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Terrifying News [Karisa][Ikanbi][Priscillia]

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Amidst all the chaos that was impacting Earthland from the Dark Incursion it was hard ot see what was impacting society outside of that influence. And yet despite the fog of information that clouded the ability for clear understanding looming over the country of Fiore, Kon could still feel a particular sense of unease entirely unrelated to the doomsday level threat. Aware of his own pitfalls and weaknesses compared to his dark world counterpart, Kon the Conqueror he knew that he would never be able to compete with such an individual. A single glance from miles away had been a clear indication for the man turned woman to know better then to interact with his doppleganger. Concern of the outcome from the Dark incursion weighed heavily on the archer’s mind however it was something he would over come. Instead he would help the people how he could in his own way, outside of the view of these terrible invaders. This would begin in the strangest of ways with him hearing reports first hand of citizens fleeing their homes seeking protection within the Stoney walls of Myras town. A truly odd thing with Myras being occupied already by what he would consider the worst possible option.

Word had it that they were running from a terrifying beast made entirely of flames ruining the crops and pillaging their wares beyond recovery. These reports were first and foremost through word of mouth but unlike his previous half cocked behaviour in the past he would not rush into the conflict without first figuring out just what was happening on not going off the word of peasant folk with vague references of the beast. The element of the animal hardly reduced the amount of creatures it could be, if it was a dragon then he might need a team, a magically embedded rabbit something a bit more manageable. Nonetheless though for now he would need to arise from his station proper and attend to the affair of the citizens and learn the truly about the creature destroying the peaceful lifes of the citizens whom he had now taken in as an unofficial protector of the south. This role was questionable at best with him no longer at his peak while his area of protection also lingered in a devastated state from the raiders.

Leaving the floating island of the Collective Mind was a dangerous feat with it being an oasis from the Dark Raiders. This departure would only last as long as it was needed and no longer. The threat of being attacked all alone from these monsters or worse still his duplicate genuinely terrified him. Long gone were the days where he possessed a magic that would allow him the ability to retreat and that would have been the only option for him given the sharp disparity between them. Hoping to blend in with the commonfolk, Kon had pre-prepared dressing in the traditional garb of those that resided within Myras, He would truly be uncover reducing himself to a one arm, one eyed cripple. A truly sickening sight to behold were it not for his feminine appearance. It was unusual for the Guild Master to put himself at such a vulnerable position without a shred of armor in front of his colleagues but yet there he stood in front of his guild mates bare as bones ready to deliver his request to them on top of the floating island.



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The Royal Huntress had spent a fair amount of time in Myras by now and was just as unnerved by the Dark Incursion as her peers. Still, she had made many friends in the network of aristocrats in the Silver City and her trade route back from Desierto was doing quite well even without her own hands getting too dirty these days. Ikanbi paced about the Guild Hall absentmindedly as she made her way towards the library where she cracked open a few old books and poured over mind-numbingly dull details on the Incursion. The dark Kon that had appeared had been, well, unsettling and ravenous, a true dark feature of a great leader. She jotted down a few notes of her own, things that she thought might be most helpful were she to be tasked with helping to dispatch the dark incursion, though she had to admit she was the least suited for the task.

No, the toxicologist's skills were more suited for subterfuge and stealthy sorts of shenanigans. Information gathering, tracking, trading. Outright combat with a dark mage wasn't something she was particularly looking forward to in any scenario and certainly not something she was equipped for. That sort of task was better suited for her sisters, after all. She wondered if Kuva might could fend off the invaders. Or Sia with her summons. She shook the thought from her head as she exited the library and waltzed down one of the many halls within their flying fortress. A marvelous structure, really, and one she was delighted to be inside of, a part of, to make use of. She wondered where they might take it next, what sorts of adventures they may get into. Her guildmates had been rather quiet lately, each of them working on their own little pet projects and not particularly requiring much of her lately which was just fine. It was nice to be needed, but it was just as nice to be left to her own devices.

