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Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social)

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Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Fri Oct 21, 2022 6:49 am

The magical wonder of the world of Samhain would open a new arrival in Averie show eventually showed up here since there was various mention of the undead and spirits, Averie took it as a chance to learn things and see if there was anything new that could be added into her many ways of learning things. Plus a part of her was worried that something was going to go wrong here and people were going to be in danger, something to attempt to help if there was a dangerous situation where to come up, You know entirely normal of Averie.

Until well after a few minutes of walking around and seeing people laughing, enjoying their time here and some what confused. These people were having fun here, they were going about the normal life like how it was outside of Samhain, It confused her enough that she almost seemed to be unsure how to react so far it was general shock that she had not said anything, taking time to process this information, Averie did eventually find some one else to figure out what is going on. starting to piece together what was going on she had to think quickly on what to do.

First things first Averie would find a costume only because she considered her normal robes standard clothing. She would find an area and open up a bag she had with her and changed into clothing that would be considered a normal outfit for a teacher or a secretary,fixing some reading glasses she had with her. Then she needed to think about what else she needed to learn around here.
Averie's costume:


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 10:36 am

Emil would walk the streets in his costume as his children walk on either side of him and laugh at the things going on around them as they see strange people and places that seem to live outside of the realm of the normal from the things they would see in the north and they run around in their little costumes and Indi follows after them to try and keep them out of trouble as he laughs as he watches them showing the power and energy of their youth just as he was when he was still young and reckless, well more reckless than he was correctly back when he was gated in a bit and gave baby sitters but he sees this as a learning experience for them to be free cause their mother was not here to mother hen them.

The Emil see crowds of people circling around things and he wonders what was going on but he keeps his eyes on his children and Indi so that if they get into trouble that he would handle it for them, by force if he needed to.



Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Tue Oct 25, 2022 1:58 pm

As things led on it would most likely just confuse Averie more as things progressed because well. No matter what when left unexplained to a lady who was sheltered from many customs of the world of her own choosing from these matter of her life. Thus being the most normal looking person she could in these areas Averie would be off exploring and seeing how people interact with one another seeing it so casual, friendly and laughing it just. So just in Caelum she would just mention to her self."There has to be something I am not understanding about here..."

In which well was entirely the case. But Averie was not about to summon dead spirits to just explain what was going on here yet, Yet also Averie was seemingly forgetting she might have not read about such events in a few books but they where her least read section of book in which was."Are they getting treats?...this must be a trick by some one..."Averie mentioned also to herself while she was walking around. But this is what happens when your a sheltered lady who took up nercomancy rather then just learn and explore the world like most of your family did long before you.

Languages: Iceberg.Caelum.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 10:33 am

The children ran up to Averie and they point at her and they speak in sync. "Dad!! Why is this woman so pale?" The exceed catches up to the children and then he bows his head to the woman. "Please excuse them ma'am."

Emil walks up and he looks the woman up and down and then he shrugs as he has not the slightest idea to why she is so pale as she looked like his was just naturally that way it isn't make up or some strange effect. "She probably just doesn't get out very much or maybe she is a zombieeeee." He was teasing and his children giggle at that idea that she is a zombie.

The twins get closer to her and they look up at her with big grins the ask. "Are you a zombie lady? Are you alive or are you dead? Dooooooo you like cookies? Do you have candy?" They sound super excited and they look to be nearly bouncing with excitement to hear what this woman would say.

Emil was proud they are super friendly and they seem to crave knowledge and they have so many questions he was so happy to see them happy and being free spirts. Though it would be nice to know if she is of the undead cause then he would probably have to make them move back from her a little.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Thu Oct 27, 2022 9:03 am

It was almost like she was fated to be swarm in some manner by people eventually but since they seemed to be harmless Averie would just try to adapt to what was going on around her, but as they all spoke to her Averie seemed to get more and more confused as they continue to speak on she would speak in iceberg now."Wait, what are they saying?"the sounds of the question in iceberg but she did not seem to be fleeing at this time, Since she was more often than not willing to face these kind of situations at face value.

