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Silver City NQC2

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The young Hunter Merchant from Desierto yawned and stretched out in her bed. Her room in the Guild Hall was coming along nicely, she was surrounded by plants as far as the eye could see. The upstairs was filled with wonderful lively plants, ranging from those that had been cultivated purely for their aesthetic properties to those that were poisonous to all manner of humans, humanoids, and creatures. The undercroft too was filled with many plants, fungus, and the likes. Specially labeled, specially cared for, specially cultivated, cloned, and crafted. It was art, really. To look  inside of Ikanbi's room in the Guild Hall was to look at a dazzling display of colors and textures. Filled to the brim as it were, Ikanbi had very little space for herself. She had made a bed out of the softest, cushiest plants she could clone for such purpose. It had been a tedious, grueling task, but one that she had performed nonetheless.

The toxicologist got out of bed, stepping across the otherwise clean floor of the second floor of her room and gazed into the mirror across from her on the wall, next to one of her bookshelves. She had taken to insect gathering now as well, and her room was lively with moths and butterflies that had made themselves at home in her garden bedroom. A moth landed on her nose, a nice white fuzzy one with little cute antenna and it suited her just fine. She chuckled to herself. "Hello there little fella." She had said to the moth before walking over to her wardrobe and selecting her attire for the day. She had a contract, a simple one, escort another aristocat into the lower cast district while they did some simple shopping. Last time, as she had been forewarned, some thugs had attempted to make away with the noble's purchases. Fortunately, Ikanbi was no pushover and had been there to take care of things for them. Such was her paycheck, currently, but it was work she was well suited for. She rued the day a pesky vampire or werewolf might stumble upon her during this sort of job. The idea of plunging a stake through their hearts was exhilarating in an odd sort of way that she could never quite put her finger on.

Truthfully, she would do what she could to subdue and capture the dark denizens were such an event to truly occur. Her mind had always raced with the thoughts of what sorts of experiments she might conduct using the blood of vampires and werewolves. She had read in her books that transitioning into both of them was indeed possible, but a feat of legends that would certainly take an amount of work. She donned all black today, from her head to her toes, save for a white shirt underneath her black jacket. She threw on her favorite sunglasses and went on her merry way. She reached into her traveler's pouch and produced her grappling hook gun. She situated it into the notches she had specifically carved out onto rails she herself had decided to install onto the side of the guild hall's architecture for such purpose and rappelled down to the nearest building, which, fortunately, was not terribly far.

She landed on the building lightly and retracted the cable from its gun like feature, which she deposited back into her travellers pouch, exchanging it immediately for what was a rather larger sized harpoon gun, which she holstered onto her belt whilst she walked across the roof of the building. Her footing was almost compromised however as an explosion did rock the building and the surrounding area from nearby. She looked instinctively in the direction of the explosion. It was becoming far and more common these days it would seem, much to the misfortune of those that had traveled to Myras seeking refuge and asylum from the dangers of the outside world. What with the dark Incursion, the Sillas causing volcanic and voltaic issues, Ikanbi was surprised any of the richer folks had even bothered to stick around. The poor folks she could understand, where else did they have to go? But the noblemen certainly had enough pull, power, and wealth to merely relocate anywhere they desired. So, why did they not? Was it because Myras was just so ingrained in their blood that they could not leave if they even wanted to? Would they really rather stay and risk perishing?

Ikanbi shook her head. It wasn't her problem, after all. Those that had stayed were continued about their lives as though nothing bad were even happing, as though the incursion were just another one of their live's antics that popped up as a small nuisance, rather than the dark reality that it truly was. No matter, Ikanbi would still get paid either way.  She rendezvoused with the nobleman that had contracted her and the two of them walked and talked and chatted about nonsense, prospective lovers, and their work. The nobleman was, by all accounts, quite fascinated by Ikanbi's work as a Hunter and Toxicologist. "Werewolve's and vampires really exist then?" She had been asked and she almost scoffed. "How out of touch with reality people with your level of wealth must be." Ikanbi had said in response. "Yes, they are very real, and a very real problem. However, they are not all bad, mind you. I work closely with one particularly good-hearted Vampire after all." She said with a grin.

"She's a rather curious fellow, yeah, I think they used to be a man. They certainly walk, talk, and act like a man. I've never bothered to ask them about it, maybe she's just really, really weird." Ikanbi had said to the nobleman. The nobleman had by now made their purchases and Ikanbi had begun to escort them back the way they came when a thugh stopped the two of them. "Give me the jewels and you won't get hurt." They had said, to which Ikanbi had to try really hard not to laugh. Swiftly, she lunged forwards and kicked the would-be thug directly in the crotch as hard as she could before jumping incredibly high into the air with the aid of her moon rabbit headband and delivering a knee to their chin. Coupled with the doubling over motion the thug had performed immediately after getting kicked in the crotch, Ikanbi's knee collided with their skull quite horrendously, and they were out for the count.

"Wow...you're...quite efficient." Said the nobleman, and gave her a bit of extra money on the spot for the trouble. "That's what Hunters do..Look harmless, be efficient." She said with a smile.


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