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House on Haunted Hill [Group 2]

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#77Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 4 Empty Wed Nov 02, 2022 1:43 pm

Kuri the Callous
@Yuurei Kuri felt sympathy for the two as she felt oddly reminded of an event. They've worked so hard together or so it seemed. Her eyes witnessed of what would've been Yuurei's death and stopped time. The Goddess of time snapped her fingers as she rewinded time. Yuurei and Mishiko were now back to running together and on their way to the attic, saving Yuurei. She chuckled darkly as she then will meet them in their final call. Yuurei would get the vision of his 'would be death' as they finished going to the attic and hear Kuri's dark laughter.

Actions: Due to Yuurei's unlucky roll at the stairs to the attic, Kuri rolled to see if he'd get a second chance or not. Due to it being high, he has received his only pity roll from Kuri. Not cause she cares or anything about some stupid romance that was in her sickening daydreams or anything.


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Her heart was feeling heavy as she was getting exhausted. She could feel the darkness seeping the stairs and getting closer. Her hands oddly felt sweaty and Yuurei's hands were slipping. "Yuur-", she was going to look back and call out to him as he was going to slip into darkness, but something happened and now he was back running with her as they were now at the Attic. Her eyes saw the small door that led outside, "W-we're almost there!", she yelled as she tried one last pull to get them both out. She hurried as the last string and piece of chain tried to stay together long enough for them to both escapes. She still felt the adrenaline from her pill, but knew this was her only chance to escape with Yuurei.

Behind them she heard boards being broken, the machine crackling as the misty aura was destroying the machine, so they couldn't escape, but she ducked under the opening of the door that the machine opened for them that led outside, helping out Yuurei.


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Yuurei would have fucked up, but he had a smile on his face. He knew that death would come for everyone, and it would be the second time he experienced it. He would look at Mishiko as he knew she would at least escape. It would seem like there was nothing to save him this time. The angels had blessed him with a second chance, but that was it, right?

He would feel the darkness consuming him, eating away from the light that was around him. He was the brightest person that existed that he knew of. He didn’t think so, with everything that had happened to him, but it was what other people saw. He wouldn’t yell or anything, but just felt bad he wouldn’t be able to say his goodbyes to Kaito, Brone, Haru, Azure, Rosalia, and everyone else he had met through his journey. He would at least be with Kailani, right?

No, he wanted to live, he wanted to keep going, he wasn’t done, and it would seem like someone would bless him with a third chance in life. He would find himself holding hands with Mishiko and they would make their way to the attic together.

His heart raced as he would grab his chest as looked at Mishiko.

“I’m still here?” He said as he would push forward to hopefully the end.

Action: Yuurei experienced the second death in his life. After he's given another chance and runs with Mishiko.


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#82Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
Oh my~ Due to the rolls and partnership of Yuurei and Mishiko, Mishiko was able to pull Yuurei's hand successfully, escaping the House on Haunted Hill. Immediately after they swooped under the exit small door, the thick metal/stone slider down slammed downward, trapping all those that were left in there. As they look around, they will notice they are 50 meters up from the ground floor with a view of the ocean and large cliffs the house resided on unknowingly till now.

Once you post your finale post; Yuurei and Mishiko may go claim 15 Posts from posting and +5 from winning this event.


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She didn't want to say anything till they were for sure out of there. As soon as she went under the door she helped Yuurei out in the nick of time. She heard the moans and groans coming closer till the door slammed shut. Slowly, she turned around and sat on the ledge of the building as she sighed, taking a breather. The ledge was large enough for them to sit on and carefully walk on, but nothing more. That is what she assumed. Her eyes looked out at the ocean and downward at the height of all things. "Well... Do you have wings that can fly this high?", she chuckled in relief that they made it.

She remembered his question, "I'm sure I'll see her again...", she shrugged and leaned against his shoulder hesitantly, but tiredly as she wondered how the hell they were going to get down. Unless they dived into the water?



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Yuurei was saved, and he had been able to make it through and out of the mansion. He would sigh with relief as they had made it out of the and were now on the roof of the mansion. He would look at Mishiko as it would seem like she sat on a ledge, and he would crack his neck as he would look at the ocean view below.

He would hear her asking him a question, one that he would answer with a smile.

“I have wings, but they won’t let us fly this high. Still, we would descend down with them without a problem, and once I meet the fifteen-meter area, my wings will be able to handle the pressure.” He said this as he would sprout wings from his back and his eye would change color.

Yuurei would let her lean on him for a bit, but when he was ready, he would grab her and he would dive toward the water. Before they actually hit the ground, he would spread his wings out and he would fly quickly through the ocean allowing her to enjoy the view.


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