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Deadliest Catch PT. 17 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were on Luluhawa Island again, and it was for the same reason as always. They were here to do a job and then go off and enjoy themselves. Still, this time it was different as they were waiting for Brone. It would seem like they were going to be going on this job with him, which was a first because they had never done that here with him. It was going to be interesting as he had never seen the dwarf be thrown into the water to fight.

The Nephilim had the paper in his hand as the sun was out and it had reached its peak. He didn’t have his gear on right now as Renji was holding all of it, so he didn’t have to worry about the sun bothering him. Yuurei was waiting for his friend to show up at the meeting spot. He had told him that he would meet him at the port’s entry, and while doing that he would have a bunch of people bump into him and speak to him. He would speak to them, but he waited for Brone as he was hoping he would show up faster than this.

Yuurei would look at the paper as he would see that they were looking for a blue ship with the name Moby Dick on it.

“What are we doing after this?” Renji would ask him wondering what he would say.

“I want to say after this we could finally go back home to the North, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one.” He said to Renji as he waited for their friend to arrive.



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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had been summoned by none other than his guild master. The reason was vague only because the dwarf skimmed over the note that was sent by messenger; all he understood was 'quest' and 'hunt', the only words he needed to know. So he donned his armor, save for his blue helmet which rested at his waist, then he made his way towards the docks.

"Do you know what you two are hunting?" Huginn asked as he perched upon the dwarf's left shoulder.

"Matters not, we'll kill it and spread the name of the guild" Brone cheerfully said as he continued his march down the shoreline.

"Do you remember the strong monsters you encounter? Maybe it would be best to know what you're getting yourself into first" Muninn perched upon the right shoulder.

"If the nephilim is there, then why should I worry? The two of us can take on gods" Brone let out a hardy laugh. When he finally spotted Yuurei's distinctive features from afar, he waved at him to get his attention. Eventually they were together at the docks, "Another quest before ye head off on another adventure, Yuurei?" saying the name sounded weird to him only because for a while now, he was only referring to the guild master with the title; he had been so busy away from the guild, the dwarf rarely seen his friend, though he wasn't sadden, but proud that he was out and fighting and overcoming trouble wherever it was. Eventually Yuurei would come back to the guild, and the dwarf was sure of that.



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Yuurei would soon see Brone approaching the docks now. He could see that his friend was fully armored, which made him wonder how hot his friend was now. He would ask him a question and he thought about it for a second.

“Yes, another quest and I should be home to the North soon. As for what we're after they usually have me capture some weird sea creatures. Sometimes they are overly huge sharks that I didn’t even know could exist. Sometimes there are snake-like creatures. It just all depends on who we work for today. Still, I’m glad you could make it today.” He said to his friend as he would look around the area now.

Yuurei and Renji would start walking to the port he would look around at the ships that were there. While he was doing that, he would look out for the ship that they were supposed to board today. Of course, the blue ship wasn’t hard to spot and when he did, he would look around to see that there wasn’t anybody around.

“Is anybody on the ship!? We’re here for the job you guys put on the request board!” He shouted out loud.

He would wait a few seconds and soon enough someone would show up on the edge of the ship. They would look at the three of them and they could see that these three were ready for an adventure.

“Yeah you guys can come on board whenever you want! We’re almost done with preparations!” He shouted back at the three of them.

Yuurei and Renji would hear this and they would make their way up to the deck of the ship. Once there, they would see the number of men working hard to get things done.

“Have you done a quest like this before Brone?” He asked curious to hear what he had to say.


#5Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Be back home soon? I'll hold ye to that" Brone laughed as roughly nudged Yuurei. As he heard of the quest, he recognized the task, he had once completed such a quest.

Eventually the two would reach the part of the dock where a blue ship waited. It turned out that was the ship they were acquiring for the quest. One of the crewmen had confirmed the adventurer and mage, and they boarded.

"Yeah, once before, a big snake thing". Brone answered Yuurei as he walked about the deck. Every now and then he would nod at one of the crewmen as he would. He would then check the works of the ship, making sure it was sturdy enough or if the safety ropes were tightly tied; though being an earth creature, he has had enough experience on a ship since he's been an adventurer.

