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Traditional Hobbyist [Quest]

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#1† Aleja 

Traditional Hobbyist [Quest] Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 8:23 pm

† Aleja
Back at Hinoki theatre, but this time it wasn't for anything revolving around kidnapping or murder. As much as Aleja had grown accustom to the art of shooting an opposing force in the head, she was a little excited about this particular job. It was something she had always dreamed of doing eventually, though it really didn't align with her family's goals for her. Either way, today Aleja was ready to take the stage and show the world that she was more than a Captain-Commander, and more than just some rich girl, spoiled to the core. Aleja believed that she could fly. She believed that he could touch the sky. So today, Aleja Celdrua would be the first actress in her entire family. As soon as she walked backstage of Hinoki theatre, she was met with makeup artists and designers eager to put her in the costume she was supposed to wear.

#2† Aleja 

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† Aleja
The Commander sat in the chair as the artists got to work. They used good quality makeup and worked quickly. The show had already begun so they wanted to make sure she was ready to come out during her part. Earlier that day she had went over what she was supposed to do. Apparently, In her scene she was doing much. They wanted her character to die after a fateful battle with her enemy. Unfortunately Aleja wanted something more involved in the play, but at least she would be a star in some capacity. Hinoki theatre was famous and usually packed with viewers, so she was excited. Slightly nervous too. The Makeup artists were finally done and she looked at herself in the mirror. Not much changed, she thought. If anything the makeup simply brought out her features a bit more. The Vampire didn't exactly know what to expect.

#3† Aleja 

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† Aleja
Now the designer approached her with faux battle gear before dressing her up. They hadn't taken into account how busty she'd been so it was a bit of a hassle for her to fit into the clothes. After a few minutes of struggle though, she finally stood backstage all dressed up awaiting her time to enter. The longer she stood here, the more she began to anticipate what would happen when she hit the stage. Would she mess up? Would the people watching laugh at her? So many thoughts and so little time because eventually it was her time to shine. The Captain Commander was pushed onto the stage and immediately blacked out. Fully in character, she roared with her sword drawn and began fighting her pretend opponent- only he was hitting her a little too hard. The two exchange blows, Aleja hit him, he hit her and the crowd was on the edge of their seats.

#4† Aleja 

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† Aleja
Eventually the man struck her, causing her to fall before the curtains closed. Just like that, her job was done. They quickly helped her up and pulled her off the stage as the rest of the play continued. They said she did well, but somehow she didn't believe it. In the end she was invited to a celebratory event after, which of course she would not miss. Free drinks? Potential suitors for the night? Eventually she was paid and the show ended. As a group they all packed up and headed towards this party to have a good time. Finally she could cross that off of her bucket list. She was a known actress. Everyday her resume was growing. Who knows? Maybe one day soon she would retire and pursue a career as a professional actress, apparently the money was really good too. Then again, a lifestyle like that wasn't what she saw for her future.

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