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♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1]

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#1Kuri the Callous 

♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 7:53 am

Kuri the Callous

The Beginning: Entrance.

Dear, My lovely Guest; Kazimir, Alisa, Sofia, Judith & Aleja

I have invited you to my little party in a house full of history and stories. Let us play a little game. If you survive the whole night or find what is making the house so lively, you will receive a lovely gift for the pumpkin king to receive a reward from him. I have plenty of booze, music, food and some touching gifts to carry around with you if you wish to adventure off into the spooky area.

Up a hill, your ride will drive to drop you off to a large metal door. Heavy that it may be, it opens by itself to welcome you in. As soon as you walk inside you will be invited by a buffet of food. The lights are modern as they're in elegant shell-cup bulbs on each column. You will notice that the whole place is made out of super thick concrete and marble, from walls, floors and ceiling. All are welcome to splurge to the food. On the left side, there is a bar fully stocked to the brim for our guests. On the right, there is a table with five suitcases, unopened. What is in those suitcases? Why don't you find out for yourself. Above you where the middle table is, there is a beautiful large and long stained glass that has quite the unique taste. Music of course will be playing as there is an old fashion juke box waiting for you to mess around with.

Rule Recap:

  • Everyone will post three rounds before you travel past the first large dining party room. 1st Post will be you entering the house in whatever attire you wish. 2nd Post will be you introducing yourselves or if you know any of the other guests, you may chat along with each other.

    ❤After the 2nd round is finished, please DM or @ Me. I will be posting after the last person posts/rolls from then on to reveal the events and things that happen due your choices and rolling. Each one will be different for everyone.

    ❤ If you do an action during the 2nd round. Let me know. I'll tell you if you need to roll or not.~

  • Once the Rolling round begins in round 3 (depending on your choices in round 2), please roll the 20 Dice 1 time in your post in each round.

  • A Map will be shown to show you where you are and where you may move to next.

  • Each person has 1 Action and 1 sub-action. Ex; You may move from the Dining room to go downstairs into the basement hall. Sub-Actions are Searching in the Room or using an Item you may find.

  • Certain rooms may have something that'll tell you a way out of the house or be useful to you. Plus, you may find history about the room you're in.

  • 48 Hours start after the first round is over.

  • Magics, Weapons, stats and other combat related items have no effect here. Companions and a single summon may be used for socializing only.

  • Lastly, don't forget to have fun and beware of the hunts that may begin!~

    P.S: Please don't be too harsh on this, it's an experiment. ;-;

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WORDS: 530 | TAG: @Halloween | CATWOMAN

Well this was something new... They had several Halloween festivals thus far, but the idea of having them hosted by the very enemies of their world defied all logic and reason. Alisa sat in the carriage, right beside her beloved Sofia, clad a tight, form fitting black catsuit hugging every single inch of her eye catching curves, the zipper pulled halfway down in a way flaunted her vast, voluptuous cleavage, adored by the lacy hints of her black bra underneath. Over her long, lustruous black hair, she wore a pair of cute little cat ears, completing the costume of a rather famous cat themed heroine that had been all the rage this past year... And... Might not be too spooky but, this wasn't the first time she heard about people dressing in animal costumes:

"Oh, you're finally awake~...", she spoke at last as she caught one of their companions nodding off, her plush pink lips widening into a friendly, welcoming smile as she addressed them, "I swear these Dark Universe people are as bombastic as ever... Roping in people off the street like that... Where do you think they're taking us?"