"I think we're almost ready" Brone said confidently, though the crewmate that spoke with Yuurei had openly just said that.

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Yuurei would hear everything that Brone had said throughout their travels to the ship and even on the deck. He would nod as he was glad that his friend had gone through this already. This was good as he wouldn’t have to explain anything to him.

He would walk around the area with Brone as he was ready to respond to him.

“Yeah, you should see me soon, but I don’t know for how long.” He said to Brone with a chuckle.

“Pull up the anchor and let’s sail out boys! We have a Monstrous Orca to catch!” He shouted as they would listen to the man who was giving them orders.

Yuurei would hear this and he had a smile on his face. He wondered what was going to happen when they were trying to capture this creature. The ship would start leaving the port they were in and soon enough the group would be sailing through the vast ocean right now.

“Are there any other crews that want this thing?” He asked the man who he figured was the captain of the ship.

He would look over to Yuurei with a smirk on his face as if he was fine with answering that question.

“Yes, this Orca is a fine beast, and many sailors would love to get their hands on it. We will be the ones to get it though.” He said as he would laugh as he couldn’t wait.

Yuurei would move to Brone and he would see the man was ready for battle even against a sea monster.


#7Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Though it was only temporary, it will be good to have Yuurei home, not only for the sake of the other guild members but for Brone as well since he was his first official friend outside the clan’s home. “The guild hall is just as you left it, boss” Brone laughed as turned away from Yuurei to help prepare to raise the anchor.

Huginn and Muninn flew down from the air and perched on low levels though high enough to be directly out of immediate sight of the crew while they listened in on any conversations. Hearing of a great orca did concern them and they agreed with one another that they will keep to the sky once the battle begins.

“An orca? What’s that?” Brone asked the ravens once they reported to him.

“A black and white whale” Muninn answered.

“Oh, well that shouldn’t be tough, they are slow and don’t eat anything bigger than small fish” Brone said, proud that he learned a lot about the sea while he had been traveling by boat in recent years.

“Orcas are the only whales that are carnivores and are aggressive, so we suggest you don’t fall into the water” Huginn said matter-of-factly.

Brone shrugged his shoulders, not deterred one bit, “Big fish is still a fish”. Once the anchor was fully up and the sails were prepared, the ship began to set sail, leaving port behind. The teetering of the boat as it met the waves slightly bothered the dwarf, though luckily not as much as it did before, he was slowly getting use to it.

“There might be others who are hunting the orca as well” Huginn pointed out.

“Then they’ll capsize or sink” Brone said as he leaned upon the railing, staring out at the sea.

“You mean if they interfere” Muninn added. Brone mumbled and quickly ended the conversation.



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Yuurei was glad to hear that from Brone, but he figured that would be the case. Yuurei would see that Brone was having a conversation with those crows of his. It would seem like those things had placed him in a weird predicament where he could speak. It sucked, but he had to find a way to get the information that his dwarf friend had gained throughout the time he had obtained those things.

While the ship was moving, Yuurei and Renji would have their eyes pierced through the vast sea. They were trying to see if they would be able to spot anything in the water. They have been here many times, and the variety of things that had happened when they were helping out was tremendous.

Still, they had triumphed every time, which was a good thing. He wouldn’t bother Brone about what they were talking about as he knew that it had to be about the Orca. He knew Brone couldn’t answer him and that was fine.

“What do you think is going to happen when we see the Orca?” He asked Yuurei.

“I don’t know, but I hope there are two of them, so Brone can fight one and I can fight the other.” He said to Renji.

The ship would continue to sail through the ocean and soon enough their client would yell out to drop the anchor. He figured that this meant they were in the right location. He would see that some of the crew members would bring something out and throw it into the ocean. Yuurei figured this was bait and he waited for something to happen. While waiting he would see a shadow surfacing in the water and a huge orca would gobble up whatever they had given it.

“Who’s going to fight that thing?” He asked Brone and soon after they would see a ship moving in their direction.

Yuurei would chuckle when he saw this and would rub the back of his head.

