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The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko]

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The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 7:09 pm


A chilling time for one such as herself. In her hand was a bag, a bag of toys and goodies for where she was about to go. If Mishiko/Quilla had any weakness, it was children. She pitied these children who didn't get to grow up to have a life of their own. Her eyes coldly gazed at the gate that was not far from her as she looked above the gate to see the sign that said, "St. Claire's Orphanage". The fence creaked open and so far, she hasn't seen any spirits or ghosts. She clenched her bag tighter, not out of fear, but more so she was hoping this was not a trick. Her eyes shined, as soon as she went inside the fence and onto the grass of the playground the place lit up. Everywhere looked as if it was alive, as it was dead looking before. Her white hair shined like the moon with the lighting. Out of nowhere, she heard giggles.


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Oh this was so fun, Samhain might have new for Akuko but she was the most fun she could in these thing could give her. Almost like Samhain as an entire season seemed to be fair too fitting for the shadow daemon. Akuko had seen St.Claire's orphanage a few times but only merely looked at the sign. When some one else started walking towards it was new to play her normal haunting game, She did not know this person or if they really wanted to take a child in the end, But Akuko was going to enjoy herself as long she could.

Yes the place was free of ghosts and spirits, But Daemons was an entirely different story and this woman would experience her own haunting by Akuko's hands. Sneaking through her normal means from darkness and shadow. When the gate left open Akuko made sure to close it loudly then continue walking towards the woman.

Seemingly this woman was distracted by the giggles of the other children here. Then Akuko would simply brush one of her fingers against the back of her outfit Mishiko then continue walking to the right to seemingly be away from her. She wanted to gauge what kind of game she needed to play with this woman and see how far this could go. If it went bad well this was Samhain and could easily be played off as a trick. But she surely was interesting looking it was mighty strange to have X's bedded into your eyes like that.

After doing that simple touch Akuko waited, she wanted this lady to be near a window before she tried anything else, But if need be she would give her more signs she was there, But it was all a matter of time.


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The giggling made her look around as she then heard her mother, "It seems we have company,". As soon as she heard that she felt someone touch her back, but barely due to her thick ass coat she was wearing. She sighed softly and went inside of the orphanage building. Her eyes gazed around to see a bunch of children gathering now that they see someone. They were all experimented on for sure as they had a part of a race with another, a hybrid. Mishiko could see some undead stigma leaching off of them. "I have brought things for you all," she coldly spoke in a soft tone mixed within it. Her black eyes gazed at them as she then looked to her bag that she opened up. It was a rather large back that carried smaller bags.

"Here you are..." she gave each one a goodie bag as they each had a small toy, some candy and a mask to be whoever they felt like. The one playing tricks can decide to show up or not, but with how it feels. It was obviously 'her'.


The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 3:13 am

Just like that this person was going into the building, it was perfect all how Akuko wanted it line up, Even if the starting reaction dull surely other things would get some kind of reaction like dragging her claws on the walls while she walked behind this person entering the build. Then well since Mishiko did not close, Akuko did yet again as loudly as she could.  All while thinking this woman is far to cold in expression and emotion in terms of how she expressed it towards the ideas of being in haunted places. But also how these children seemed to be it was perplexing.

But alas finally something would actually show Akuko for a moment, She would walk past a mirror, It was a chance for some one to confirm it was Akuko, while the children in the room got the chance to see Akuko as she looked as a shadow daemon. But she seemed to not be interested to doing much to children. Only motioning while remaining speechless like she was shushing the children that might be looking in the mirror at the time, then she seemed to be yet again back to lurking around like she normally.

The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Fzddsv11

But Akuko was not done yet, no in fact she was not the type to really just hold back from doing these things, but at least she planned to stop hiding, Walking to a spot behind Misiko then slowly lets away the power that had her hide but she would still look like a daemon, But standing with her hand having her palms forward with like she would about to yell boo really loudly, But was just going to be wait until she looked. But she had her normal smile of a the playful trickster she was on her face.


