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Shoo Away [SL]

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Her eyes watched the portal and saw that Lee was standing right on the other side, waiting for. He didn't even look mad about how painful the process was when it came to the sacrificing. Quilla told Ayako and her cremate that she was going. She told them that she will meet them back on the ship when she was done, so go ahead and go without her. She could feel the breeze from the other side, so she slowly walked into the portal. When she walked inside, she looked behind her and saw the port of closing and not seeing her crewmates anymore. We tried to explain that after she was done sacrificing him, he was portalled over here. He wondered if she didn't see the portal. She explained that she saw the portal, but she didn't see him walk into it, but only a demon. Once that question was done, they finished walking to see where Izanami was.



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He looked around as they were starting to walk.She looked over to see him watching the location and maybe he was getting second thoughts. Really hoping that he wasn't getting any second thoughts because there was already too late in his life, was already sacrificed and he could no longer go to the normal world. This place was making her nose itch as the area felt really dusty and she could smell the ashes from the bodies that were sacrificed to her from people who worshipped her directly. Her eyes closed for a moment and try to see if she could think of where it is. A name would be within this realm, as it was Izanami's realm in the first place. Her pink hair, with strands of white and black highlights were flailing behind her as the wind was getting simply breezy. Finally, she heard a chuckle that sounded like from the woman she first met when she got here.



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She looked up and saw that the goddess was sitting in her throne that had skulls all around from the back on and on each side. She looked at the men and wondered if this was probably the one. Lee looked up and saw the goddess and was second guessing himself when he realized that Quilla was actually telling the truth this whole time. He was wondering why he was needed this whole time and what exactly she wants. You summoned some chairs that were made of the souls of the dead and created some cushions to make them comfortable. She told him and instructed her that she will be the one asking questions. He did not argue as he sat there and waited for her to ask any questions she wanted to. She explained that she felt very lonely and wished for a companion that understood her. Ever since her first husband and brother abandoned his post, she now needed somebody by her side. She believed humans were more entertaining.



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She felt very bored of this life and needed somebody by her side that was loyal and faithful to her. Finally, she looked at him and asked him to explain his story to her and why he would be a perfect fit to be in here. The first part was true, but the second part was a trick question in her mind that she wished to see what how he would answer. He cited to explain the same story that the woman was told. Quilla heard most of this stuff already, but maybe he had another side to it than the bartender. He explained that he trained under non humans and how he had the abilities of a demon even though he was human. He did not care to get his hands dirty as he worked as a paid assassin that was powerful with his weapons. He has never had a wife or lover or children for the fact that it they would just get in his way.



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He finished by that. He became a wanted criminal by the Joya Country, and he had to escape and found the city. Only was only 15 when he was a runaway. So other than his job as an assassin, he just hung around the city and did what he felt like. He felt like his life was getting boring and there was nothing for him to do. He felt thankful that he got an offer like this and he felt like he deserved this because she could probably not find anyone better suited than himself. He didn't mean that in a way that he was stronger than everybody or better looking, but he would be loyal to her and he had no reason to not be. She chuckled at him as she found him funny. Izanami looked over to Quilla as she was wondering how the journey went to find him.



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She started explaining that the journey was pretty simple until she got to the city itself. It took a while to find the necessities on the list she was given, as her life was pretty boring.. She didn't have the knowledge to know what certain things were on the list, and thankfully she had crewmates to tell her exactly what she needed. The way she found Lee was that she went around the city and heard some rumors about him that a big fight was happening. Once she got to the bar and paid off some little girl to find him, she went there and fought him. Instead of an actual fight, he got defeated because he passed out due to being too drunk. She had to wait for him and heard his whole life story from the bartender. Things she was saying her goddess found entertaining. Maybe it was because she couldn't really leave her realm.



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She looked at the guy and then wondered if perhaps he was a good enough match. Within a few seconds she just nods and accepts him as long as he will accept her. He agreed to stay with her and that was when they will get to know each other. Quilla stretched and yawned as she felt tired from all of this. The goddess herself watched her as she then looked at Lee. He slowly walked to her side and decided to sit down as he felt probably tired from everything that was happening. Death can be tiresome sometimes. The goddess of death and creation started to explain her next quest as she was not done. Truthfully, she felt like her quest was never done until her final rest. She was unsure when that would be, but she just nods towards her goddess and waits for her to explain exactly what she will need from her.



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The goddess started to explain that she will need to go back to Fiore. Her task will be to finally get any closure she needs to before she comes back to this country. Something was off putting by the way she was describing her next task as it didn't have too many details. All the goddess was pretty much telling her is that she needs to go back home with her crewmates and prepare for something that she will not tell her exactly what for. Lee came up to her and shook her hand as she was saying their goodbyes to him and him to her. She was wondering if this was going to be the actual last time she was going to see Lee, and if Izanami was actually going to be there as well. Her head was confused, but soon enough the portal opened for her to leave.



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