“It seems like we’ve got company. Do you want to handle the Big fish?” He asked Brone if he could fly to the other ship and stop them from interfering with the catch.


#9Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The ship sailed and made it's way away from the coastline just far enough until someone called to drop the anchor, which had the ravens and the dwarf look at one another, understanding that this was the part they needed to prepare for battle, so Huginn and Muninn took to the sky while Brone slipped his blue helmet onto his head, the deck then became more colder, the crewmates began to see their own breath.

"That isn't good" Muninn said as the two ravens spotted another ship approaching.

"Seems like they're aware of one another already" Huginn pointed out as they were observing the situation, "Regardless of what happens, we're not needed now." And with that, they flew out of range so that they can observe from a safe height.

"Go ahead, Yuurei" Brone said as he drew his golden axe and pointed it to the enemy ship, "I'll handle the whale" he said with confidence as he turned to face the orca, "Pin the beast while I go for it!" the dwarf called to the crew and soon after, a harpoon was shoot at the orca.

As the harpoon made it's mark, the orca jerked and began to try and swim away, but the moment the rope that connected the harpoon to the ship went taut, it was confirmed that the whale was secured, for the moment.

Brone grabbed a safety rope and tied it to himself before he then grabbed a hanging rope that was tied to the high sail to which he then used to swing by his left hand while holding his golden axe in his right hand. Swinging above the water until he was close enough to the whale that he let go of the rope. The dwarf then plummeted over the black fin that was sticking out of the surface of the water. The golden axe then bit down onto the back of the orca, causing it to jerk, trying to throw Brone off, but not the axe was imbedded in the beast and the dwarf used that as a way to keep him secured on the beast.

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Yuurei would hear Brone tell him what he was going to do. This allowed Yuurei to steel his resolve as his wings would come out from his back. Renji would climb his friend’s shoulder and he would tap him on his face to let him know it was time to start going. The Nephilim would hear this and he would levitate and start moving in the air and to the ship. He moved quickly to the ship and when they saw that something was coming toward them they would shoot a few harpoons at Yuurei but he would start moving around to dodge the attacks.

He would shake his head because he didn’t expect them to be quick to attack him.

“Damn they are quick to attack you. It seems like they want this catch for themselves, but they don’t know who we are.” He said to Yuurei.

“Yeah but we will show them not to mess with us. I’ll also make sure to take their time while Brone takes out the Orca. Once we that’s done, I’ll knock everyone out so that they can’t follow us back to the ports.“ He said to Renji as they made their way to the shop.

Yuurei would land on the deck of the ship and the men there would all look at Yuurei. It was then that they would start talking to each other. It was then that they would smile at Yuurei and started moving to him. They wouldn’t even give him the chance to let him talk and the would start attacking him. He would start moving around the deck as he was dodging the attacks. He was shaking his head the entire time as he was disappointed that they didn’t even know who he was.

Still, he was fine with that as he was here to waste time and not harm these guys.

”Hey Renji hand me my equipment.” He said to Renji as the Exceed would open his bag and all of Yuurei’s equipment would appear on him.

He would feel more comfortable as he would get into a fighting stance. He had a smirk on his face as he wondered what they were going to do now.


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Brone Heavyaxe
The sound of harpoons being fired caught the dwarf's attention, so once he had a good grip upon the steady axe and footing upon the back of the orca, he looked up to see the enemy ship was releasing harpoons into the air as a single light source happen to drop onto the deck of the ship; it was obvious to Brone that the light was Yuurei, he had seen that blimp of light darting around battlefields before, so nothing for anyone to worry about, save for the enemies, so the dwarf returned his attention to his own task.

The orca jerked as hard as it could, which caused the ship to lurch sideways a bit, but the dwarf was steady, once he had good footing, it was difficult to move him, it was one of the reasons to why he was nicknamed "The Mountain". "Let's begin!" He said as he raised his left hand; instantly a green axe magically appeared in his hand, then he brought down the axe upon the back of the orca, causing the beast to jerk again; the boat lurched further, but the anchor made sure to keep it in place, though the crew began to get worried as they did their best to brace themselves every time the whale moved.

