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Shepherd of the masses [Lucretia]

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Shepherd of the masses [Lucretia] Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 8:53 am

Joya was a place that she had lived for quite some time, so being here even for a moment felt strange to her. The place was nearly foreign because of the disconnect she felt with the location. She had been ‘summoned’ here only to find the group that had asked to see her was no where to be found. Gone in a pool of their own blood and equipment strewn about. Herald was left wanting; looking for another ship to leave back to the ‘mainland’.

It wasn’t easy to convince anyone even when she was hiding herself, even when she was being plain and out in the open. She wanted to slap some of the people here for the way that they acted and honestly it would stay that way for quite some time as she irritably stomped around the docks. Her visage and irritated appearance made many step away from her. Demi-humans weren’t frowned upon in this land she felt; but with how close she was to her father in terms of blood… well a daemon probably would make for a good story. They probably thought she was some kind of hellspawn anyways.

Making quite a scene also meant that someone would likely notice…

#2Lucretia Wolfenstein 

Shepherd of the masses [Lucretia] Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 8:54 am

Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia couldn’t help but wonder what had skeeved off this goat like demi-human to where there were people talking about them at the bar. The rune knight was here more or less to check on contacts that had gone dark only to find a problematic group of individuals in their place. She quickly dispatched them and made for some personal time at the bar. A little over an hour later she was told about this goat. Finishing up her cup of sake the werewolf paid for her ‘food’ and headed out to the docks.

She was greeted with the sight of a tall blood red goat individual that looked like an amalgamation of multiple races rather than just one. Adjusting her equipment she’d walk up the the furious individual who had just been turned down by another captain for passage back to the mainland. Understanding her problem the werewolf sighed and spoke out.

You won’t be able to get back to the mainland that way. I know a captain you can talk to; here.

The goat had turned about and looked surprised to see the werewolf that loomed over them by a whole meter. The two stared at one another for a few moments and Lucretia would offer them an enclosed letter. It was one of those passage deals from another captain. Already paid in full by Lucretia when she arrived. Not many would turn a rune knight down. Lucretia would smile warmly before heading off leaving the blood red goat standing there rather stunned still.



Shepherd of the masses [Lucretia] Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 8:55 am

Her anger had been palatable, something that everyone could easily taste. Easily see that she was wanting to get out of here which made it all the more frustrating to her when people kept turning her away. After the last captain had turned her about she was left fuming on the docks. Only to hear the heavy steps of someone behind her. Someone spoke and she’d turn to meet the icy blue eyes of someone that she had never expected to meet in person. Her mouth dropped a little bit and she felt an icy chill run up her spine.

She had heard the name murmured in the bars, in the alleyways. Places she wouldn’t go or just hadn’t yet. The goat gulped a bit as they spoke to her, told her that she understood her problems. That warmth and radiance left her stunned. All she could do was numbly accept the envelope that the werewolf handed her. Watching her go the goat looked in to find a ticket prepaid for passage back to the mainland.

Herald rubbed at the back of her neck, there was also a sizable amount of jewels in here… was that intentional or had the wolf just forgotten that they were in there?


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