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Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social)

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Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Mon Nov 14, 2022 4:48 pm

"Hey it is good to be surprised some times." He shrugged as he walked with her and he sees a place that had bobbing for apples and he looked to the woman wondering if she had ever tried to do this before or if it was a newer thing to her as well, if she knew then he wouldn't have to explain the rule plus he can see how skilled she is at it.

"Would you like to try this or would you like to instead get something to eat that is themed like this place." He figured she might be a bit intimidated by his confidence and just needs some time to get use to him and his ways before she commits to even trying to take on the mountain of a task that it would be to try to commit to him.

He waited for her answer and he starts looking around from where there might be foods to eat if she decided that she was more for eating than the games. He sees a place with caramel apples, others that are selling more seasonally goods and treats.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 15, 2022 3:59 pm

This was entirely a new and still left Averie just still confused and perplex. Averie was trying to understand how to deal with this situation that she was for the most part only dealing with now."If that is how one wishes to go about their life, I guess it can be interesting."She just wanted to hurry up and focus on learning what was going on here.

But she would manage to keep her focus going."I do not quite know the answer to that, If i am entirely honest..."She answered being clear she was unsure. But at least she was honest with it.

"I will try something soon at least.
"Then she would go to walk along with the kids because she felt it was best too it got her back on track and kept her focus. It was like the days her sister use to distract her form studying. At least for now Averie was walking with the children and seeing things.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Tue Nov 15, 2022 4:26 pm

The children looked at her weird cause she was following them. Indiana is confused as they were having an adult conversation. "You sorta need to pick miss?" Emil follows behind her as she seemed to take off like he was smelly or something. He smells himself to see if he did indeed smell bad or something or if it was something else that was happening.

"Did I do something wrong?" He blinks as he is confused and she hadn’t chose anything to do just stalked his children and now he wonders if maybe she is more interested in his children than anything else that is going on right now.

The children move away from her as she was a stranger that just walked up to them with out any warning and their father looked confused by her doing this was well so they are on edge because of this plus she seemed to not understand them as well.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 17, 2022 8:40 am

Even if he did not know, Emil did not do any thing wrong, Averie just had no idea what she was doing, she wanted or how to go about anything. But maybe it was also just Averie being unsure and unable to process everything even if she was trying. But she seemed okay with the smile."Forgive me...I have no idea how to act advances as such, It is nothing against yourself or your children."She mentioned. As she felt a bit overwhelmed in some manner. So over all it was just entirely an Averie thing at this time.

If asked if he did something wrong. She would just say."No...I am just strange."But with that Averie felt like she was messing things up horrible in some manner."I....I need to be alone..."Averie only mentioned because she felt far too embarrassed and did not know what else she could say or do to save herself socially if it might not matter to him right away it was kind of she worked, She needed to be able to do this things alone. It was nothing against Emil or the children the nercomancer just needed to be alone to collect her thoughts and set herself in one place mentally.



Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Nov 17, 2022 11:09 am

"There is no need to panic I was being too strong on the start, no need to be afraid let’s just have fun and enjoy this strange place." He kept leading the way as he wanted the woman to enjoy herself and not be worried about the small things cause she was clearly not use to this kind of thing.

He looked at her when she said she needed to be alone and that bugged him as that kind of showed he did something wrong that made her unhappy. "Averie please don’t leave, you are okay I am sorry that I upset you I am not trying to pressure you just help you enjoy the place now." He watches her going to leave and he sighed. "If you run into trouble seek out my brother Kaito if you want, he can probably help you." He wonders if she will be okay or not but now he feels he has ruined her day as well as his own probably and he walks with the twins some more he hopes they will be able to enjoy them self so that they can stay out of trouble and get some treats.

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