As for the ravens, Huginn flew over towards the enemy ship where he would keep watch of Yuurei and would report back if needed. Seeing as the nephilim was handling the situation pretty well, he perched himself upon the crow's nest.
Crow perched on the crow's nest:

Muninn circling above the ally ship, keeping track of the crew members, hoping no one falls overboard. The latter raven seemed more concerned as their situation was more dire than Yuurei's.

Brone had to hold onto both axes that were impeded into the whale as the beast was thrashing roughly. Eventually the ship was close to capsizing, so the captain had not choice but to order the line to be cut, so the rope to the harpoon went slack as it was cut. The ship rocked back to a stable position, this gave the whale freedom to sink below the surface, taking the dwarf with him. Luckily Brone held his breath before he below the surface; he didn't intend on letting go of the catch.

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Yuurei would look at the people moving to him and they would do their best to attack him. Still, when they got close to him they would be met with something. The light mage would punch one of the guys on his stomach as he would be placed on the ground. The others would make it to him and would Wei g their weapons at him. He would block one of their attacks with his gauntlets. He would thrust his foot straight into the man’s chest. It would sent him flying as it would seem like these guys didn’t know who he was. He would get into position again as these guys were too hostile. They didn’t even let him speak a damn thing as they were attacking him.

The berserker kept moving as Renji was making sure that he wasn’t getting attacked from behind. He knew that Yuurei would be fine but he wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened. Yuurei kept going as he would pull people’s arms and brought them to him and then he would punch them a few times before moving onto the next person. They would just drop to the ground as he kept moving to the next person.

He wondered how long it would take Brone to get that Orca but it seemed like there were an infinite number of crew members to beat on. Yuurei’s thought process was simple and he was going to keep at it. The cape would move with its master. The cape was ready to block any attacks but Yuurei want close to getting hit by the ruffians. As they got close to Yuurei they would all meet the same end though and it was the falling to the deck floor. They were at least alive and that should be something that they would be grateful for.

Yuurei was excited about this and it thrill him for some weird reason. They were fodder to him and it meant nothing but it would kill time for him and see what they would be desperate to do.


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#13Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had spotted the dark abyss of the ocean, an old fear he had, and though he had gotten over being on a boat and dealing with the water, it was the abyss that still caused him neighbors. He shut his eyes and relied on his God of War instincts, though he didn't need it, given that he was practically hugging the beast, but he needed to be careful he didn't accidently let go, the moment he would lose his grip on the creature, he would lose his catch, for he wasn't fast enough in the water to catch up to a whale.

The dwarf gripped onto the green axe while he pulled the golden axe free; he felt the orca flinch from the pain. As Brone pulled back his axe, he intended on activating a spell that would cause some great damage, but then he realized that most of his spells that are held within Beowulf's axe are activated by either yelling a warcraft or slamming onto solid ground. The only thing he could do was hit the beast repeatedly.

As upsetting as it was that his plan wasn't going to take hold, he had no choice but to move on. So he swung the axe, albeit slowly given the water was impeding him. The blade hit the mark where the axe previously made a wound. There wasn't enough momentum for serious damage, so the orca wasn't bothered. This was a problem; Brone knew he had to force the whale to surface, otherwise he would suffocate. Then an idea came to him; he dug the blade of the axe into the wound, then pulled on it, forcing the wound to grow. When blood began to heavily trail, the orca jerked around, then spun to try and get the dwarf off, but Brone held on and continued to worsen the wound.

Eventually, the orca swam up to the surface. It leaped into the air and turned upside down so that the dwarf was below it. Brone braced himself as the body of the orca slammed him against the surface of the water. The dwarf had been shook roughly, but he held on tightly as best as he could. Then the next thing he knew, he was above the water, still on the whale's back. He looked about to see that another harpoon had latched itself onto the orca, keeping it from escaping again. Cheers echoed from the ally ship. Brone couldn't help but smile.

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Yuurei wouldn’t take long but he would come to an end. The people he fought would have all been on the ground. He would have walked around the deck just to make sure that they were fine. He knew that he didn’t hit to kill so they would be fine. He would noticed that there was one person conscious and he would walk out to them with a smile on his face.

