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House on Haunted Hill [Group 2]

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House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 10:05 pm

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Yuurei would look at the first to repeat his name. It was as if they were trying to figure out if he was the same. When he heard the woman speak, the part that interested him the most was the fact that she spoke about the abyss. It would seem like there were people here who were abnormal, which he found interesting. It was then that one thing laid to a compliment and then right after he got the answer he was looking for. She was the queen of demons it seemed, which he found interesting. He was just a guild master from the North.

When he got the name of the Queen of demons, he would smile at the woman as he was glad to know her name was Esperia. The name sounded familiar, but he wasn’t sure if this person was the same as the one, he was thinking about.

“It’s nice to meet you Esperia.” He said it out loud from the food area where he was filling his plate with food.

When he got what he wanted he would move from the table and he would start eating some of his food. He was hungry after all and tasting the food he could tell this was made by some good chefs. Yuurei himself was a chef as well, which was one of his favorite things to do.

While he was eating Akuko, that was the name he heard she gave them, would invite the woman who brought them all together to come to join them. Yuurei would shrug as he had food in his mouth and Renji wouldn’t care as he was eating his food as well.

The man would put his fork down to wave at Mishiko and then notice someone appearing. It would seem like Akuko got what they wanted, but he hoped it wouldn’t bite them in their ass. Yuurei would see that Kuri had made drinks for everyone and she wanted them to choose their own. The Nephilim would rub the back of his head as he didn’t really want one, but he figured he would take one.

When he got to the bar, Yuurei would take the blue one and hoped she was true to her word, but he doubted that.

OOC: Could you delete my Toge post and take the roll from above -_-


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It seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves, and mingling with the other guests to the party. Manzo wasn't entirely sure as to what he should do in these kinds of social situations. He wasn't overly shy or anything, more so he was just awkward, and it didn't help that the only person he knew was Esperia, or what looked like Esperia. So at the end of the day he'd try to blend in with all the other guests who were going over to the madam of the house, it seemed as though she was pouring drinks for everyone.

It would be rude of him to not go try and get one, but now he had to choose a color. He generally liked the color red, but it seemed someone else had taken that drink already. So he would choose blue, show a bit of blue pegasus pride and what not.

Manzo picks up the blue drink.

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The most typical and normal fashion Akuko just kind of continue on what she was going. after all she seemed to have done exactly what she hoped, brought some one not entirely of the group here to start with, overjoyed with the results of her own gambles it was entirely flawless so to say at this point. But this was Akuko she was reckless after all and when she stopped would be entirely a good question to wonder since Akuko seemed to lack interest in having person limits at this time.

Where she looked at the rest of the group for the moment."Isn't it lovely she joined us?" Akuko said with glee after all it was more then perfect to have happen. Then turning to meet the woman she some how managed to get to come join them Akuko then bowed how the people of Fiore did, since it was different compared to the people to Joya and then said to her after returning to a normal standing position."Well, Thank you for joining us."Akuko said to start with she then turned her back to her and start walking over to the table because after all, There where drinks to be had.

She would even mention it."And thank you for the drinks, the only left missing in my books are cigars really, with that I would consider this a perfect time."Akuko then walked over and picked up the black drink, Because what better thing for a daemon of shadows to do then take a drink matching the colour of the things she hid in?

THen she simply raised the glass with the black drink in it and simple raised it and said."Bottoms up as they say."Akuko then went to drink the black drink as quickly as she could.

TLDR:Akuko took the black drink, drank it entirely in one go.


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#32Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 11:49 am

Kuri the Callous
Kuri smiled through her drink as she picked up the white one. It was strong as hell, but she knew how to take her alcohol. Mishiko took the red, delicious, Yuurei took blue, Esperia was still under the glass by the table, Akuko took black and Manzo tried to take the blue but got orange instead. Silly man that he was. After a few minutes of a nice drink and music, she noticed Akuko started to get super tipsy as it was too strong for her. She giggled at it, "Well Well... looks like someone can't handle their booze," she then heard a small noise, looked around and suddenly the Stained glass shattered. Large pieces, small pieces all struck the marble floors and if Esperia wasn't fast enough... Well...

Esperia was under the Stained Glass as it shattered, they must roll to see if they live or die.

As this happened, the alarm system went off. She clenched her hand into a fist as she walked towards the window, but it was too late as shutters as large as 3-4 meters thick of cement closed them in. The door? It wouldn't open. Lights flickered after everything happened, making her go towards the cases.

Akuko failed the rolls to see if she could handle her drink or not, failing makes her rolls -3 for 2 posts.


