces trying to defend Earth land. She watched the forces come, taking particularly note of the annoying field of archers  that were combined with the battalions of cavalry on both sides that galloped forward towards the front line. Horse power and mobility ready to use as an advantage against the tired forces that were out from Rush Valley trying to protect their home. Rune knights tense, some falling already in the first wave of their clash. "Yeah, seems like it", she said back to Jin as she let out a sign. Letting the air flow into her body and prepare her body for the next actions of this battle. "Good to see you as well Jin. Seeing you here I know there is a good warrior here that can make things easier", she said with a nod, giving a bit of respect to the combat ability she had seen over time from Jin. Smart, a bit charismatic, and an underlying sly fox. Good things to have when it came to having to deal with war. And there was a lot of war that they all had to deal with on this day.

Add the strange tentacle thing in the sky, and well..... It was good to have someone that could think on his feet. The larger forces and their bold aggression only adding to this. "It is strange to say the least with the tentacle beast. I am lost but will not turn away an unexpected gift", she said finding this addition truly otherworldly and random. "Yea they are getting bold, I wonder though. From an unknown revelation that gives them an edge, or a desperation? Either way, I would imagine an end is nearing soon". Jikan spoke following Jin's finger as he pointed to the various gates and enemies coming at them now. A wave of bodies pretty much in Jikan's eyes.

She tilted her head to the side as she let out a stretching pop of her neck. Sword in hand she held it down as she turned to face part of the oncoming forces once Jin finished speaking. "I appreciate it. Make sure the knights don't die and get in the way. I will be watching your back to make sure everything is fine if things get rough". She tightened her grip on the hilt of the blade in her hand. Rotating her wrist as she let the blade turn in a small twirl. From a side view, she saw Mishiko speaking to the strange fluff ball. Not entirely sure of what they were saying from the distance between them due to the whole, in the middle of a raging battlefield and all. Running, yelling, and weapons clashing were amazing wonderful tool in making hearing difficult. She did she the white haired scythe wielder wave though. So she was going somewhere else. Well she would leave her to it then, lunging forward Jikan sped towards a separate series of portals. Outside of them were a number of solders that were different than the rest. For a strange reason, they had their helmets off. A female elf that had a light aura around her, a male dwarf that held two swords in hand. They seemed to be watching for the moment as Jikan slashed and kicked the first bodies to meet her. Just what were they up to

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Jin Tatsumi
Chaos....It was always pure chaos on the battlefield and around them all. Blades were flying and people were dying. The knife of his ally had whizzed past him to catch an attacker. He was thankful for the assistance and glad it didn't shave off any of his hair. At least he hoped as he ran his hand through his hair feeling for all the strands.

More portals opened one after another. Mishiko was once again lost in her own world of violence. This time Jin intended to stay away from the butchering seen over there. He didn't want to get slashed open like last time. He was resilient but even he had his limits to think about. The waved kept pouring in but he knew they be able to handle it, just like they had last time.

"I got your back the best I can," he replied to Jikan. A person who was becoming an ever-popular acquaintance on the battlefield. They had fought together enough to know each-others strategy and even the timing of things. She was a fierce and pragmatic woman. She left no room for error and even less for mercy on the battlefield. Traits that could keep a person safe in the most hostile of environments. One like they were in now, with hundreds of foes charging forward to take their lives. He knew there would be no hesitation in her blade as long as she stayed standing.

With how durable his comrades were, there was little reason to have to devote so much of his time on healing and could focus on being a little more offensive to cover their blind spots. "Yeah...that's a new one on me too," he scratched his head, wondering if that would be a normal occurrence going forward. "Guess as long as it doesn't try to eat me, then I'm good." He shrugged it off for now.

" I hope so. An end to all this would be nice. I have a shop to run,"
he shook his head. "We've put them on the run before. it'd be frightening to see what a last-ditch effort looked like from people that could travel to other realms." He tried to think about what he would do if he was in their position, but there were too many unknowns to calculate for.

