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House on Haunted Hill [Group 3]

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#1Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 3] Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 12:27 pm

Kuri the Callous

The Beginning: Entrance.

Dear, My lovely Guest; Kaito, Daiko, Celestia, Herald and - oh look, me from this realm.

I have invited you to my little party in a house full of history and stories. Let us play a little game. If you survive the whole night or find what is making the house so lively, you will receive a lovely gift for the pumpkin king to receive a reward from him. I have plenty of booze, music, food and some touching gifts to carry around with you if you wish to adventure off into the spooky area.

Up a hill, your ride will drive to drop you off to a large metal door. Heavy that it may be, it opens by itself to welcome you in. As soon as you walk inside you will be invited by a buffet of food. The lights are modern as they're in elegant shell-cup bulbs on each column. You will notice that the whole place is made out of super thick concrete and marble, from walls, floors and ceiling. All are welcome to splurge to the food. On the left side, there is a bar fully stocked to the brim for our guests. On the right, there is a table with five suitcases, unopened. What is in those suitcases? Why don't you find out for yourself. Above you where the middle table is, there is a beautiful large and long stained glass that has quite the unique taste. Music of course will be playing as there is an old fashion juke box waiting for you to mess around with as it's not on yet.

Rule Recap:

  • Everyone will post three rounds before you travel past the first large dining party room. 1st Post will be you entering the house in whatever attire you wish. 2nd Post will be you introducing yourselves or if you know any of the other guests, you may chat along with each other.

    After the 2nd round is finished, please DM or @ Me. I will be posting after the last person posts/rolls from then on to reveal the events and things that happen due your choices and rolling. Each one will be different for everyone.

    If you do an action during the 2nd round. Let me know. I'll tell you if you need to roll or not.~

  • Once the Rolling round begins in round 3 (depending on your choices in round 2), please roll the 20 Dice 1 time in your post in each round.

  • A Map will be shown to show you where you are and where you may move to next.

  • Each person has 1 Action and 1 sub-action. Ex; You may move from the Dining room to go downstairs into the basement hall. Sub-Actions are Searching in the Room or using an Item you may find.

  • Certain rooms may have something that'll tell you a way out of the house or be useful to you. Plus, you may find history about the room you're in.

  • 48 Hours start after the first round is over.

  • Magics, Weapons, stats and other combat related items have no effect here. Companions and a single summon may be used for socializing only.

  • Lastly, don't forget to have fun and beware of the hunts that may begin!~

    P.S: Please don't be too harsh on this, it's an experiment. ;-;

You may invite Kuri the Callous to the party as she will enjoy the event. It may or may not give you extra type of rolls and content, but are you willing to risk that?


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"My ladyship, we're almost there," warned the driver. She lips licked her lips as she wondered what her 'darker' counterpart was like. The list of people were unknown as no one got to see the others who were invited. The woman had golden wings of a seraphim and her old Seraphim dress when she once was a true Seraphim. That damn god, she will always despite Illumin, but first she had to do something about the Sevenese gods and get Eris up there in terms of scale.

This party might get her an idea on her mad scientist skills as she looked this place up at her lab. Her time magic alongside her knowledge was the key as she was able to logically think things through. As the driver stopped their car, she opened the door and got out herself. She didn't need anyone to let out this God from their car. Eris, goddess of Chaos and Discord was now Karisa, a Goddess herself. The beautiful mother and Goddess walked up to the door to let it open on its own. "So that's how it is..." she muttered and walked inside to look around. The first thing she noticed was the food and stained glass in which she gazed up on.

Actions: Gazed at the Food and Stained glass

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#4Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Karisa With the Stained Glass: Appearance of Stain Glass

You see the beautiful display of the food and glass, but the glass seems more important as you'll see that the patterns replicate faces of the insane and unknowingly, some reactions of the dead patients. With that, you noticed a small glint by one of the faces that disappeared before anyone else got the chance to see. Other than that, you see nothing. If anyone else tried, they wouldn't be able to see it anymore by then.

Do you tell anyone your discovery or keep to yourself?

#5Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
The ride was bumpy. Daiko’s butt had gotten a little sore over the time spent getting up here, but it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been – all thanks to the fluffy costume he wore for this strange place. It wasn’t the first time that an entirely new area just popped into his path and the paths of many others without warning during Halloween, one of the most enigmatic events of the year. However, according to some, there was a connection to this place and the events of earlier… especially concerning the invaders who looked like their own, familiar faces.

He wanted to fight, deep inside… but last time was a defeat on his end. There was nothing that he could’ve done to her, to that false Alisa. Remembering that made the Fire Mage clutch his costume right above his chest, not wanting to return to that miserable time again.

