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House on Haunted Hill [Group 2]

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#1Kuri the Callous 

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 7:54 am

Kuri the Callous

The Beginning: Entrance.

Dear, My lovely Guest; Yuurei, Mishiko, Esperia, Manzo & Akuko

I have invited you to my little party in a house full of history and stories. Let us play a little game. If you survive the whole night or find what is making the house so lively, you will receive a lovely gift for the pumpkin king to receive a reward from him. I have plenty of booze, music, food and some touching gifts to carry around with you if you wish to adventure off into the spooky area.

Up a hill, your ride will drive to drop you off to a large metal door. Heavy that it may be, it opens by itself to welcome you in. As soon as you walk inside you will be invited by a buffet of food. The lights are modern as they're in elegant shell-cup bulbs on each column. You will notice that the whole place is made out of super thick concrete and marble, from walls, floors and ceiling. All are welcome to splurge to the food. On the left side, there is a bar fully stocked to the brim for our guests. On the right, there is a table with five suitcases, unopened. What is in those suitcases? Why don't you find out for yourself. Above you where the middle table is, there is a beautiful large and long stained glass that has quite the unique taste. Music of course will be playing as there is an old fashion juke box waiting for you to mess around with.

Rule Recap:

  • Everyone will post three rounds before you travel past the first large dining party room. 1st Post will be you entering the house in whatever attire you wish. 2nd Post will be you introducing yourselves or if you know any of the other guests, you may chat along with each other.

    :heart:After the 2nd round is finished, please DM or @ Me. I will be posting after the last person posts/rolls from then on to reveal the events and things that happen due your choices and rolling. Each one will be different for everyone.

    :heart: If you do an action during the 2nd round. Let me know. I'll tell you if you need to roll or not.~

  • Once the Rolling round begins in round 3 (depending on your choices in round 2), please roll the 20 Dice 1 time in your post in each round.

  • A Map will be shown to show you where you are and where you may move to next.

  • Each person has 1 Action and 1 sub-action. Ex; You may move from the Dining room to go downstairs into the basement hall. Sub-Actions are Searching in the Room or using an Item you may find.

  • Certain rooms may have something that'll tell you a way out of the house or be useful to you. Plus, you may find history about the room you're in.

  • 48 Hours start after the first round is over.

  • Magics, Weapons, stats and other combat related items have no effect here. Companions and a single summon may be used for socializing only.

  • Lastly, don't forget to have fun and beware of the hunts that may begin!~

    P.S: Please don't be too harsh on this, it's an experiment. ;-;


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Mishiko sighed softly as she was looking at herself in the mirror of the car. Her white hair shined nicely, and her mirror black eyes gazed at the house up the hill from her side of the seat. She stayed quiet and occasionally would see the driver take a gaze at her every so often. It wasn't common for the daughter of God of Death to make an appearance, but to something like this? It was comical or rather ironic since this was supposed to be a haunted house. She has heard some stories about how people have died trying to rebuild here. It piqued her interest even. She wondered who all she will meet as it didn't give the list of the other guests.

Once the car stopped the driver came to open the door for her to step out of the car one foot at a time. She wore a black long dress with a reveal of her right thigh and downward. She was smarter than that, so she wore shorts underneath that blended well. Around her waist was her bag to store shit in if she needed it. She was a baddie, stealing stuff from this place was an obvious thing to do. Mostly if it was worth it. Of course, if it belonged to the dead, she'd leave it alone. She still had her morals. As Mishiko went up to the door, the large 6-meter door opened by itself to reveal the beautiful lighting within.


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Yuurei was one of the selective people that had been chosen to go to what was a haunted house. He wasn’t sure what to expect there, but it seemed like it was a fun game to indulge in. A card had picked him up, and it was the first time he had been in something like this. It was a smooth and comfortable ride that brought him to his destination. He would see the door opening for him, and he would come out of the car to only walk to the front door.

He would watch it open as it would seem like this was the place. He did his best to absorb everything he saw outside before entering this place. When he got inside, he would see food ready for him and everyone else that had arrived.