Sure it made things worst she just did change between her two current languages but she was not scared of the children. But she looked at all of them and even who seemed to be their father and looked a bit curiously."Ahh...I am sorry I do not understand."She said that looking at all them for a moment realizing she was not understood by them in that language at all. Then she tried again in caelum."Ahh....I am sorry I don't understand what your trying to say to me."In which she yet again waited for an reaction.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Thu Oct 27, 2022 4:22 pm

The children looked at Averie wide eyed as they didn't understand her and what she was saying, had she answered them and they didn't understand her. They gets closer to her and blink at her. "Why do you talk so funny?" They didn't understand and she didn't understand them and they reach to touch the woman to see if she is real or some form of magic,

Emil clears his throat at the twins and they stop and back up from the woman. Emil understood the Icebergian. "To answer your first Question they asked why you were so pale, then asked if you were zombie, then asked if you were alive or dead, then asked if you liked cookies, then asked if you had any candy to give them." He wanted to give her a moment to take that all in as it was a lot in rapid fire though now he guessed he was glad his father made him learn to speak Icebergian the tongue of there his grand father was from.

Once the woman looked to have understood the first part he then pointed to the exceed. "He said asked your excuse for the twins being so blunt. I said maybe you just didn't get much sun or were a zombie which is what caused the twins to ask if you were one. Then they just asked you why you talk so funny. I am Emil and you are ?" He smiled and then runs his fingers through his hair while he waits for an answer from the Woman who had to have heard of him Emil the Great of Paradise Dawn.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Sat Oct 29, 2022 8:27 am

Alas she had moments where she could actually reply to some one. It made sense now things could progress towards some kind of answers between the two. Maybe she was not as stuck as she was normally around here."Well at least I can answer the questions now."She seemed a bit more relief as they were harmless questions Averie would take her time answering each question since she was over all not worried about them since they where pretty harmless question to answer."I do not get out in the sun a lot...something I need to work on."She could openly admit that with out much of a thought she knew she had problems going outside in the sun all that often, but being out in the public over all that a rarity she had been trying to fix for a while.

The kids questions where not all that rough to answer."I am not a zombie, I am still alive and you could feel my heartbeat if you wanted to test for it."As for the cookies and treats she looked around for a moment and checked her pockets."As for cookies, I am only just use to what I think they are called here trail mix cookies...only because I come from a family of Nomads it is what they made when my parents did settle for a while...they learned what all gave good energy and lasted long."It was a flavour of cookie but she did not know if that was the word she was looking for right away but she had questions to answer."As for Candy for them...I do not have any i did not know i was suppose to bring any."She mention this in a polite way like she was trying not to be too disappointing.

But alas she was not nameless anymore at least."Well Hello Emil, I am Averie Yates, It is wonderful to meet yourself and your kin."It was fairly forward but normal for her because of how mostly being how she was generally and how she was raised to be.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 5:03 am

Emil laughs about her saying the trail mix cookie thing.  As it reminds him of how Kaito talks about how he carries snacks to help with such things but still had some healthier candies as well as normal sweets."You sound like my brother, with that healthier cookies that give energy and last longer." He from what he can tell thinks this woman is a bit odd as she really didn't have to reaffirm that they are not a zombie as she was clearly not a rotten pile of flesh walking around from the grave.

"It is fine normal people don't usually carry candy on them so it was no surprise that you don't have any on you." He knows the twins had just asked cause they wanted to ask not because they really wanted candy, they just like to chat up people and ask lots of random things that really had no future foundational effects to worry about.

He bows his head a bit at her introducing herself. "Is there anything that you need some help with or that I can do for you?" He looks confident in himself to help this woman with what ever she may need assisted with. "Oh yeah and also I hail from the mighty guild of the north Paradise Dawn so if you need help feel free to enlist my help!" He gives her a thumbs up with his Gauntlet arcing with the power of his lightning mana.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 8:54 am

When it did come to pass the casual laughing seemed to be something to put a bit of a smile on her face for a moment."Well, not intentional but as long as yourself and your brother are on good terms, I would consider it a some kind of compliment to know some one thinks that way."At least that is how she could think of it in her mind she could consider it some kind of compliment because it was just how she could, she considered family good and connection in that manner some what positive over all until proven other wise.

But this proved useful insight for Averie."Had I known, I might have brought candy this custom is not something I had planned for, Nor really knew what to bring to."Averie mentioned because she was some what understanding how it all worked some what, this started to seem more of a celebration after all, in which well..she could have just been her normal self here and been okay, an interesting time of the year.

