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Musical Juggling [Entertain the PK]

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There she goes. Going to go entertain the pumpkin King. How is she going to entertain someone like him? She was the goddess or done my God of Death and madness as well as beauty. But was she really good at entertaining other people? She had a hard enough time entertaining herself. She got bored really quickly, so it was a constant chore. She looked around to see dead plants and then went up the stairs to go into the building where the pumpkin King was waiting on his throne made of dark wood. Reminded her of the story of Sleeping Hollow. Oh, is it Sleepy Hollow? Her eyes looked around as she walked straight towards the throne, where he was already watching someone else. Once they were done, they left as they apparently didn't get anything from the Pumpkin King. Were they that bad? And now it was finally her turn.


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"Alright then." She let the words escape her mouth like a simple breath. She didn't know what she was getting into it, nor did she know what she was going to do to Entertain the pumpkin king. Shadow many ideas, but which one was she going to pick? She grabbed her side from behind her and then looked at the Pumpkin King. He started to chuckle Darkly as he was watching. "Do you plan on trying to kill me? DemiGod of the Underworld.", he questioned as if he was taunting her. "Oh please, you would find that more entertaining than what I'm about to do.", She rolled her eyes. She looked around to see that there were servants in his place, and she quickly just killed them with her weapon. Cleanly their necks were sliced, separating the head from the body. She grabbed each head and started to juggle after putting her scythe down.


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She started to juggle the heads as if it was nothing. Her fingers would go through the strands of hair of the head, if they had hair in the first place. It didn't face her one bit as she was juggling them for the Pumpkin King. Slowly, she started to let the heads juggle back to the bodies. That is where they belong. Using her magic, she then started to control the dead bodies. There is like a huge puppet show. She made them dance, slap each other, and many more as this was just some vast show. Michiko was getting pretty bored herself as she then let go of the souls of the people she killed. She looked at the king and wondered what next, he would like. She firstly gave him some options between her singing and playing a musical instrument, or even doing some magical trick. There were a few things.


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She hated doing this. Why would she entertain someone else when she needed to be entertained? Try to think of how else to entertain the Pumpkin King. She was running out of ideas. He leaned over while sitting in his throne, wondering what her story was like. She arched her eyebrow in a questioning manner as she was wondering why he wanted to know. Will her story entertain him enough? She just briefly started to explain the beginning of the story as she was born from a goddess. Her father is a human and her siblings were full gods. Magic Schwarz explains her story through the people she killed earlier as puppets to reenact the story. Machiko was explaining that she fell in love with the boy that bullied her during her school years. He ended up dying by her own hands and made her go crazy. It was not a favorite event to relive.


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At the bottom, she made the two dead bodies dance with each other as she was reenacting the scene of Her and Ayako dancing with each other during the Ball of the Gods. In the end they kissed. That was of course before the scene of where she kills him. She now reenacting the part where she was punished and then turned into some human girl, born by a human and shinigami, people her mother created. She told the pumpkin king that she will tell him the story some other time, the time of when she was Quilla. Mishiko made the two corpses bow to the king and fell down like puppets. Afterwards, she too bowed sarcastically. "Were you entertained?", she wondered coldly as her red eyes gazed at him, the X's targeting him. He chuckled and clapped slowly, "I was, you may take these pumpkin pops for future use," he finally said before she left with the reward.


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