Renji was on his shoulder, and the Exceed would look at everything inside and even found the music soothing. The two could even see the bar that was available to them, which made them feel that this place was too good to be true. Still, he stood quietly as if he was just a guest in this place.



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Being invited to festivities in Samhain sounded quite entertaining in its own way. However, the moment she heard that the aforementioned festivities involved a certain goddess from the darkest timeline the sound of alarm bells already resounded in her mind. Even worse was when she found herself forced into attending the car ride to the event, something about her presence being really wanted? Or did they plan to take Hasani to the haunted house instead? She wasn't certain, but Bael was having a field trip as he observed the ongoing activities from the back of her being.

So a Goddess invites the first King of Demons to some festivities..." Bael hummed, having chosen to entertain his vessel by turning his illusionary form into that of a beautiful and regal looking demon queen. "Doesn't help that we're attending in this form..." Esperia muttered in amusement, a finger absently trailing along the outline of the horns decorating her head.

"Scared?" The question made Esperia laugh softly, but fortunately her laughter was ignored by the driver. "Why would I be? Dealing with the occult is home territory, or at the very least it will be entertaining."

Or possibly lethal, but she did recall that Samhain usually frowned upon deathly violence. Her gaze softened as the young queen gazed outside the window. In the distance the hosting ground of the event came into view, the mysterious estate where plenty of excitement would await them.

"With all due respect Master, may I have a moment of your time?" Hearing the voice of her attendant, the demon Demiurge the young queen turned her gaze toward her strategist. "Feel free to speak your mind Demiurge, I don't mind." The demon nodded his head lightly in affirmation as he continued. "According to what I been told, this event is hosted by one of the mightiest denizens of the darkest timeline, a being that supposedly seeks to end our realm's existence. For what purpose did you decide to entertain the invitation of such a dangerous being?"

To just say she wanted to do it because she wanted to have some fun and was simply bored would paint a bad image of her qualities as a ruler, so instead Esperia explained calmly. "Well, it is only natural that I wish to observe the presence of this goddess up close, right? By understanding her way of thinking, I might be able to predict her future actions when it comes to the war for Earthland."

The mere excuse seemingly made Demiurge frown as he muttered softly. "Amazing..." eh? What was amazing? "To think you were thinking so far ahead. Hold your friends close, and your enemies even closer hmm? Splendid thinking! If I may be so rude to ask: How far ahead are you thinking when scheming your next course of action?"

Esperia concealed her bewilderment behind a soft smile as she turned her gaze back toward the window as she spoke. "A thousand..." She wanted to say steps, a bit of a jest to lighten up the mood but she had not expected what would follow. "A THOUSAND YEARS?! That is beyond amazing! There is no doubt in my mind why you were chosen by Bael. To think I get the chance to serve such a Supreme being... I will do my utmost to improve my own strategies to continue to be of use for you master."

Demiurge's excitement made her reply awkwardly, the only reason behind the lack of a sign on her expression being her nature as a Lich making her able to hide the change of her expression. "I look forward to your results Demiurge."

Speaking of results... her gaze shifted to the seat across of the limousine where a certain succubus was dressed in a stylish black evening dress. "Eeh... Lilim?" She watched the succubus smile gently at her. "Yes Master Esperia?" God damd, don't look at her with such a charming smile- "Why, again did you decide it was necessary to accompany me on this trip?"

To which Lilim chimed gleefully in response. "A time when Master is finally all by herself, heading toward a foreign and dangerous place? I could scarcely believe it when I first heard the news. None of us would even dare to allow something to overcome you, and that is why I'm here." Esperia nodded her head briefly in understanding. "I see, so you came along as a bodyguard?" Lilim gently clasped her hands together in front of her. "Indeed~ It would bring me such a delight if I can protect you from any threats awaiting us tonight. I will put my body and soul on the line for you~" That... sounded a bit much... "And... it's not a date right?"

Noticing the playful giggle and the lack of a affirmation from Lilim made it all the more clear what was going on. "Lilim... you do know I have a wife and child right?" To which Lilim responded by suddenly leaning over toward her, her tone more sensual. "And? A Queen deserves a concubine or two~ and I can play the role of a babysitter when you want your private time with your wife~"

Esperia hesitatingly pressed her arms against Lilim's shoulders and gently pressed her upright again. "Let's not go in that direction tonight~ Besides, I think we're about to arrive."

