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When Rifts Keep Opening (Dark Universe Incursions - Major)

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It was a beautiful day within Magnolia; the people there were cheery as always as the streets were populated with people. It was a beautiful scene as things couldn’t get any better than this. Yuurei was right though as things would only get worse today. While he was enjoying his time here, he would be around the exit point of the city. This was enough for him to hear people shouting from the distance. When he looked over in the direction where it had come from, he would notice the huge rift opening right outside of the city.

Yuurei knew what this mean as it wasn’t the first time, he had seen this. Renji would look over at his friend and he would shake his head. It would seem like they were going into battle today.

“Renji my stuff please.” He said to his friend as he would pick him up and place him on his shoulder.

Yuurei would start making his way to the exit of Magnolia City as he would be the first to arrive. He knew he would be one of a few fighting as he would see a bunch of people coming out of the rift.

Renji would take his bag and he would open the bag. It was then, his armor, his gauntlets, and his helmet would find themselves on them. He would crack his neck as he didn’t think they would attack so soon and Magnolia out of everywhere.

“You guys should leave this place before you get hurt. This place is not for your world to conquer.” He said to the men that were approaching him.

“What is one person, and a cat going to do to all of us?” He asked Yuurei wondering what he would say.

Yuurei would crack his knuckles now as he had gotten into a fighting stance.

“You’re about to find out. He did warn you to leave, but I guess you guys don’t listen.” He said to them as they were surprised that he was able to talk.

Yuurei would do one thing and it activated his half-transformation. He would show them what it was like to be in the presence of someone with power that might be able to rival the gods.



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Kaito was in line at a store while avoiding the people around him when he hears a panic that seems to be coming from the other side of the city and he runs out of line and he removes his cloak Revy quickly getting no his back as he pushes off wings appearing on his back as he takes flight. He is flying as fast as he can over the buildings and around other taller objects and as he gets to when the portal comes into view. He sees someone on the ground near the portal that looks a lot like Yuurei so he tucks his wings in diving aiming to hurry to their side and then pulling up he soars over to near the man then his wings disappear and he lands near the other man with a super hero like landing. He had heard the line the man said about what will one person and a cat do and so he knew he must say a line back to match the one he had just heard spoken out loud.

Revy jumped off of Kaito's back and she hurried in opening the sack and Kaito's gear appeared on himself and Kaito looks at them and he smirks. "How about two people and two cats? Dos that sound like enough to handle you and your army?" He couldn't help himself and he lets out a laugh as he readies himself for a fight and he wonders if it is just going to be the two of them this time around or if their was another waiting in the wings that might end up joining them to help them take down the new faction that is attacking them and he wonders if there is really even a way to stop it or stem the tide of people coming into their world at such a strange high rate.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe was walking through the streets of Magnolia alongside his timber wolf, Geri. Normally such a creature prowling through the streets would cause alarm, but being accompanied by a heavily armored dwarf, especially one of his renown, the onlooker civilians would suspect him to be some form of authority while the actual authority knew him to be of a guild from the north.

Visiting the great city of Magnolia, Brone was looking forward to visiting the Fairy Tail guild and see his friend Kaito, the only probably was that the dwarf had only visited the guild hall once before, so he had trouble trying to find the establishment, so he had sent his two ravens, Huginn and Muninn to the sky and try and locate the guild hall, but upon their return, he was given another piece of information instead.

"Another portal?" The dwarf was surprised, though he had expected the invaders to attack again; he then quickly slipped his blue helmet upon his head and mounted Geri, "Lead the way" he said and soon enough the dwarf was running through the streets on wolfback, following Huginn.

When nearing the parameter of the city, Muninn soon returned, letting Brone know that Yuurei and Kaito had already arrived on scene, as expected of his comrades. Geri rushed up a flight of stairs that lead to the top of a wall that lead to the outside of the city. Brone spotted his comrades already confronting the platoon that were pouring in through the portal.

The wolf jumped and soon landed behind Kaito and Yuurei. Brone dismounted before drawing his black axe and green axe. He walked up and took a position beside Yuurei's other side, "Oy, how's about three people, two cats, and two birds, and a wolf?" Brone chuckled, but as he turned to look behind him, Huginn and Muninn already flew to the sky above and Geri ran off to keep distant from the combat; he then grunted, slightly annoyed, but turned to face the group of invaders.