One thing she knew for sure, was that both themselves and the Dark Universe people were guests here in this world. Samhain belong to neither them nor Earthland, but to the pumpkin king. The enforced rules of neutrality didn't prevent conflict, though it did prevent them from killing each other so long as they found themsleves on neutral ground... Still... This place gets a little chilly at night huh? It felt as though they were being taken up over the mountains, with that chilly night air brushing her exposed skin, All but drawing Alisa to tug the zipper just an inch higher, squeezing he chest further into her snug, comfortable suit as the carriage finally stopped. One by one all of them climbed back down, her feet coming down on soft, welcoming grass, with a large, eerie mansion standing right before them:

"Ufufu~... Well then, lets see what this dark version of Kuri has in store for us~", raising a hand over her mouth, Alisa felt a giddy thrill of excitement as she walked up to the doorway with a subtle sway to her hips and an eager glint in her eyes, making sure not to stray too far. People who wander off alone are always the first to die in horror movies aren't they? Thus, Alisa took hold of the doorknob and opened it, as the door rolled on its hinges with a loud, unsettling creak... The interior, by contrast, looked oddly welcoming, a table filled with a warm, inviting feast. Alisa's brow furrowed, wondering if the food was actually safe to eat or if the game had already started. Instead, she focused on the stained glass overhead, admiring the stained glasswork, arms folding under her chest as she cupped her chin, "Oh, now that's quite the exquisite craftsmanship..."

Actions: Entered the house and examined the stained glass

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1] CyhFjWA

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#3Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Alisa With the Stained Glass: Appearance of Stain Glass

Oh Alisa, Of course, when it comes to art, she can't help but gaze at it. She will notice it's bizarre design as it was a piece created by the one and only Licasso. Kuri just had to get it put in as the last one shattered. It is a 10 meter long and 5-meter-wide stained glass. It replicates faces of the insane and unknowingly, some reactions of the dead patients. Alisa will notice you can barely see through it to see upstairs; anyone could see that. Due to her action of clearly seeing the picture. She noticed a small glint by one of the faces that disappeared before anyone else got to see.

Do you tell anyone your discovery or keep to yourself?


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WORDS: 380 | Bewitching

“You know… I'm starting to suspect I'm not~?” Surprised to find that the long journey had sent even a soul as excitable as her to sleepy town, Sofia couldn't help but smile as she looked toward the loveliness that waited for her in the land of the waking and purr softly as she did so, and not just because of the rather spectacular ensemble her ebony haired enchantress was wearing. Though that was far from worth ignoring in its own right, actually.
“Teeheeheheee, what can I say other than 'Meeee-yow', my love~?” The fair fox in fact feeling like she had stepped into some delightful fantasy when she saw the woman she loved wearing such a fantastic flourish of feline flair and pulling off the image perfectly as she did so, all that the girl with the green gaze could do was giggle with delight at the image of her womanly wonder going with the flow of the event, and was left to hope that her own option was doing her partner justice as well. After all, with the girls, there seemed so many fewer occasions where they could really go all out, didn’t it?

“So this is the place, hm?” For that reason Miss Serena seeming to be far more interested in the woman she was moving with than the event itself really, though their purpose here was somewhat abstract that didn't mean that the bubbly brunette couldn't take full advantage of it to indulge both her sense of fun and the quiet desire she had for her wife, and might just have been aiming to find a nice little excuse for the pair of them to peel away to somewhere quiet and comfortable to indulge the latter, should the opportunity present itself.
“You know, I was just thinking the same thing~?” Only more encouraged in that desire as well by what her black belle was wearing and found nibbling her lower lip a little because of that, it was nice to know that these two wedded women had an interest in and an eye for art when they saw it, even if their subjects were rather different. I mean, the glass was lovely, but so too was the way in which that catsuit was clinging to those curves, right~?

Actions: Follows after Alisa, and ogles her costume et more~

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1] Empty Mon Oct 17, 2022 7:59 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz sat in the small vehicle with his leg crossed over the other and arms folded together. His gaze drifted out of the window into the landscape that slowly rolled by, into darker parts of the world. He had lost some of his enthusiasm for parties and gatherings, but this was different. Less about the fun of it all and more curious as to the intentions of these dark forces that had invaded their lands. What exactly where they up to with something like this?

The trips into the world of Samhain had always carried an air of mystery and neutrality to it though. It had a way of having opposed forces unite. Something that was echoed by the king's own current decree about dark guilds. Making it seem even more so like the crown didn't feel the light mages and the knights were capable alone of controlling a foreign threat. Did Fiore actually need dark mages too? Perhaps that is some of the reason none of them faced any serious charges that would hold them for long...or permanently.

