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S for Sacrifice [SL]

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She told him to say their goodbyes to whoever they please before they then started to leave. He requested one more drink before he left with her as they finally left the bar. Ayako and her other crewmate followed behind them as they were watching her back. They probably did not trust the guy, as Lee was someone different. Quilla wondered what race he was and why he seemed more demonic than a regular human. He explained that he trained under a demon, so he just has a ability to where he can grow in aura of red. Exactly what kind of demon this was, but she just waved it away as if it wasn't important to know. Her eyes looked around for the building that she bought earlier as the business proposal. People gave their promises that they would have it empty for them to set up everything before she got there.



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His constituency still looked around us. Everyone ignored her besides the people who were with her; Her crewmates and Lee. Her mind was getting really tired and she finally after a few hours found the building. Once they went inside, they shut the door and locked it, but before they locked it, she looked at her two crewmates and told them to go back to the ship and wait for her there. They were hesitant at first, but they realized that she was about to do something that they should not see. One of them was more hesitant than the other, but that's probably because both of them cared about her. Right? They went back to the boat and she locked the door and walked with Lee to the front room. Oliver's stuff was already on the ground waiting for her to set it all up. The candles, lighter, chalk, something sharp as she is using her scythe and a few other things.



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She will have to thank Oliver for putting all of this stuff in here. She told Lee to go ahead and rest at the corner while she got everything ready. He was wondering why she didn't get anything ready before she found him. She explained to him that she didn't know how long it would take for her to find someone who would agree to such a thing. He chuckled and agreed, as he doubt many people would agree to be sacrificed, as people will think you were just trying to kill them. She grabbed her scythe and nicked her hand as she then had some droplets of blood go against the floor. She used a chalk to go against the blood and draw a circle and a symbol that Izanami told her to do. Once she was done with a drawing, she put the candles in place and asked for him to come over.



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He lay on the ground as she instructed him on how to do so. He couldn't just lay down in any usual, lazy way. There was a specific way. Once he was done, she grabbed the lighter and started to light up all the candles. With her scythe in hand and a book in another, she started to read the words that Izanami told her to speak. She was speaking an old language that only the goddess and gods of Joya knew. She held on to her weapon tightly as she swung it left and right above the man while speaking the verses once more. She then dripped some blood on her scythe at the tip of the blade. She licked her lips as she saw the droplets of blood going on the blade. Gulping, she then looked at him and asked if he was ready, which he just nodded and laid there all comfortably.



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With that, she finally put down her weapon and sliced him in half from his waist. Finally, she lifted it up And stabbed him right into the chest and straight down as he screamed in anguish. A small smile crept onto her face as she felt the satisfaction of pure ecstasy from his scream. It wasn't the happiness she wished for and wanted. The fulfillment that she wished to have. This was not it. His blood started to fill in the holes that she carved in earlier that carved into the shape of the symbol of Izanami. She watched as he took his last breath And finally a portal opened. The blood turned black as it seeped into the portal and waited for Izanami to appear and invite her back in. That didn't happen, though. Instead of Demon came out of the portal and the portal closed. Suddenly, the whole room became the black abyss.



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The demon had dark tan skin and eyes that were completely white. Their teeth were sharp as a shark's, but longer than several inches as they poked out. They had big claws that were sharp. When you compare the appearance, it was reminding her of a pretty tall imp. The backs were arched, and finally they paid attention to her as they looked right at her eyes. The young woman clenched onto her weapon tightly as she was already to slash at them next, with the man's blood on it still. They came at her like some wild beast as they came with their claws slashing at her. She stepped back and swung her scythe at them, cutting off their arm. They yelled in pain as they held on to the stub that was once their arm. She sighed softly and asked what the hell happened and why the summoning circle didn't work. Did she kill the man for no reason?



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The body of Lee disappeared, and now she was looking around frantically. The demon backed away, and out of nowhere they disintegrated into nothingness. She thought that meant that the monster or demon was dead. The room and area was still dark and now she was looking around to see if there was anything else there. Suddenly she had a laughter as a pair of eyes came out of the dark and a larger demon appeared. Without giving them enough time, she lifted her hand up and snapped her fingers while holding her weapon in her free hand. Large crystallized icicles of Spears came out of the ground as they struck the demon through the chest. Anything else that was around them within a 16 or so meter radius was struck by this and probably have died. There is no reason why some strong demon would appear for this sacrifice, as the smaller demons were probably more desperate to come through whatever portal opened first.



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Once that was over, the room lit up as the demons that were in here were gone or dead. Was kicked open as she saw Ayoko and her other crewmate appear. They looked around and saw that there was blood everywhere and a demon's head was still there. She explained what happened, but as soon as she was explaining, she heard a noise on her other side that she was not looking. Ayoko pointed towards it and she looked to see there was another portal and was now getting ready to kill whatever was gonna come through. She couldn't fight it though, as she saw a pair of hands that were unlike any other open the portal as if holding it open for her. Suddenly, she saw someone walking towards the port on the other side of it. Her topaz eyes squinted and saw that it was Lee who was now waiting for her.

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