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Yuurei was getting ready to fight these guys. There were a lot of them, but he figured this would allow him to test his strength. The man had planned on doing this alone, but then something happened. One person flew in, and it would be Kaito. He had a smirk on his face as he didn’t expect him to be there. Still, he would laugh a bit when he heard his words. Now it was them versus the army in front of them. Of course, another person would appear, and this time it was Brone. He was actually surprised about this as he didn’t expect his friend to be here. Still, it would seem like he had been busy as he had two crows around him and even a wolf. It would seem like he wasn’t wielding his Beowulf axe either.

“Oh now this is interesting. We’re here again, and Brone, when did you outnumber me and Kaito when it came to pets? What is that black axe?” Yuurei asked him as he was curious and happy to see Brone again.

The people in front of them were not happy that more people had come here to try and stop them. They decided that it was best to attack now than to allow more people to show up.

“So what, you just added a few more things for us to take out. Everyone charge and stomp these guys out. Our target is Magnolia.” The man said as the army would start running toward the group of people.

Yuurei wasn’t surprised this had happened, but he was happy that he wasn’t doing this alone. He would shoot a web from his wrist to the man who spoke up first. He would stick the web right on him, and he would pull him straight to him. The Nephilim was already in a punching motion as the man wouldn’t be able to react with how fast it had happened.

He would fall to the ground, and he would look over to everyone else that was too occupied with the battle.

“Damn I thought they would see that and lose their morale with taking this guy out.” He said out loud as he wonder what else this necklace could do.



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Hearing the dwarf talk it made him think they all were about to start cracking bad race themed jokes like a dragon transender human, an angelic half elf and a armed to the teeth dwarf walk into a battle field. He laughs as the enemy are going to be the ones finding out the punch line to that one and he transforms becoming scaly and glowing with a far brighter aura of red that he use to glow showing he had better mastered the powers granted to him and he had come further than the last time he had been with them. He pushes off of the ground moving forward and his wings spring to life as he flies forward with his sword drawn and he spins like a drill starting to crave a path through the enemy as he was not just going to wait as they start an assault on his guilds home city it was already bad enough that some person impersonating him has taken control of the area.

Revy watches as Kaito begins his attack on the line of enemies and she wonders if he is really gonna be okay or if this will prove to be a bit much for him as he is starting very strong out of the gate so in the later parts of this fight he is going to be completely worn out and he might be damn near useless with no mana and his stamina depleted because he is not pacing himself and he had just dove in head first looking to protect the city first and the rest of the worries comes later.

Kaito's sword cleaves through their armor changing elements as he goes, every clash seems to send a new invader questioning why they were here and how they could even think about stopping them or fighting the people of this world when they seemed to have the most powerful people meeting them at every portal that they had entered since they had started to try invading this place. They think these are the ones the reports had told of that stopped an invasion of the more northern part of this country and they know what that means to them but they can't back down now.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone's attention was immediately pulled away by Yuurei when the half-elf questioned the black axe. As Yuurei webbed the frontline leader of the invading forces, Brone gladly spoke of his new weapon, "I'm glad ye asked, this be Dhuraindarin, forged by the great and mighty Dhurain" he said with great pride as he spun the battleaxe in hand and allowed the light of the sun to reflect off the blade, showing it's craftsmanship.

Kaito's transformation caught Brone's eye, the brilliant red color seemed more intense than before and once the draconic Fairy Tail member took to the air, the dwarf felt the air pressure from the takeoff and recognized that his comrades had indeed became more powerful in the time they were apart from one another. Brone nodded in acknowledgment and impressed by the power Kaito was showing in his strikes.

One of the invaders was quick enough to reach the dwarf before the rest of his platoon; he was large and heavily armored, wielding a large claymore. The claymore was held overhead, halfway through it's swing when Brone would react. As the claymore was brought down, the black blade of Dhuraindarin clashed with the larger sword, shattering it completely. The tall invader was surprised that his mighty sword was destroyed in an instant that he instinctively took a step back. Brone then brought his black axe pulled back for another swing. The invader sucked his teeth, standing his ground, fully confident in the dense heavy armor that he wore, which was surprisingly more impressive than the dwarf's own golden armor, but in the next moment, the axe slammed into the stomach of the invader, shattering the entire armor set and sending the larger man flying back a couple of yards.

