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Almost Looks Real (Good)

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Almost Looks Real (Good) Empty Sat Sep 24, 2022 12:29 am

Yuurei and Renji were now in Hosenka; Renji had noticed that using the key that Yuurei had found made traveling so much easier. Still, while he had appeared at Hosenka again, it would seem like everybody would know of his arrival. How did he know this? Well, someone would come to him with a letter and it would seem like the Hinoki Theater wanted him there.

He was fine with this, and he would start heading to the theater. He wondered what they were going to have him do today. Renji was walking side by side as he wondered what was going to happen today for them. He knew that they were going to make jewels today. Yuurei would make his way to the theater, and while he would do this he would wave at people as he was making his way to his destination. It wouldn’t take long for him to make it there.



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Yuurei would look at Renji before entering the place.

“What do you think they want me here today?” He asked Renji.

“They are probably going to put you in the play.” He said to Yuurei.

He figured that might be exactly what they were going to do. He would enter the theater and when he got there, he would see people moving around the place. He would see Yua not too far from here and she would notice Yuurei. She would walk to him with a smile on her face as she was happy, he was here.

“I’m glad you’re here. We wanted to thank you for last time, so we wanted you to join us in a performance. You will be the protagonist this time, so yeah. Here is the script it is more fighting than anything.” She said to him as she would hand him the script. He would look it over and he would start to study it.



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Yuurei would look over to Yua while he was looking at the script. It seemed like she wanted him to follow her, and he would do just that. He would follow her to the back, and it would seem like he had a place to sit. He would do that, and she would leave as she would get someone to dress him when it was time for the performance. The Nephilim would take this time and he would read through all of this and memorize everything he had to do. Renji would take a catnap because he was involved in this. Yuurei would continue to go through everything and soon enough he felt like he was ready for what was to come. This was going to be fun, and he would see someone coming to him with clothes for him.

The woman would hand the outfit for Yuurei to change to. The light mage would do just that as he didn’t hesitate to get into these clothes.



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Yuurei wouldn’t take long to get the outfit on and when he came back to the chair the lady was waiting for him there. He would sit down a bit, and he would do a bit more looking in the script. He was going to make sure that he had everything down the pack. Once he was ready, she would escort him to the stage. He would jump around, and he would shake his arms and legs to loosen up. It wouldn’t take long but the curtains would open, and the crowds would cheer as they were ready for this play to begin.

Yuurei would be performing with Tomura as his sidekick. They would go through the entire play as they would revisit various scenes that had happened in real life. The crowds were excited to see them use their magic to help and save people. It was interesting to see the two of them work together and they were definitely enjoying it all.



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Yuurei was enjoying his time as an actor. It was not something he thought about doing and it was because he didn’t know this existed. He lived in the forest his entire life, and he was shunned by a lot of people around him. He wasn’t even allowed to go out in the real world until he was old enough anyways.

It was fun to do something different this time around and he was enjoying the fact the people in the crowd were cheering for him. Still, the play was coming to an end; Yuurei was handling the final rescues with Tomura. The two of them would move around the place as they would speak their lines and handle the end of the play. The two of them would do a pose with each other and they would look at each other and nod. The play was done or that was what they had thought.



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The curtains were about to start rolling, but Ayakashi would appear in front of Yuurei on stage.

“Are you ready to watch everyone die here?” He asked Yuurei.

The Nephilim would hear this and he would get into a fighting stance as he knew this was the real guy. He would run to Yuurei as he could see that he was ready to fight him. He would swing at him and then shoot magical needles at him. The Nephilim would know the danger was coming and he would dodge the first attack and then he dodged the second attack. He would look at the man with the mask and shake his head because he knew this was going to happen.

It seemed like the guy that had taken Ayakashi away was working with him. That meant they knew who he was, but he didn’t remember what that person looked like.



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Yuurei would look at Ayakashi as he would continue trying to attack Yuurei with spells. The Nephilim would dodge their attacks without a problem. The people in the back knew this was real, and they were doing their best to make a defensive barrier to make sure nobody in the audience wouldn’t get hurt. Yuurei wasn’t going to get harmed because of the people around him. Instead, he was trying to see what to do to this man. He was checking out his skills, and he would give him a few more seconds in him thinking he had the upper hand. It was then, Yuurei would stretch his arm at the man. He would punch Ayakashi in the chest as he would be pushed back and fall to the ground.

He had been caught off guard and he didn’t expect Yuurei’s arm to stretch. He would snap his arm back in place and he would put his hand up in the air as he had taken Ayakashi out.



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The crowd would start cheering when they saw him win. It was quick, but it shows the difference between their power. The fact that he could stretch his arm like that had also surprised them. It was cool as hell, and they wanted more from him. They would get off their feet as they were clapping. The curtains would close, and the management would handle everything. They would take the man away after Yuurei had finished the fight. A woman would come to him, and she would tell him that Yua wanted him to meet her at the back.

He would leave the stage and would start changing his clothes. He wanted to get back to his normal clothes. Renji would wake up from his catnap and he would see that Yuurei was ready to leave. This was good, but before that, they would have to go see Yua and get their rewards. He would find her, and she would walk to him, and she would thank him for being in the play. It wasn’t just that, but she would apologize for Ayakashi showing up. She didn’t think that would happen, but he had handled it well. Renji was lost because he didn’t know what had happened.

She would hand Yuurei his reward, and the man would take it. He would feel the weight and he was satisfied with that. He would bow slightly to her, and he would walk out of the theater with Renji. He would explain to his friend everything that had happened.

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