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Old Man Scuffle (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji would walk through Magnolia together as they were trying to figure out what to do today. It was a nice day today, and honestly, they were enjoying their final days within this region. The Nephilim kept moving through the city as he was trying to figure out what to do. It wouldn’t take long, but someone would hand Yuurei a letter. He was confused about it, but he figured that it was coming from one of the people that knew he was here and wanted him to work for them. He would open the letter and it was coming from Little Old Nan. He wondered what she wanted him to do today, but where he was meeting her confused him.

Still, he would go there anyways because he knew that he wanted to help the old lady out in any way that he could.

“Something is weird about that letter Yuurei, so be on your toes, is all I got to say.” He said to his friend.



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Yuurei would listen to Renji and he understood. It was something that he thought was weird, to begin with.

“Yeah I figured if anything Little Old Nan would want us to meet her at her house. Still, if it’s a trap, then it’s a trap. It isn’t like they are going to be able to handle me.” He said to Renji.

The Exceed figured he would say something like that and wouldn’t respond back to it. Instead, he would let things run their course. The two of them would move through the Magnolia Streets as they would wave at people who saw them. They were excited to see him, and he was happy about that. While moving through the city, he would notice where he was located. He had traveled through Magnolia a lot to know where everything was at. He rubbed the back of his head as he knew now that this letter didn’t come from Little Old Nan.



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It wouldn’t take long, but Bitter Old Stan would appear, and he would approach him without hesitating. This man was an angry man from what he could tell, and he wondered what he was going to say.

“How dare you run away from the last time I saw you. I need to ruin Nan’s life, and you didn’t let me. So, now you going to get what’s coming to you, young man.” He said this to Yuurei as he was angry as hell.

The Nephilim would scratch the back of his head as he didn’t know what was going on here.

“I’m sorry I’m not going to let you ruin that lady’s life. I also don’t think you to mess with me. If you know who Yuurei is, then let you know that I’m him. Still, just think about it, last time you couldn’t even reach me when you were chasing me. I was too fast for you to catch me in the first place.” He thought about what he had said.



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Bitter Old Stan was thinking about that day and how he was chasing him, and how the distance between the two of them never closed. He was wondering why that was the case, but it would seem like this guy was claiming to be one of the famous mages in Fiore. He had stared at him very hard, and it wouldn’t take long for him to back down from trying to fight him. He was surprised that Yuurei was here, but still, he didn’t care about that. He knew he couldn’t beat him in a fight, so instead, he would give him a warning.

“It seems like you’re too much for me to handle, but let me tell you this young man. I need you to stay away from Nan. I want to do everything I can to sabotage her life. She left me and now I don’t want her to be happy since I’m not happy.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head as he didn’t know if he could do that. If she needed his help and he was getting paid then he was going to do the job.



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“I don’t think I can do that. To be honest, if she needs my help I’m probably going to help her again.” He said to Bitter Old Stan.

He would shake his head as it was not something he wanted to hear from this guy. He would huff and puff as he looked at Yuurei angrily.

“I don’t like this one bit. It means the next time I see you helping her, then I won't hold back kiddo.” He said to him.

Yuurei would shake his head when he heard that because he wished the man would give it a rest, but it seemed like that wasn’t going to happen. It wouldn’t take long, but he would notice someone hobbling in their direction. He wasn’t sure who it was until she was getting near the location. His eyes widen when he saw Little Old Nan was making her way to the two of them right now.



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Yuurei could tell that she was not happy with what was going on here. He could see it in her eyes, that she was going to yell at Bitter Old Stan. He wouldn’t tell him anything as he would allow this to run its course. When she got there she would look at Yuurei with a smile on her face, but then she would look at Bitter Old Stan with an angry look on her face.

“Leave this boy alone! He’s a nice man and he’s doing what he can to help me whenever I need it! You leave right now or I’m going to hit you with my cane!” She shouted at him.

When he heard her yelling at him, Bitter Old Stan would get nervous and scared. He would look around and then he would choose to run away from the scene as she had frightened him. He would run and when he was far enough he would turn as he shook his face at Yuurei before leaving the premises.



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Little Old Nan would turn to look at Yuurei not that he was gone and she would sigh with relief. She couldn’t believe that he would go this far, which meant that he was getting worse. She was hoping that he would let it go and move on with his life. Still, that didn’t seem to be the case and now Yuurei was involved in all of this. She would look over at him and she would have a smile on her face.

“I’m sorry for everything that has happened to you Yuurei. I didn’t think he would try to lead you into a trap. If it weren’t for that boy telling me what was going on, then I wouldn’t have known.” She said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would wave at her as if it wasn’t a problem at all.

“It’s okay, I actually had the situation handled, and it seems like you hurt him because all he wants to do is ruin your life. He told me not to help you in any way, but I told him no and he got angry again.” He explained the situation to her.



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She would hear everything that he had told her, and she was glad that he did his best not to fight with him. She would look around her bag and she would take out a bag of jewels and she would hand it to Yuurei.

“Thank you for dealing with Stan. You didn’t fight him and I’m glad you didn’t because he would have lost. But it is also for the trouble he had caused you because of me. Please use it wisely and I will make sure that I get a restraining order on that man.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei was surprised to hear what she had to say, but he would take the reward as he thought this was going to be a job in the first place. The weight of the bag was heavy, and he was glad to take the jewels without a problem. He would bow slightly to her before he and Renji would be on their way to enjoy the rest of the day within Magnolia.

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