At last, the ride stopped. Daiko didn’t see the driver, but this huge… door right in front of him covered even the upper atmosphere from his point of view, regardless of how big it actually was. Daiko had decided to dress up as a fluffy, wild-feathered hen with black feathers and a white-feathered head where his own stuck out of its beak. Coda was hiding somewhere inside the costume, paranoid of literally everything around them.

The door opened by itself, prompting him to sneak into the rather inviting house… only to be met by delicacies, banger music and architecture worthy of royalty. “… Ohhhhhhh, that’s my kind of party!” he declared in joy, having a bewildered Coda fly out of the beak of his costume… but not because of the food. Nay, Daiko's eyes were harder glued to the munchies than the drinks at this point, but Coda flew out in jubilation.

Because of the winged guest who was inside the room with them.

Actions: Daiko gazed at the food, Coda gazed at Karisa

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#7Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Daiko with The Food:

You don't know any better. So, you just assume the worst of things and not eat any of it. Losing your appetite, you just move on. Shame, the cook spent a lot of their time on it too.


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Kaito looked around at the place as it came into view of him, he was not use to traveling like this as he usually just jumped from portal to portal as he traveled and he arrives up to the house after the strange invite from a darker version of someone that had invited them, he hadn't known of anyone that would be inviting him to a party but he figured that he would go as it couldn't hurt him anymore than he already hurt on the inside of his soul to go, maybe their host would even show themselves to him or realize that he was this worlds version of their Kai. He figured it was just better not to ask them about his dark self as he doubted they would be very willing to tell him about his other self anyways.

He entered into the building in all of it's grandeur and he looked around amazed that such a place could exist, he had very little idea who the other people there where so he kept looking around his gaze was caught by the oddity of there being suit cases on the right of the room on the table he walks closer to them to check them. Revy tells him to not to touch them as he has no idea what or whose they are but he figured that there was no danger in checking them as they might have something they can use in them. He opens one of them to see it's contents and hopes for the best.

Actions: Kaito checked the suit cases


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#10Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Kaito with The Cases:

Cases you say?~ Oh yes, those, too bad you're bad at opening them. You seemed to have broken the slides that unlock the case. What was in them? I suppose you'll now never find out. No one from the guest list may open the cases now.

#11Celestia Silvervane 

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Celestia Silvervane
The ride had been an experience. The vehicle had bumped all over the place and on more than one occasion Celestia had nearly fallen out, in more way than one. The sound of breaks alerted her to the fact of their arrival.

Celestia stepped out wearing her usual purple suit. She pulled down the sides of her jacket as the doors swung open to allow her to step inside. She saw the others stood inside. She was first drawn to the decor. The exquisite craftsmanship of the marble and general upkeep of the home. At least to what she could see. The smell of the food was enticing to say the least but she knew better than to touch anything. She also saw the bar and had to fight through the urge to make a charge to the nearest bottle of ale. She pouted to herself as she looked at the others around her;"this is an interesting crew..." her voice curious.

Hey eyes were drawn more to Karisa and let her pervy mind wander ever so slightly. He caught herself ogling and snapped herself back. She rocked back on her heels as she bounced towards the bar and decided to investigate around it, especially what may be in each of the bottles. She knew it was not a good idea to drink them, even thought every part of being in Fairy Tail told her to neck the lot and make this a real party.

Action: Investigating the alcohol and bar area and decor of the room.

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House on Haunted Hill [Group 3] UEYqj48

The invitation to this house party had caught her by surprised. She really was not one of any importance at the moment so a courier giving her this wasn’t really something she had expected. Of course she accepted immediately and decided to partake in the party; heading to the location it spoke about via the provided ride.

She didn’t know who the pumpkin king was; so that was something she wanted to ask. She also didn’t know who had sent this letter and how they knew where to find her. Questions she wanted to ask. She had chosen to wear a somewhat flashy attire; a long red dress with golden loops and a black overcoat with a high rising fur collar. The fur itself was a soft white and stood out compared to everything else.

Stepping out of the ride and the large metal doors opened up for her. Her red eyes immediately found the food and she could already tell that she was a bit peckish. Shrugging her shoulders the large goat woman would go to take a bite… introductions could wait. The person who invited them here certainly had some taste!

She didn't feel like this was a trap really; or if the food was poisoned that'd probably be a right waste of time for the hosts part...

Action: Eating to her hearts content.