And indeed, the vehicle finally drove to a standstill, allowing the trio to exit the limousine while Demiurge walked politely behind her a few steps. Lilim however was playfully wrapping her arms around her arm as she observed their surroundings. "Seems we're not the first to arrive~" She chimed at the sight of the other cars, to which Esperia merely nodded as Esperia approached the door. Demiurge took a step forward, as if he planned to open the door but after watching it open by itself he adjusted his glasses slightly and mused something about being fascinated while he gestured at Lilim, as if to soundlessly tell her to be wary, after which the demon bowed and continued to wait outside.

Nonetheless, with the two out of place guests being present Esperia couldn't help but wonder what shenanigans were in store for them.

Esperia's outfit/appearance:


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Ah yes Halloween, a time to for merriment and fun, well that is if you weren't summoned to some kind of haunted house. When the queen of damned summons you to her personal house of horror's, odds are you should probably show up. But then again, it was something you should at least think about. Then again, where was the sense of adventure in that. So we would take the devil may care approach to tonight, and just see what happens.

Manzo approached the door of the home, dressed in a mariachi band member costume, with fake mustache, sombrero, and an orange bucket for his candy. He assumed there would be candy here. Or well something sweet at least, or so he would hope. But with something like this you could never tell. The door opened for him. "Spooky." He said as he walked through the door to see that he wasn't the only one here, but that he was the only one in costume.

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] LGnxHvk

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] Empty Mon Oct 17, 2022 1:07 pm

These spooky things were a major delight to Akuko, no matter what happen she seemed to always just always kept looking into things more and more with what could be in places. At least she was not trying to linger around as she normally did through shadows and any means to sneak around, She this time was just going to try and be a bit more of a watcher of these things.

But it would not Akuko with out temptation to do things, After all she was one to meddle with things when it did present it's self, mentioning such Akuko was drawn into the stained glass, looking upon it with more of a greater interesting then most things in the room. But Akuko looked far more different. Away as her normal attire and hair colour. She was blonde her eyes were red and she look much more different like she was suppose to be summon from a cult at best in terms of how to consider, she wanted to look so different compared to her normal bright looks it could be some think she was entirely different person until speaking to her, but alas it was still Akuko.

costume of Akuko's:


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#8Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Akuko With the Stained Glass

You seem quite fascinated with the glass made by a famous artist. Of course, you seemed to have not noticed anything special about it.


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Mishiko gazed at all the ones that came through. She had no idea who some of these people were. The only being she knew was Akuko. Oh how she was the same, but the girl had no idea who she was. Mishiko walked over to the woman and looked up at the glass, seeing what the woman could be looking at. Sure it was a piece of art, but, wait... The details of the faces were quite different compared to the other. They seemed as if they were in a maddening state. Her eyes looked over to the others and then went to lean against one of the columns. The music was alright, but not in her taste. That was how she wanted to act.

Did she want to really introduce herself to everyone? Why not... "Hi," she boredly waved and rolled her eyers with her cold-like face. "I'm Mishiko, was invited and now I'm ready to drink," she was done with her simple introduction and got away from the table to make a drink.


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#11Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Mishiko With the Stained Glass: Appearance of Stain Glass

Gazing at the same glass as Akuko, you notice something she did not. You noticed a small glint by one of the faces that disappeared before anyone else got the chance to see. Other than that, you see nothing.

Do you tell anyone your discovery or keep to yourself?

48 Hours now starts.


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Yuurei and Renji would watch as the five other people joined the party. It would seem like there was a woman being escorted by another woman and a man behind them. He figured they were all together, and he looked over to the woman with black hair. The aura he sensed on her showed she was the important one of the three. Still, his attention would shift to the fourth person who joined. This guy was more fun than even himself. Why? Well, he was wearing a costume and Yuurei knew he would be enjoyment at this party. The last one that showed their face was a beauty and the outfit she wore was a sight to see.

