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Under the Haze of Corruption

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Under the Haze of Corruption Empty Fri Oct 14, 2022 8:17 am


It was a blistering day when he reached the humble farming town of Marigold. It had certainly changed since the many years that he had been there suffering a similiar fate to many of the other settlements in Fiore, Kon could hardly recognize what was otherwise one of the happiest places in the country. Not that he was in any kind of state to be making any remarks of someone’s character, he could feel his insides almost melting as he reached the town square. A massive fever had been building up within him and his vision was gaining a haze he hadn’t seen since he lost his arm. Pushing through the citizens as though they were crops in a field, Kon stumbled to where he assumed was the Herbologist Shop, admittedly he had only been there once. Entering the smoke filled den, mutterings were the first thing that entered his senses before a powerful bloom of power irradiated in front of him. It was the owner possessing such an incredible strength rivalling that of Karisa and Esperia, a feat that few could rightly achieve.



Under the Haze of Corruption Empty Fri Oct 14, 2022 8:18 am


With a turning expression shifting from a smile to a scowl, the man before him could immediately identify that Kon was in need for a healing, forgoing the typical introduction and attempts to upsale whatever he had in stock at the time. Instead the man willed into existence a crimson chair seemingly out of nowhere behind Kon before a gust of wind, just the slightest breeze pushed the poisoned archer to collapse flat onto the summoned furniture. At this point, he could do little to contest the influence of the owner who was already beginning to work on a potion, hopefully one that would offset the poison that was wrecking unrestrained havoc on his insides. Clearing not wanting any unwelcome visitors, with a swift flick of his wrist and a burst of light the owner locked the door without turning his hand and diverting his attention from the now bubbling liquid.



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He finally only shifted a portion of his attention to introduce himself in the still partially lucid Kon. “Quite a nasty poison you have consumed, no doubt you understand that already but yes I’ll take care of that for you, it wouldn’t be cheap.” Shaking their head, he paused grabbing some vials full of rare ingredients from a pantry in his backroom. “These are some very expensive and hard to find materials…” Barely able to keep his head up, Kon could do little more then gasp out. “I’ll pay, I’ll pay.” Waving off his pleas, the man merely instead muttered something about Kon’s family and getting something from them before mentioning the pieces of gold that replaced Kon’s arm and eye. Too groggy and fatigued from the pain that was coursing through his insides Kon could barely protest as the man began to ram the offensive smelling and even worse tasting counter-poison.



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Almost immediately a combination of clashing sensations ran up and down his body, hot and cold leaving him shivering and then sweating only moments later. Worse still was the shifting loss of his other senses, becoming hard of hearing in one ear then the other before hearing perfectly fine once more. It was long until his vision began to shift in hue and tone with blues being dulled and reds being highlighted in contrast. A strange experience to say the least were it not something he was experience between the state of life and death Kon would almost be enjoying the unusual sensations. A fuzziness had quickly built steadily around his fingers and toes up onto his arms and legs before reaching his torso and head. A giddiness soon overcame the archer as the owners appearance changed from a stern somewhat unusual man to a hairy beast resembling something you’d find in a deep forest rather then a civiilized city.



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This fuzzy creature continued to work around him with his speech just turning into a jumbled message only single words were understandable with entire sentences. Bound in place through his own body failing him, Kon yielded to the prodding and probing by the hair ball with a curious wand that similarly resembled something closer to a log from a tree rather then a carefully crafted and well-made staff befitting a magician of high standing. He would remain in this state for many hours with him tapering almost to the brink of death with his breathing being constrained to the point of being non-existent only with some swift smacks of healing spells did he live through the worst of it. Coming to would be another matter entirely with his body feeling sluggish and delayed as he willed it to moved. His prosthetic right arm seemed to be hindered to the greatest of degrees with him being unable to really move it about shoulder height.



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It took him many hours before his legs would listen to his head with the owner strangely maintaining the fuzzy appearance even as his consciousness became clearer and clearer. Excepting the hairy monster to talk kon was somewhat taken aback when he instead felt an intense pressure around his head before hearing something truly ancient voice echo into his mind. “I’m surprised you’re still alive your fortitude is betrayed by your appearance, though your augmentations should have told me that much already.” A humorous chuckle vibrated the entire building as he was hoisted up from the chair to his wobbly feet but tendrils rather then limbs. Regaining his composure and resolve, Kon too joked in return speaking out loud instead now. “I wasn’t excepting someone so woolly to be the caretaker of this shop, perhaps I can assist you in curing whatever has caused this.” Pushing through the bush concealing his face the owner spoke now through their exposed maw. “This is a form that I desire, there is nothing for you to cure, you however will be the one soon in need of curing.”



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Loathing the nature of prophets and futureseers, Kon instead opted to ignore what he had just been told and instead from a void in space withdrew a handsomely sized chest of jewels and gold requiring both hands to simply hand to the owner. “This should cover the cost for the materials and your time, I’ve also included something else inside a humble broach it’s been enhanced to provide the owner with a bountiful volume of cider poured into any vessel they are holding.” A gesture of good will and an attempt to form a stronger bond between someone who had just saved his life but alas it seemed like the gift would not be accepted in its entirety. “I will never refuse a present however I’m not one for drinking alcohol, perhaps I shall give it to one of my more stoic of friends for now you have a task that you must still complete before your journey is at an end so for now leave me and Marigold.” Recognizing that it was time that he left now standing on his own two feet without assistance, He bid his farewell and headed towards the torching mountains of Fieros Girdle.



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