House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 12:17 pm


rolling to see if I survive the falling glass:


House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 12:17 pm

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#35Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 22, 2022 12:21 pm

Kuri the Callous
Oh no~ the falling glass of death strikes. Esperia, thanks to her experiences was able to escape the shards of death, coming out of it with just a small cut on her cheek. Thankfully, the only thing that was ruined were the marble floor that a few large shards now stick out of it as well as the smashed table of food.

Esperia has survived.


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Mishiko drank her red content and tasted the sweetness, but not much alcohol in it. She watched the others who was drinking their own, some more hesitant than others. She listened to Kuri tease Akuko as she also chuckled behind her glass seeing that Akuko, knowing she usually does handle her liquor, was pretty busted. As the glass shattered, Mishiko turned instantly and watched the glass strike towards Esperia, the table and the floor under it. Thankfully, before anything, Esperia was fast enough to escape it. The blood on her cheek made Mishiko feel a little off.

"Are you alright?", she wondered in her soft ghostly tone. She started to walk towards her, around the whole mess and then the alarm went off. "What the..." she started and ran towards the door after it was done and motioned it to open it, but it wouldn't budge. She then sighed and looked at Kuri to see that she was just as unsure as everyone else probably was. "I guess... we wait or try to find a way out. I'm sure there must be a switch or something to open everything back.". Her eyes watched Kuri go for some cases, so she followed firstly and grabbed one. "I'll take this," she didn't know what was inside of it, but seeing that there were five. It was obviously for them. Right? After she was done checking on Esperia once more, she then waved everyone off. "I'm going to go to the left, to check the rooms in the hall," she lastly spoke before leaving them behind.

Actions: Checked on Esperia, Grabbed a Case #5 and left to explore the Left side of the First floor.


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Yuurei would take his drink and he would be surprised by how strong it was. Still, with his drinking buddy being a dwarf, his tolerance for things like this was nothing. He would look at the others and it would seem like they were just fine as well. That was until he looked over to the woman who had called out Kuri, to begin with. It would seem like she had the strongest drink of them all as she Kuri would point that out. It would seem like she was playing with them and soon enough something would shatter.

He looked over to the demon king and it would seem like she was fine. He would sigh with relief because it seemed like there was a lot of glass everywhere. He wasn’t sure what would have happened if it fell on her. Then it happened alarms would go through the entire area.

Yuurei would flinch from this as he would be on guard. His body moved and he was waiting for something to happen. It wouldn’t take long, but the windows would be covered with shutters, and he didn’t even run to it. He would shake his head because he expected something like this to happen.

It wouldn’t take long, but Mishiko would suggest that she was heading off to the hall. He would nod as he would follow her.

“I’m not letting you go on your own. Wait for me.” He said as he would catch up to her.

Yuurei wondered who had done this mischief and wondered if they could escape this place now.

“It seems like things are getting interesting within this place.” He said to her with a smirk on his face.

#38Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 24, 2022 2:59 pm

Kuri the Callous
Esperia has asked for release and will meet their fate when the time comes. It is now @Manzo 's turn.


House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Wed Oct 26, 2022 8:24 pm


With a loud thud it seemed as though the group was boxed in, such a thing was rather inconvenient to say the least. When the glass shattered it seemed as though it had set off an alarm system of some kind which triggered heavy metal doors. These heavy metal doors would slam down on all windows and exits. Thoroughly boxing everyone in, in the process. It was a good thing he didn't mind tight spaces, but it did prompt him to ask the question.

"Just what kind of party is this? Hardly seems a fun thing to do to people. I find it very strange, and a little disconcerting." He said to himself as he walked over to the metal walls. Placing his hand on it to see just how thick it was, wondering if anything could pierce through it to break them out of this would be cage. Maybe there was a switch somewhere that could disengage it.

Manzo inspects the metal walls.

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House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Thu Oct 27, 2022 9:32 am

How things even when drunk seemed so normal when it was not, was such an interesting cycle with in her brain. Akuko not realizing how strong her drink was seemed to take a few moments."Oh....oh that has been a while." Then Akuko looking around with people just choosing to leave with room with everything acting weird, To Akuko this was entirely off putting and loud."Totally fine just you know all go one way. I should be okay." The drunken Akuko said to herself.

She kind of just as always chose to do her own thing. So she would start heading down stairs after all it would be less loud right? well she would find out herself and just does as she will anyway"What's going on here hello?"Yes typical Akuko fashion to do this in that, but she would run her fingers along the wall while she was walking about the 2nd floor seemingly alone at this time.

But she was not worried about it, these kind of things were not life ending after all it just seemed all harmless and good lot of fun but Akuko was weird this way it seemed like a game for her.

TLDR:Akuko when to the second floor so far by herself.