"He destroyed Tyrant's blade and his plate armor!" one of the invaders called out, causing a handful of the invaders who were rushing Brone to hesitate.

"Don't ye dare falter!" Brone laughed as he rushed towards the enemy.

The invaders changed their formation, about five mages stepped in to conjure a large wave of water heading straight for both Yuurei and Brone. The dwarf was hit by the wave with intense force, but as the water diminished, Brone continued his run, nothing changing save for his entire person being drenched. The mages were surprised the sturdy dwarf was able to withstand such a powerful wave that should have sent him flying back into the city.

Brone took one swing of his green axe he had forgotten to use to stop the wave and sent all five mages flying towards Tyrant, out cold.

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Yuurei would look over to Brone as he had explained what the black axe was. The name was complicated to say, and he wanted to say it out loud, but he knew that he was going to butcher the name. He would shake his head as he knew it was a bad idea. He would feel a tingling feeling on the back of his neck, and it would seem like someone was trying to attack him from his right. He would dodge the attack and his right eye would lock on the man that attacked him, and he would punch him right through his armor and onto his chest.

The man would fall to the ground as Yuurei would look over at Brone. He watched his friend destroy a sword and armor with one hit, which made him chuckle because he wondered what kind of weapon that was. He would have to worry about it when they fought against each other. Still, he shook his head as another tingling feeling appeared. There were five of them rushing toward him, and he would turn around and he would put his hand out, which would make them come to a stop for a second.

A magic circle would appear in front of him, but nothing came out. They were confused for a second, but then another magic circle would appear in the sky, which they didn’t notice. That was when a bunch of light arrows would start raining down on the five people who rushed to Yuurei. It wasn’t just that, but a bunch of people would also suffer from this as a bunch of light arrows would cause the people to scream and shout from the piercing arrows.

“I hope you guys have a medic because you’re going to need it!” He shouted as he moved around the battlefield.

He wanted to ask Brone more questions about the axe but figured he could do that later. He would pull out a tool and he would summon Galatea who would appear in the area where everyone had been taken down by his light magic. She would look around and she would look over to Yuurei as she knew they were in battle.

“Take out everybody that isn’t our friends Galatea!” He said to her.

“Yes, master!” She nodded as she was now ready to fight.



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Kaito was not wasting any movement as he left a bloody trail behind him as he stopped caring about life as this fight was one of a higher justice so blood spoiling was not something he was going to shy away from as if they wanted to conquer they should be ready to be conquered themselves the art of loss is one that many warriors face. Kaito was not holding back and he swings his sword and he body and moves like he is going to fully just remove who ever stepped in his way to pieces that are going to cause him to look like he is splatting them like they were over ripened fruit as Kaito isn't holding back like he usually would as he was mad and he was not going to just let their actions pass and him to get the bad end of the stick for holding back and not just creaming them when he had the chance and this was the time to strike.

The iron was hot as they were still coming through the portal and they were just not going to give up it would seem as they just kept lining up to get sent packing one after the other. "You all picked poorly where to come after the first one you all had done." Kaito sounded like he was not in a good mood and the trail he was leaving behind himself would speak for it's own as they were seeming to have just turned into a moral less killer instead of some upstanding shining beacon to the country he was getting down and dirty and he wasn't allowing himself to lose ground or be stepped on top of a he had a lot to prove.

Revy is keeping her eyes on the portals as she is half expecting that there will be dragons or some other form of dangerous creature to come crawling out of these portals and she wonders if this is all going to come back on them and just straight up bite them in the ass but she has to stay calm in case there is something that she will be able to do, she doesn't know what yet that she could do but she was staying loose and ready to go if she was needed or if something had gone wrong so she can run to Fairy Tail and get some help to come and help get the boys back safe and sound even if this just gets them to retreat and to not come back again after they get their asses handed to them by this team that works so well if Kaito was less enraged.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Spells of different elements were fired upon Brone, ranging from lightning to fire, but the green axe called Spellcleaver negated and cancelled out every destructive spell that neared him. "Magic won't work on him!" One of the mages called out with worry as the dwarf progressed, getting closer to the enemies who tried to keep their distance from him.

"Then send the elemental mages to fight the other two and have the summoners take out the dwarf!" One of the commanders order.

