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Caravan Guard (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had decided to take on a quest at night. This quest wasn’t a bad one, and to be honest, he didn’t mind it. This was going to be a guarding quest and he just had to make sure that nobody stole anything from his client’s caravan. It was nighttime and the two of them would make their way to the caravan. It was covered in shade, and it was in a parking spot in Era. It had made way to get to this caravan, so he would have to keep himself focused so that he didn’t get caught slipping. He didn’t think it would be hard to do as anybody who tried anything would be sensed by him within twenty meters. He just needed to stand by the caravan, and he would be fine.

Yuurei would stand around the caravan for the time being as he would wait to see if someone would try something.



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Yuurei would just relax as he was looking up at the sky and looking at the beautiful stars and moon above him. He would enjoy the scenery as it was something that he had done quite often in the North. It was an enjoyable thing to do, and it was even something that he had done when he was growing up. He kept doing this for a few hours as there was nobody coming to the caravan. That was good, but at the same time, it would probably mean they would have problems with this in the future.

He wasn’t sure if he should hide to make the criminals come out to try and steal from the caravan. It wouldn’t take long, but he would hear some noises not too far from him. He was surprised that somebody had snuck past him, and he would go check it out and hopefully, it was nothing.



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Yuurei would move stealthily to check things out, and he would see that it was a couple flirting with each other nearby. He would sigh and shake his head in disappointment because he thought he was going to take someone out. He would walk back to the caravan, and he wouldn’t feel any bad feelings or sensations. He figured that everything was good, and he didn’t have to worry about anything.

The Nephilim would keep doing his job, but he would see that nobody would show up through the night. Soon enough, the sun would start coming out and soon enough a mercenary of Augustus would show up and he would hand Yuurei a bag of jewels. The Nephilim would take the jewels and he would let the man know that there wasn’t anybody trying to steal anything the whole night. The man would nod understanding what Yuurei had said as the duo would walk away to take a nap for a bit.

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