He would stare into his eyes as the man was nervous. He didn’t want to be a victim but Yuurei wasn’t going to attack him. He would need someone conscious to make sure that these guys were safe. He would take off his helmet and he would explain to them that they were to make sure that everybody was safe here. If he found out that wasn’t the case then he would come back for him specifically. He continued to tell him that he didn’t want him to follow the ship and that the catch was there for the taking.

The man would hear all of this and they would nod agreeing with Yuurei. He was too scared to say anything but Yuurei was glad that he understood. He would turn to the direction of the ship and he would flap his wings to get him off the deck of the ship. The Nephilim would start soaring through the air and to the ship he had come from. He wondered how Brone was doing but felt like he wouldn’t interfere with his fight. He decided that was his thing to do and once that was done they would be able to get paid.


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#15Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The orca pulled as best as it could and once again the ally ship lurched, but this time the crew was determined to hold the whale pinned. The dwarf couldn't risk letting the whale escape or destroy the ship, so he intended on finishing this creature off as quickly as possible, so he raised his golden axe above his head into the air as he gripped tightly with his left hand onto the green axe that was still imbedded into the back of the orca.

Now that he could breath the air freely, Brone began to cry out a powerful warcry, enough for even Huginn to hear. The warcry activated a spell within the golden axe, causing it to double in size, then double in size again, becoming a massive axe in the dwarf's hand. The orca thrashed about, trying to pull away from the ship and to throw off the dwarf, but the harpoon held on tightly and so did the dwarf, but Brone and the crew knew well that they wouldn't be able to hold onto the whale much longer. The warcry continued, now louder, which activated another spell, causing a cyan aura to flare around the dwarf, increasing his strength.

Then the axe dropped with great force. The blade slammed into the orca, the cyan aura flared and whipped about as the killer whale screeched and the water about it exploded from it's thrusting, causing small waves that rocked the ally boat vigorously. Then it all stopped and the orca floated on the surface of the water, dead. The crew let go of their restraints and ran to the port side of the ship to see what happened and they called out to the dwarf that was now standing on the dead whale, waving his arms; they all cheered in celebration.

They soon began to reel in their prize.

Huginn finished watching the scene which was completely one-sided, though it was enjoyable, he laughed every so often. When Yuurei was finished and took off to the sky, the raven followed him. Nearing the ally ship, he spotted the dwarf on top of the orca and heard the cheers all about; he realized the yelling he heard earlier was indeed Brone's signature warcry. The ravens ended up meeting up and perched on the crow's nest of the ally ship.

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Yuurei would make it to the ship and when he got there he could see that his friend was on the orca. It would seem like he had done the job which was good. How did Yuurei know this? Well the sound of the people cheering was the best thing to hear. He could see that they were all excited and so was Brone. The man was able to conquer the beast and now that they were able to go back to the ports that they had come from. The light mage would just allow his wings to disperse from his back as he was back to normal.

He would walk over to the captain as the man was getting ready to secure the Beast. He would bring out his wings once again and he would go get the dwarf. He would grab his friend and he would bring him back to the deck. He would stretch his arms into the air as he was happy this was over. The men on the ship will do what they can to secure the Orca and once that happened they would start moving the ship around and towards their destination and of course to paid the men who helped.

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#17Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone cried out in victory as he sheathed his axes. He turned to the ship and cheered along with the crew mates. Slowly the harpoon line was being reeled, bringing the whale closer to the ship. The dwarf caught sight of an angelic being flying over to the ship then soon to him. To see such a sight after a victory was always a good sign, even though he knew well that it was his friend Yuurei. When he saw the smile on Yuurei's face, he raised his hands and they clasped the half-elf's hands. He was then lifted and brought over to the ship.

Fighting a giant orc within the water, dealing with the risk of suffocation or being smashed against the waters, neither of this put him in a true sense of fear, but flying over a short distance was terrifying to him. He closed his eyes as he held tightly to the hands of his friend. The dwarf felt strong and sturdy when his feet was on something solid, so as his feet dangled in the air, he felt vulnerable and feared falling to his doom. Soon enough, his feet would touch the deck of the ship.

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