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Encounter [w/ Akuko]

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#1Kurou Zankoku 

Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 10:59 am

Kurou Zankoku
At long last, the traveler arrived at the outskirts of Dahlia. The journey had been long and arduous, so Kurou was eager to find shelter. Days had passed since he'd last showered or eaten a proper meal. Kurou was irritated, as might be expected. In his vicinity were vacant broken-down huts that had signposts alongside them. "That's a start." he said with optimism.

Most of the lettering on the signpost was etched out, but fortunately, Kurou was able to make out the word. "Aldenwald." A gust of wind followed as the word left his lips. If he continued straight, Kurou would surely reach the inner city. However, he was more than due a break. The traveler tossed his bag over the hut's railing. "I'm sure they won't mind."

Unsurprisingly, there wasn't much inside the hut. Shattered pieces of glass adorned the floor, and every step Kurou took made a squeak. "Shit." He carefully tip-toed across the living room into the main bedroom. "So much for being quiet."
LOCATION: Crossroads
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Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 12:26 pm

Oh how fun it was to just leave the little one under her watch to nap away or read a book. After all other matters required her attention in this case it was meeting some one who seemed far more lost in a place that was too risky to be lost in.

It must be fun for some one to sneak around so much, For Kurou having Akuko sneak around and just do things her normal thing might just not be the main idea of fun but then again to anyone but Akuko it was not fun for them to have some shadow daemon lurk around and attempt to annoy you. But alas all quiet moments here in this ruined hut where about to go differently with Akuko coming in. even if he was not quiet not like she had an interest in being quiet now either at one point between Kurou's steps there was a sound of another step but it was not made by him and intentionally made by Akuko to just kind of check a reaction, After that she did not want to speak quite yet because she knew how she wanted to do these things.

But this place had a bunch of ruined and run down things just as much as the condition of the building was in too in seemed. Then lingering enough she would find a place to sit at. Then made sure she landed on what she would sit on loud enough to make a fair amount of noise to see if it also got some kind a reaction as well.

If he did search around he would find Akuko, with her slightly bright neon in nature pink hair, her golden eyes, with her outlandish looks she would just lay on whatever it was like she was posing for a painting or a picture.

#3Kurou Zankoku 

Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Wed Sep 28, 2022 4:58 pm

Kurou Zankoku
Before he entered the bedroom, Kurou heard a slight movement come from behind him. ”Are my ears deceiving me?” he thought to himself. He was startled by the sound because he believed he was alone. Shortly after, he heard a plump sound as well. ”There’s definitely someone or something here.”

Immediately, he turned around to see a woman sprawled out on a couch cushion. Her hair was a vibrant pink, and her eyes a fierce golden brown. The position she assumed revealed the curvaceousness of her body from head to toe. This woman was confident beyond a shadow of a doubt. ”Sheesh.”

Despite her attraction, the traveler kept his distance. There was no telling whether or not this woman was hostile. Furthermore, Kurou was unaware of her intentions. One thing is for sure—whoever she was, Kurou was unable to detect her presence. ”Who should I thank for this unexpected visit?” he said with a flirtatious smile.
LOCATION: Crossroads
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Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Thu Sep 29, 2022 10:18 am

And thus it has started meeting a daemon at crossroads was always if anything something one pictured happening only in books but in this case it just happen to be some one's reality. But in her pose and way of being Akuko would just start the conversation in Joyan since well she was testing the waters of what this person might be able to understand, At least if he was confused she spoke Fiorian."Well you aren't the artist I hired to draw or paint me here...How drool."Akuko spoke in her native tongue of the joyan language. But this was actually a lie entirely just to see what he would to Akuko not even greeting him at all, It is kind of just a small thing to do. Beyond here Akuko would spoke Fiorian it would still have a bit of a joyan accent to it"I guess I will have to find some one else to draw me like one of them Minstrel ladies I have heard people talking about in art pieces of the past and present."But alas maybe she actually needed to engage who was with in her the room in conversation.

"You wish to thank me for a visit? if this a the place you call home, Trust me...there is much better places to rest your head upon."
Akuko said even if it was maybe considered rude to ignore being thanked at this time it would be something she would get back to. But first she would just go back to standing on her feet."But if you wish to thank me, Your are welcome for being lost and having me seek out what walks about these lands in my free time."Akuko was a bit busier these days, a lot more then she thought she would, At least it was for more of a wholesome reason then anyone would ever expect from the typical her.

"But I suppose I should get an answer to my wonder, Are you lost? Or are you seeking something?"Akuko asked because well it was only one of the minor things she wondered about him being here if he was really looking for a place to sleep why didn't he just go one of the inn's here? Thus they were having this conversation now, Not that she minded in the end there was always something enjoyable with these things."I don't assume you would willing want to be in a run down place like this?"If he said yes to this Akuko would actually be interested in knowing why.

