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Voices in my Head [SL]

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She saw soon enough that people found her body. A body of an infamous mage. Someone yelled and screamed. Saw Knights come and write down the details as it was seen as a homicide. Indeed, it was a surprise one since she didn't expect to be killed in broad daylight. She saw the near future as Quilla saw that it was being worldly known that Quillareine has been slaughtered. Taking a picture of course for the newspapers. They had no decency for the dead. Suddenly, she saw nothingness again.

"What this time...?" Was the last thing Quilla thought before she was now floating into the abyss of nothingness. She could hear things. Yes. Voices of those from the past. Clearly, the voices didn't belong to anyone she knew in her own life. Were these voices of those in Mishiko's life? Her eyes closed and deeply started to meditate so she could concentrate on what they were saying.



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Suddenly she could see little images and it was as if she was watching a movie. Her eyes saw the events that happened after Mishiko was forced to go down into the Portal of Rebirth. Down she went indeed, but not alone. She could hear Amaterasu and her brothers argue. Susanoo was furious at Amaterasu who decided this punishment. He was so furious that he left he destroyed not only her rice fields, but her horse, throwing it which landed on one of Amaterasu's maidens that died from it. He got himself banished, but later in history was able to make amends due to his history of the eight-headed Orochi which gave him a sword and wife later on. Of course, mind you, he still didn't forgive Amaterasu fully. Tsukuyomi on the other hand was in such a dilemma over Mishiko's punishment that he went into darkness for a while till Amaterasu came out of her cave and offered comfort. They soon got married afterwards. Quilla's heartfelt pain at the news. This is what happened with those three, but that was not all.



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At the time when the punishment happened, she saw that everyone was there. Not mainly everyone, as Izanami and Lee were not there due to their banishment in the underworld. She could hear the laughter. The same laughter that she hurried when she was falling. Her soul gazed around and realized that Ayame was laughing. Why was she laughing at her death? Followed the woman and saw that she was talking to herself in the mirror. She claimed to be the one controlling. Controlling who? She continued to watch to see that she was controlling one of the servants to mess up and realized she was then later put to death. It didn't take long for quilla to realize Ayame was the one who controlled her, to kill everybody and to release her emotions. Making her emotions go out of control, them going out of control making it easier to manipulate.



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Quilla felt angry for Mishiko. The woman didn't deserve this pain and mistreatment. She watched as many years past. During a mistake from a Yami, she was finally caught for controlling an essential ambassador in the human realm, causing unnecessary death. She was punished and trialed, just like Mishiko was. Given the title of Demi-Goddess of Trickery. Her punishment was just like hers in the end. She was going to be reincarnated as a human. Once her human life ended and was approved by Amaterasu and the others, then will she be able to come back? She laughed in their faces as she declared that she was the one who manipulated Mishiko all this whole time. She claimed that it was funny that none of them believed her when she was the one telling the truth. She found out that Mishiko was their sibling when she watched Mishiko use her power and ability once, revealing her actual eyes.



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The fact that the most important gods came to help her during those school years when she bullied Mishiko, was a large flag of who she was. She envied Mashiko for having siblings who cared about her existence and loved and cherished her. Her brother even disowned her. They were both Demi gods belonging to the same father. The guardian dragged her to the portal of rebirth and dropped her in there. Amaterasu wanted to punish her greatly, but due to her parent she knew she shouldn't do so, primarily since at the time of Mishiko's punishment, she also didn't want to punish her more. It made it look fair. Quilla was curious as to what Ayame became, but the time lights showed her the events of Ayame's life as of now. She saw the girl live a rich life. A life where she was born within Royalty and now, she is the Shogun. In Quilla's lifetime...



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She was wondering why the girl was reborn in high life and not an invisible lowlife. Wasn't the punishment to go through difficult times? More than why was she living a life where she got whatever she wanted? There had to be some test in the end for the girl, who was known as the goddess of trickery. Right now, she was just a human though, as the Shogun. She felt tired of watching this, but she had to see what was going on. Ayame got to be a shogun at the age of nineteen and welcomed nobles and higher-ups to buy slaves. So, it was her fault that the rule continued and allowed people to buy and sell to other people. She bit her lower lip and felt angry, teared up even as she was now dead. Unable to change the lives of many Joyans. They will live a life of pain, war, and trickery. She had to find a way to get back. How long was this phase going to be before she can witness the long-lasting abyss as she'll probably roam into nothingness? It was chaos in her mind till she then saw light in the sky.




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