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Epitaph [SL]

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She was excited, both Quilla and the person she was playing as Mishiko. They're going to go to school and meet children her age and everyone older. Too bad her siblings were old enough not to go to this school as they had already been there before she was even born. She was concerned and squeezed her bag tightly as she was nervous even to leave her place. Her mother was forbidden to leave the underworld and so was her father. Izanami was forced to live in the underworld as she was the ruler and queen of it. She must watch her child through a magical mirror that was able to see what was going on. She was in her Camano which had black and red designs with a mix of pink and purple. Tsukuyomi wanted some blue, and so did Susanoo, so she had something blue put on it.



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She has met many people, but she didn't really get any of the names. Throughout her school life as a child, between the physical age of 10 to 14, she didn't make any friends. The thing she did not realize is that she has been watched by other Demi children, just not approached. The reason being is that no one knew who she belonged to, which God or goddess, or what she was the child of. The school was for forbidden demi gods, as in the old times, it was forbidden for a God to have any children with a human, but ever since a decree from her sister, people began to have relations. This whole situation was confusing for Aquila as she has never heard of such a thing. When she was a child and was studying mythology, she has never heard of any Demi gods from the joyan history.



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Instead of concentrating on how long it has been, Quilla decided to just concentrate on life in general. She wasn't playing with her own life, she was playing with somebody elses, so she had to be careful and enjoy the life that was given to her at the moment. The one thing she did realize is that if this was a dream, it was a pretty long dream. I feel like a has been centuries. Due to her mysterious nature, no one knew who she was the child of. Therefore she never made any friends. Her life was pretty lonely besides with her family. Other than Amaterasu, that is. They kept their distance because of how high in the food chain she was. Amaterasu and everybody else and her family didn't want any other demonic God or gods to know her identity. And anyone that asked any questions about her identity, Amaterasu just sweeps it aside as if she doesn't care. But to Mishiko, it showed that Amaterasu did care.



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During her day, she was starting to carry her books and her papers to her next class. In a sudden instant, she bumped into somebody and fell down on her butt. Chula looked up to see the most beautiful boy ever. She tried to remember if she knew him or not, as she swore, she has seen that face, both Mishiko and Quilla. As he started to talk, Quilla and Mishiko at the same time opened their eyes wide, realizing the voice also sounded familiar. The boy started to smirk and looked at the boys behind him. "It looks like we have a little nobody starting stuff with me already," Down to look at her and then behind the boys, they started to laugh. "What is your name anyways?", He started to ask and then stood up, due to him hearing someone calling down the hall. "Go to class, little skunk, I'm sure we'll meet again," he made fun of her hair.



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Now, due to her family not wanting anyone to know her identity, they did use magic to change her appearance. The only thing that did not change was her hair color. It was white as snow, to symbolize life and light, while it was black underneath, symbolizing death and darkness. It was permanent, and no matter what, Izanami muted, she could not hide her poor child's hair. For the kids, this gave her the nickname 'Skunk'. Her eyes were Topaz and dark, but they used magic to hide their actual uniqueness of them. Only Michiko had these eyes. Black orbs that mirrored the moon of her brothers and the red crosses that marked everything she saw. Her face was also different from now to the Magic, but she felt like it shouldn't be the reason people made fun of her. For the fact that she didn't want to tell anyone who her parents were due to her family members not wanting anyone to know.



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She used these Topaz eyes to gaze at everything that was in front of her. Tsukuyomi hated to see her not use the eyes that he gifted her. He knew it wasn't her fault as it was the wishes of everybody else. Quilla went to her next class, which was the practice of combat with a Bokuto. Everybody was masked and nobody knew who they were going against at the time. The one who was teaching them was a master of Swordsmanship, and they were chosen by the gods to do so. She was hoping she wasn't going to get picked, but out of nowhere, the teacher pointed at her and then at another student. She felt nervous as her heart was beating. She stood and was getting in position. Quilla knew how to fight, but not with the sword. She was so used to using her scythe. That was until she remembered she used a sword before her scythe.



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She got into her position, and she put 1 foot out, a little bit in front of her, and then one foot back. Her arm twisted towards one of her sides with both hands gripped onto the sword. Her opponent also got into position as she didn't really pay much attention to it. She felt like she was ready and that was when the referee went in front of them to tell them to begin and got out of the way instantly. The present she raises going against instantly dashed in front of her, making her quickly block his first hit. He was using all his strength to push in front of her and hoping to break her wooden sword. She credited her teeth and then tried to move her foot into a position where she could then trip him. With all her strength as she pushed him forward. And then used her foot to trip him back. Before he could get up, she put the sword in front of his neck.



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She could hear the grunts of the frustrated person she was going against as he took off his helmet and threw it on the ground. She then stirred back a little bit out of shock due to the fact that the person she went against was the person that just bullied her a little bit ago. He started to yell and wanted to know right away who he was fighting against. They just shook their head and the teacher then looked at the person. He quickly then looked at Mishiko and asked for them to take off their helmet to reveal who they were. She didn't want to make much of a problem, so she just took it off, shocking everyone. There are Mumbles among them all as to how she was able to beat him. They were calling him Ayako. Making her heart stop immediately. This person looked exactly like Ayako, had the same name and wondered if perhaps it was him. She ran off and out of no where in the halls she was pulled into a room by a bunch of girls, leader being Ayame, Ayako's sister.


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