The berserker wasn’t sure that anybody else would show up, and the light mage was about to get food. Before he could do that though, he would come to a stop as he looked at the woman who was here before him. She had introduced herself; Mishiko was her name, and he would keep that in mind. Still, if she introduced herself, then he figured he would do the same thing.

“The name is Yuurei, and this guy here is Renji.” He said to them as he would wave at them and then walked off to get food.

Yuurei was pretty sure that if none of them lived under a rock, then they would know who he was just by name and how he looked. Yuurei would get a plate and he would look at the food alongside Renji to make sure there was nothing wrong with it before he started taking some of it onto his plate.

Note: Checking to see if there is anything wrong with the food.

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#14Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Yuurei With the Food

It looks appetizing enough to eat. Seems very welcoming. Poor Kuri would've loved to join and eat it with everyone, but at least you may enjoy it in her place.


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Esperia had been observing her surroundings quietly, taking in the different guests that had gathered. The first one who drew her attention was Mishiko, the mysterious lady her introduction earning a brief smile from the woman. A Joyan name, an introduction that was soon followed by one of the male guests introducing himself. "Yuurei?" Esperia chimed softly as the succubus who was holding her arm explained further in a cheerful tone. "Aha~ The same Yuurei who has been making a name for himself on Earthland? You been making quite the splash in the pool for a mortal Yuurei~ I even heard about some of your accomplishments back in the abyss."

Lilim's explanation seemingly stirred some of her knowledge as she allowed the insight of the World to grant her a bit of a headstart in recalling who this man was. "I do have to admit you look cuter than I expected~ Do forgive my master for not recognizing you right away~ As a Queen of Demons her attention tends to be a bit more focused on other affairs."

Esperia frowned for a moment at Lilim's attempt to cover for her. "Other affairs?" To which the Succubus chimed playfully in response. "Abyssal politics, managing your Generals, tending to your wife. Plenty of things to keep your pretty head distracted with~"

The succubus her words earned a playful sigh from Esperia who couldn't help but feel she was being called an airhead by her General. "It is a pleasure to meet you Yuurei."

She answered with a gentle smile as she continued. "My name is..." She found her gaze averting for a moment as she spotted the costumed Manzo and continued. "Esperia~" Indeed, introducing herself as Bael might be counterproductive with Manzo there. Still, she would make certain to talk to him later. For now she couldn't help but notice the two ladies were gazing up at the stained glass, which obviously drew her curiosity as she approached the duo. "Mishiko-san?" She called out to the one who had introduced herself and turned her gaze upwards toward the strained glass. "Anything of interest up there? I couldn't help but notice you seemed to be staring quite attentively at it."

Her gaze remained focused for a while longer, wondering just what type of secrets would await them there. Or if she was just gazing at the focus of an art-loving Joyan maiden?

Action: Looking at the Stained glass also~


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#17Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Esperia With the Stained Glass: Appearance of Stain Glass

Gazing at the same glass as Akuko and Mishiko, you will notice it's bizarre design as it was a piece created by the one and only Licasso. Kuri just had to get it put in as the last one shattered. It is a 10 meter long and 5-meter-wide stained glass. It replicates faces of the insane and unknowingly, some reactions of the dead patients. Yet, you find nothing odd about it than the faces in the piece of art. Was it because someone beat you to it?


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Everyone seemed so preoccupied with stained glass windows. "Weird." Manzo said to himself as he began to look around the room, he saw what looked like to be a refreshment table. Surely there would be candy there. Maybe if he had a look around he would be able to find some. It seemed odd to be in a Halloween themed dimension such as this. He hoped that wasn't asking for too much.

He walk over to the table and began to rifle through all the refreshments hoping to find candy of some kind. Praying for some kind of chocolate or nougat. Maybe that was too tall of an order. "This is one of the worst halloween parties I have ever been to. No one is in costume, or noticed the fact that I am dressed as a mariachi. What a rip off." He said to himself as he continued to search the table.

Manzo is currently at the refreshment table looking for sweets.

