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Sneaking Out [South to West Travel]

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#1Vivi Ramstein 

Sneaking Out [South to West Travel] Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 10:18 am

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi yawned as she rode out of Hargeon on her horse in the early morning. The mere idea of sticking around any longer after the news she'd heard was absurd. Every moment she was in town she would be risking being caught or attacked. She couldn't risk that, it would just be a pain in the neck to deal with. All the same, she knew that she could take her time leaving. She wasn't a notorious face, she kept a low enough profile, so she could stand to take things at a slow pace. She never liked to be in a hurry, and pushing Moonbeam too hard would just end up being a detriment to them both.

She'd head to Oak, knowing at least that she'd be safe there. With her horse, the trip was quite quick as she traversed the roving hills as she entered more mountainous territory. West Fiore was always a lovely sight, it was the home of the strong and the sturdy, just like her. She could even consider it home with enough time. But she wondered, as she rode into town, what would await her this time, and if she would get stronger because of it. She'd have to see.

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Sneaking Out [South to West Travel] Vivisi10

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