A small jolt shook the car as it came to a stop. The door opened, revealing a marvelous house. The mage entered and admired the craftsmanship of it all. He saw his two allies already inside the walls of the abode and gazing at art. As taken by works of beauty as he expected the two to be.

"Nice to see familiar faces," Kaz called out to the two. They were suited up for all the Halloween activities. Meanwhile, Kaz decided not to wear his usual robe and instead chose a costume that was his old battle uniform. He didn't trust the place, and perhaps he was always a bit...skeptical of intents.

While he spoke, he couldn't help but be drawn by the music that bounced off the walls. He made his way over towards a juke box, playing a spooky tune and ran his hand across the glass that protected the inner workings. His fingers drifted down to the buttons as he explored what it had to offer.

"Haven't seen one of these in a while."

Greeted allies
Pressed a button on the jukebox



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#7Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
 @Kazimir Seiryu  With the Juke Box:

Dear Beloved from another realm, you don't have as much luck as your counterpart it seems. As soon as you even touch the Jukebox, it breaks by short circuiting and cannot be repaired. I suppose no music for everyone. Just a silent large room with only voices of guests to mute the white noise of nothingness.

#8† Aleja 

♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1] Empty Mon Oct 17, 2022 11:22 am

† Aleja

Full Outfit

Why the hell was she in this carriage? Well, it was simple really, she wanted to see the Mansion on the Hill that everyone had been talking about- and by everyone, she meant her father. Rohan and a few other Celdrua's had managed to stumble upon these lands and of course her father was already trying to figure out how to purchase property. Where business boomed, he just couldn't sit back and not try at a piece of the pie. Aleja on the other hand simply wanted to sightsee. This was a land that she had never been to after all. The carriage rumbled as they began to ride over cobblestone. Children and adults alike were dressed in their best costumes. It was so cute, but of course her costume was by far the best one in Samhain.

The Golden Bunny had been helped out of the carriage after it came to a halt. Her heels white six-inch heels clicked upon the pavement, her short skirt flapped lightly in the wind. The mansion was unrealistically huge- creepy, but huge nonetheless. Aleja's eyes widened as she slowly stepped through the large doors, spotting a few people she had never met before. Naturally she could tell who they all were because of how renown they were, but they were strangers. The men who had helped her up the steps didn't bother to step in, alas the Wood-elf hadn't even noticed because the door shut behind her almost immediately. "Hello everyone.~" the blonde bunny chimed with a smile, waving her silk covered hand. It was completely silent in the house.

"I didn't expect anyone else to be here, heheh. You all look amazing~." How embarrassing. Was she...overdressed? Everyone else seemed to look sexy and subtle, yet here she was looking as if she was ready to go shoot an adult film scene. Was there a such thing as too sexy? Kazimir was on one end playing with a Juke box or something and Sofia and Alisa were, of course, in each others company. Aleja's eyes wandered over their bodies for a moment, admiring just how gorgeous they were. Those Blue Pegasus mages...it was just something about them. Otherwise, there was a lot to look at in this giant home. On the right side there was 5 unopened suitcases, on the other side there was a bar, and then there had been a giant table full of food. Who wouldn't go to the bar first?

So, shortly after introducing herself, Aleja walked over to the bar and leaned over the counter to gaze at all the alcoholic options, however, she didn't dare to touch the counter. This place felt like a museum so she felt obligated to respect such a space.

  • Aleja leans over the counter (without touching it) to look at the beverage options.~

#9Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
And last to arrive in the most typical fashion expected of her in some manner was Judith. Weather she almost just stayed home, exploring something else or was handing out candy to the children around was all the better of the options to mention what she should be considered doing at the time. But alas she was here and had arrived. She also did not say she was here or not, in some manner preferred to just waiting out and sneak her way around in some manner, but that was just Judith's nature now days

Speaking of nature, Judith might be hard to spot right away it was her, only because she outfit for Halloween this year was entirely theme of being of nature from mythology in this case Judith choose to be a Forest Nyph or well a Dryad.  a creature that she did not know if were still around today or not but managed to find the entire means to make herself look like one. Various parts of made to be mock up of bark and branches upon her and whatever not covered being  her skin that was painted green Judith was rather proud of herself for the effort she put into it.