"Should we warn him?" Muninn asked as the two ravens flew in circles above the battlefield.

"I think he'll be fine" Huginn said as they watched three summoners move from the backline to the front and began conjuring a large magic circle.

In the next moment, a giant golden boar appeared. It's body was massive and it's eyes were fierce with aggression. When the dwarf spotted the beast, he turned his attention to it, "Come forth, bacon! Ye shall feed the city!" Brone laughed as he rushed towards the giant boar which then rushed towards him. The stomping of the massive boar was noticeable by everyone in the battlefield, though many invader soldiers and mages were too busy trying to dodge falling arrows of light and trying to avoid the bloodlust of the dragon slayer.

Once the boar closed in, Brone cut off both large tusks and delivered a deep gash in the beat's side. The wound was so deep, the boar couldn't maintain it's hold on the material plane and vanished in a whisp of smoke, being sent back to it's own plane of existence. The dwarf was high on his adrenaline; though this was his second fight with the incursion invaders from another world, he felt he had the upper hand, it felt easier, the fight seemed more smoother than the last encounter.

"What else do ye have!?" he shouted. The dwarf got his answer quickly as the summoners brought forth out of thin air a giant animated suit of armor. By it's make, Brone could tell that the metal that was used to forge this moving doll was powerful and other worldly. The suit of armor raised it's massive gauntlet hand which held a gargantuan sword, but before the blade could be brought down, Brone slammed the black axe against the summoning's metallic boot, causing the entire armor set to crack and immediately shatter before vanishing back to it's plane as well. The summoners were noticeably annoyed and Brone was obvious with his laughter.

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Galatea would look around the area as she was trying to see who took the attack. It would seem like Yuurei and his friend was doing a great job right now. She felt she wasn’t needed, but at the same time, she knew he wouldn’t call her if he didn’t need her. She would see more people from the enemy side appear, and she would start rushing to them. They would see this, and they would focus their forces on her. She would swing her claymore without hesitating as it would slam against some of the people from the front line. They would scream in pain as they weren’t able to block it at all. Still, while this was happening, they would have people move around her to attack from behind.

Yuurei would see this, and he would shake his head as he would move to stop them from even doing that. His movements were quick, and he would appear right behind Galatea as he would look at the people that were behind her.

“You’re too slow, but unfair at the same time.” He said this as he would swung his right hand a magic circle would appear.

A slash made of light would go to them and it would cut one of them before he rushed to two of them and he would slam their face to the ground. The ground would crack on impact as he would look at everyone else, they were going to be fighting. It wouldn’t take long, but a giant would come out of the portal, and it would look at him out of everyone first. Their eyes would meet, and the giant would slam his fist straight down to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would find himself blocking the attack as the ground below him would crack and the giant’s shadow would cover the ground below. Galatea saw this, but she wasn’t ordered to help him, so she continued fighting instead. She was still on this plane, so she knew Yuurei was fine. Renji would cover his head as he didn’t want to get hit by the giant.

“Sorry about the darkness, Renji, the giant caught me off guard.” He said to his friend as he was starting to push the giant's arm into the air.



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Kaito was wondering if this was really all they had to offer vs him then he sees someone transformed just as he was coming right at him with glowing spear with lightning crackling off of it and he feels like this person seems familiar to himself but he can't place him but the hits when they clashed were deafening to Kaito. Kaito knows he can't keep fighting this man and needs to get him out of the way fast so he can stop being deafened by this asshole with a spear and he starts dodging the attacks instead of clashing with them.

The raider cursed at Kaito forgetting Kaito can't hear him as Kaito is deafened from the clashes with the mans weapon and the raider talks about how much better they are then the man and how in the end they will win and not submit to the loser lesser dimension they will save their world and they will not allow that to come to pass that they will let their dimension fall to ruin as this one lives on in such peace and harmony with out a care and they will make sure that they will take them down and not fail.

All of this was wasted on Kaito as he was deaf so he doesn't hesitate to strike them down without a second thought and tear through the others around the man so that he had room to fight the man that couldn't just be invaded and he was not going to waste the time dealing with more grunts till he had finished off the man in front of his as he thinks with the next hit he will shatter the mans weapon and after he is through the weapon he is going to cut out the mans heart and feed it to him as this was his world and this was not going to be easy or really matter and that is a fact.