The summons from Kon had been rather sudden but not at all unwelcomed. Ikanbi went to her room first and grabbed a snack, a small pastry and a beautiful red apple. She snacked on them gingerly as she made her way upwards through the stairs of the guild hall, twisting and turning and shifting about until she finally broke through into the open skylight, stepping out onto the top of the flying fortress and shielding her eyes momentarily before instead dropping her sunglasses down from her hair onto her face, covering her eyes. Her jacket blew in the wind, it was a tad windier today than usual and up here on top of the Guild Hall it could definitely be keenly felt. She was glad for the material she had been given, a lesser jacket would surely have been penetrated by the winds and chilled her to the bone.

She looked around only for a moment before she spotted her guild leader and mentor, Kon. A sight to behold, they were nowhere near as regal as they usually appeared. Ikanbi composed herself and didn't scoff, though she certainly almost did. "You've certainly seen better days my friend." Ikanbi said to them as her eyebrows raised. She then looked past them, walking closer towards the edge of the structure and peering down below at the city and its surrounding areas. "What's troubling you?"


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Still dirty from the last experiment on Prisoner 133. They were a failure of course as she wouldn't be here if it wasn't. Her eyes were tired as she was doing her hobby non-stop. The time between when she started and when she stopped was unknown as time was nothing to her. When she was in her sacred room, time was non-existent. She looked at the dead body that was on the surgery table and now covered in grey cloth. "I have done what you asked, Mistress. Anything else?", asked one of her servants as she bowed. Karisa's eyes warmly looked at them and lifted her hand to flick it away, "Clean the tools and the room with the others. I have business to attend to apparently," she motherly spoke to the servants.

They dared not to argue as they started their janitor work. Karisa on the other hand started to take off her gloves and slipped her clothes off, throwing them in the trash before it started to burn within the can. She constantly walked towards her path as the wall then opened to reveal her bedroom that anyone could see. She heard the wall close and instantly she started to get dressed. Before she entered the room, water fell on her from the ceiling to clean her up, an automatic fan dried her up and was able to get clean clothes on before she walked instantly out the door to go to the top floor.

All she knew was that her cousin had something planned. What human task is he going to give her? "Do you think it'll interest you...?" Eris spoke ghostly into Karisa's ears. She gave her usual calm smile as it was warm like the sun to gaze at. Most found it comforting, but rarely anyone knows the hidden meaning behind it as she hid her mad scientist acts behind it. If only people knew what she did to her sister's daughter...

Karisa swayed her way to the top before seeing that her guildmate Ikanbi was there with Kon. Who else will be a part of this little task?


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Priscilla Ivalice
There was never a problem being the last of the group to show up, Maybe if it was in another happen stance she would have been in much better of a mood. But Alas between taking care of one person and trying to start finding the other she was if anything less than a bit annoyed. But because she was a bit more processional about these things she would manage to keep it to herself because why not always just make sure it was only just a problem to her? It was a stubborn way of being but it was normal.

But fixing her gloves to make sure they were on correctly and would not be lost along with a few other appointments with her she seemed to just take it as another thing to do and would right start thinking over the many things she could do in this situation, feeling stress at least was normal and could be controlled by her after all A werewolf losing control of themselves was not ideal in the slightest. But as long as that slightly unhappy expression on her face there she was in control, But most likely getting called to something was important.

But she was with the rest of the group now, no matter the state everyone else seemed to feel at this time, it was most likely something she would check on eventually later because she did check on the people she was in this group with when she had a the time, just often busy with a few other things. She would give herself some good stretches to prepare to be on the move. It had been a while you could hear some bones breaking while she was stretching them all and even casually cracking her neck, Good sign she was ready to go.