She did have normal shoes on that where pretty well hidden but she was making sure she did not track any dirt in it would rude to make a mess after all, Judith then would look around. It was an interesting and nice place.

Costume of Judith's:


TLDR: Judith arrives last, tells no one is here and is still where everyone enters.

#10Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous


Her stomach growled as she felt quite parched. Her piercing red eyes gazed at her beautiful face as she combed her hair. Her slim fingers started to twirl each thick strand once she put down her coral-made comb that had crystals on the edges. Kuri couldn't help but hum a sweet tune as she braided her thick purple hair. She had guests out there waiting to be entertained if they have not entertained themselves already. Once she was done with each side she stood up and slipped on her devilish dress. Gently, she put on her horns, her under-rimmed glasses and finally her thigh-high tights that was see-through, designed with a white bow on each side. Her shoes were devilish long heel laced up boots. They went just above her knees.

Her guests lovingly invited her to the little party and how did she know? Her powers of course. The Time Goddess herself was finally ready as she was upstairs in her room. After leaving the room, going towards the stairs that lead down into the entrance room she gazed around. Oh how delicious they looked. She slowly licked her lips that were pure pink. Kuri's arms slid under her large bosoms while cat walking down the stairs. "My my, what do we have here?~", he saw Alisa looking at the stained glass first since she was in the middle with the table of food. Sofia, of course not far from Alisa as they were lovers in her realm as well. To one side, she saw Kazimir by the juke box, causing it to break. Aleja by the bar, gazing at the contents. Finally, Judith, her partner in crime in the other realm.

She gave a side smirk while letting her one free hand slide against the handlebars of the stairs. Once she was at the bottom of the stairs, she put out her hip to the left and a hand on it. Her one arm that was under her bosoms were now free from such squishiness. "I would say let us introduce ourselves, but I already know all of you," she then hopped to it, letting both arms dangle to each side, cat walking to Kazimir. "Now here's a man I love seeing. Even though..." Kuri spoke while letting her fingernail trace the man's cheek, to his neck and down his chest soothingly. She paused as she spoke erotically, "You look different and seem a little different...", her eyes wandered as she studied his body. Finally, leaning to his ear while standing on his side, "You're probably the same in the most important parts," she darkly chuckled and walked towards the bar.

Behind it now, she grabbed six glasses. "No reason to be afraid, I promise you I don't tend to poison my guests within the first hour of the party,~" she jested to Aleja. With that she poured out some drinks, each a different color and design to match the person's taste. The perk of drinking for so long, know what kind of drink someone would love by who they are. Her bosoms rested against the counter, elbow on each side while chin resting on her hands while the drinks waited.

Actions: Greeted everyone genuinely, Flirted/Seduced Kazimir, Created Alcohol drinks.

Alcohol Drinks:


48hrs Now Begins.

#11Kanna Kusanagi 

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Kanna Kusanagi
Dice roll for Alisa

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♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1] Smash_Kanna_Sigs

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WORDS: 530 | TAG: @Halloween | CATWOMAN

"At this rate... I'll have to hear just what else you can say~...?", Alisa all but purred, a low, breathy growl leaving her lips as she gaze narrowed, leaning in and stealing a slow, short but sweet smooch from the bewtching beauty at her side, her gaze washing over that feminine figure, admiring the care and attention her beloved had poured into her costume. As they made their way inside the house, Alisa all but emphasized the sway of her hips for the woman following behind her, an action that carried over into an eye catching, pendulum like motion of the tail hanging from the back of her costume. She hooked her fingers at Sofia from behind her back, encouraging her beloved bride to follow along, turning to face her as she finished her examination of the painting, brow arching as she saw one of the eyes moving, "Oh, that looks like a Licasso... Except the eyes aren't supposed to move on the real thing~ I'll bet there's a ghost or something along those lines waiting for us upstairs~"