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The children came to grab their bags and all sat down with each other as support. They looked in their bags and were quite happy with their gifts of candy, toys and a card. If it was something Mishiko understood as her life as Quilla, it was that small kindness was seen as huge to those who are misfortune enough to be lonely, cursed and forced into their fate. The children were giggling while sharing their toys with each other. Her eyes witnessed the disformities of some of the children, some with wings, horns, disfigured limbs and some all bandaged up. It was no mere costume that they were wearing. It was how they looked.

She suddenly saw the children look around and now at Mishiko, giggling. Was it her? Her eyes cornered and sighed softly, seeing how it was. 'Of course it's Akuko...' she sighed and walked towards the children to sit with them. "Are you going to hide and stay away being a stalker or are you going to join the children and I?", she was pretty immune to the darkness, to death and anything a normal human would be scared of. She was death.


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seems like this would entirely annoying Akuko only because. It all didn't work on the stranger and she acted entirely like a person she knew, it all just seemed to bring her. Thus the daemon stood there preparing to say boo or something to scare a person she could not scare."What are you my mother?"She said with as much sass as she could in return but there was that hint of being annoyed as well, Something that Quillareine when going by that name and have the look of would not see too much from Akuko."Because you surely talk like her."With even more layered on sass normal from her.

Akuko could not really connect the piece of who this was, she had no reason to ever attempt or consider since well there was no sign of her knowing there was that puzzle before her now, Just one very annoyed daemon lady standing in a room with another woman and children."Riddle me with Miss X eyes why should I?"This was one of the few times you could call Akuko being more of a child throwing a fit but maybe because this was how she got when she was annoyed in some nature.

Then again she was not hiding in shadows any more just standing in the room with them where she last stood, crossing her arms and waited to hear what would be said to her. After all she asked why doesn't mean she was going to anything horrible to these children.


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"That's not even a riddle," she coldly spoke towards them and then went back to the children. She didn't find the comment about her eyes as an offensive tactic. More of a compliment since her brother gifted her these eyes on her birth. She snapped her fingers to create a flower of darkness with glowing butterflies roaming around. The children found it amusing and some of them tried to catch them in their own hands. "You know... You must be quite fun at parties," she jested in her soft dark tone while licking her canines.

She was over here giving the children fun, while she was acting like one. "I could almost mix you up as one of the children, but they're more behaved than you," she chuckled and looked at Akuko who she didn't mind messing around with. The children were of course busy with their candies, flowers and butterflies to pay much attention to their banter.


The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 4:30 pm

It was not even a riddle, the fact it was still making no sense to Akuko just proved she was just stuck in her own ways and not thinking what the pieces would be. but the butter flies were nice and she seemed to enjoy them but Akuko was not really the type to let her guard down quickly."Strange to compliment a stranger, But I try to be?"Akuko seemed a bit confused with her answer where did parties have to come into this and why did she mention it?

But it was Akuko she was not trying to think in depth unless she needed too.This woman was interesting that was for sure."I am not that childish, I can be plenty well behaved when around a person I like do know and like."It was partly a lie but she would not admit it unless called out of, Akuko assume she would not be.

Moving on in some manner she would just simply mention."Even then, the whole entire point of this Samhain thing is too, I dunno have fun with giving people a scare of sorts."She mentioned because that is what she took away from it. Having no idea what else to do in this matter since well she was kind of stumped."Not all are as stone faced and unaffected by such things are you seem to be remarkable I must say."It was in some manner Akuko yielding that she could not scare who she did not know what her closest friend.

Then again the side of Akuko that so few knew of just showed for a moment."It was better to wait to try and scare an adult if i am honestly. These little ones have been through enough to be left here."She meant it in a good way too it was just how Akuko spoke that could be considered a weird.