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Of the guild mates that he had invited, it seemed only half had answered the call, Ikanbi, an inexperienced adventurer from Desierto whom he took with him from Infinity Wolves before its disbanding, Karisa, his cousin with fantastic powers to manipulate time itself and Priscillia, a former fellow member of the Sentinel Syndicate if he wasn’t mistaken. It was truly funnily how everything seemed to come back to the start. Wanting to thank them all for coming, all undoubtedly busy doing their own projects, Kon waved his left hand and gave a brief smile to all of them. “Thank you for taking the time out of your day for me, I was wondering whether you three could help me, there’s been rumors that Myras town and the rest of South Fiore has been assaulted by some beast of fire however the information is spotty at best, I’d like to limit any further damage to the land and the people, but I need to learn more about just what is causing all of this, normally I’d investigate it by myself but with the dark raiders it’s more of a challenge.”

Pausing for the moment as he was about to ask them all a brutally hard request, he looked at them all once more before bolstering his tone once more. “This is where you three come in, I’d like your assistance to go out through Myras and talk with the citizens specifically those that have been impacted by the “beast of fire.” Rubbing the back of his neck, Kon looked down upon himself recognizing the differences in clothing between him and the group, he spoke once more. “You guys might want to dress down a bit, blend in with the public don’t want to be pinched by one of those dark raider dopplgangers, I know my counterpart fighting me.” Wanting to leave the decision to partake in something that might otherwise be incredibly dangerous Kon departed from the group allowing each of them to decide for themselves.

Melting away into the mist of the clouds, Kon motioned towards the very edge of the floating island before stepping off the edge without concern for his wellbeing vaguely aware only a few meters beneath him were the rooftops of the houses below. His educated guess had been almost correct were it not for the gaps between the houses one of which he slipped through with only one foot landing on the roof and his other simply hitting space. Unable to stop the momentum the archer continued to fall landing headfirst into the ground, mudding his clothing and blooding his face as scraps and cuts littered his unprotected face. Defeated despite him only just starting, Kon resigned himself to just laying there for the time being resting in the dirt and the cooling blood that ran from his wounds.



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As the others finally gathered their way towards the top of the structure Ikanbi couldn't help but to smile. "Hello my dears." She said politely to Karisa and Priscilla as they joined her and Kon the Guild Leader atop their flying fortress. She wondered exactly how she'd be able to help, but truthfully scouting and reconnaissance were something she could definitely help with. Her mind raced with the thoughts of just how many contacts she had within the city and she scoured over them in her head analytically for a moment before deciding she would first visit the aristocrats quarters and work her way down from there. She turned to the others that remained on the rooftop with her. "I'm going to go mingle with the rich folks down below and see what they know, then work down through the caste system. I've established a lot of contacts here through my trade route and business dealings so I'm sure we can pick up a lead one way or another. Feel free to tag along...or not." She began to make her way back the way she came, heading briskly towards the exit that what take her back into the fortress they stood atop of.

"It is good to see the two of you again." Ikanbi said to Karisa and Priscilla before she finally went back into the structure. She made her way through the halls quickly, she had spent a great deal of time analyzing the layout of the structure and charting a well made blueprint of its architecture, physiostructure, and general layout. She'd even found a few hidden features, trick hallways, entirely hidden rooms, she had to admit she was oh so pleasantly delighted with the structure and its function as a guild hall. She made her way back to her room and decided on a change of outfit as Kon had suggested. Something darker than her usual attire, mostly black, it had nice black fur trim lining the inside of the coat jacket and hood, which she pulled over her head. Black pants and boots with some silver accessories marked her as a proper Hunter on the go and she departed from the structure soon thereafter.

She used the grappling system she had come up with, volleying down from the structure and descending into the city by landing upon its rooftops. To her surprise, the city was still bustling with energy despite the dark incursion and the wrath of this supposed creature of fire. It didn't take long for Ikanbi to work her way through the city, and she knew just who she should talk to get pointed in a better direction. She met with one of her fencers, a peddler of sorts, and they exchanged pleasantries and Ikanbi was sent on her way. "Thank you, Azradel" She had said kindly and gave him a peck on the cheek before she left his little coffee shop. So there were survivors here in the city that she could talk to, survivors of the Sillasa.