In the end, Sofia knew just the right words to peel her gaze away from whatever suspicion she felt about the stained glass artwork, chewing her bottom lip as she shot a smouldering stare over her shoulder, her arm subtly slipping around her lover's waist, cooly hanging off her fine frame:

"I can only imagine... Whatever caught your eye~", she cooed softly, drinking deeply of those gorgeous jades, her spine tingling the whole way through... It took a measure of fortitude not to lose herself in her lover's allure, after all, far be it from her to make everyone else uncomfortable as she turned her attention towards them, even if her arm yet lingered around Sofia's waist, "Good to see you again Kaz, Judith... Likewise, and hopefully with you here she'll take it easy on the rest of us~?"

Kazimir and Judith were close acquaintaces and that... That elven woman with a golden blonde mane and caramel skin, clad in an outfit that could put hers and Sofia's to shame. Alisa's eyes slowly scanned down, and then back up again, tracing her curves, her gaze graceful, yet not for a second hiding her appreciation as she nibbled her bottom lip and smiled when found her looking back:

"And I don't believe we've met, miss...~? No way I could have possibly forgotten~", little did Alisa known that this was the same woman who fought beside her when Kazimir's evil self attacked Era. She'd changed enough to make herself unrecognizable, her voluptous visage yet again caught the lithomancer's eye, all the more so when she flaunted it with such a daring choice of costume. She liked a woman who knew what she had and what to do with it~

Though she'd find no shortage of that in this party, all the more so when the devilish alter ego of her sister presented herself before them. She should have felt unsettled by her presence, but recognizing the woman as a version of Kurisa from another world... Left her perhaps a little more relaxed than she should have been:

"Fufu~... Good to see you as well, Kuri~", genuine, even though they were supposed to be enemies, all the more so considering the attention she gave Kazimir. Perhaps this is what made the Dark Universe warriors so dangerous. Maybe that's why they themselves had been chosen. Alisa shuddered at the thought of possibly being forced to fight a version of her beloved from another land, she... Didn't know if she could? Fortunately, they hadn't really come here to fight, not while they all stood on the Pumpkin King's realm, "I don't suppose you'd mind telling me... Just who or what exactly was looking through the stained glass...?"

Alisa's brow arched with a quizzical look, her voice laden with the same tone of familiarily she always showed their Kuri... She couldn't help it as she approached the bar, her arm squishing softly into the side of her chest as she idly adjusted her hair and flashed her a knowing smile, taking the white drink, silently hoping it was her favorite Gin and Tonic.

Actions: Greeted everyone, flirted with Sofia and Aleja, Asked Kuri about the moving eye in the stained glass.

Frighteningly Beautiful

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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"Would you like a glimpse of real beauty, Guest?"

♫ House on Haunted Hill ♫ [Group 1] CyhFjWA

Main theme ~ Serious Fight!
#14Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Alisa with The Question: You have rolled high enough for the exclusive perk of inviting her.

She chuckled darkly while looking at her and then up at the glass. "Oh so it seems they notice you.~". She bit her lower lip as her eyes went to Kazimir and then back at Alisa. "I very would much like you all to come here to drink instead of being by that table, under that glass of madness...~ Surely it doesn't deserve your attention unlike myself.~" she softly spoke in a moan after drinking one of her mixed drinks.


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WORDS: 550 | Bewitching  

“I'd say it was the stone cold fox I arrived with, but in that outfit, that doesn't seem quite right, does it~?” Continuing to ogle her wonderful wife in the wicked little number she had chosen, miss serena couldn't help but to bite her lip as her finger lifted up to that large and prominent zipper all of its own accord, and she felt no small degree of temptation to give it a rather firm tug simply because of how 'available' it appeared, and how she could only wonder alisa would react as well.
“My, my, a lot of new faces. Hello to you all~” Perhaps for that reason it a good thing that they had plenty of company about them and those for whom she either did not know well enough or did so that she might indulge such an act, the green gaze of the girl ran across the group and lingered upon judith for a moment and giving an acknowledging nod given the fact she knew her the best after her beloved bride, before finding her attention drawn by the exotically dressed woman who had entered and offered up a compliment to them all. Herself especially, by the look of hunger in her gaze.

