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Shopping Crisis PT. 7 (Neutral)

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There had been a lot of weird things happening since he had been in the East. He had his necklace consumed by a weird spider thing. The spider had turned into stone soon after as he claimed it as his new necklace. It wasn’t just that, but somehow his right eye had changed, which was a lot of pain, to be honest. Still, he thought he would leave East soon, but it seemed like there were still a few things that he had to do.

He was moving through the streets right now as he was trying to see what kind of job he could do today. He would make it to the job board, and he would look through it. It would seem like there were a few jobs here, and he decided to help another shop. He would take one that had to do with herbs as he didn’t want anything bad to happen to someone who used nature to take care of people.



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Yuurei and Renji would move through the area that they were in as they were navigating the streets of Magnolia. It would seem like they didn’t have to walk that far, but there were a lot of people who were taking notice that Yuurei was there. He would wave at everyone as if he was walking through a runway. Renji would shake his head as he truly wanted to go back home, and he wondered how long that was going to take. The Nephilim kept going through it all as he didn’t find it bad or anything like that. It wouldn’t take long, but he would find himself in front of the herb shop. He knew that Charlotte would have enjoyed this place if she was here.

“Alright Renji, I feel like this is going to be the last week that we will be here.” He felt it in his bone, and he would hope that he was right.”[/color] He said to his friend.



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Renji hoped that was true, but honestly, he didn’t mind it. He figured if they stood here, then it would allow Kaito to continue his adventure in the East. They would be able to communicate with the people in their guild more often, which was a good thing.

“Well let’s see how lucky you are. You can’t seem to get what we came here for after all.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head as he was right, but he wasn’t going to get depressed because of it. Instead, Yuurei would walk inside, and there he would see a woman tending to the plans that she was growing and taking care of. He looked over to the side and it would seem like there were vials with liquid substances in them and he figured she made them. Still, it would seem like she didn’t know he had come in as she was absorbed in her work.



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Yuurei would give her a few seconds of working and soon enough he would clear his throat. It was loud enough to grab her attention. She would look up to see him there with his Exceed. She would look around as she was fumbling around to gather herself. She noticed that it was Yuurei and she would brush her hair back with her hands.

“Oh, how can I help you Yuurei? Do you need any herbs today? Are you hurt?” She asked him wondering what she would say to him.

He would look at himself as he would do a three-sixty before looking at her.

“No, I’m fine, but thank you for asking me. I’m here because you seemed to be having a problem with people trying to make you pay for their protection.” He said to her.

She would hear this and she would smile at him as if she had forgotten about that. Still, she was glad that he was here, and that he reminded her about it.



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She would continue to do her job, but now she was aware that she had Yuurei here with her.

“Yeah a group of guys came here the other day and said I had two days to decide if I want them to protect my shop. They said if I didn’t agree though, they would destroy everything here, and basically show me what happens when this place isn’t protected. Today is the day they would show up.” She said to him.

Yuurei would understand what was going on, and he would rub his chin as he didn’t like that this was happening. Still, he was here, so that wasn’t going to happen to this place.

“No worries, it is why I came here in the first place. I will make sure that they don’t do anything to your shop, and that they will never try to do anything like that again. When you see me come in after I handle the problem you can call the Rune Knights to take them in.” He explained to her.



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She would hear this and she would be happy that he was here. It would seem like she had nothing to worry about. She had heard the rumors about him, so it meant that these fools didn’t know what was coming to them.

“Do you have a cool secret medicine that you can only make? I would like it if you could give me the recipe to make it, so I can gift it to one of my friends.” He said to her.

Her ears perked up as she would look at Yuurei and she was fine with that. She was actually surprised that he had asked her for something like that.

“Yeah, when you get the job done, I can give you that plus your regular rewards.” She said to him as she would continue on with her work.

Yuurei would allow her to do her job and he would look at Renji and the two of them would walk out of the shop.



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Yuurei would look around the place as he was acting as the bodyguard for this place. Renji would do the same thing and when he saw that there wasn't anybody approaching the place, he would start stretching. The Nephilim would see this, and he would do the same thing. The two of them would get ready for the fight that would be coming as the day would end. He was making sure that he was ready, and soon enough he would feel a tingling feeling on his neck. He knew that it was the necklace, and it was warning him that danger was coming.

He would look over to his right and he would see a group of people walking to the herb shop. Yuurei would walk over to them as he wasn’t going to let them get too close to the shop. He would basically force them to come to a stop as they all looked at him.



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The guys would look at Yuurei as they were wondering why this guy was there. They would look at each other and they would shake their heads. They couldn’t back down even if this guy was here.

“We don’t want you getting hurt Yuurei, so you should step to the side and let us do what we came here to do.” He said to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would look at them and he would shake his head. They knew who he was, and yet they thought they could get away with his.

“You guys know who I am, and you plan on fighting against me? I feel bad for you guys, but I do give you honors for still trying to fight me.” He said as he would get into a fighting stance.

When he did, they would all take guns out and they would all shoot at Yuurei. He would dodge them all as he wasn’t using any of his equipment. His cape would move with him and it was prepared to take any hits.



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Still, he was perfectly fine, and he was in front of one of the guys already. It was then he would punch the man with an uppercut as it would send him flying into the air and then to the ground. The Nephilim would see one of them change to melee combat, but he would step back to avoid their attack. It was when Yuurei would kick him in his chest and send him flying to the floor. He would see that they were charging at him, and he would shake his head. He would move around, and he would grab someone’s arm and push him to his friend before kicking them with a roundhouse kick.

They would both be hit by his entire leg as they would fall to the ground from the pain. He would look at the guys that were remaining and he would take a deep breath before exhaling as he was ready to continue with the fight.



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Yuurei would look at the guys in front of him and they would look at him as if they couldn’t believe how easy he was taking care of them. Still, they knew that if they overwhelm him, they could beat him. He would shake his head as they were still going to try. He would watch them all charge at him as they noticed that when they shot him last time it didn’t work, and it got one of them hurt.

The Nephilim would see this, and he would step back so that he didn’t get overwhelmed by them. He would flick his left wrist and he would shoot out a web to one of them and he would punch them in the face when he pulled the web to him. They would do a backflip from the hit, and he would shoot out another web he would zip to another guy, and he would punch him with his right hand taking him out.



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Yuurei would look at the guys that were in front of him, and they looked nervous, but they kept at it. He would shake his head he would stretch his arm to them and he would slap them all as he swung his arm around. They would all feel the slap and it was strong enough that it would knock them out. He would just crack his neck as his fight with them was over. The berserker would walk over to the shop, and Renji would follow him. The Exceed never got to fight, but he was fine with that as well. He would enter the shop, and his client would be waiting for him.

She would hand him his rewards without hesitating as she thanked him and told him that she had called the Rune Knights already. He was happy to hear this and he would bow slightly to her. It was then that Yuurei and Renji would leave the area as he had a secret recipe to create a medicine for Charlotte.

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