Since as always."Just a shame to I couldn't, I would give you sweets but alas, I handed mine off to some one particular in my life important she seemed to enjoy her small hoard."I some manner this was a cover since Akuko in some manner was covering up she was pretty annoyed and upset she could scare this lady but trying to play it off before she just had to turn into something else of just strongly worded sass that risked turning into sharp words to a pointless means.


The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 8:55 am


She listened to Akuko and darkly chuckled, giving a toothy sharp smile. She hid this smile from the strange woman's eyes. She went back to the child's ears and whispered. They whispered now to each other to the other child and so forth. They got up and started to dance around, singing a song,

Hisako, Hisako
The bird in the basket
When, oh when will it come out
In the night of dawn
The crane and turtle slipped
Who is behind you now?

Hisako, Hisako
Did you fall, are you forced to crawl
As you die and become what you now are
Who is behind you now
Who did you hear call?

She wanted to play her kind of fun tricks, so will she. The difference between the two were huge when it comes to humor. Akuko loved to scare people in a manner of using shadows. Mishiko, or Quilla, loved to use words and knowledge that will go into their minds and scare them.


The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Empty Tue Oct 25, 2022 10:30 am

Every single time any of them said Hisako she seemed to twitch slightly with in her hands and fingers, and let out a bit of a hiss. It was almost like calling her by her first name in this state seemed to cause some kind of negative and primal reaction from having her name thrown to the side long a go. It bothered her massively in some degree only because of one main after. Akuko did not ever recall telling anyone that part of her name. When hearing it,almost always caused Akuko to recoil in some manner yet to be found out by her.

But she would control that almost daemonic instinct seemed to almost make her act like a Youkai spirit upon hearing their own name. Then she just kind of stopped."Who are you that you know to call me that?..."She did sound annoyed but it seemed it was getting through to her. This would be one of the few times you could actually hear Akuko being angry. But she was having something trusted upon her that was not only something she made sure was safe from anyone hearing.

But leaving her with a linger feeling that she knew this person and they toying with her because they to not tell her to play an exactly trick she would do against some one else in some manner."Or is this some kind of crude joke I am too foolish to get?" Akuko when she seemed to have no logical connection to understand seemed to be trying not to be frustrated and risk some kind of lash out. Akuko was not perfect but she did keep herself in control even if there was time to worry about possible habits of a daemon ever sparking out from her.


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The children continued the song, more than she thought they would. As they were going on with the little nursery rhyme that she made known throughout the dead, she saw the reaction from Akuko. Good, it was bothering her, now she'll know how she feels sometimes. From where it ended, it continued,

Hisako, Hisako
Parentless and all
Yet had friends to call
Who did your friend have to call
When she was alone as she had a deathly fall

Hisako, Hisako
In the shadows you hide, foolish and trialed
Your emotions, your vehemence, and yourself
In your heart, you're in denial
To the point where you're a hazard to oneself

The nursery rhyme ended there for now as the children giggled not knowing the words to it. They seemed to enjoy the words that fell from their mouths, smoothly like butter. Mishiko giggled as she covered her mouth, the children went back to their fun of their toys and candy. "I just couldn't help it.~ I do have dark humor you know..." she softly spoke in her ghostly voice.


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It some one came to her mind after all of this. Shame however Akuko did not seem to laugh as much only because they seem to oddly change roles."Dark and dry humour as they would say in Fiorian."Akuko said. Finally putting into words at least she felt like caught up to what was being implied to her. There was an odd sense of relief in her mind with how it was all in her mind. But she had to ask about a part of that line."Parentless huh? did you happen to meddle with them being alive?"It was an oddly serious question from Akuko.

But given how Akuko was now days, Them being a live or dead did not matter it seemed to only be important to know over anything else. But she simply just walked over to who she figured was her old and only friend at this point. Ragnar was entirely a different case and just simply booped her on the nose."Well what do you want me to tell Suza when i am back?"And thus Akuko had a smile return to her face and she just kind seemed to be some what normal.

