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Judgement Day [SL]

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She felt the cold, hard ground against her knees as she was in the prison cells of the heaven pillars. Due to how much of a massacre the war was, they put her into her secure location with seals that not even the strongest could escape. With blood still on their hands, she couldn't stop looking at it and laughing hysterically. Do is laughing so much that tears started to slowly drip drop to the floor. The shackles against her wrist and her ankles were tight. Every time she moved it'd make a Jingle sound. It was pure darkness, and her cell had no sign of light. No one to talk to, no one to see, and her mind was being controlled. Out of nowhere, she stops laughing and yawning. She heard a large iron door would be opened and then? There was suddenly light shining through what she assumed was the door.



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The ground started to shake as everything started to act as if it was an earthquake. Well, Sir, the steps were sounding closer than ever. Has widened as she saw that it was one of the guardians. Her sister didn't come for her. Was she truly guilty? They opened the gate and unsealed the barrier to get her out. They attached a magical chain to her coughs so they could drag her out safely. She was seen as a monstrosity, someone who could destroy all the gods. Slowly, she was stepping on the floor marble as the chains jingled with each step. Her face was covered up in ribbon as she didn't want Mishiko to see anybody and nobody to see her. It was getting harder for Mishiko to breathe the more she was stepping forward. She could hear everything, though. The light was so bright that it was going through the ribbon, and therefore she knew she was finally out of the dungeon. But what happens now?



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She could hear the murmurs of the people around her. Against her face indicated that she was outside. Her weak body now was trying to catch up to the Guardian, who was dragging her by the chain. Out of nowhere, she suddenly tripped on her knees. Her dress tore. She better lip as she then tried to get out before she was dragged off again. Her dirty white hair was swaying left and right. Finally, they stopped, and the Guardian forced the girl onto her knees. Part of the spear through the holes of the chains so she couldn't move out of place. I don't know where she was now able to see. Her head tilted up and saw that her sister Amaterasu. was by her throne. She looked down at her as she was thinking. Everyone was yelling and screaming at each other about what she should do to Mishiko.


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"She should be executed right away," yelled one, "Just kill her! Do what she did to my poor son," another yelled. She wanted to cry. She couldn't control herself when she killed everybody. What was wrong with her? Something was wrong with her when she was killing everyone. And for some reason, she couldn't tell everyone. Out of nowhere, her sister stood up and silenced everybody. Yes, she put her hands up. She looked around at everybody and then back up Mishiko. Before she was about to speak up two males yelled for her to wait. Her heart started to beat faster as she realized who those voices belonged to. Tsukuyomi and Susanoo. She loved her brothers very much. She was glad that they weren't in the war. Her heart loved those two more than anyone. One could say it was like a God loving their wife who was also their sister, but that's how god life worked.



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She could not feel her mind being controlled any longer. That wasn't going to save her, though. She didn't even have the guts to look at her two brothers as she felt like she disappointed them as much as she did towards her mother and sister. Slowly, Mishiko looked up at her sister and saw that she was looking at the two brothers who were now beside her. "Surely there is a mistake. There is no way she could have killed everybody in the war by herself!" She heard Susanoo yell. Mishiko bowed her head down as she kept silent. Everyone around them was yelling and screaming still as some agreed and some disagreed. Some people were even yelling out for an explanation as to what actually happened. Amaterasu silenced everyone once again. She warned them all that she will not ask again. She looked down at her two brothers as she was questioning their motives. But secretly she knew there was no motive, it was just the fact that she was their sister. And they both loved her more than anything as well. For Tsukuyomi, she was the moon, and for Susanoo, she was the thunder and water of the storming seas.



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"Do you have anything to say for yourself?" Amaterasu asked Mishiko. She couldn't talk for some reason. Her eyes cornered, left or right to see both of her brothers, who were giving her a pleading look as to answer. Even part of Amaterasu was hoping that all of this was some misunderstanding. Her mouth felt like it was getting controlled as they started to open, "N-no, I didn't do it, I swear, but I did at the same time, and..." she paused, the lines she spoke of next weren't hers, but deep inside they were as after she witnessed and did the things she has done, "I'd do it all again if I had the chance!", She laughed hysterically as she couldn't control her laughter. It was as if she had laughing gas activated. Everyone gasped as if they didn't expect it to happen. With her hearing, she swore she could hear someone laughing. It was... a female.

I hereby title you for your unforgiving yet worthy deeds and actions; Goddess of Beauty, Madness and Death. All given for different reasons yet were created within one. You. And I hereby ban for all existance, your name to ever be used and if so, they will be eternally cursed with death as such your name, Amaterasu spoke in a cold strict tone.



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