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The Island of Alcohol (Pub Crawl)

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The Island of Alcohol (Pub Crawl) Empty Thu Oct 20, 2022 11:37 am


Yuurei and Renji were following their guide through the locations for Oktoberfest. It would seem like they were able to leave Samhain without a problem and somehow ended up on Luluhawa island. He wasn’t sure what kind of magic this guy had, but he wasn’t going to question it. He would just move forward as he would end up inside another tavern. This place was different, and he could see all the pretty drinks that it had around the place.

Renji would already be on the move as he would grab a drink and he would start drinking. It was sweet, and he would enjoy it that much. Yuurei would take a drink of his own and he would try it out. It was actually good, and he could taste the salt that was on the rim of the glass. He would move to another one as he would take that and drink some more of it.

“These are actually good.” He said out loud.


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Kaito wondered if that was spatial magic like his own or if this was more of a worm hole or just flat teleporting or way points made with special magic for the guests on the pub crawl event as he looks at a strange mark on himself that had glowed when they had appeared here in the island and they keep following them Revy getting a new wine and they seemingly already know what he was going to ask for had a non-alcoholic drink ready for Kaito as the more island themed women smiled at him. He guessed maybe they had, had a bad experience with some of the other guests that were doing this event ahead of them or something and was happy to see a guy that wasn't getting piss drunk off of these strange drinks that they were probably being paid to had out to them on their way through.

Revy is sipping her drink and so does Kaito his has a more fruity punch flavor to it, he guesses that he will need to come back to this one more often and maybe learn to make it.

#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe wasn't sure how the 'Oktoberfest' events work, but he didn't care to ask, nor felt he needed to, so long as he continued to visit bars and have as much drinks as he could have, he was satisfied. As the dwarf sat at the bar, he had already finished two drinks as he walked across the bar. The bartender had looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Never seen a dwarf down two drinks in mere seconds, lass?" Brone asked the bartender and she simply shook her head.

"I thought it was a false stereotype that all dwarves drank in such a way" she said as she refilled his mug.

"That is false; we don't allow the wee ones to drink any" Brone let out a hardy laugh before he downed his refilled drink and handed back his empty mug back to the bartender to refill it.


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Yuurei would look around as he would finish his drink. It was then the bartender would make another drink and he would hand it to Yuurei. This was a tasting of sorts, and they were able to drink until their guide was ready to take them to the next spot. He would enjoy the new drink and he would have some more as he would sigh with excitement. This was great honestly and he would look over to Renji.

The Exceed would be drinking his beverage as well and he could feel the alcohol hitting him. He was enjoying his drink well, but he knew that he couldn’t drink too much, or he would probably pass out. He kept drinking the one drink though until they were ready to go.

The Nephilim would drink his new glass and he would look at every one.

“I wonder what kind of place are you taking us to next?” He asked their guide.

He would smile at him as he was happy, he asked.

“We will be heading to the North next, so get ready because we’re heading there now.” He said this.

Renji and Yuurei would finish their drink without a second to waste as they were ready.



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Kaito looked around as he thought he had seen someone but he guessed that maybe he was just tired or a side effect of the means of travel to get here as he lets Revy have her fun and he finishes his drink returning the glass and he walks around and he thinks he can hear snickering of some sort from some where near by but he is distracted from it once again as he gets back to following the tour guide and the others in the group but he keeps it in his memory about the strange figure and the snickering that he had heard near himself as he keeps the line going and Revy finishes her drink and she is swaying a little and he hopes that Revy will be alright as he walked closer to the person in front of him as they went along to the next area that seemed to maybe be slightly better to some.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Surprisingly, the elven bartender chuckled at the dwarf's joke. The two would fall into conversation, mainly questioning and discussing cultural differences between the two. Though Brone had thought the elf was just being friendly, in actuality, she was invested in the adventurer. The elf leaned over the counter, trying to put emphasis upon her figure, but it was proving difficult for her since the dwarf wasn't paying much attention to her body, but continued to expression his curiosity of elven decor.

To get the dwarf's attention, the elf would allow one of her shoulder straps fall, revealing her bare clear and slender shoulder; she then gives a slight hum as she bats her eyelashes at him, making it increasingly obvious she was interested in him. Brone leaned in, and the elf blushed, turning her face so she could tease him, trying to get him to fight for a kiss. But the dwarf simply grabbed the fallen strap and bring it up to her shoulder, "Alright, I'll catch ye later" He said as he downed the drink and went to find his friends.


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