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Aspects of Failure [Quest]

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#1† Aleja 

Aspects of Failure [Quest] Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 11:22 pm

† Aleja
People filled the Hinoki theatre quite quickly. Groups of people entered, dressed in their finest attire as they found their seats according to their tickets. The security at the door checked every single person off the list, taking necessary precaution. The Stellan was high above the seats, resting in a private area where he could see everything beneath him. The stage, the seats, the people, from up here they all looked so small, so fragile. This was their first job taken outside of Era or Crocus in a long time. It felt weird to be doing any form of work that wasn't directly linked to the Rune Knights- but in a good way. Alejandro made the decision to move on; to travel the world in hopes of finding...something. What that "Something" was remained unknown for now, but he knew that at last part of it was a shitload of money.

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† Aleja
The first job they were able to find was one located in Hosenka's biggest theatre; Hinoki. Shows went on here every night for who knows how long. It was a staple in the community and represented a culture that wasn't exactly mainstream in Fiore. Diversity was good, the Celdruan thought. There was something about Joyan culture that made him feel like he was in a fairy tail. The women wore modest clothes, the men were uptight but they were a beautiful people. Some cultures, no matter how anybody else saw them, would never shift or change. Identity was tied to culture and culture was tied to history. Unfortunately the Rune Knight wasn't exactly here to watch the show. His job remained simple for the most part; see anyone strange and kidnap-ish, kill them. Well- he didn't have to kill them...but he would anyway. All it took was one fat bullet.

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† Aleja
The show began after about an hour of allowing guests to settle in. For Ale, that meant it was time to prepare. Without a gesture, Punisher appeared in his hands. He placed the gun upon the ledge of the balcony, making sure his hands were tightly gripped around it. He didn't wanna drop it and blow his cover. Corvo's mask had already concealed his identity, so with a quick tap on the side of the mask he disappeared. Completely invisible, weapon and armor included, he could not be spotted. At least not without a special skill or spell. The show went on, people watched attentively as actors and actresses moved to and fro upon the stage. They danced and sang, pranced and jumped. Elegantly, they put on a beautiful show for as long as they could before something happened. Suddenly a man magically appeared front and center on the stage.

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† Aleja
The Man was masked and as he appeared behind two actresses his hands gripped the back of their necks. "If anyone moves, I'll kill them!" His voice echoed. The crowd gasped and the cast went silent. Alejandro sucked his teeth as he attempted to get a clear view for his shot, but the man was standing in a very awkward position. It was a good thing he couldn't see Ale though, at least not yet. "Come on asshole, just move." The commander whispered to himself. Finally, the man shifted his body to back away. "Almost there..." and once the man was wide open, Alejandro pulled the trigger. One arcane element bullet soared through the sky at incredible speeds before striking the man on the side of his head, causing him to drop to his knees. It was over in an instant. Eventually someone picked up the masked man's body an Alejandro went to collect his reward. Now that's how you put on a show.

500/500 (10% ring, 20% RK, 20% Hermit)

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