“You're one to talk~ And what should we call you, aside from delicious~?” Such an invitation something that she simply could not ignore regardless of company and leaving Sofia to smirk as she surveyed that costume and more beyond it with an air of shamelessness that her black haired beauty would be all too familiar, the teasing temptress tilted her head to one side and bobbed her brows as she highlighted her enjoyment of what she sees happily, and perhaps hinted at a hope that greater entertainment might just follow as well.
“Oh gosh, I almost forgot~” The leopard print reminding her of something important however and for that reason the fair fox forced to look back in the direction from which she had come, she snaps her fingers at a sudden realization and then beckoned behind her toward something which would lurch from the shadows to give her fellow guests her first potential fright as what looked to be a hellbeast sprang forth, though in a fashion that seemed a little shyer than his usual manner ultimately.

“No witch would be complete without her familiar, right~?” It easy to see that her pet was not exactly thrilled by her little act of magical recoloration as he settled next to her and huffed, despite that hint of discomfort he showed it seemed that lion certainly looked the part with how his body had become jet black and mane now sang with scarlet spirit as well, and thanks to how wild and spiked she had made it only made him look all the more intimidating. Or would have, if he wasn't such a gentle and perhaps slightly miffed boy right now.

“You know, I'm torn between the blue and the green? You wouldn't let me have a little of each, would you~?” Turning her attention toward the array of cocktails when their hostess with the mostest seemed to offer out a little introductory refreshment for all, sofia couldn't help but hum indecisively as she looked them over, unsure of whether she should opt based on her glittering green eyes or her love for that ocean blue and left stuck somewhere in the middle between them. Though, that didn't mean she didn't have a solution for both 'halves' of her impulse, did it?

  • Continuing to flirt with Alisa, she greets the group, and focuses on Aleja especially.
  • Remembering the last of their number, she beckons for Lion to join them, who she has used a little magic on to look a little more fitting for the occasion.
  • Torn between the blue and green drinks, she asks if she can mix them?

Stir Up Some Excitement

"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.


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#17Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
@Sofia with the Glass Mixing

Oh, looks like you're curious about my little drinks. Mixing them would be quite dangerous and as your 'doctor' and scientist, I advise you that you only pick one. If not, you'll have quite the disadvantage soon.~

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The jukebox flared with electricity as the music died out. Kaz swallowed, knowing that he had caused its destruction. Just like everything else he had come to accept that he brought. "Well" he muttered and let his hand trail off of the machine hoping no one really noticed the sudden silence.

Two others entered the party. A stately woman who could have easily been a blue pegasus mage and then the ever-silent Judith taking her time. "Nice to meet you. I'm Kazimir," he introduced himself to the one lady he didn't know yet. Then he turned a nod towards Judith.

"I have no idea what to expect from this. Hopefully some answers."

Looking around the room he saw himself outnumbered and then was made keenly aware of the passionate stares that darted between the feminine members of the group. The wind mage let out a small breath and looked around the room, not sure how to deal with all the words and stares flying around the room. Not before the hell beast jumped forth, causing Kaz to take a half step back with his left foot, and relaxed it just as quickly, once he knew the source.

He felt underdressed for the occasion. But there was nothing ever in his wardrobe that would have been matching something like what was brought to this event. Then she arrived. The love of his life. A thought that he had to quickly dismiss, reminding himself that she wasn't his wife. But an invader bent on destruction. Even if they shared the same allure. He was torn between wanting her near him and wanting to be spared the dangers of getting too close. A trepidation that Kuri did not seem to have as she catwalked toward him. The feeling was almost the same as when his beloved approached him. Her touch sent a shiver through him, but it wasn't born of fear. He had to catch his breath, "Even though I'm not oppressing an entire city," he replied, having gotten word about the efforts of his counterpart against the Knights. She could see the real question in his eye though, as to if they were also together in her world. She leaned into his ear and almost reflexively he placed a hand on her hip as if it were his Kuri.