But when he did ask."Well Emil, I am currently trying to understand what this event is entirely, There is still shock to the brain about what it all is...But if it helps maybe some what I know now."she might not entire fully in depth yet but has a small understanding."What is this place?"She said hoping to maybe get some kind of answer here, not expecting anything too in depth.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Mon Oct 31, 2022 11:16 am

He laughed at the woman saying they get along and it being a compliment which it was more him comparing that they were both odd with the foods they carried. "Yeah me and my brother get along he is just a weirdo that walks around in a mask and cloak. You can take it as a compliment if you want I guess." Emil has zero idea if maybe this woman is a bit slower in the head or what but he guesses he really doesn't have the time to deal with it if it is that.

"Like I said there is nothing stating you need to carry candy around the twins are just sugar fiends." The twins seemed to have understood that he was talking about them and their wolf ears perked up and they smiled and started laughing with toothy grins.

Emil rubs his chin and he wonders how to start talking about it as this is new to him as well and really all he knew was from him being told that this place was a place that they could go and wander into. "From what I was told this place is a special place that the pumpkin king rules and likes to play tricks and games for treats. Currently some of the dark raiders had been recruited to help him to enjoy it more fully." He rubs the back of his head as the twins run up to him and hold onto his legs and look at the woman some more as they thing she is strange like their uncle though he is cursed but she doesn't look cursed just weird.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Tue Nov 01, 2022 11:27 am

It was interesting to hear of that and so far Averie just kept everything going as casually as it was right now."Good good, it is always good to get along with your family. At least I always try to get along with my older sister and older brother."She mentioned casually as they continued on the conversation, just so his little ones where not standing in place Averie started walking towards areas that would be even more public over all just to allow the children to have things they could while they where busy talking like adults just speaking a language they did not know.

"Well I am just glad i am not missing anything then."She would put that part in since well Samhain time was still new so to say there was things she could go do in which she was happy over all with going to learn of these things.

His summary did actually help her understand what was going on, since well not like she had anything else."So it an event of joy and celebration of sorts?"She had to ask to make sure she was trying to seem if she was getting it right.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 4:06 am

Emil looked at her and he wondered if he did really get along with his brother or not. His brother had been coming over more and spending time with him and his now ex-wife and the children but he wondered if that really meant they were getting along but he didn't say anything about it cause it was not really a big deal to him to talk about it but doesn't feel he needs to bring it up cause his brother is a weirdo who he can't read as Kaito is strong and famous but he just acts like he is some clumsy lower rank weaker mage and nothing beyond that, though he did give Yuurei a decent sparring match from what he had heard.

"I don't know what really it is but I hear tell that there are many things going on like drinking tours, I hear there is a ball. I think I could probably throw a stone and it would land in one of the events some where." He stopped and he thought about it for a second as the twins were looking around at things and being excited.

"Are you here alone with out a date? No way right a beautiful woman like you having to walk alone no way. If you are how about you join us I promise to keep you safe~" He smiles a charming smile and he wonders what this woman is into and if she has even been with a man before.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 11:24 am

This all continued to be interesting to learn, as for going off of nothing she was getting fair more information then she first figured she could get. Then again with it all being pretty simple."Drinking tours? sounds like a few groups of men from iceberg I heard of might enjoy such things."Averie mentioned casually. After all they might have been in passing and she never really talked to them, But Averie heard that various people around her from her home land tended to drink a fair amount drinking tours sounds like something they would set up to do.

As for the question for if she was here alone the answer was simple."I am here alone yes, I do not know too many people long enough to call friends, Only two off hand really."It was better then none but still pretty low considering."So no date with me here."Leaving out the thought of no one wanting to date her for being a partner of a necromancer was a bit unnerving but Averie over all still was trying to get ground of a normal person going as well, It was a flaw she knew she needed to work on.

But if she was going along with them she did not mind."I guess it would be harmless to walk around with you and your children."Averie did not feel at risk but did not mind the company either.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Thu Nov 03, 2022 5:17 pm

"I think a lot of men would like that and enjoy it, I know my straight ended brother wouldn't." He sighed as he wonders if his brother is even a man as he doesn't drink or chase woman or like fighting and has a cowards magic that was made for fleeing and dodging instead of taking on the enemy head on like a true man would.