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#14Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous

Her piercing red eyes gazed at her beautiful face as she combed her hair. She felt strong fingers starting to twirl each thick strand. Kuri couldn't help but hum a sweet tune as she felt her hair being braided. She had guests out there waiting to be entertained if they have not entertained themselves already. Once she was done with each side of her braids she stood up and slipped on her devilish dress. Gently, she put on her horns, her under-rimmed glasses and finally her thigh-high tights that was see-through, designed with a white bow on each side. Her shoes were devilish long heel laced up boots. They went just above her knees. "Do you think they're treating themselves?~" Kuri questioned her guest. "Pft, are you going to devour them?", they wondered to Kuri.

"No... Unless they tempt me," she darkly chuckled before leaving the room with her secret guest.

Once she went towards the stairs and went down, she let her hand slide against the railing, cat walking down. Beside her, was a white beauty in a black dress. Her eyes were fresh-blood red as they gazed down at everyone with judging eyes. Kuri on the other hand had a smile and welcoming facial expression. Something that her and Karisa had in common.

The first person Ana saw was Kuri's Earth realm self. She was as beautiful as she was long ago till she started to only eat human. The thing that was wrong with that is she ate only on rare occasions or when the opportunity shows. So, Kuri got skinner in terms of body and arms. Less strong in the strength department. The next one was Daiko, someone the Dark Kuri knew in her realm, he was like a familiar to her. Unlike that brat of a son of hers, Ana didn't mind Daiko's company. Is this one more annoying though? "What do we have here...", Kuri started to speak, a finger against her own lips as she saw Kaito. "Ah, yes... I hope you're not a thorn to my side as your counterpart," she licked her lips slowly.

Ana gazed towards him and glared, not trusting him at all. Sure, Ana looked Saner than Kuri, but in truth, Ana straight up hated humanity and men in general. On the other hand, there was an interesting looking girl with purple hair. As she went to the food, Ana saw a goat-like creature eating the food like some wildebeest, "And you are?", she arched her eyebrows. Every so often, Ana would glimpse at the purple haired beauty.

Kuri chuckled as she let Ana do what she pleased. She knew Ana wouldn't ruin her party, not when they were inseparable in terms of how far one can go from each other. She noticed the cases, ones that were on the table and Kaito was messing with them. "Let us start here..." she muttered softly in her erotic tone. Her fingers were nimble as they played around with the cases to unlock them. After a few moments she finally was successful. "I might as well help you with this since you were so kind to notice them,". She squeezed one case against her large chest as she hugged onto it. With her free hand she opened it and revealed what was finally in there. "Now, gather around, ~" she sung, well all besides Lucretia as they were stuck at the table with food being stuffed in their mouths. Ana on the other hand went to Kuri's side, both beautiful Goddesses now standing beside each other. Both being 6ft 7.

Actions: Greeted, gave all attention, Ana spoke to Luc, yet eyes giving attention to Celestia. Kuri gave attention to Kaito, opening the case for him and revealing (Will be revealed by DM Chat)

@Herald With The Food:

The food was good of course, no reason to waste it, but it was so good that you can't seem to leave the table for one full round.


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The stained glass was glinting for some reason. Was it due to something being there or a reflection of someone's jewelry? She walked away from it, but as soon as she did she heard someone walking down the stairs, two people exactly. Swiftly, she turned right away to see that it was her own counterpart alongside Ana. In their world, it is a good assumption that Ana did not move on from her past, pass on and finally rest, creating the Karisa that she is now. Kuri, the one she would have become was now in front of her a few meters off. She saw the attention she was getting from Kuri and Ana till their gazes went elsewhere.

As she was looking about, she noticed Coda gazing at her. Her eyebrow arched, "Daiko, your bird is gazing at me," she turned to now hear Kuri asking them to go to the suitcase table as it reveals what was in it. Important things for sure, maybe something useless.

Actions: Grabbed what was in her suitcase. 1/5.

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#16Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
… The food looked a bit too good. Nice, prepared dishes in a house like this one? A house that looked as ominous as it did on the outside? It made him paranoid… perhaps it would be for the better to refrain from intaking the food. Who knew what it contained…

“… O-Oh, sorry about that, she’s just curious,” Daiko excused himself and Coda as he pulled back the lively raptor. That was when he realized that the voice sounded just so familiar… but it wasn’t a voice he recognized. Nay, rather, it wasn’t a face that he recognized. “… W-Wait, have we met before? You know my name…”

Okay, things had already gotten creepy. There were about… him, the vampire-costume dude, a giant goat humanoid with a healthy appetite, and a unicorn turned human… wait… no, he must’ve been wrong on some accounts, no? Thing was, he only recognized one thing in this room…

There was some invincible thread floating in the air. A thread that would never cease to run through his chest, no matter how many times it went full circle. A thread of fate touched his heart, both when the hostess clad in a devilish costume walked down the stairs, and when Karisa spoke to him. Yet his bird brain and outer forces never let him realize anything – there was no way he could…

He did grow interested in the contents of the suitcase. With widened eyes, like a child wanting to see what they got for Christmas, Daiko approached the hostess and her silver-haired companion in order to take a look at what they had in store for them inside the suitcase. “… Oohh, wonder what this has,” Daiko hummed to himself before approaching one of the other, opened suitcases, “Are these… gifts? I don’t remember gifts being part of this season, but… hey, I’m not ungrateful.”