As she whispered into his ear he placed a hand on the one she used to trace his chest and gently slid it away. "Since you know me so well. You probably know that those parts are spoken for," he replied with a slight grin. One that happened right before a headache crept into his mind and his eyes flashed.

He followed the woman over to the bar. And then she poured them drinks. "Not going to kill us yet then huh." Kaz pulled up a seat at the bar and with a smile he pulled the pink drink closer to himself. "Close enough I suppose. Let's see," he drink it as if asking the question of how similar to Kuri was this new version and diving in to find out her intentions. And if this was poison after all.


#19Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
Kazimir rejected her enough to where she felt a small pang in her heart. Rather or not it was intentional, their eyes that flashed reminded her of her actual lover. Oh how she couldn't resist those eyes. She will remember that. But the two that were upstairs also felt her emotions...

Something was amiss and Kuri could feel it. Were her desires that noticeable for 'them'? She gazed up at the glass and thankfully no one was under there. She heard Alisa talk about the glint and wondered if it was 'them'. Which one of them was it though? She had two guesses and if one was here, the other one wasn't as 'she' couldn't handle being around 'them'.  Kuri hated it when 'she' and them didn't get along. The poor dears.


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#21† Aleja 

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† Aleja

Full Outfit

All of these beautiful people and a man to match. She expected no less from the Blue Pegasus mages, but Fairy Tail? To be quite frank she was appalled to know that they had beautiful people on their own. She never paid much attention to Fairy Tail before all of this. Alisa and Sofia both acknowledged, followed by Kazimir greeting himself. Aleja turned to face them after briefly gazing upon the alcoholic options, she couldn't pretend like she didn't hear Alisa and Sofia. My, how young and Naive she was to think that she could indulge in them and keep up. Two of the most beautiful women in Fiore right in front of her. It'd be foolish to flake on the opportunity to taste them both.

"You two flatter me~. Be careful, you never know where it may lead you.." With a devilish smirk the Goddess of love gently bit her lip.

"My name is Aleja Celdrua. It's a pleasure to meet you..." -she spoke directly to Sofisa, quickly glancing over at Kazimir and the sneaky guild mother of the fairies,

"all." The woman of the prestigious Celdrua house had never been with a woman before, believe it or not. Hell, she hardly ever embraced men. They were just...easier. Suddenly, before anyone could say anything else Sofia summoned the cutest creature ever, though they didn't seem to want to be there. Then there was Kuri. Ale's eyes widened as she watched the woman reveal herself, making her way towards the bar before Alisa spoke. Kuri seemed to have an interest in Kazimir, which made sense considering they were probably connected in the Dark Universe. Kaz, however, refused to give in to her attempts. They just don't make men like that any more, Aleja thought.

Cocktails were presented, each one a different color. The others either had a hard time choosing but Aleja made up her mind once she laid eyes on the Black drink. "Oh, aren't you the thrill seeker~?" Lady Celdrua said to Sofia. "I'll take this one..." Death perhaps? Kazimir took the pink one before downing it and Aleja did the same, but not before bracing herself. "They say we can't kill each other here, right?" she asked before taking the smallest sip of her drink.

  • Greets everyone. Paying more attention to Sofia and Alisa.
  • Still at the bar.
  • Takes the Black Drink after Sofia couldn't decide.
  • Takes a sip of the Black cocktail as Kazimir drinks his drink.


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#23Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Options presented themselves and Judith was left with a fairly interesting choice. At least in Judith's eyes because yet there was still a few things to come most likely but alas she was greeted by a few people even if she was last to arrive."Hello everyone it nice to meet and see all of you."She said sounding actually rather happy sounding that she was here. More worried she had gotten lost at some point. Or she would ruin her entire look before even arriving.