"Shame such a beautiful woman is just out here alone, those two must not be very reliable as they let you just come here alone." This woman seemed a bit naïve he wondered how easy it would be to charm her into seeing him as a god that she should serve and follow. He is standing a bit taller as he walks around with them leading them around to see the sights and get it all on the path to have a decent time he hoped and he wondered what this woman was thinking not that he really cared just that she might be a future idea. He hopes that she and the twins will have some fun as well as Indi seemed to have things going on.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Sat Nov 05, 2022 10:56 am

Averie did think about it a bit different, She did at least understand how Emil worked but Averie did not entirely mind a person that did not drink. After all it was just how they went about life, She was just different and only did it every once and a while."Well I do not see anything wrong with that personally. In some ways it is admirable."Then again Averie also was use to scaring most people away so drunks where not that much of a worry."But everyone is just to each their own in my view."It was not too horrible to think this way.

But Averie was just the way she was and always fairly casual But as for what else Emil mentioned."To be fair to them...I did not tell anyone I was here, I did not plan to come here to start with either."She said a bit a shame in it, since this started to seem like a more social event. There was a bit of a small amount of shame to it but it was minor enough to almost be an after thought."So entirely being alone here was my fault."One's fault is there own.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Sun Nov 06, 2022 12:22 am

He wondered to himself if this woman was just a tough nut or if maybe she is more of a thick head. He smirks and he pats her head. "That is fine I guess but we need to figure out where you would like to go. Maybe me and you can have a bit of a date sometime." He flashes a cocky smile and flexes a bit showing how built he really was then he takes the lead once more wondering where a woman like this would even like to go to and what she would even want.

The twins seem deeply proud of their father even though they have no idea who or what was going on but they can feel that he is doing something that was fitting of him and they were not going to give up and they needed to learn from him so they can be as great as their father who seemed a bright light in the dark to them.

Indiana understood what Emil was saying and he was guessing this was just going to end up with some form of headache that he will have to deal with later as he watched the twins to make sure they were not causing any kind of trouble.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 11:41 am

It was an interesting thing to pose but it did leave Averie with a bit of a wonder upon her mind what kind of date it was. After all if he had kids already part of her assumed as customs she was use too and knew slightly these lands followed if they where exactly where she thought they did, it was just a wonder if there was a mother lingering around that he was married too or not. But she was pretty simple to come forward about it, Since she did not take Emil as the easily offended by personal questions part.

But she did not mind for the most part, If anything the only thing of worried is her own personal morals that might cause problems."I do assume with your children, they have a mother and your married to her. your idea of a date would just simply be a date of casual friends correct?"hopefully it was harmless of a question she thought of.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Mon Nov 07, 2022 4:02 pm

Emil looked at her then he sighed and rubbed the back of his head, he should have seen it coming as it was probably a bit written on the wall. "I was married to her yes, but she grew tired of me and how I lived my life so she and I are separated. No I was meaning a date date not as friends." He looked at her and he was clearly serious about what he had asked, she has the right to turn him down of course, he shot his shot if she takes the ball and runs with it, it is hardly an issue.

The twins are tilting their heads as they look at the woman and their father then to Indiana as the figure he being a know it all knew what was going on so they start to poke him to tell them what was going on and why they were talking in a funny way instead of talking "normal" so that they could understand them as well.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 4:47 am

It was an interesting thing to pick up on, Not that Averie meant anything horrible with her wanting to know."Oh...well I am sorry to hear that."Averie mentioned to try and move on fairly quickly and not make it too strange. But it was better she knew how exactly it would be taken by the persons view of it, It was kind of important to talk that out from time to time.

Then since it was a bit more clear over all in the end how in which it was going to be taken Averie seemed to go back to being fairly cause about the things going on."Either way, Let us go then. Maybe we can find your children some snacks as well."Averie mentioned because she was more telling herself they where still around and they were not forgotten by her.

But she would just make sure."I just wanted to be sure how exactly it was intending to work."Then Averie continued on her way walking slightly forward to see what would happen. There was a small worry with in her own mind that asking about it might have made it a bit strange for him.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Wed Nov 09, 2022 9:39 am

Emil pretty much just shrugs off the questioning about his wife and the mother of the twins. "It is fine sometimes people grow apart. It isn't any one's fault or anything" He keeps leading them.