Coda’s birdy eyes were glued towards Kuri. Ever so morbidly curious, that fowl.

Actions: Daiko approached one of the opened suitcases, Coda is glaring at Kuri this time

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Kaito looked at the woman that had spoken about his other him and he wondered what made him a thorn in her side, weren't they all on the same side or was there a division in them and his side just didn't share the views she did. "I have no idea how my counter part is a thorn in your side. But changes are I may also be, but you are very pretty along with your friend." He figured a compliment couldn't hurt as it was still him being honest though he highly doubt they care for kindnesses or pleasantries.

He looked at the others that were around him, then he sees the hostess walk toward him and he wonders if this is where she kills him. He then hears her speak and then lift the case that he had tried to open and failed at holding it to her chest and it opening. This seemed like a sorta act of seduction in it's own way but he wasn't really swayed by it but he was impressed by her being able to do that. Kaito collects the things from the case that the woman had opened for him and he wonders if he will really have to use these things or not, he at least hopes not.

Actions:Spoke to Kuri, watched her display and collected the things from the case.

#18Celestia Silvervane 

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Celestia Silvervane
Celestia turned on her heel to examine the ladies who descended the stairs. Her ears perked at their words. It would appear that there are others here that had prior meetings with one another, in one way or another. Her eyes flitted between the individuals when they locked onto the man she had previously overlooked.

"Is he... Dressed like a Chicken?" She thought to herself fighting hard not to laugh. "Wait, maybe a Pidgeon?" Her finger raised to her chin for a second before snapping back to the room watching as the Turkey-man bounded his way over to a set of suitcases that now were opened courtesy of the hosts.

She stepped slowly, trying hard to take in everything that she could about the pair. They seemed to be connected in a manner far beyond her own comprehension and in truth she didn't want to know too much. She reached the side with the cases, peering into her own before cocking an eyebrow at the women; "So... What are we supposed to do with these? This seems all pretty lavish and a unique choice of people you've brought here..." She mused at the two women as she picked up her things.

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Normally Herald would be all about socializing, she’d likely of greeted the others given the opportunity but instead she found herself drawn into the food here. Maybe it was just the allure, maybe it was enchanted. Or maybe it was just a natural hunger that pulled her into being a pure glutton for a spell.

She wasn’t exactly the messiest eater at least, she had the gumption to use whatever silverware was present and wasn’t going to like scoop her hands into any cake or faceplant into the caviar for a sup or twelve. But her eyes showed a flicker of frustration because she also hated to be rude especially to the host that was now addressing her.

Her father had also taught her that talking with your mouth full was very incredibly rude, especially to a host. So she had to just sit there and chew while also still stuffing her face; her tail gently swaying this way or that to indicate yes she was paying attention but the food here was so damn good that she couldn’t really focus yanno?

Like when you have a really good book and it just eats at you, instead you’re just eating at it…

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#22Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
Kuri and Ana watched everyone come and get their suitcases, Ana moving to Kuri's side. Her eyes glimpsed at poor Herald and then flicked her eyes towards Ana. "I guess I shall give compliments to the chef once we're done," she giggled sweetly. She enjoyed the compliments of being pretty, but to answer the horned girl's question, "To survive of course,~ To explore the place and its' unique history of how it became haunted," she put her hand against her own cheek and smiled thoughtfully. Ana gazed at Kuri as she hasn't had anything to eat for almost 24hrs. The Kari here seemed rather thick and bigger than hers. It worried her since she didn't want Kuri to die from not eating enough and if starvation limit hits with these people inside, it'll get bad. Finally, Kuri watched Kaito, Daiko, Karisa and Celestia get their suitcases of two things each. One being the same, another being different. Each of them had their own responses to the cases as well.

Poor Herald, giving in to their true sin, Gluttony. Gluttony is a nice and confused fellow who just wants to eat everything. They even accidently ate their friend once. A very gruesome tale. Herald continues to eat for 1 whole post and shall roll on their turn.