His ears started to burn as if someone was talking about him in an eerie way. He scanned the field a moment, but there was nothing. "Weird," he left it at that.

"Thanks, But I'm the one that's supposed to be looking after you. Cut loose out there," he said as Jikan sped away toward the two figures. Jin steadied himself and looked around to see what needed to be done. His allies were safe enough for now. No blood shed at least and there was little else he could do for them.

As he turned his head, a storm of dust tore down the street. "H..." his word cut off as a hand smashed around his face. He struggled to breathe. Each inhale was the warm rush of heat from the hand around his face. His body bashed into a building and through to the other side. Another wall toppled as the paladin was slammed through once more. The hand left his face, and Jin rolled and bounced along the ground.

He rolled to his feet only to feel a strong pull from behind him. A force lifted him from the ground and heaved him into yet another structure. This time Jin collapsed inside the third floor of a building and gasped for air. He could feel the fatigue wrapping around his body from the aches and pains of the assault.

A figure appeared in the hole that was just created and charged once more. This time Jin smacked the ground and yellow light flooded the room. The person darted backward, but the radius of light drew life from the invaders below. Jin stood back up and cracked his neck. "Hell, that was painful." He barely finished as the being rushed forward. Jin smiled as the hand smashed around his face once more and drove him into the floor of the third-story room. Jin clasped his hand around the beings and held them tight.

He clapped his other hand and light flooded around them, causing the being to scream as Jin drained its life force. It scrambled to escape, but Jin latched onto its leg. "Hold still you," he replied as his wounds were healing from the spells he cast. The being shook violently and jin dropped off.

As the paladin fell, Jin unleashed his whip and cracked it around the foot of the winged attacker. Hawk-like wings had sprouted from their back and buffeted the area as it tried to push away. The pupils of the foe turned to small hearts and it heaved itself upward. Jin held tightly to the whip as he was drug through the roof and into the air with the winged menace.

"Take-over magic huh. Neat. But if you could calm down a little that would be fantastic." Jin muttered as he was swooned back and forth in the air. He loosed the whip and as he started to fall he cracked it once more, striking the ankle of the winged beast man.

Jin started to plummet back down and with his eyes still on the foe. The hawk dove toward Jin. Its wings narrowed inward to dive faster. It collided with Jin. A claw-like hand dug into Jin's shoulder and armor. This time it was much less impactful. Jin's body hit the wall of a building and slid down it. As he was charged toward the ground, Jin wrapped the whip around his fist and bashed the take-over mage in the side of the head. The heart pupils grew brighter.

The hawk released Jin and started to fly away. Its power was being drained with each blow. Before the enemy could move away, Jin landed another blow to his ribs. It wasn't a hard blow but it was enough for the whip to take further effect.

Jin crashed through a merchant stand and lay in the mess. Tomatoes and pears rolled across his body. "You won't be able to take many more of that friend." he answered with a cheeky smile while still laying in the bed of mashed vegetables and fruit. He grabbed a pear and a singular bit, then tossed it aside and pulled himself out of the broken stale.

The hawk was breathing heavily, in the middle of the street. Eyes piercing and set on the paladin. Its shoulders bobbed up and down, with frustration and infatuation. It glanced at the whip and then back at the paladin. "You guessed it." Jin replied as the hawk charged once more. it threw a blow and Jin let it graze off his armor. The power that the enemy once, had was almost gone.

Jin absorbed another weary and hesitant blow from the hawk. "You'll feel like you don't even really want to hurt me. That's almost the last stage." Jin said as he caught the hawk's fist. It barely hurt his hand now. The whip dropped free. The Hawk's eyes flashed wide as he tried to lunge back. Jin whipped his weapon forward and tagged the hawk across the ear. It howled in pain and and glared at the paladin...but it was unable to continue the attack.

"I guess this is it then," Jin said as he marched forward with light spell after light spell against the hawk. It was unable to retaliate and eventually fell under the life drain of Jin's magic.

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