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Death Parade [SL]

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Death Parade [SL] Empty Tue Oct 11, 2022 7:46 pm


The rain fell even faster. Faster than her tears as they dropped on his face. The face of Ayako. Slowly, she took off her helmet to reveal that it was her face. He chuckled softly and coughed up some blood. The blood cell had tripped against his cheek as he looked deep into her eyes. "Of course, it's you... The one to defeat me...", His voice began to sound ghostly, as if his soul was leaving his body.  Slowly, his hand went up to her cheek as his thumb wiped the tear next to her eye. "Don't waste your tears on me, it was my fault for not asking which side you were on," His smile slowly turned into a frown. "Now you look more beautiful when you smile And, in the rain, The darkness with the light from the moon, you will always look beautiful to me... my darling Hellfire Butterfly...," he lastly spoke as his arm fell and no longer did air escape from his lips.



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"A-Ayako?..." She started to speak as her voice wavered and tears fell like waterfalls. "P-please, this isn't funny. You can make fun of me if you want...". Her hands started to shake as she touched his face. That no longer felt alive. Her heart was beating quickly. She tried to play a smile. Her eyes followed an orb that started to hover over Ayako's body. Instantly, her expression became distant and emotionless. She has seen those in her mother's realm. She was told that those were souls. Souls of the dead. Depending on the shine and color of the orb, determined the person's soul. This orb specifically was gold with a swirling light blue. Slowly she held out her hands to hold onto it and embrace it close to her. Thankfully, Izanami was her mother and as a daughter, she captured his soul for herself. Her heart felt now empty. Her will of happiness was gone. Her Topaz eyes now changed into her normal eyes as they became soulless black that mirrored the moon in the sky, with an X in each one to mark her targets. Her targets?

It was everybody...



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Her white crystal tears started to turn red as she cried bloody water. Her aura became clear for all to see as it was a raging mix of black, white, and red. She gripped onto her weapon very tightly while getting up slowly. She had his soul, and now all she needed to do was kill everybody. It was everybody's fault that he died. Why couldn't she control this raging feeling? It felt like someone was controlling her. All she could hear was a dark chuckle of a girl around her age. The chuckle sounded familiar as well. Who was she? Why did she do this to her? About bloody murder as the screech was beautiful yet it made all those who could hear her cry and also be in a fit of rage. After she was done, she started her run through everybody and using her weapon as a blade that cutted everyone from left to right.



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She was thinking of the goals and dreams she had that Ayako was a part of. Ayako promised so many things for them. Future. They had one. And because of these humans, she was no longer going to have a future with him. She was going to be alone.

So alone...

As she is killing everybody, she started to use her magical abilities. With her powers and abilities, she started to resurrect the dead for her own use. Everyone's allies are enemies are slaughtering each other as she was also killing everybody in her way. No. Not even just in her way, but just everyone who was there. There will be no survivors. She could hear whispers in her head. A whisper from a young woman's voice was telling her to kill everybody. Blood was splattering everywhere as it was raining all over her body. She started to laugh. A laugh that echoed through the whole battlefield. She was enjoying this so much that she was dancing and twirling. Imaginary music was playing in her mind while she slaughtered all like pigs.



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Her mind was gone, both Quilla and Mishiko could no longer think for themselves. Everything was just a puppet show as someone was the puppeteer. "I hate all of you! None of you deserve to live! I'll take every soul with 'us'," she yelled in a frantic and delusional tone. Her voice was so soft, and erotic, but still full of anguish. Everyone tried to stop her, but nobody could. Nobody even knew that she was the daughter of the Goddess, Izanami. One of the most powerful gods ever created, alongside Izanagi. Nobody was able to stop her as her pure madness and power over death kept her alive as well as her passion and love for the one she lost. Someone was abusing her feelings and neither the humans, demigods nor Quilla/Mishiko knew who it could be. No one dared to interfere as it was too late. Everyone on the battlefield was mainly dead besides the ones that will soon escape.



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She saw some survivors who were demigods as all the humans were dead. No, there were one or two humans left. She could smell their scent, the blood that was obviously different in comparison. Her mouth watered as her scythe thirsted for them. "Mistress..." her scythe spoke. Wait, that voice sounded like Nu, Quilla's scythe's voice from the skull. Suddenly a large beam of firing light blazed from the sky and right next to her. Still not being able to control herself she turned to hit whoever it was with a scythe and her eyes were able to see it was her sister, Amaterasu. She could see her face of disappointment. It was hitting Mishiko hard, but something was still wrong, she couldn't control herself. Why didn't her sister see this?! She felt angry, felt sorrow, and her adrenaline was running off. Her eyes saw her sister raise her hand to reveal a large blast of light that blinded her, making her fall. The last thing she heard was, "I'm sorry...", from Ame's lips.



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