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She looked at her suitcase and then closed it as she was going to just carry the full thing with her. The sweet mother gazed at the others and then turned to see the goat fellow still eating. "Tempting as it was, I suppose they can have it all," as she lost her appetite watching them devour the whole table. Her gaze went to Daiko who asked how she knew him. She giggled, "I know all,~ Magic is a powerful thing as you should know," she then turned to gaze at Coda, "Even Coda knew who I was," she gently spoke as she walked up to Daiko, still close to the table of suitcases. "Clue is, I have many names and you've known me for them. Just take away the K from mine," she giggled motherly.  Her fame was high enough for people to know who she was. Daiko was such a clueless bird, but he was precious and like a little brother to her. Inside of her thoughts, Kuri and Ana irked her, gave her a bad feeling as she turned fully enough to keep an eye on them. Karisa didn't even trust her dark self.

Actions: Kept an eye on Kuri and Ana, saw Herald eat the whole table of food, talked to Daiko.

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#24Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Huh… peculiar weapon. Daiko had seen it from somewhere before – nay, he had been hit by one of these before! One of the pirates near the seas to Port Hargeon waggled along a weapon like this… albeit, theirs was longer. He did show up unarmed, didn’t even possess his gauntlet, so he gladly took the weird boomerang-looking weapon and… huh, he didn’t possess a holster. Ah well, the belt line of his pants would do. He just had to adjust it a little and… uh, it was a little more difficult than he imagined, he kept twiddling with it for a while before it finally sat still.

So this was how it felt to be a pirate… oh, speaking of pirates, the suitcase also contained some sort of map! He quickly grabbed that too, not sure where to shove it for safekeeping, but… now he really felt in character! He had to groan like a pirate too, at one point…

His question towards the lavender lady - who just might have convinced him that she was a guildmate of theirs – was answered during his twiddling with the weapon; she knew… all. Scary. Did she know that Daiko, sometimes, tried praying to Illumin like his old friend taught him, just to make sure that his late mother was safe and sound? Emphasis on ‘trying’, for he had forgotten the details on how to pray – his heart was in the right place, but his hands were often everywhere. “… *gulp* W-Wait, Coda, you know her… wait, I think I… I think I do too, yeah. Can’t remember your name, sorry about that – I’m really sorry, I… tend to forget names a bit, if they’re not repeated a few times to me. Must be famous, though, if Coda knows you so well – she loves all famous, pretty girls. Don’t mind her, just being a fan.” Sadly, as he could not summon her name in his memory, he could not draw a conclusion from her hint about removing the K from her name… but it was a weird clue. Weird enough that both he and Coda remembered it, of all things. K, K, K, K, K, K… the letter was of importance to remembering her.

“Have I, huh… oh no… d-did we meet, before?!” Shit, if she was like a friend of his from the past, or someone he’d helped out before, then this was but a veeeeeeeeeeeery awkward moment. Ahhhhh, maybe this was why Daiko had not yet claimed the heart of a fair maiden – he was too… stupid? No, no, no, that couldn’t be… seriously, he could not recall her. Maybe if he asked for her na-

Wait, to survive? “This place is haunted?! I knew there was something fishy going on… can’t say I’m surprised,” he commented with an unexpected sense of bravery, “I’ve dealt with haunted houses before. Usually, a spirit is tied to some item that we must remove… or, or, the spirit’s a ghost of a person who died, and their corpse is still here… or… or… something along the lines of that. It’s a classic Samhain tradition!” Almost completely used to haunted houses during this season, Daiko felt like he had done some of his homework for this one already… or had he?

“What do you say? Coda’s already taken a liking to you, so let’s stick together…” Daiko spoke to the lavender-haired seraph once more, growing rapidly comfortable around her… record speed in putting his trust in a famous person, but… wait, what was her name again? Ka… argh, stupid brain wouldn’t work properly.

"... Aww, the food was good... why'd I think they spiked it? I swear, I'll eat the next thing presented in front of me," he pained in defeat over watching the goat-humanoid entity eat away in joy. The food must've tasted great... and he was sort of starving, himself. Stupid hunches, stupid survival instincts, stupid all of that.

At last, upon the notion of the house's challenge ahead and its haunted status, a big index finger was pointed straight towards the two hostesses of the event, accompanied by a grin from his enthusiastic face. “Whatever shenanigans you madames have prepared for us here, we’ll crack the code! Got ourselves a haunted house professional, right here!”

Actions: Spoke with Karisa, made a longing comment towards the food Herald is eating, thenspoke towards Kuri and Ana about accepting the challenge >:D

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