He hears the woman speak of treats and things and he guesses that they should probably do that before the twins become the terrible twosome and start causing them to want to pull their hair out. He was unsure if she was saying no to him or if maybe she was a more traditionally focused in her choosing of a man for her life. "As you didn't say no to the offer would that sound good to you at some time or are you more the traditional type and I need to fight to earn your love by fighting you and others?" He was not going to back down as she was very good looking and she looked pretty young so she would probably earn him some jealous looks from passers by and if they had children of their own they would be very good looking and maybe powerful since they will have a stronger Icebergian blood in them then he himself does.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 1:43 pm

He was in good spirits over all since was a bit if a better mood to leave things at. Averie honestly did not have to be a cause of term oil for a persons life and convictions. Then again Averie also just dreaded the thought or idea of causing other people problems more then she apparently did already. "Oh I see, That one is a bit better to know."Then again Averie knew nothing about this man to start with.

But Averie was actually just trying over all and with out worry to just be understand even if she was unsure how to go about most places not days it made her ponder if leaving iceberg was a wise idea. "I ahh....doubt you would entirely want me as your idea partner."Averie said right away to just to leave it up to him to press about it or not. Then again this could be Averie's own personal self doubt about how she could be feeling towards that idea.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Thu Nov 10, 2022 7:48 pm

The man heard her works about how he wouldn't want her and his tiny mind goes why would he not want her she is beautiful and she looked like she could indeed give him strong and good looking children. "Why would I not want you?" He figured asking was just the far faster and simpler way to get an actual answer to why she seemed to be selling the she wouldn't be good for that deal and he looked into her very pretty eyes and he smiles at her.

Indiana walks away with the twins to just let them settle this on their own with out the children being a distraction to them as it seemed Emil was not going to back down and the other woman seemed to have a conflict in herself that seemed to cause her to think no one liked her or could like he like that.

"Like I said I will prove it and show you that I am worth your time and that I think you are worth my time." He flexes again and he needs to be able to show that he could protect her and knock anyone's face in that dared to cause her any amount of stress.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 3:39 pm

It seemed like he was far more determine then she thought about it, Not that most people had really gotten this far with Averie."Oh?...you are entirely going off of looks. What about what you could learn about a person?"Averie asked just to kind of see how he worked. So she would just get what she would consider the worst of it out of the way since well it might be the better idea, then from there she could progress what would go on between them or not. So far most of this was strange and weird for her.

"Well for the first part, I am a nercomancer one to summon spirits, the undead and zombies. I highly doubt that would of your interest."She mentioned that part because most people would turn away at this point from her, Part her assumed he would too and it might another case of the easily expected.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Fri Nov 11, 2022 5:13 pm

"Why not say it on looks at first and then work on other things later?" He had a cocky tone to his voice as if he is right and he knows it and he couldn’t be convinced other wise. He looks her over some more like her was sizing her up a bit more and he thinks that she would really be a good choice to use to further himself and he wants to do with her.

"And my magic is a god soul? What does that matter that you can raise the dead? It would like a cool magic to me, maybe me and you should get down to it and make ourselves a little Frankenstein with my lightning magic and your necromancy then he or she could be the ultimate healer cause even if they fail the person will just get up anyways alive or dead." He thinks that he had made a mountain of sense with what he said. He has a feeling that she is not feeling him as he was feeling her and he sighs as he is not sure what to do as his ego has taken a hit from her seeming to just flat reject him flat out.


Wait....PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR FUN?!(Open/Social) Empty Mon Nov 14, 2022 11:28 am

Either this man just tried to get anyone he could and settled, has a massive ego, Just always went for it to see how things went for him in life, in some manner she could admire it and in other ways it completely confused Averie and her logical mind cycle she tends to follow often."That is....different then what I expect to hear."Averie also did not know what she entirely expected to hear so maybe it was just a broken cycle in her mind she did not know how to patch quite yet.

But nonetheless she would have to think something rather then being unsure of her answer."Maybe we will see how I feel after the venture around here."Internally Averie did not know how to be a mother so that thought was also confusing and baffling her entirely. But she seemed to set some kind of hopeful middle ground to see how it goes. If he pushed back in some kind of brash manner it might worry Averie in some manner. Only because she was not use to this situation overall.

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