The man watches Kaito and he realized that this man was his brother from this world and he is now covered in fear as his brother was one of the great raiders that have taken full pieces of this world into his palm, which means this man must not be much weaker then his brother and so he fled as he was not sure how he could take him on and Kaito went after the man as he wasn't going to let that man attack him and talk crap with out him being finished off as they were invading the world no reason to spare them and he released his AoE spell a dragons Roar echoing through the area and dimensional dragon energy comes rushing out of the portal onto the group where the man had run into to hide among the ranks.

The man had survived and he started lunching lightning spells back at Kaito who just catches them in portals and doesn't slow his chase of the man and he wasn't going to allow them to thing that they were going to win and fight him but not accept defeat so Kaito stays after him wanting to finish this off. Revy can tell that the man that Kaito is chasing is the different dimension version of his own brother Emil who seems to be scared of him once he had figured out who he was dealing with. She wondered if Kaito was going to feel bad if he killed him and then found that out or not or if he would just let the man flee back to his own dimension with his tail between his legs.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The platoon of invaders who focused on Brone had difficulty trying to find some form of strategy to defeat the dwarf, but it was proving too difficult; any direct magical spells would be negated by the green axe he wielded, any items such as weapons or armor that are put against him are immediately destroyed, no matter how durable they were, by the black axe in the dwarf's other hand. The best the invaders could do would be to alternate as fast as they can. The battle looked to be in Brone's favor, though Huginn caught sight of a mage flying on a broom stick, but heading towards the backline, so the raven broke away from his partner Muninn, and flew after the mage.

"It's Brone of Earthland!" The mage on the broomstick reported as he landed within a small established encampment surrounded by a quickly made fence of ice conjured by a frost mage.

"Good, because Terano is nearby" The commanding officer then turned to face another mage, "Get Terano and let him know that Earthland's Brone is here." The mage saluted before jumping through the nearby portal that was sustained to be open during the battle.

"What about the other two? Yuurei and Kaito of Earthland?" The messenger asked, looking slightly panicked just as a draconic roar filled the battlefield, all of the immediate invaders at the encampment knew it was Kaito going on a rampage.
Kaito's Roar:

"We are using our strongest forces on Yuurei to keep him at bay and separate him from his friends; as for Kaito, Emil should be able to handle him for a time, given their familiar bond" The commanding officer's eyes scanned the battlefield as best as he could, messengers flew in quickly and departed, speaking to their own commanding officers.

"Emil is having difficulty, sir!" One of the scouts had arrived, but didn't dismount from his broom.

"Then send troops to back him up if need be" The officer quickly dismissed the scout with annoyance, as if he was dealing with rookies who were new to war, the scout then turned about and left, "Terano is one of the only two people that was able to bring our Brone down to his knees, so this world's Brone doesn't stand a chance."

Huginn was perched nearby on the dead body of a fallen mage, pretending to pick at it. Once he heard enough of the conversation, he flew off and headed in Brone's direction, as for Muninn, he kept flight over the area between Yuurei and Kaito part of the battlefield. Though he had to diverge more towards Kaito's area when a giant was summoned, for it's head came too close to the raven. As the battle raged on, the ravens made sure to keep tabs as the informants, while Yuurei, Kaito, and Brone continued their battle with the invaders as a 3-man army.

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“Yeah, where the hell did that giant come from?” He asked Yuurei.

The Nephilim wasn’t sure either, but he would push the foot off him as he had lifted the giant’s foot. It would stumble back from the surprised of Yuurei’s strength. The berserker was quick to get into the air and at the same time move around the giant. He had found creatures like this before, so he knew their weakness. The light mage was behind the neck of the creature, and he would stretch his arm right at the nape of the giant. He would hit it so fast, that the giant couldn’t do anything to react to it.

The damage was done, and it would fall to the ground as it would roar from the pain. It also seemed to have alerted someone as he noticed a lightning bolt would hit the ground. Yuurei would turn in the direction of where it had come from, and he would see a new giant would appear. This one looked different than the one he had just taken out.

“It seems like I have more titans to fight. I guess they want to challenge me. Let’s fucking go!” He slapped his face as he was hyping himself.

