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Happy! Lucky! Dochy! [SL]

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Once again, there she stood by the mirror of truth. Not literally was it the mirror of truth, but it revealed to her what she was looking like currently. Her eyes are black with red crosses on them, and her hair that was white as snow with some black. "You almost ready Mishiko?", She heard the voice of her mother. She turned around to look at Izanami and then at the dress that she had in her hand. Oh, how much she hated dresses, but she felt like to make her mother smile she will do it. It was a black dress with pink frills on her sleeves, chest area and below the bottom rim of the dress. In the middle of the waist area was a pink ribbon that went around and a sash that folded up to make a bow. Izanami started on her hair as she was getting ready for her birthday party.



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Her hair was curled up and put in a long ponytail that began on almost the top of her head. Mishiko's hair, which was thick and beautiful waterfalled downward. She twirled in front of the mirror to check herself out as she wondered if she was this cute when she was a kid. Her mother bought some socks and shoes as she started to park them on her little feet. The shoes were just regular black shoes with bamboo bottoms underneath them, so the silk of the fabric didn't get dirty. She walked out of her room with her mother as she saw her family by a cake. The cakes looked attractive but very rich looking. The one thing she was curious about the most were the people that were there. Her eyes looked to see that all her siblings were there, but also a few people she didn't even recognize.



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Around and saw a boy with beautiful white-blue hair and eyes that reminded her of water. She gulped as he looked pretty cute. One of her siblings noticed and gazed at her and wondered if perhaps she was starting a crush already. Mind you, it was more of a puppy crush than anything due to her age of being around eight years old. Her siblings on the other hand were quite older so they also saw her as just a pup in comparison. She was too shy to ask the boys his name, so she didn't get to know him. The birthday party everyone decided to leave. That wasn't family and her siblings decided to have a little play date with her sister. She opened up her presence in front of them as she was seeing that some of them gifted her some toys and the others gifted her a few necessities.



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Tsu Tsu, that is what Mishiko called her elder brother. Su Su was also the other elder brother's name as her sister was called Ame. Ame kept to herself more than the others as Tsukuyomi adored and favored their demigod sister, gifting her with flawless skin that could never scar and eyes that sparkled his moon. Kunitokotachi gifted Izanami's first and only Demigod child with the beauty that no one could compare to, not even Amaterasu. Susanoo gifted Mishiko the voice that can even soothe even the raging seas. Now, seeing that Amaterasu forbids themselves to set foot in the realm of the underworld. She could not gift their sibling face to face. Rather it is seen as a curse or a gift, Mishiko's gift from Amaterasu was on hold. The reason was not told, but Mishiko accepted it anyways. A gift was better than no gift at all, even if it was late.



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Tsukuyomi and Susanoo stayed behind as they were watching their little Demi God sister. Mishiko Loved her siblings. But then, her little childhood, she was a little skeptical about all of this happening. Why did this feel too real? She was seeing her Big Brother Tsu Tsu and Susanoo as they used their powers and abilities to entertain them. There's a nominal or has had a constant watch on her, as if she felt like the two older brothers were up to something that wasn't any good. They were still children of Izanagi. The one man that left her as soon as he saw her real face. It wasn't her fault that she gave birth to a fire God that destroyed her body. She wondered if Izanagi still had feelings for her or not. She flipped her hair and didn't care anymore. She was just curious. Her and her human lover were still together and will be forever as she was able to keep him alive with her abilities.



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It made Mashiko wonder what kind of powers and abilities she will have. Quilla herself knew which gods and goddesses people were, like what they were the god and goddess of. Since she has never really heard of any demigods from these gods in general, she wondered what hers will be. Will she get it when she grows up or does she have to do something for it? She was really anxious at the thought as her child self was then, not really thinking much of it. She was wondering where all the other gods and goddesses were in this, as if they had been created or not within this timeline. How far back was she in the timeline? If she was very far back, then why was Lee here? Wasn't she the one that got Lee to be with Izanami? Before she will ask any questions about it, she feels like she should just watch and see it, enjoy the childhood life that she never got in her human life.



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She was already getting taught on how to read and write. In God years, she was already seven years old as she witnessed her sister getting the ruler of Heaven title, her being relatively older. Everything that was happening before her eyes, she felt like any Joyan would be jealous of her being in this spot. She's playing a child of a goddess, but she was also siblings with the highest form of entities within Joyan history. Since she had the same knowledge as quilla at the time, she was able to use that knowledge into her writing. She was achieving things not even other children of her God years were achieving. She didn't get very far without as she had to stop at a certain point. Some of her math and history were a little bit further into the future, if not more. She still had no idea what age and time she was in.



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Her siblings visited occasionally, but she had to start going to school with other Demi gods around her age. Within Quilla's lifetime. She was homeschooled by her adopted father. She didn't know what school would be like with other people. Izanami felt like it would be good for her to go to school and be taught how to write, read and do some good combat practicing. The first school was almost like her own school when she was homeschooled. She has heard from the kids from her childhood that the school was a little pushy due to the fact that you had homework to do, had to care about the other kids and teachers. Being homeschooled only meant that you had one teacher and only yourself. She wondered how old she was actually within the seven years. Being seven physically only meant that she was actually pretty much older than a regular 7 year old human.




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