But she also could not help but show that caring side to her."After all I was far more worried you where actually dead, something I don't think Suza was ready to talk about. Then again do you realize how I could have been worried about your well being while you were gone."Yes to hear Akuko say that was different but she was not all spooks and laughs there was a normal caring person with in she just did not show it unless needed too.


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"I did die... Did you not see the body on the news papers?" she ghostly spoke boredly as her eyes halfway closed. Her lips frowned as she could remember having something penetrate her chest after sending off the mail a month of so ago. She doesn't even remember how long ago it was. Her gaze went sideways as she gazed towards the ground, sitting, hands against the ground to balance herself as she leaned back and legs out. "With my mission and goals, I don't think it's safe for Suza to be apart of my life right now. Not at least to travel. If they know I care about certain people. They might come kill them next after they find out I'm still alive -- in a way.", she chuckled darkly.

Her eyes looked up towards Akuko, ignoring her boops. "No need to worry... At least I have more history to go back off of to explain a lot of things about myself," she replied randomly as she was thinking about the handful of people she'll have to communicate with.


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You think her best friend would have to ask if Akuko read news paper when most likely she did not, as it was all in still fiorian and would be a massive waste of time compared to something in Joyan she could read things just not quick enough to be interested for a long period of time."I got a letter and read a headline do you think I would fully believe such a thing?"Akuko had to pose that statement to her. She didn't believe everything for good reason."But given things you told me in the past, I figured it was easy to assume...if I came back you would too."This was more of an Akuko belief then anything else.

But she would also continue on with mentioning when she would return for her daughter Suza."I just wanted to be sure how long I was going to be the best aunt in the world, I did not think I was adopting for so much, Just means I need to set up a better bedroom."Akuko said about the situation with Suza she had kept things a bit limited but still meaning because she did not know think it would all that long.

She mentioned more history, it was interesting to think about."Oh is it really now all that interesting?"Akuko said away with the joking casual way of being but seemed to have actual interest.

But before anything else."Hold on a moment before you explain."She just then walked into the shadow of one of the walls and just seemed to be gone at this time. Then she came back through the front door about 10 minutes later but with not shockingly Suza herself. Akuko had put her in a tiny ghost costume. Almost like she had brought her here but was making sure it was safe. Akuko was a different kind of watcher. Then because Akuko was just how she was. Picked up the ghost looked small one and simple said."At least say hello and hug her."This might have been a plan of her's from the start just not doing it yet.


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Mishiko watched as she then looked at the children waiting for Akuko. "Are you a momma?", one of the children questioned. Lightly, Mishiko smiled and ruffed up their head, "Yeah, I am," she then heard Akuko come back with who she knew was Suza. The ghost Suza looked around and looked at Aunt Akuko, "What is this place, Aunt Aku?", she looked up at Akuko and then looked forward to look at Mishiko. Mishiko's eyes gazed towards Suza in her same emotionless state. Her lips frowned and sighed in relief that she was alright.

She instantly changed it into a side smile, "Hello, Suza,~" she spoke softly to her as she lends out a hand, "Mmm... Momma?", she questioned while approaching her slowly. The slow walking became a fast-paced run as she embraced Mishiko. The woman didn't expect it and the warm felt odd. Is this what a mother and a child were supposed to do and feel? She never really got this treatment in her life since Izanami wasn't the type to really hug due to her hatred for Izanagi. "Momma! Where have you been? I missed you so much," she nuzzled into Mishiko's leg and then looked at the other children gazing at this happening. "Suza, we will go do some Halloween stuff, but first say hello to the other children, they lost their parents too," she told her.

Suza looked over to them and then up to Akuko and Mishiko. "Alright, I will go playz with them," she giggled happily and went to play with some toys along with the children. Mishiko looked over to Akuko. "There,".


