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Pest Control PT. 20 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 20 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Oct 21, 2022 1:10 pm


Yuurei and Renji were just relaxing throughout the office. The Nephilim had finally caught up with all the paperwork that was on his desk. He couldn’t believe that there wasn’t anybody doing this for him. He would just relax on his couch as he would look at the ceiling. He was wondering what he would be doing today, and he would soon find out. Someone would knock on the door, and Yuurei would look over at it and then look back at the ceiling.

“Come on in.” He said as he waited.

Renji was just napping through it all, but he knew it was going to be soon when he would get up.

The man would open the door and he would look at the desk but wouldn’t see Yuurei. He looked around and saw him on the couch. He thought he was going crazy but was glad that it was his imagination. He would move over to his guild master and would hand him the letter.



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Yuurei would take the letter from him, and he figured that the request had come just in time, which he was fine with that. He would open it as he figured it wasn’t from Mr. Cliff. The man would see that his job was done here, and he would leave. Yuurei would look through it and it would seem like they were going to be killing some rats today. He didn’t have Galatea anymore, so he wouldn’t have a helping hand anymore.

The Nephilim would get up from the couch and he would stretch his arms into the air. Renji would feel this, and he would open his eyes as well. He would do the same thing and he would climb onto Yuurei’s shoulder.

“More jewels for us to use for our future.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

Yuurei would nod as he had to agree with him and the two of them would leave the office and to the bike that was downstairs.



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Yuurei and Renji would make sure that they had everything before they made their way to the bike. When they got there, he would hop on it, and he would turn it on. Once he had done that, the Nephilim would speed his way out of here as he was heading to Orchidia. He enjoyed the scenery heading over to their destination. If he wanted, he could have used his key to get there quickly, but there was no point.

It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would find himself at the front gate of Orchidia. The guards there would greet him when they saw who it was. He would smile at them, and they knew that the bike belonged to Yuurei and nobody else. He would enter the place as he was making his way to the market. He knew the drill, but it was still nice to help those who needed it within the city. He would move through the streets as he would see people who would greet him and be happy to see him back in the North.



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It seemed like a lot of them had known that he had ventured throughout Fiore once again. Still, he was glad to be here again as he would wave at them. While he would do that, he would see that he was arriving at his destination. He could see that the market area was thriving as it should be and he kept moving. There were people who he had helped that still had their shops going, which was a good thing. He kept moving soon enough he would see a woman standing in front of a run-down store.

When he got close enough, he would come to a stop and he would wave at her. She would see someone waving at him and she would notice that it was Yuurei. She was glad that the guild master had come to her aide. She remembered everything, everyone had said about him helping them out, so she figured he would do the same for her.



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“Yuurei, you made it, this is great. I was hoping you would show up and here you are.” She said as she would clear her throat to continue talking.

“I bought this small shop behind me, but it seems like there is a problem. There is a rat infestation in there. I went in there and ran right back out when I saw what was in there. I was wondering if you could clear them out for me?” She asked him hoping he would do that for her.

Yuurei would smile at her because he was more than happy to do this.

He would walk closer to her as she knew who he was and he would look into her eyes.

“Sure I can do this for you without a problem.” He said as he looked at the store.

“I need you to do a few things for me while I’m in there though.” He said waiting for her confirmation.



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She would hear this and she would nod and he would nod back. She understood and he was glad because he was going to tell her now.

“You’re going to need someone to clean and move the bodies of the dead rats. They are all coming from somewhere. I will find the location, but you will need to get someone to close that hole permanently. While I’m in there, I need you to go get people to do that.” He said to her.

She would hear this and she understood the task for her.

“Understood I will get people on the job right now.” She said to him.

Yuurei would smile at her as he would look at Renji as they were going in. They were going to go kill some rats again. They had not done this type of job in two months, and it was something he missed doing sadly.



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Yuurei and Renji would enter the store without a problem and the stench would hit them right away. He would look around as he was trying to feel the vibration from the rats, and he would soon know where to go. This was the first time he had used his necklace for this, but he was fine with that.

“This way Renji.” He said to his friend as he would start walking off in the direction where he sensed a lot of movements.

The two of them would make their way to the next room and it wouldn’t take long, but they would see a bunch of rats moving around. They looked like they were eating, and he didn’t even want to know what it was. Still, they had sensed there was another presence that wasn’t a part of their pact. They would turn to see Yuurei and they would all screech as they felt threatened by the man. He would look at them as they had started running after him.



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Yuurei would crack his neck when he saw this and he would run to them. He would see them lunging at him and he would sidestep to avoid the rat. It was then that he would kick the crap out of it, and it would move into the air before falling to the ground. Once he was done with that one, he would sense the danger coming from behind him and he would jump over the rat that was trying to attack him from behind. When he saw that the rat missed, he would swing his right arm as it would stretched and smack the rat on the side.

It would fall to the ground and it would squeal before coming to its end. The Nephilim could see that things got even easier for him, which made him feel that there was nobody he could fight at his full potential. Still, his job wasn’t done as there were a lot of rats to take out right now.



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Yuurei would continue to move around the area as the rats were coming at him left and right. He would move around dodging the attacks that came from the large number of rats that were here. While he was doing this, he would punch and kick the ones that were closest to him. They would fall down to the ground as if they were no match for his might. He would just crack his neck as he would see what was left, and he would just have a smirk on his face. This was going to be easy, and he would look at them. They would be gathered as they were planning on charging at him all at once.

He was ready for them and soon they would rush to him. He would be ready for them as he would start dodging their attacks. He would continue to take them down one by one as things were coming to an end soon.



Pest Control PT. 20 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Oct 21, 2022 1:22 pm


Yuurei would continue to do this and soon enough he would finish the rats that were in this room. He would sigh with relief as he didn’t have to worry about any more rats here. He would look around the room with Renji. They would find a few of them and they would put these things in Renji’s bag. Once they were done with that, he would move on to the next room. He was making sure that there weren’t any more rats hidden within the shop. Of course, there weren’t any of them left and it was a good thing. He would keep moving around though with Renji and they would continue to collect anything of value here.

It wouldn’t take long, but the two of them would go through the entire shop. They didn’t find any more rats, but they found a bunch of things to give to the new owner of this store.

“Good job Renji, I think we found everything that we needed here.” He said to Renji.

Renji was glad and was ready to get out of there.



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Yuurei and Renji would be ready to leave, but before they could do that, they would look for the source of where they were coming from. They would look around and they would soon find the hole. It was then that Yuurei would close it up by blocking it with something that was in the shop. He would smile as his job was done and he would walk out of the room and soon he would walk out of the shop.

When he got outside, he would see that his client was there, and that she wasn’t alone. She was with two people, and he figured those were the people she got to do what he asked. Yuurei would explain that there is a room filled with dead rats and told her where to find the hole in the shop. Renji would open his bag and he would hand her every valuable that he had found.

The client would see this, and she would hand him his reward. Yuurei would take the reward and he would leave with Renji to see what they could do in Orchidia.

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