The raiders below him would see Yuurei was preoccupied, and they would shoot magic straight at him. He had felt danger coming from behind him and he would dodge the attacks as he would move toward the Titans. Galatea would see the men that had attacked her master and she would make her way to them and would cleave them with her claymore without hesitating.

“You don’t touch my master. He has important things to attend.” Galatea said as she would move in the same direction as Yuurei and continued to attack the people that were their enemies.

The titan would see Yuurei would coming straight to him, and he would swing his fist quickly. The Nephilim would see this and out of reaction, he would do the same thing. The two of them would collider their punches with each other as a huge boom would go across the battlefield. The Titan’s arm would be blown off as Yuurei would be pushed back. He would flap his wings with force to stop himself. He would look at the titan as his arm would regenerate after it had been blown right off.

“I should have known that was going to happen.” He said as it would seem like he was going to be preoccupied with this one.



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Kaito stayed on the mans tail and he meets the man blow for blow and sends him packing as more troops surrounded him and he cracks his knuckles as he was ready to vent out more of his anger and his growing rage and insanity as he had lost his fuse and is now just a bomb that one bump can just set off he is so tired of leaving in the shadows and taking the abuse and slander that people say about him and he runs right into them his blade dancing to the sound of the invaders groans and this makes this more fun for him than chasing and fighting that coward that only threw lightning then ran for his momma in the second that he saw his ass was not going to just push him over and saw his own death was right before him as he was not a happy camper and he was not going to take that kind of time to just let a screaming crying baby take him on.

These grunts had more heart and soul than the man that ran from his death at Kaito's hands as blood is all that seemed to quench his need for violence and power now as he was not going to waste his time with words, Kaito had dove off the deep end and he was enjoying cutting into their flesh and this was an awakening feeling. He wonders why his master told him not to do this not to kill unless he had too, it feels so freeing to do and to see the lights fade as he slashes into them and feeling the blood run and splat as he did it. Maybe this is who he was really meant to be, this was his freedom his cage breaking to let him be truly himself and not held back by the norms of the social world. Kaito keeps going at the invaders that keep trying and fatally failing as his sword cuts through their weapons and their bodies like a hot knife through butter.

He had totally lost track of himself and what he was doing he was just enjoying himself as he keeps going keeping the little ants he stomped on to bleed out on the ground where they belonged at his feet as he was not going to stop for anything this power was amazing how easy he dealt with them seemed like he was far above them he was a god compared to them and their mindless carelessness as they came to where he lived where his guild was where his people were this was the worse spot to come to and try to fight as he kept on them and cutting their numbers down.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone continued to swing his blades, breaking magical barriers, negating spells, and sending invaders flying through the air; they couldn't stop the raging dwarf who rushed through their ranks. He looked over to his right to see a giant fall face first; the dwarf laughed, remembering how the guild fought against such beings, so to see one was little more than nostalgic. Before he could turn away and continue his rampage, lightning stuck, drawing his attention again to see another giant out of nowhere. Probably another summoning spell, Brone had thought; he didn't worry, knowing Yuurei could handle the creature, so he turned away to see a dozen fighters trying to dogpile him, but with a flick of his wrist, his black axe instantly switched places with the golden axe he was familiar with.

A tornado conjured where the dwarf stood, sending the dozen of fighters flying away. As the tornado dissipated, Brone laughed loudly. Huginn then perched himself upon the dwarf's shoulder when there was a moment no invaders assaulted him, "They are sending for someone named Terano to fight you, they said he can fight your alternate self."

"We shall see" Brone said, though he sounded confident, his smile faded; he wasn't foolish enough to take any threat lightly. He's heard of Brone the Bastard and how he caused destruction where ever he went. If such a force of nature could have difficulty with a single person, then this person needs to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, Muninn had been blasted backwards by a gust of wind that was made by the collision between Yuurei and the giant. It took the raven a moment to catch the wind again in order to keep himself from falling. The battlefield was destructive, so Muninn flew away from the titan and Yuurei, heading back towards Brone. Then he noticed something darting from the stable portal, heading towards Brone in a great speed. The raven had to fly down closer to get a better look and realized it was a half naked human male. Seeing this as a threat, Muninn flew as fast as he could, but the running man was too fast, he knew he wouldn't make it to Brone in time, but he cawed as much as he could.