Language colour chart: Joyan Fiorian

#5Kurou Zankoku 

Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Thu Sep 29, 2022 7:12 pm

Kurou Zankoku
The words that escaped the cryptic woman's lips sparked something within Kurou. The tongue she spoke was that of his father's homeland, Joya. However, he wasn't fond of the thought of a mere stranger knowing his descent. So, he pretended not to be able to understand. "You've got to be shitting me..." he thought to himself.

Unfortunately for Kurou, that wasn't all she had to say. The woman would continue to say how she intended to find someone to draw her like a Minstrelian woman. "Who gets a piece done in a crappy hut, anyway?" he wondered. At the very least, Kurou could agree that this woman's beauty rivaled the women from his homeland.

The traveler took the woman's next choice of words with a grain of salt. She was mistaken in thinking he would reside in such a subpar environment. Moreover, her arrogance rubbed Kurou the wrong way. The pink-haired woman did, however, point out the obvious - his bewilderment. His journey through Aldenwald would prove challenging without an aide.

"You were doing so well." he replied displeased. From the angle he stood, Kurou threw his bag into the bedroom. "Like you said, I'm lost." he continued. At this moment, he sat criss-cross applesauce. "I've been walking for days on end and thought I'd catch my breath here."

"I don't assume you would willing want to be in a run down place like this?"

- Akuko

"Funny you should say that. Earlier I thought how strange it would be to have a drawing done here." Kurou said sarcastically.

"Zan. And you are?"
LOCATION: Crossroads
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Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Fri Sep 30, 2022 9:54 am

He posed with a question she did not mind answering at all, only given because she was just lingering here with out a worry in her mind at all. Sure it made no sense but Akuko was not trying to follow logic most of the time anyway she enjoyed the chaos."A little piece called Beauty in Ruin."She answered, in which well if it had to do with her lounge like that for a bit it might make sense."I wanted an art piece of myself to give to some one as a gift, But it will have to wait until later."It it might have had to do with her own ego and vanity in one way, But a present to some one she either loved or cared about. It might be something to judge in many ways given how she left it at. It was entirely up to him to choose how he thought of it.

Even if she was a figurative pain in the butt right now, She was not a cruel woman she would eventually lead it into some kind off to help."You have done well, considering none of the: Werewolves, Vampires, Living Dead and Ghosts have yet to seemingly even touch you."The fact she casually listed these things might show she paid attention to a lot of things and moved about these lands pretty well. At least she was not a threat even if she was annoying, A pretty fitting theme to catch on too eventually.

She should move on to some kind of offer."I could offer you a place to stay with out a second thought really the cost of the Inn's are not that much to me."Would this man really want her help however was a good question. He seemed like he was doing pretty well up  until this hut."But considering you have all that I had seen now, I want to know are you interested in something more then just a roof over you head?"With in the continuing twist of conversation with her she figured she would ask and offer something to see if he was interested in."How about something more then just a roof over your head? Maybe join something different then just a job?"It was risky but maybe he was fitting for the situation and the group they had going.

#7Kurou Zankoku 

Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Fri Sep 30, 2022 4:18 pm

Kurou Zankoku
The shady woman blatantly ignored Kurou after he asked for her name. Unsurprisingly, he took offense to her rude mannerisms. "Fucking ridiculous." he thought to himself. She then talked about her artistic interests, although Kurou had not asked. "All I need is for her to guide me through the forest." he reminded himself.

"You have done well, considering none of the: Werewolves, Vampires, Living Dead and Ghosts have yet to seemingly even touch you."

- Akuko

It seemed that Kurou had impressed the stranger. He had not encountered the creatures she mentioned as of yet, so his eyes lit up. She offered the traveler a proposition he was in no position to refuse. "A permanent place of residence ...?" Kurou's eyebrows raised out of suspicion. "Something more than a job ...?" He pondered the idea. Admittedly, he was skeptical because a random stranger jumped at the thought of helping—well, a fellow stranger.

But, he was in no position to argue. "I suppose I'll take you up on that offer." he replied. The traveler went to the bedroom to collect his belongings for their trip.

- Exit -
LOCATION: Crossroads
TAG: @Akuko


Encounter [w/ Akuko] Empty Sat Oct 01, 2022 10:23 am

At least it would all wrap up nicely and a few things would be less of a mystery and he would finally stop being a pain in the butt and tell her name to him."I had a feeling this would be the case, Even if i am a pain in the butt. I am not here to leave some one stranded."Which well might still be odd. But she did not seem to hang it over his head so to say if anything she seemed to only offer and mention it because it was needed, She was trying to help even being a bit annoying.

But he said yes, in which Akuko almost did expect him to refuse and just maybe talk her into paying for an room in an inn for a bit, But he wanted that larger offer."Good good, You will go to the guild hall. Tell them Akuko sent you here."It was her name, Then again with how all of this was spoken she was not taking him there she merely just seemingly walked into the shadows and for a moment. Then just out of the corner of his shadows Akuko dropped a map for him to follow. Sure it was not all out right but being handed a map or were to go was helpful and having everything set up was a good thing.

Akuko could go back to being a child taker and doing whatever else she need when no one was watching her.


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