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Dark Universe - Dark Alliance Incursions

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Dark Alliance Incursions


Rifts have been appearing all over Earthland. These rifts are portals between what our universe and your universe through which we send our armies to weaken your universe. Similar to the rifts used by the Demons during the Demonic Incursions, the size of the rift used by the Dark Universe also indicates how much we transfer from our side to yours. The size, however, does not represent quantity. Instead, it represents the amount of power needed to send someone through. Should you see a single person come out of a rift, it means that it is one of the "Dark Universe" warriors. Despite their intentions to consume Earthland to fuel their universe, many among the Dark Universe opt for more insidious means than mere massacre.

Instead, they exploit the cracks in society to find those who'd aid their cause. Perhaps they'd believe the Dark Universe's claims how they never intended to erase their world, or how they needed their lands to survive, not knowing they'd die once their universe was consumed. Either those foolish enough to fall for the deception, or those who simply harbour no love for this world and would be willing to die in it, many among the Dark Universe welcome those who'd kill their own kind, promising them rewards and a share of the spoils, welcoming them with open arms into the Dark Universe Alliance.

Minor Incursion

In a Minor Incursion, a small tear appears in space through which lots of low-leveled warriors enter your world. The rift is usually opened in small towns rather than cities. Minor Incursions are used by the "Dark Universe" as distractions or to immediately conquer a single sub-location. You're in charge. Lead!
  • Minimum Rank: D/C
  • Minimum Words: 1000 Words
  • Minimum Posts: 3 Posts
  • Jewel Reward: 100,000J
  • Experience Reward: 10,000 XP
  • Additional Reward: 3 SP or 100 MP
  • Reputation Reward: 200 RP and 100,000J bounty
  • Requirements: A minimum of 2 participants. Maximum of 5.

Moderate Incursion

Moderate Incursions pose a significant threat to the smaller towns and depending on how they are used also to the smaller cities. Sometimes they are deployed strategically within cities to cause lots of chaos while the we secure the seat.
  • Minimum Rank: C/B
  • Minimum Words: 2000 Words
  • Minimum Posts: 5 Posts
  • Jewel Reward: 200,000J
  • Experience Reward: 15,000 XP
  • Additional Reward: 6 SP or 250 MP
  • Reputation Reward: 400 RP and 200,000J bounty.
  • Requirements: A minimum of 2 participants. Maximum of 5.

Major Incursion

During the Major Incursions, we will send out a lot all at once. The rifts are also the entry point for us and our companies. They are sent to conquer a city from outside and draw all the efforts towards protecting our walls while Minor Incursion and Moderate Incursion Rifts are opened at sub-locations.
  • Minimum Rank: B/A
  • Minimum Words: 3000 Words
  • Minimum Posts: 8 Posts
  • Jewel Reward: 500,000J
  • Experience Reward: 20,000 XP
  • Additional Reward: 15 SP or 500 MP
  • Reputation Reward: 600 RP and 500,000J bounty.
  • Requirements: A minimum of 2 participants. Maximum of 5.

Catastrophic Incursion

During a Catastrophic Incursion, a whole battalion is sent through our rifts. Since it takes time to properly deploy them all, they are usually created outside cities to then march towards their desired locations. While we send  Major Incursions to draw attention to the walls, our troops sent during a Catastrophic Incursion are actually expected to conquer cities or at least cause significant damage to them.
  • Minimum Rank: A/S
  • Minimum Words: 4000 Words
  • Minimum Posts: 10 Posts
  • Jewel Reward: 1,000,000J
  • Experience Reward: 30,000 XP
  • Additional Reward: 20 SP or 1000 MP
  • Reputation Reward: 800 RP and 1,000,000J bounty.
  • Requirements: A minimum of 2 participants. Maximum of 5.

Monstrous Incursion

Lastly, the Monstrous Incursions. Unless the proper parties are sent to deal with our troops, it is considered an immediate win on our end. Through these rifts, the we deploy an entire brigade at once to conquer regions on Earthland instead of cities. We aim to conquer regions that are needed for transportation of medicine, goods, assistance, or regions that hold powerful cities, so we must not be stopped!
  • Minimum Rank: X/Z
  • Minimum Words: 5000 Words
  • Minimum Posts: 10 Posts
  • Jewel Reward: 1,000,000J
  • Experience Reward: 40,000 XP
  • Additional Reward: 30 SP or 1500 MP
  • Reputation Reward: 1000 RP and 1,000,000J bounty.
  • Requirements: A minimum of 2 participants. Maximum of 3.

Event Conditions

  • It is possible to participate solo, however the rewards will be halved for the solo player.

  • For every additional member in the party, the total number of posts is reduced by 2. The word count is unchanged.

  • Each member of a party must meet the rank requirements to participate in an incursion.

  • In order to participate, one person must use the template below to sign up for their party. Once they have been approved, the steps below can be followed to continue.

  • The person forming the party must start the topic. The topic can be started anywhere.

  • Once started, the participants can enter this topic without traveling. The topic doesn't take up a slot either.

  • The title of the topic is important. The topic title must end with the event tag followed by the difficulty e.g. (Dark Universe Alliance - Monstrous).

  • In the first post, the participants witness a rift opening out of which mages and adventurers from the our "Dark Universe" march into your world.

  • Users may only take part in a Dark Alliance Incursion once per month. If they do, they cannot participate in a Dark Universe Incursion.

  • Users may only complete a difficulty once.

  • Users may only start a new Dark Alliance Incursion if they either completed or canceled their last one.

  • Dark Alliance Incursions can be invaded by players who are already in that region and attempt to stop you. If you are confronted by PC enemies and fight them, all parties involved are eligible for fight rewards as well, however, the invading party does not receive Incursion rewards. You do not have to meet the post/WC requirement to claim rewards should you be invaded.

  • The parties involved must provide a great show to make it seem as impressive as possible. Should a post or a thread be nonsense or focus on describing nonsense (not related to the event and clearing the event) it won't be counted.

  • The minimum number of posts is the number of posts each participant must do at least in the topic. This prevents someone from dumping a single wall of text and then dipping out.

  • Furthermore, if it becomes clear that the posts were written beforehand through a pattern they won't count either. This means no indication of replying to what the previous posters have stated in their posts.


Dark Universe - Dark Alliance Incursions Empty Sun Oct 02, 2022 4:04 pm



Difficulty: Which level of Incursion are you doing?
Month: Which month are you doing it in?
  • The names of the members participating in the battle along with their ranks and guilds.


Difficulty: Catastrophic Incursion
Month: August
  • Jonathan Joestar (S-rank) - Phantom Blood
  • Dio Brando (S-rank) - Phantom Blood
  • Robert Speedwagon (S-rank) - Guildless




Dark Universe - Dark Alliance Incursions Empty Sun Oct 02, 2022 4:04 pm

Dark Alliance Incursions have started. Good luck!

#4Kanji Lionhart 

Dark Universe - Dark Alliance Incursions Empty Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:14 pm

Kanji Lionhart
Difficulty: Minor
Month: January

  • Kanji Lionhart
  • ???
  • ???

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#5Toge Liso 

Dark Universe - Dark Alliance Incursions Empty Wed Jan 25, 2023 7:33 pm

Toge Liso
@Kanji Lionhart can start his solo, remember you will only get half rewards. Enjoy.

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