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Yes Akuko was now Aunty Aku, she did a lot to make sure she made sure a few things where in place for such a situation."You are in a place with friends my dear child, All of these people could be your friends if you want it too."Akuko sounded in a rare moment motherly and caring like she was trying to guide a person on the right path. The thing she was trusted to do."It would be good for you to talk to a few people, After all that reading i am sure a few new words I taught you."She was trying not to see too strict either. She had done a fair amount of things with Suza, Feed her showed her how she cooked a few things, Read with her, Napped around her while Suza slept to make sure she was not alone. Even went on walks and got ice cream. Akuko was not going to be a monster of an aunt.

With Suza off to actually play with other children Akuko let out one of her most typical smiles."See that was not so hard."Akuko said she was not trying to laugh about it or make it seem too mocking but Akuko had her reasons to pull this trick. Since she viewed it important for them to see each other."I will be sure to bring her home after this and make sure you little ghostie doesn't overdose on candy."Akuko seemed to already had plans for after this meeting.

In some manner this situation made Akuko realize what all she could do aside from try and annoy people."So what all happen? I am sure there is plenty to tell if your up to it?"Akuko waited to see what would spoken.


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She watched Suza go towards the children to play and the attention went back to Mishiko and her story. "Good, don't want her to get sick now," she kindly spoke in her cold tone. Her glass-mirror eyes watched the girl as she listened to her friend. The question about what happened was now brought up, but she knew she did not want to tell her everything. "Well, being human is no longer the question since my mother... My mother is -", she was about to say and then Suza came up with one of the children and a toy.

"Momma, they said I can have this. Is this okay?", her bright blue eyes looked at Mishiko. She gave a small smile to the children and Suza, "Of course it is, now go play along," she motioned for her to go play. "We're leaving soon anyways since we have things to do," she insisted. Her attention went back to Akuko and shrugged. It couldn't be helped if a child wanted attention.


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Even if she hated just being around an emotionless person and expressionless one she figured maybe could be a bit better time to maybe dive into things."Well maybe I should not ask so soon, It can wait for another time."Akuko mentioned just in case, you could easily pick up she was curious but reserved it for another day."I will still like to know, Just later."She consider it just maybe for the sake of this time and situation leaving it there for the currently time after all it was just better off to keep things a bit happy.

Then she admire some what the children getting around and not cuasing much of a fuss."Better to ask did you get any candy yet? Do I need to go find some for you?"After all Akuko would there was no doubt about it but she would if asked. It was better to maybe just think and maybe care that her friend was still around at this time and ask about how far an adventure she just had was, Akuko did go through that in some way but she knew it might different for than what happen with her and the daemon she fused with. Sometimes she wondered if it was still alive or she was the only one still living of the two between them, But leave it to Akuko to mentally best a daemon in a fight of her own body.

The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Testin12

The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Empty Sun Nov 13, 2022 4:40 pm


Her eyes cornered, arms crossed suddenly against her own chest, looking at Akuko from the side view. "I already have Candy, I am always on the lookout for more while also on the run," she jested as she was partly serious. She will be going back into danger, but for now she then looked at the kids and crouched to look at them all. "I have to go and probably so do they. I hope you get more visitors though," she gave cocky grin and ruffled their heads.

"We should keep going before things start to close down," she insisted as she needed to do another thing. "Meet me at Lisa's Castle," she told Akuko as there were more things to do. Maybe this will be her way of spending more time with them before more serious things come up. Finally, she walked towards the door and gate to leave the area and before leaving, she looked back to see the house empty once more like it was magic.



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And with that she was gone, Almost like Akuko had done this to her before in some manner, But she would not complain just not rushing to go somewhere else so quickly. At least she was not annoyed by it after all these things. But it was always interesting to be at the other end of it.

Thus Akuko would make sure Suza was done, collect Suza and bring her back to where she was staying at before she would take her time and go find where she would be going next.

Not before getting some clothing on, eat some candy and make sure she looked perfect, she hugged Suza told her never to tell anyone that Akuko was this nice after all she had some kind of reputation to keep up for the public. In which she joked about it in the end and mentioned to to say anything she truly felt about Akuko.


The Children of St. Claire Orphanage [Akuko] Testin12

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