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Dead by Daylight: Silent Vill [Celestia]

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Silent Vill

Mishiko gazed around as she woke up in the midst of a foggy town. She wasn't sure where this place was a she has never seen a place like this before. "Quite... different," she muttered in her soft breath. She wondered if anyone else got trapped here as this was obviously one of the Halloween games. It was logical to think that, right? Her black mirror eyes gazed around with the X shaped pupils. Slowly, she started to get up and walk around. She felt a little lost. She wondered where all the people were or if this a dead place. Samhain was known for the dead. "Perhaps the hotel?~", Izanami chuckled. "Right," she agreed.

Right then she went towards the hotel down the street not far from her. She had to cross the X-roads to get to the other side. Once she was there she opened the door to see the counter, full of dusty keys and booklets. It looked as if no one has been here for awhile.

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Celestia Silvervane
Celestia blinked for a moment. Her mind seemed away with the fairies and before she knew it she was in a not where she had been. Her purple eyes surveyed nothing but mist and silence. Her hair blew gently in the tiny wisps of wind that made their way through rhe ghost town. "Well... This doesn't look like the pub." She mumbled sourly.

A sigh left her lips as her footsteps echoed out into the town. The place was empty from what she could tell. Approaching the Cross in the road, her eyes darted from place to place, trying desperately to see if anyone else may be nearby. She saw what appeared to be a Hotel, towering black monstrosity, covered in debris and damage. An uncertain groan left her lips as she shook the thought of what may be inside away.

Celestia pushed open the door and gingerly stepped inside. She was met with someone stood looking around also. A quick squeal left her lips before she managed go catch herself and hold back any further embarrassing noises. "Oh, another face!" Her voice sounded relieved.

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She looked through each thing and started to flip through the books and keys. None of them seemed important till she started to get bored and organize the keys to the hooks on the wall. Each one had a number. slowly she started to put them away one by one and it took a few minutes till she was done. Her eyes looked at every hook and realized one was missing. Room Key 111. She was confused by this, but shrugged as she heard the door soon after.

Swiftly, she turned around and saw a tall woman with purple hair and eyes. "Are you from here?", was her first question as she could guess the woman wasn't by the way she was dressed, but it didn't hurt to ask. "If not, seems like we both got stuck in this realm," she began and then heard something break from upstairs. Her head tilted towards the stairs to gaze upward.

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Celestia Silvervane
A worried smile came to Celestia's face. She was glad to see someone else had been brought here and it had not been just her. "Nope, the last thing I knew I was in the pub with a delicious ale in hand, and then..." She blinked for a moment. She heard the sound of breaking come from upstairs, taking a few steps further in and pushing the door gently too behind her. She didn't like the idea of her back begin exposed and a fog that could cover a foe. A shiver went down her spine as the density of the silence around them came back.

"How did you get here? Oh, I'm Celestia by the way." She looked around further, her eyes darting from place to place. She also noted the height of the ceilings. Celestia was no small fry, although she believed she was as tall as everyone else, she instead came to 6'8" and yet the ceiling was still taller than her. In most places, she had entered she would normally have to duck slightly. But not here. Unnerving. She moved as light-footed as possible to go behind the counter. She tried to look through some old papers to try to get their bearing to where they had been brought to. However, nothing seemed to be making much sense.

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"Pft... Let's see if we have a rat or not," she started to go upstairs after answering the girl, "Was on the beach with some party, drank some cocktails after several pub crawls before that," she sighed while going to the second floor. It was rather huge. She looked around to see some doors were opened, some closed. The hall had dirty old red carpet, the cheap kind where it was thin as paper. The wallpaper on the other hand was brown, royal pattern with some gold outlines in the design. She rubbed her face and walked around to look for the door that was open.

Voices from outside could now be heard. They sounded almost muffled and Mishiko did not trust that one bit. She grabbed Celestia's hand and treaded carefully to a random room, closing the door behind them. She put a finger against her lips and shh'd quietly. She heard loud footsteps go up the stairs and heard some muffled yelling. With it, were some bird sounds. Mishiko looked around and saw behind them some light behind a large wardrobe. Instantly, she let her hands go and tried to push the wardrobe enough for them to squeeze it. The girl was a little taller than her, but their body sizes should fit nicely. With enough light for Celestia to see, she motioned her to follow. A bridge was already made by two planks to go to the other building next to them.

As this was happening, the door suddenly was rocked as someone was trying to open it.


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The girl wasn't budging at all so she only did what any survivor did when the other person wasn't close enough to grab them. She took off into the other building and looked around as she went down into the first floor. By then, she heard a scream, but unsure what it was about. She shook her head and saw that there were stairs that led to the basement, so she went there. She ignored all that was happening as the loud alarm started to go off. Suddenly, pieces of the wall start to come off, floating into the sky like it was nothing. What was going on? The place had a rustic look to it now as the floor was more metal than anything. Suddenly, she heard more screams that were muffled and now a loud sound of something grazing against the metal floors. She peaked to see some muscular man with a pyramid head for a head...


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The woman saw the person look back at them and she immediately lifted her head back so they did not see her. She bit her lower lip and looked back to see them gone. Suddenly she heard muffles from what sounded like humans. Were they good people? She was unsure so she stayed away from it. This place was a little odd to her. Quickly, she bolted towards the opposite way the other thing went and looked around. Her eyes suddenly saw an opening of a door which would usually mean danger, but there was a large hole just there waiting for her. Did she want to take that chance?

Normally, no, but she heard steps coming her way so she ran to the hole and tried to lift herself up, into the hole and crawled away. She looked back noticing the hole was becoming smaller so there was no way back. Thankfully, she suddenly appeared in a bed room, her bedroom. Safe and sound?


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