Ikanbi scoured through the city again, and what she found was, well, not so great in nature. The survivors she talked to spoke of a being that had influence over a volcano of all things, a feat which surprised her. They spoke of being able to control to the flow of lava, erupt it from the very ground around them at will, and summon magma meteors. This was all, truth be told, quiet concerning to Ikanbi. She scribbled in her notes and jotted down everything that they said. "Thank you for your time." She had said finally, and gave them a few pastries she had taken from the coffee shop before she made her way back to the guild hall, grappling back up into it after ascending onto the rooftops of the buildings nearest to it.


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Karisa's head started to hurt for some reason as she tilted her neck left and right, cracking it. Her eyes closed as she listened to her cousin talk and explain what he wanted. Things were going on at the city and her cousin wanted to check it out. Her and the two others that appeared with her. Her eyes cornered to look at Priscilla, the girl who stabbed her old life all those years ago when she was in the Crocus Garden. Karisa looked different compared to back then, but those memories never leave as well as her other deaths. It was hard to imagine the mentality someone must have after watching themselves die in different deaths, over and over again. The goddess flipped her hair and gazed towards Kon now as they were finally finished talking.

She watched her cousin go off towards the cloudy side and she decided to follow with silently as the other two did whatever they pleased, probably to get ready to go in different clothes. Meanwhile, Karisa followed Kon and saw he was walking towards the edge. Instead of a normal human being who would scream for them to watch out, Karisa watched and studied his choices. He fell, fell into the delphs into the city below them. Her head tilted and wondered if he'll make it between the buildings in a rather unfortunate doom or make it onto the building he was probably targeting. Within small moments, her question was answered as his head smashed into the ground. She snapped her fingers to look at the Calander and chuckled before snapping her fingers once more to make it disappear.

"Not your time yet it seems...", she closed her eyes and took a deep breather as time magically went backwards. Everything everyone has done was now reset as Kon was now in front of Karisa and the other two. Before Kon could do anything stupid and just looked at him in the same motherly gaze she gives everyone, "Well, my dear cousin, have you learned your lesson?~", she wondered. If not, then who knows what will happen since she could only use this spell once. Maybe that was his plan all along, cheeky humans.


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Priscilla Ivalice
If there was something interesting to watch it was a time mage do their work. It was something that when she thought about it for a moment with such power how many things could be altered depending how far it could go back, How different her life would be, But not being the envious type of woman she would just consider that she was starting to be happy moving on from the past because she knew it was a bleak time in her life that one does not take back, So at least she had most things she wanted in life now.

But internal thoughts and mental marvels aside she did have orders and she was already told to go out and do them. Only really delaying going down to start her work simple because of the magic displayed before her and seeing how it worked to them all knowing and remembering everything that happen with in that moment. Then just continued on only because well it seemed that she was starting to waste time and she was about to consider how many things were most likely going on below them that might be in trouble.

Then walking over to the ledge where everyone was leaving off of took a casual jump off, sometimes it was about figuring out how to land that could slow down before hand that so that impact did not just out right hurt you. Then again maybe it was just how she was that she was able to manage the impact better because of a few other reasons. When getting close enough to the ground that it could pose a risk in some manner to the body and wanting to be sure she did not break anything she fold herself slightly into the fetal position to get her self to roll slightly then brush herself off. It was just now time to move on to the task at hand, It would be interesting situation overall.




