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Spies Like Us: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II]

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Spies Like Us: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes II] Empty Sun Oct 09, 2022 6:21 pm

Day two. Day two of the dull pain radiating throughout his body starting from the left side of his body. Day two of wondering if his decision to implant the Millennium Eye into his missing eye socket was a smart decision or not. He groans as he stares at the ceiling before slowly shifting to get out of bed. He sits at the edge of the bed and stares at the pale white wall in front of him. “Better be worth it after all this…” he mutters before he fully stands up and heads towards the bathroom. It was time to finish up another one of the requests that Ikazuchi had left for him. Though the last one was relatively easy, he hoped that there wouldn’t be any unforeseen issues with this one. Though, with his luck dealing with his comrade, he knew that the chance for that was unlikely. With another groan, he finishes getting ready and heads out the door to once again meet Herman.

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Oh, it’s you again!” Herman says as he heartily greets the Desiertian who replies in kind. Although his motives were…questionable, Herman wasn’t a bad man and Xerxes recognized that. The two shook hands before Herman ushered Xerxes to take a seat before following suit. He looked at Xerxes and could immediately tell that whatever was underneath the bandages was causing him pain. However, he elected to not mention anything to the Desiertian out of fear of upsetting him.

Since you seem to be in pain today, I’ll be brief with my request. I need someone tog o around and observe the island’s locals. See about guard changes, movements, all of that. As many of the locals know us, we stick out like sore thumbs but you should be able to blend in nicely.” “You mean the guy with the bandaged eye, giant polearm, and who is rumored to be a deranged member of a dark guild with another equally as deranged comrade running around the island?” Xerxes says dryly. Herman sighs and places his hand on his chin, forgetting that ‘small’ tidbit. After a long pause, his expression changes. “I think I know what to do.

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I’ll kill him.” Xerxes says as he walks down the road with an oversized hat on his head. He wore a red Hawaiian shirt and shorts from the local gift shop and had a small bag of candy in his hand. Jotunn’s Fang was left behind with Herman to complete his façade. He kept his head down while he walked to distract those who would look at him from his bandaged face. The Desiertian knew that if Ikazuchi happened to see him, he’d never let him live it down. Moving slowly throughout the crowd, Xerxes heads towards the first spot and observes the local guards in the area. He watches them move around closely, doing his best to not attract any attention. As he glances up again to watch, he sees a man staring directly at him. The red and black haired man watched him carefully, his eyes following Xerxes with each move that he made.

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Damn, does he know who I am?” Xerxes thinks as the man begins to move closer towards him. The Desiertian moves deeper into the crowd but could feel the watchful eyes of the man following his every movement. He was getting closer and Xerxes knew it. He had to find a way to get the man off his trail but had no ideas on how to do so. As he continued to move, Xerxes heard the sounds of music blaring on his right side. A small distance away was an open night club full of people dancing to the rhythm of the song. “Ikazuchi must never know…” he mutters as he moves towards the club, finally figuring out how to elude his captor.

As he reaches the dance club, Xerxes begins to dance with a group of people, blending in seamlessly. The man, still watching Xerxes, has his suspicions assuaged as the individual he believed he saw would never joyfully be dancing such as the man in front of him. The Desiertian watches the man leave out of the corner of his eye and quickly slips out of the club in order to return to Herman. “How’d it go?” Herman says as Xerxes returns to their arranged meeting place. The Desiertian explains his findings in detail, including being tracked by the red and black haired man but leaves out just how he avoided detection. “Ah, that must have been Keanu. I hoped he wouldn’t give you any trouble. You may be running into him later so be careful.” Herman says as he gives Xerxes his pay and asks him to come back later for another job.

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