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Homecoming [SL]

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She saw the portal open and started to walk out. Her head locked back one more time to see Izanami and Lee together. She waved her hand goodbye to Quilla as she then finally left. She left the portal and out of the room as Ayako and her other crew member were waiting by the door. " I thought I told you to wait at the ship, not by the door," She told them she then walked past them with her sight in her hand. " We couldn't just stand by and not make sure you were going to be OK," One of them spoke with sincere and genuine kindness, or at least that's what she felt. The other thing she felt was a swirling illness inside of her stomach as she heard that from him. She walked to the boat and went up to see Oliver. Every Crewmate was there waiting for her.



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She told everyone that it was time to go. They were all asking millions of questions as to what happened and why she was full of blood. Her outfit was covered in Lee's blood. For some reason, it did not come off during the whole process. She didn't care. She will just clean up when she gets into her cabin's quarters. She just swirled her wrists and told them that it was time to go, and they need to start setting sail. When she got into her room, she then closed and locked the door. She knew Ayako would take care of everything else till they start setting into the sea. After all this work, she was really exhausted and needed some rest, so she went and took her clothes off. Throwing it in some hamper, she went into the shower and turned it on. The blood slowly fell in dripped to the floor as she had to get prepared to tell the crew what they were doing next.



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She felt the Boat rock left and right, which was giving her the hint that they were at the sea finally, and not in the city area no longer. Does that mean she needs to watch out for danger of the boats or the fishmen? It took a little while for her to get done with her shower, but once she was done she went into her room towards her wardrobe and got out a dress. She felt like she deserved at least this, as she was constantly on the move ever since she left Fiore. The dress was blue with white frills and the ribbon was around her waist that was white as well. The straps were spaghetti straps, as they also had white frills. As she was leaving her cabins quarters, she studied to brush her hair and look around for the people of her crew. They all looked up at her for some words.



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He started to speak really softly as she walked towards a seating next to the wheel. Everyone made sure that her arrangements were making her feel comfortable as she was working hard at one of her goal was. Ayako came to her side and sat next to her seat in his own seat so he could watch everyone as well. She started to explain the situation that she had to go find a host to be sacrificed to and she completed that task. Hence the blood that was all over her body and now gone due to her taking a shower. Then softly and people were grabbing her something to eat and drink in the process as she also has an A all day. She felt lucky to have crewmates like this as she had someone to cook for her, feed her and get her something to drink, as well as make sure she was comfortable after her long day at work. It was like a marriage among her crewmates.



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They started to sail the seas as she walked towards the bow of the boat to look forward and feel the splashing cold water. Ayako and her right hand man sat beside her and leaned against the Ridge of the bow. They were wondering what was going on next since they did not know the details of what her goal will be next. She explained to them that she did not know exactly the big details of the mission, she just knew she had to go and take care of some things and Fiore. After she was done taking care of things in the future, she would then have to come back at Joya for another task to be done. She tried to list the things that she needs to get done before she leaves. Should she write a letter to the few people that she did actually care about, or assured she not say anything at all?



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How does one explain to very close ones that they will be on a long journey? So far she has she really not seen them since the raiding and with the others, even before that. She yawned in the cold air from the breeze of the sea. It made her more exhausted and sleepier than ever. It was quite a good thing as she then told everyone that she was going to go rest and to wake her up if something came up. Her two trustful crewmates escorted her to her bad and got her to sleep. She felt like she could finally rest after all that, just for a little moment, at least. Within a few hours, if not after six hours, she could smell the food and woke up immediately. She felt starved as she hurried up and got dressed and went upstairs. She saw that there were tables and everything for breakfast set up.



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Once everything was set up, she then saw all the crewmates helping each other get the food and drinks on the table and sat down in their respective places. Opening a bottle of booze, they were pouring in cups of their own and cheered for their captain. She felt like she didn't deserve any of this because they didn't really do anything much other than search some guy, as far as they knew. In reality, they did serve and get rewarded by a Goddess. Did they already know that by one of the two people that were at the house at the time? In front of her and saw that there were hash Browns and French toast in front of her, her two top favorite breakfast items. As they were eating and drinking, they asked her what exactly was the next plan. She felt like she already told them what it was, but she repeated herself anyways and explained that the goddess once her to prepare for something big that was coming up.



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Once they got done, they then put everything away and waited to see the shore of Hosenka. That was the place they were going to boat off until it was time to leave again. The first thing she did was go to her house. Open the door. She felt alone as she was so used to her companion being there with her. No longer did she have someone with her constantly, even if it was just horse. Even if it was someone who'd disliked her. The thought of it all made her sad, but she started writing letters to certain people like, Jin, Akuko, Ragnar and a couple others. When she was done, she folded them up and wanted to see if she could find some black-market mailman to give these letters to. She did not trust the regular mailman as the people of this country would tear her letters apart or read them for themselves since she was a bad guy, right?



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