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From a puddle of mud to the rooftops of Myras, Kon could feel himself move backwards into the air, initially he was concerned about some third party influence having already been playing their hand, but it seemed that Karisa and the rest of his party would be joining Kon at least for the landing. Much to some of their amusement, Kon’s ragged appearance was made somewhat better without the filth and blood smeared across his face and front. Thanking the time dragon slayer, Kon rose his left hand in her direction and gleamed a brief smile. He had never been the most boisterous of individuals seeing himself more aloof and distant, a smile and a wave was more than he would really give to a person. Karisa in her infinite wisdom had sneaked in a snide comment, but instead of bringing attention to them, he would instead simply rise a single finger to his now clean lips before leaping off the roof this time with the efficiency and grace of a stalking cat.

They had all been given their simple task of talking with the citizens of Myras Town, moving around like a group would only bring attention to themselves and slow down any progress that they might have. Hoping to mingle with the lower class, Kon wedged himself into the bustling streets surprisingly still quite full despite the chaos that the country had been experiencing with the dark incursion, “perhaps they weren’t so bad after all…” He thought to himself naively just as a sudden explosion rang out in a distance, shaking the crowd but not prompting them to flee. It seemed that they were too shellshocked to care, a permanent expression of fear had etched upon not just the adults but also the children, it was truly horrifying. Needing to get out of the streets of such a depressing scene, Kon pushed his way through to a nearby pub.

Within the somber building, family members huddled together in the corners scared beyond their days, these were clearly travellers from afar who had mistaken Myras for a place of safety. Resembling farmers more then wealthy explorers, the archer approached the group closest to the door hoping that they would have insight to what had pushed them into the besieged settlement. Dropping a bag of gold concealed beneath his cloak onto their table, Kon called for the barkeep. “Please attend to any family that comes here, I’ll be coming back periodically with as much gold as you need for supplies.” Dragging a free chair with the grace of a one winged swan, Kon stationed himself in front of the exhausted family. “So in some trouble are you?”



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Being rewound through time was an experience for Ikanbi, for she had covered a lot of distance in a very short time compared to the others. In a flash, she was ported backwards through space and time and though she was entirely aware that the event was transpiring she had little to no idea how it had come to happen, whom had cast such a powerful spell, or whom she knew personally that was even capable of casting such a powerful spell. She stood there atop of the guild hall, their magnificent floating fortress in the sky above Myras, and stared in bewilderment at the others. Had it been Karisa, had it been Priscilla? Kon? She stared back and forth between the few of them. "Which one of you cast the time magic just now?" She asked heartily and awaited an answer as she pulled out her notes and began scribbling down frantically.

She had learned a great deal about the Sillasa already in her short trip but her next step was to check with one of her Hunting associates. A real notorious fellow, a man that made a living slaying real actual monsters and didn't bother with vampires and werewolves. She knew he was in the area and that if anyone within the Hunting Party was capable of filling her on on what was to come, it would likely be him. Ikanbi made a note that Karisa seemed to be responsible for the time manipulation, judging by the scene she was returned to at the end of its effecct. "Interesting." Was all Ikanbi had said on the matter. "I imagine that level of a spell is quite draining on your body, Karisa....How are you feeling?" Ikanbi reached into her traveler's pouch and pulled out a book, a very particularly notable book on creatures, dragons, drakes, demons, and sprites. As she walked back down into the guild hall, she looked for referenced to the Silassa and found that their were, to the knowledge of the Hunter that wrote the book, several Sillasa in existence. They had the ability to manipulate the environment, and each Sillasa had a particular knack, an affinity if you will, for specific elements and environments.

The one they were having trouble with, of course, was the fiery one, though she made a mental note that there seemed to be an icey one as well as maybe one or two others. Ikanbi departed from the guild hall, reaching into her traveler's bag and withdrawing a grappling hook gun she had stashed away and using it to rappel down the side once more as she had done before. She twisted and turned her way through the streets of Myras. Ikanbi took a quick, short path to the bar where she knew many Hunters liked to hang out and exchange stories, tales of their deeds, and information. Information? She wondered if the dragonslayer hunter was even there, should she be so lucky?


Terrifying News [Karisa][Ikanbi][Priscillia] BgYy4ZU

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