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Thing Of Grace [SL]

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She and softly as she was reading the books that her father gave her. Every day she had a study. Some woman appeared out of nowhere to knock on their door and tell her father about some spiritual dancing. How they were looking for someone to be the next priestess. Apparently, they were interested in her. Being the pure child she was, she was accepted by her father. On her 10th birthday, she was practicing the spiritual dances of a priestess who sent souls away. She made a pretty boy that had light blue hair and beautiful eyes. If only she got his name. Before she even cut, her father took her away from him and sent her back into her little room that he locked. That was her punishment for talking to boys. She was not allowed to have any communication with any males besides him. It was due to their belief in being pure.



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Her one friend was a girl. Her name was Akuko. Loved by her family, she had a mother and a father. Quilla got jealous at the fact that Akuko had a mother and father that was blood-related. She kept that to herself, though, and acted like everything was okay. And she was not practicing to be appraised. She was also practicing with a weapon. Her father wanted her to know how to defend herself as well. She barely had time to play with Akuko, but when she did, they both had fun. If Akuko had anyone bully her, Quilla would do whatever she had to to keep Akuko safe. Rather it be beating them up herself or use her status, she defended her friend. The more she got older, the more her body developed into a beautiful young woman that attracted many suitors. Her father ignored all the letters as she was still being a priestess.



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When she hit her 15th birthday, she was told that she had to go to war since her father couldn't be due to health issues. Right. This was the time that her father apparently was getting sick or acting sick as he turned out to be faking it the whole time. She and her best friend started to prepare for war. Practice fighting and even hung out a little bit before their freedom was taken away due to how serious war was. War. Why did it feel as if this was familiar? She didn't want to think about it any longer, so she shook her head to get the thought off. She had a war to prepare for. She didn't have time to think of things that could or could not be. She was beautiful and talented. All men and women who wanted her among the nobles and Royals. She should have seen this coming.



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Quilla Didn't have much of a childhood other than practicing being a priestess and the wars ahead. She also practiced everything it has to mean to be a wife. All the way from cooking to stitching and even creating clothes and just being useful. She was jealous that her friend didn't have to practice such things. That's what she believed. The beautiful priestess was now a war hero due to her and Akuko had beaten the war for land for their people. Everything was going well according to plan for her father. The things she didn't know, what was happening behind her back. Like when her father went to go see the doctor, but really he went to go see the nobles and Royals to sell off his daughter once she hits a certain age. He was going to fake his death. Ironically, in the future, she was the cause of his death.



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She enjoyed the camping side of being a warrior. Or for Joya, samurais, ninjas, among other things. She could smell the breeze of fire that had food crisping over it. The thing about her was that genders didn't matter to her. Seeing the bodies of her soldiers didn't do anything for her hormones as her heart felt empty. It always has and never once did Quilla know why. The doctors she has seen never knew why either. Sadly though, this war was their last war for Akuko and her. There were many people fighting over land, bodies hitting the floor as blood splattered and horses neighed. Quilla was just a priestess, or she was supposed to be, but something within her felt as if it was activated once the next thing happened.

Akuko used her abilities and weapon choice to protect the high Priestess as she was there for good luck on their side's part. Quilla's eyes gazed at all the blood and bodies of her men being demolished. People she knew since childhood and those that had dreams.




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Her pupils dilated and wavered as she started to hyperventilate. She licked her mouth as blood stained her clothes and face while those around her were dying by arrows. Suddenly, a weapon formed in her hands, and she gripped onto it tightly. Her hair of black flowed behind her with an aura slowly rising. She went forward and started to stab her enemies, slice them, and in that moment, she didn't feel the stab she received. Her mind blanked as she killed those in her way. That was until she gazed at her friend who was the last victim, Akuko. "A-akuko?", she whispered as her eyes filled with sorrow, dropped the weapon and went to her. Quilla caressed her friend's face as she has sung a lullaby that came to mind. A lullaby that sounded familiar to the Quilla that was watching her past self, but to the past self it was something that she thought of.

Her voice that was soft and beautiful wavered as she cried. She seemed to have killed everyone, everyone, even Akuko. The current time Quilla swears that she has seen this. Time skipped from that moment and was now flashing to see Akuko alive, her new allies and finally she saw herself leave the boat.



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Wasn't this her now? Quilla followed herself and saw Ayako. The Ayako from her crew. Her eyes widened and realized that they looked the same. "A-ayako...?" She whispered while trying to reach out for them. Her head turned to see Quilla go inside her house and within moments she came back out and Ayako was gone when she looked once more where he once was. Her heart was quickly beating as she finally followed Quilla to the back of the street. "Yes, I remember this. I gave the boy mail and he left and then...", she told herself as she turned to see Quilla standing there still. Someone, something was behind her. A tall figure as she then felt something wet go down her chin. Her head lowered to see blood on the ground. Quilla slowly put her hand against her jawline and looked at her hand to see blood.

She coughed blood immediately and saw the Quilla in front of her get on her knees, sword through her chest from behind and finally fall forward. Blood was becoming a pool and Quilla's last breath was taken. "I... I died?"...



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