House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] LGnxHvk

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#20Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Manzo with the Refreshments Table:

Poor Manzo, so blind to see what he seeks. There is plenty of food on the table in the middle of the room underneath the stained glass, and sweets that are hidden within them, but you overlooked them as you did everyone else's costumes that they worked hard on. Esperia with her demon-tress attire, Akuko with her nature demon get-up, Mishiko is just hiding her attire with that dress of hers. Yuurei is enjoying his casual set up and here to party with the music and bar. No sweets for the poor Manzo.~


House on Haunted Hill [Group 2] Empty Tue Oct 18, 2022 1:19 pm

This was horribly boring to Akuko that she saw nothing, So thus as in her normal habits while everyone was going for food and telling each other their names Akuko had more of a different interest in her mind. Sure it was rude for her not to thrown her name in but she would after all she had an idea of what she wanted to do.

She would walk away from trying to see anything neat from the stained glass and turned letting out a disappointing sigh. Mishiko would know this sigh of disappointment and boredom as risky thing because Akuko was going to try and entertain herself in some manner and just how was going to be a hard one to figure out.

Thus She would walk over to the refreshment table to seek out something. But then she let out a laugh giving up on trying to find something to drink because she had something she considered much better of an idea looking at the invite she figured why not attempt something different."Oh dear me where are my manners, I am Akuko."She said with a bit of a cheeky trickster smile like she was going to see if something she could do now was something that would be risky.

"And I here invite Kuri to join this wonderful group of people to join us."Yes she was trying to do that. Why she had this idea was most likely to see what would happen."After she must be an interesting woman to meet don't you think?"Then she would wait to see what would happen with a bit of mischievous grin still on her face. Looking around for signs of what could happen, After all it was her just poking the bear to see what would happen.

TLDR:Akuko looking for something to drink on near by table, Then invited Kuri to join the group.


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#23Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous

She wasn't going to bother joining this party. She wasn't invited for that part as far as she knew. Sure, the goddess was ready in her devil red dress, but she did not mind just watching it all happen. Her purple hair were in braids on each side, thick hair at best. Her eyes were fresh-blood red as they sparkled like gems. Pure pink lips were licked while finally realizing she was thirsty. Quite thirsty infact that she was going to join the little party herself, without their permission.

The dress was long, see-through where the thighs were as a V-shape section covered the naughty bits. Arms dangling, she finally went downstairs to see what everyone was up to. Many people seemed to be interested in the stained glass, while others were at the bar for drinks. "Ah, lovely, looks like we can all share a drink, glad everyone could make it to my little party..." she speaks alluringly soft. Her accent was breathy as ever with an Italian-French accent. Cat-walking to the bar, she was now behind making six drinks, one for herself and one for each one of them. Once she was done, she leaned her bosoms against the bar table and gazed at everyone, cheek against her hand. "I promise you these are not poisonous," she chuckled.

Actions: Came downstairs due to Akuko's Roll, Poured everyone drinks.

Drink color of each glass:


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Mishiko looked at the ceiling, seeing the glint that could be anything. Was it light? Something reflecting off of someone that could be up there? She has heard that spirits could leave orbs of light, but maybe that wasn't it either. Her thoughts were interrupted by Esperia's who then asked if she saw something interesting up there. "Not really... Just a glint, maybe a crack in the glass?" she left it at that as she started to walk away from it. Hopefully, Akuko will stay out of danger so it wasn't obvious that she was Quillareine, even though some wouldn't believe that anyways since she died, famous enough to be out in public.

Her head turned to Yuurei, "Greetings, Yuurei and Esperia, It's hard to not know who you are," she stated in her calm-cold tone that had a softness to it. It was a voice that could echo with a haunting attraction to it. Yuurei, he was as famous as Quilla was, a little more so. His companion has always been with him. The only one she didn't know at all was the man complaining about the party.

Soon enough she heard someone come down the stairs, a demonic beauty who had a gaze that wanted to devour after seducing their target. It was as if she already knew what they wanted, some drinks along with the music. "I suppose I will take the red one," she insisted as it reminded her of blood, something she secretly loved. She also loved the fruits that were red in color, so it was nicely fitting.


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