But everyone for the most part seemed to have settled in and Judith did as well with out much of a worry, But she could not help but not want to right away look at things with the arrival of Kuri. Just in case she wanted to just remain watching at this time."Interesting drinks already Kuri? I am thankful to you for that."Judith said generally leaving a positive note with in the moment since she might as well attempt to see if such a thing would just be shrugged off or not. But since everyone was trying to be nice to one another she would just hope it worked out.

When it came for the offer of drinks Judith would not refuse but she would be careful, There was the trust of them all being safe, But she too a bit of a sniff of each of the remaining glasses to take in the smell of them to see if any of them are of her interest. Oddly enough Judith settled on picking up the drink that had red in it, Because well it was just maybe what she wanted to see what it would be. It stood out to her at the time, So thus her interest was to the red drink. But waited as other people took the first sip.

TLDR: Judith has taken sniffed the remaining drinks(them being orange,blue and red.) and has taken the red drink, but has not taken a drink from it yet.


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#25Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous

After telling Alisa, her dear sweet sister from another realm, about the glass she watched everyone come gather for the glasses of alcohol. Who didn't love free drinks? Only a monster could reject such pleasantries. Speaking of which, how dare he, how... Her eyes witnessed his eyes, her Kazi's eyes of the beautiful green that attracted her to him. Her face flushed into a lighter color while her cheeks blushed. Her eyes gazed away and bit her lower lip. This Kazimir was as much of a tease as her Kazi. At least they were both loyal, but the fact that his appearance flashed into her Kazi made her go crazy. It was as if her mind was ticking before she let her actions go, no longer being able to hold it.

For now, she will be perfectly clam and elegant. No reason to get messy so soon. But don't worry Kazimir, she'll get her turn. As everyone was taking their drinks, she went to the juke box and bent over to get a good look at it. Snapping her fingers, she stood up straight as some random beats started, but that wasn't all. As soon as the music started to hit the beat, the stained glass suddenly shattered and fell all over the food table. Poor food, but she already knew this was going to happen soon due to her emotions being connected to her creations.

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Large pieces of it struck the marble floor, sharp as ever. Everything was a mess now. Her hand placed against her cheek as she smiled motherly in her own sexy way, "Oh, Zero, I see you have decided to join us,". A boy, white hair with a purple star-fish-like mask and a black suit on. His eyes were like hers, black and red. Oh her dear companion, her own son. He was her only success out of her children. She giggled while smiling now sinisterly. He slowly approached, wobbled in footsteps as his appendages were quite heavy as they were attached to his tailbone. Easily, he was able to make it disappear as it was clearly apart of him. His eyes were right on Kazimir, eyes glaring fiercely. Kuri was curious on what her darling son would do. "Meet Experiment Zero, my loyal companion and our son... or as you'd know him by, Charon...". Zero stopped and clenched their fists, sitting down on the ground like a dog. By now, the alcohol drinks settled in and took their effects depending on how strong they were.

Within a second after she introduced her companion/her son, the house screamed an alarm system. Even Kuri was a little surprised as she didn't realize it still worked. What was going on? She glared and then saw that all the windows were being barricaded by a meter thick metal frame that went downward to cover them all. the door included, was now barricaded. After the siren stopped screaming, she put her finger by her lips, "Seems like an emergency auto system, interesting...". Zero started to freak out as they hated closed spaces. Her eyes darted towards her guests and suddenly the lights started to flicker for a few seconds.

I suppose we should find a way out.~

Everyone with The Drinks:
Alisa Failed her roll, taking a -3 in her rolls for 2 posts.
Sofia Succeeded Her roll.
Aleja Failed her roll, taking a -3 in their rolls for 2 posts.
Kazimir Shall roll twice in his next turn to see if they succeed or fail.
Judith Succeeded her roll.

  • Zero, Kuri's companion and Son has joined the game.
  • The stained Glass shattered and broke into many pieces. Thankfully, no one was under the Stained glass at the time. It would've been a shame if someone was sliced by a large piece of glass.
  • Alisa and Aleja (maybe Kazimir depending on his roll), will be in a drunken state for 2 posts.
  • The windows have been barricaded by the alarm emergency system and everyone is now trapped inside.

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