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Strong Man and the Speedster (Entertain the King)

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Strong Man and the Speedster (Entertain the King) Empty Sat Oct 15, 2022 1:03 pm

Yuurei had been obtaining these weird things that look like Pumpkin Pops. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he figured that he would learn more about it. He had even heard about someone called the Pumpkin King and learned that he would see anybody who wanted an audience with him.

He would send him a letter to ask him for an audience and soon enough he would get an invitation. This was good and it would seem like this king was punctual. He would go to the place where he was invited to head to. This place was huge, and it would seem a bit spooky. He figured that this was the home of the Pumpkin King, and he would enter it. When he entered, he would see that there was a long hallway and when he got to the end, he would see something sitting on a throne.

When he made it to them, he could see the person wearing a pumpkin head as a helmet.

“I hear you’re here to entertain me?” He asked Yuurei sounding more demanding than anything else.



Strong Man and the Speedster (Entertain the King) Empty Sat Oct 15, 2022 1:03 pm

Yuurei knew that he would be able to talk to this thing, but it would seem like he wanted to be entertained right away. He would rub the back of his head as if he wasn’t an entertainer, but he would do something.

“I guess I can entertain you. I’m assuming you don’t fly, so I will show you what it is to take flight.” He said to the king in front of him.

He would lean on his throne, and he would wait for Yuurei to do something. The Nephilim would look at him and he would activate his full transformation. When he did that all his wings would come out, which would surprise the King. He was impressed with the transformation itself and couldn’t wait to see what else he would do. He would clap allowing Yuurei to know he may proceed.

Yuurei would see this, and it would seem like things were going well, but now it was to show him how it was to fly.



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The berserker would move around the large area, and he would start moving around. He was going to show him what it meant to go super speed as he would move as fast as he could throughout the entire place. His speed was quick, but the Pumpkin King would be able to follow him. He was surprised about this and yet was pleased to see how fast this person could be. He would watch Yuurei as the young man would do flipped in the air at such high speed. He would do other tricks that he had enjoyed soaring through the air.

He would watch all of this as he wondered what else the man could do. The Nephilim would do a few more tricks as he would land on the ground and he would see that the Pumpkin King was entertained.

“That was interesting to watch, but if you’re that fast are you that strong?” He asked Yuurei.



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Yuurei would look at him with a smirk on his face. He would crack his neck and his knuckles as he would demonstrate just how strong he was.

“I am as strong as I am fast. What do you want me to do?” He asked him as he would wait for him to say something.

The Pumpkin King was indeed interested to test this man’s strength. He motioned his hand and there he would summon the biggest and heaviest pumpkin that he had cultivated for him. The Pumpkin King didn’t know anybody that could move this thing except for himself. The people who raised this pumpkin couldn’t even move it.

The Nephilim had a smile on his face as he was being tested and he would gladly accept the test. The light mage would walk over to the pumpkin, and he would walk around to see where he could grip it. When he found the spots that he could grab it was time to show him that he was a monster in his own right.



Strong Man and the Speedster (Entertain the King) Empty Sat Oct 15, 2022 1:06 pm


Yuurei would grip the spots and the muscles on his arms would start to show. The veins were working on overdrive, but what was special was how slim Yuurei was. He was fit beneath the clothes and he was defined in every way. He would start moving his arms upward and into the air and by doing that, he would move the pumpkin into the air. It was then that he would put his hand up into the air with the pumpkin now over his head. He would look over to the Pumpkin King with a smile on his face.

This brought excitement to the King as he didn’t think he would be able to do it. Yuurei would put the pumpkin down he would move away from it and he would look at the Pumpkin King.

“I’m impressed and entertained. You did your work even when I didn’t think you could. For your time take this.” He said as he would have pumpkin pops appear in Yuurei’s hand.

Yuurei would look at it and once he saw his reward, the Pumpkin King would dismiss him and he would be teleported out of his home.


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