#42Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Fri Oct 28, 2022 11:34 am

Kuri the Callous
@Manzo You and Esperia are the only ones left in the main room. The table destroyed, windows and doors shut and unbreakable as the only way to open them is with the mechanism that you must find throughout the house. The furniture is draped by white cloth that save it from dust and dew. You'll hear a wisp that sounds like wind. Suddenly, the white furniture cloth of one sofa slowly falls off with a small bump under it as if something was under it and then stops. For a minute, nothing else happens. As Esperia was looking around, the clothes fling themselves at Esperia. Twisting themselves, they then wrap an ending of the cloth against Esperia's wrists and ankles tightly.

As if angry spirits were there, they were being pulled, the arms pulled sideways more up, and the legs sideways more down. Manzo is unable to do anything about this as they pull the opposite direction of Esperia's body. If he tries, he'll get flinged back into a wall by an invisible force. She'll scream as her limbs will get pulled apart till her body splits, blood and mushy meat from the body waterfall downward and all over the floor.

Esperia has died and may Claim x5 Pops. If she wishes to try again, she may sign up once more!~


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The man with white hair arrived to follow her as she held onto her case tightly. She did not mind the company, but this was a party of most likely survival at best "Alright..." she shyly spoke in her ghostly soft tone. What if he tends to betray her in the end instead of working together? Mishiko will keep a close eye on him, but for now she tends to go down the hall to see the place blocked, the only room available is the place filled with files and papers. She goes to search through the papers and hopes to find some clue. Will the papers be blank or will they have something useful on them? With the side corner of her gaze, she paid a lot of attention to the man who was with her, Yuurei. A name like reminds Joyans of the actual Yūrei's. Was there any relation to it like how she was named Mishiko, meaning Beautiful Death Child due to her mother being Izanami? Although, Earthrealmers did not know this.


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Yuurei’s name meant exactly that, but why not even he knew? The Nephilim didn’t even know he was part Joyan, but it was history he would learn later on in life. While he followed her, he could see that she was on the edge with him, but he figured that they shouldn’t separate at a time like this.

He would see the room they were in though as he would move around and start looking to see if there was anything unusual. He would see that she was looking through papers and he hoped that she had found something interesting for them.

Yuurei was looking around the room and see if there was anything out of place. He would examine a bunch of things but made sure he didn’t touch anything. He didn’t want to be caught in some weird trap. The house had shut itself on them, and he felt like anything could happen now that something weird started.

Yuurei is examining the room they are for anything out of place.


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#47Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 29, 2022 1:34 pm

Kuri the Callous
As requested, Manzo has been skipped. After the bloody mess of Esperia's blood and pieces of her body being everywhere. Manzo seems to be so shocked by this that he couldn't move. Whispers of sweet nothings are spoken within his ears as a warning sunders the man. It is unknown of what will be coming or what will happen, but the type of deaths never happens twice. What will he do and how will it be done? All that is known from experience is that if he doesn't move soon or in his next turn, he will meet his fate.


House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 7:38 am

So far nothing, really seemed to be happening around Akuko, That or Akuko was really that drunk that she did not really realize what was going on, But in her drunken bless of a walk she did not really consider anything she saw here a problem until it needed to be, Everything for the most part while she was exploring around seemed to be rather calm."Huh...seems okay, I wonder if there was anything else really around here?"Which well Akuko being left alone would just being doing these things so casually so when she would the closest door that was not one behind her but to her right.

So she would test that next door handle to see if it would open give it a casual jiggle to see what would happen. After all surely the next mystery was a fun one correct? just how long could Akuko stay delighted with these things?


House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 7:38 am

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#50Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 9:24 am

Kuri the Callous
Mishiko and Yuurei, you look around the office together to see some papers that indicate that the place was shut down with an emergency mechanism that can be found in the basement. If you leave the room now, you will notice that the way down the hall is now open to you mysteriously which you will find stairs that lead to the basement. Other than that, you find papers of everyone's medical history that was a patient there.

@Akuko You mess with the doorknob and you open it. Once you go inside you will see someone sitting in a chair gazing at what seems to be security cameras around the building, mainly first and second floor, but also some of the halls in the basement. Within minutes or if you touch the chair, try to get a gaze at him, the chair will slowly turn to reveal a man with their face completely removed and devoured, leaving only the backside of his head intact.  

If you look at the cameras, you will see a man in a surgeon's outfit who is just standing there. Within seconds he shifts his head immediately upward as if gazing into your eyes. Swiftly, he creepily walks non-humane like away.

Suddenly, the door behind you slams shut and locks itself. You will suddenly hear someone breathing down your neck and if you turn, the surgeon will be right behind you. Akuko will blackout and wake up on a surgeon table as they draw a circle around her face. The last thing she hears is a small saw being prepared as they approach her face.

Anyone within the first floor can hear a scream, Akuko's scream to be exactly.

Akuko has died and may claim a total of 7 Pops. You may try again if you'd like to by signing up!

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