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Counting the blessings [D-rank solo]

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It seemed that the priest of Magnolia's church was once more in need of help. Knowing that he was helping the sick and poor, Lily found herself naturally drawn to try to help ease the man's burden. As such, when he had asked her to search for a particular flower that grew in the nearby forest she had been quite willing to lend a hand. It was just like this that the duo found themselves amidst the trees of the forest, searching for the whereabouts of the aforementioned flower.

Nyancelot was already excitedly looking around, peeking at every flower to see if it matched the description he had been given by the priest, but unlike his master Nyancelot found the task a lot more challenging to complete. Lily curiously enough had been able to easily find the flowers they needed, one after another and at some point the Exceed's curiosity couldn't be contained any more. Watching the filled basket he inquired with a smile. "How comes you're able to find these flowers so easily Lady Lily?" To which the elf smiled sheepishly at her. "I can hear the whispers of nature, guiding me and beckoning me to the flowers."

The Exceed blinked in bewilderment, not sure what to imagine with that. However, after a moment of consideration he decided to drop the subject, instead following his master back into the city. Clearly the priest had been surprised when they returned so early with a full basket of the flowers he needed for his medicine. Still, after giving them some words of praise, the man had chosen to give the girl a nice little extra in terms of jewels for the sheer amount of flowers she had brought back. Bowing her head lightly in gratitude Lily finally left the church, preparing to return to her accomodation.

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Counting the blessings [D-rank solo] XF7oqBL
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