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Port Hargeon Pirates PT. 7 (Neutral)

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Yuurei and Renji were just enjoying their final days within Hargeon. Yuurei had been trying to figure out a way to enter Blue Pegasus without causing any trouble. He just wanted to see Kailani, but the thing is if they had let him in, would she want to see him? The berserker would find me in front of the cherry blossom tree. He was laying down on the grass and he was in front of it. It was covering him from the sun rays that were out today. He thought he would have a relaxing day and that nobody would bother him today. Of course, he would be wrong in so many ways. He could hear people moving around him, but they respected his personal space.

Renji was just relaxing as well as he enjoyed it when they rested together. Still, there was one person that wouldn’t respect their personal space as they moved toward them and was breathing heavily around them.



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Yuurei would hear open one of his eyes as he wondered who it could be. He didn’t know this guy, and he wasn’t wearing a uniform, so he wasn’t a Rune Knight. He would close his eye, hoping that this guy would just go away today. The man would finally catch his breath as he would look over at him.

“Yuurei, I’m sorry to disturb you, but we have trouble in the ports.” He said to see if he could grab Yuurei’s attention with that.

Yuurei would open his eyes as he figured he was here for something like that. He would sit up slowly as he looked at the man and rub the back of his head.

“Sure, you got my attention what is it?” He asked him waiting for him to say something.

The man was glad to hear this as he would start explaining after he would clear his throat.



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“The pirates you had brought in yesterday, well, they had people hidden within their ship. It would seem like there were pirates hiding and waiting for an opportunity. Now they have taken over their ship and set sail. They have taken people with them as hostages. Please can you stop them and bring everyone back home?” He explained and asked Yuurei hoping he would be able to do something.

Yuurei would shake his head when he heard this, and he would figure he would be the hero. He would get up from the ground and he would pat himself down as he looked at the man.

“As long as I get paid, I will always help everyone in Fiore. Hell, I would probably do it for free.” He said with a smile on his face.

Renji would wake up from hearing Yuurei agreeing. He would climb on his friend’s shoulder as Yuurei would release his wings from his back.



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“You don’t have to worry about anything. If you want you can stay by the port, and I will be back with the ship, the pirates, and the hostages.” He said to him as he would fly off.

He had Renji on his shoulder, which was what he was waiting for. He would soar through the sky without a problem. The buildings weren’t a problem to him as he would move around them. The people couldn’t tell what moved through the air, but that it was fast. It was then he would reach the port. He would see people scattered around trying to figure things out. He would look out to the sea, and he would see a ship far off in the distance.

“I guess we got to catch up to them.” He said to Renji as he shook his head.

People would look up to see Yuurei, but then would see him disappear as he would flap his wings and push forward.



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Yuurei was moving through the sea as fast as he could. The water would move from his speed as he was enjoying the feeling of flying over the water. Renji would hold on tight because he didn’t want to fall into the water. The two of them were having different feelings about this, but he would see that he was getting close to the ship.

The pirates that were on the ship would see that something was coming to them. They could see it was fast, but they didn’t know what it was. The scout would alert everyone that something was coming from the east, and they would get to their stations, and they would start shooting in the direction Yuurei was coming from.

Yuurei would see cannonballs flying straight at him, and he would avoid them without a problem. He knew that it would be dangerous if he got hit by one of these, which is why he avoided them in the first place.



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Yuurei would see that they were nervous that he was coming for them, but they should have known this was going to happen. He figured they would have a better chance of escaping at night when he was asleep.

The pirates would keep firing when they could as they were trying to get a hit on him. The Nephilim would move too quickly for them to do anything. It wouldn’t take long, but they would run out of cannonballs to shoot at Yuurei and would prepare themselves for him to land on their ship. Yuurei would land on the deck of the ship without a problem as he would land, and he would look at the guys who were trying to escape.

They would all be nervous but ready themselves to fight. They knew that he was strong, but they didn’t care. They couldn’t be prisoners and that much was good enough to fight against him even if it was futile.



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Yuurei would see that they were nervous, and they would all start running to him. He would see this, and he would have a smirk on his as he would start dodging their incoming attacks. When he would do this, he would punch one in the face and then spin his body around as he would kick another on the back of his head. They would fall to the ground, and he would look at the rest as if they were coming to attack him. He would dodge more of their attacks as he was stepping back and used his footwork to avoid being hit by them. He would see people moving toward him and he would quickly push straight to them and he would catch them both with a double lariat. He would have them flip into the air and onto the ground in an instant. He would look at the rest of them as if they weren’t giving up the fight.



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Yuurei would smile at them as he didn’t put on his equipment. They would see him smile and it would piss them off even more. They would run to him all at the same time, and he would take one of them and he would use them. They would get hit by their own comrades, and when he saw he was unconscious, he would push him to them. Once that had happened, they would stumble back, and he would move forward. When he did that, he would punch three of them quickly and they would fall to the ground.

They were in shock to see how strong he was. They knew he was, but to be able to take them out in one hit was a scary thing. Still, they pushed forward and tried their best. It was the only thing they could do, and Yuurei would shake his head. One thing did bother him, and it was why were so many pirates hiding on this ship.



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Yuurei would see that they were still attacking him, and he would continue dodging and counterattacking. They would fall to the ground after they met with their fist or legs. Each attack was strong on its own, but his hands were the deadliest of them all.

“You guys should surrender, if not you going to end up on the ground.” He said to the remaining pirates that were still attacking him.

“We rather take the beaten and be defeated than surrender.” One of the pirates said to Yuurei as he swung his weapon at Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear this and he would nod as he would accept this method as well. He would punch the man on his cheek and he would fall to the ground unconscious. He would make his move as he would go to them this time. He would meet the first one he would slam him to the deck and move from him instantly.



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They were doing their best to go on the defense, but this guy was fast as hell. Yuurei would just be in front of his next target, and he would thrust his foot into the man’s chest, which would push him back and onto the ground. He would look over to his next target as he would make it to them without hesitation. When he got to them, he would strike him twice on the chest, which would drop him fairly quickly. He would shake his head as he would look at the others and they looked like they were ready.

He would soar through the air, and he would make it to the next person, and he would land an axe kick on them as they fell to the floor. Another one was unconscious, and he would shake his head. It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would go through everybody that was on deck. They had all met the same end, they were unconscious, but still alive. They were probably going to be sore when they woke up.



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Yuurei would see he was done with his job, but he had to find the hostages. He would go below deck and he would look around the place. It wouldn’t take long, but he would find them, and he would open their prison, and they would make their way to the deck. They would see what Yuurei had done, and they would thank him for helping them out. He would smile at them, and he was glad to help them. He would turn the ship around and he would bring it back to Port Hargeon. It wouldn’t take long to do this, and when he got there, he would dock the ship. The people would run off the ship, and the man that had found him was waiting for him there. It wasn’t just him but the Rune Knights were here as well.

They weren’t surprised that Yuurei had done this job, and they would reward him without a problem. Yuurei would take his reward and he would leave the area as he decided to go rest again by the tree he was at last.

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