Brone couldn't hear the cawing over the battle, so the moment he spotted something was rushing towards him at great speed, the half-naked man was already in close combat with him. The dwarf quickly activated the spell that created a layer of ice over his golden armor, but with one punch from the newcomer, the armor was completely destroyed.

Seeing that even though the force of the punch was so great it destroyed the armor and caused a blast of wind to disperse just like when the titan and Yuurei clashed, but Brone still stood his ground, Terano knew, "So you're Brone of this world."

"Terano" Brone growled.

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The Titan would look at Yuurei and he would roar with power. The people around the area would be deafened by the roar. Yuurei wouldn’t be able to hear anything, but he didn’t care as his focus was on things right here. The Nephilim would look at it and it would be ready to attack him as it would swing his arm at Yuurei. The Nephilim would dodge the attack as he flew above the attack, and he would see a wave of pressure coming from the Titan’s attack. It was a close call, but he didn’t want to talk because he was sure that not even Renji could hear him. His neck would tingle though as he had danger coming from his right.

The second fist would come straight to him, and instead of dodging, Yuurei would punch the man’s fist as the same thing that happen last time would happen again. The arm would be blown right off as Yuurei would be pushed back from the attack.

“Shit! This one is smart! It won’t let me get around to his neck!” He said out loud, but nobody could hear him except for the titan.

Yuurei figured that he was going to have to destroy his arms quickly and move to his neck before he could recover them.

Galatea was going through the battlefield as she would sweep the enemies that were in her way. It would seem like they didn’t hear her coming, but neither could she with the roar of the titan. While she was moving, she would use her air vibration spell to make sure that she didn’t get off guard.

The berserker would take a deep breath as he would look at the Titan. His arms were going to have to go first and then his neck would be his to destroy. Yuurei would fly straight toward the Titan as it had recovered his arm quickly. Yuurei wasn’t going to give him the opportunity to do anything as he would use his speed to get to the Titan’s arms in seconds and he would destroy them both. He would make his way to the back of the Titan’s hand, and he would try to damage the nape, but the Titan would cover it with both its arms again as Yuurei punched the arms and destroyed them.

The Titan would turn around and attempt to bite Yuurei.



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As the crowd around Kaito backed up a bit Kaito calms a bit and sees the titan Yuurei is fighting turn toward Yuurei and Kaito swung his arm in that way and rips a hole under the titans feet lowering the ground under it to better help Yuurei not get chomped on. Kaito knows he probably hadn't needed to do that then he gets back to what he was doing as more troops with guts came running at him. He was tiring a bit as he had been over using his powers and wasting his mana like and idiot but he knows that he needs to keep these guys at bay but they seemed to have known who the three of them where which means a lot of people must also know that this dimension wasn't up for grabs.

Kaito hears the heavy foot falls of horses and he hurries and ducks as two invisible Horse mounted units attacked for him at once and he closes his eyes and he listens for them one seemed to have a spear the other had an odd lance that had left a burn mark on the side of his cloak that Kaito could smell while he was focusing on the smells and sounds instead of using his eyes. He wonders if the lance let one of them get in closer faster, it would explain how it was able to get a closer hit in than the other. He keeps listening and he starts opening small holes and then he hears it a thud from one of them hitting a hole and being thrown from their mount and hitting the ground and Kaito aims and fires out dimensional energy and hits the other that he can tell had stopped moving to protect them self and Kaito walks over and puts the one on the ground out of their suffering.

Kaito looks at the lance on the ground it seemed to have thruster spots and he points it at the crowd that backs up and he hits a button on it and it starts spinning lighting on fire and he throws it at the crowd of enemies and it flies true through the crowd to a woman in the back of the crowd and she laughs at Kaito before running at him with a sword that stretched out like a bladed whip Kaito readied himself as this was probably going to be a tricky one to fight.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone swung his black axe, but Terano quickly ducked underneath it in time; the half naked man was about to counter with a punch, but the dwarf's green axe was coming in for a chance at a swing, so Terano feinted and backed up before the blade could get close to him.

The two stared at one another just a few meters apart from one another; Brone had lost his breastplate armor, leaving him with just his blue helm as a defense. As for Terano, he had only worn simple sweatpants and nothing else, not even a shirt.

"So far, you're not impressing me" Terano said as he began to hop from one foot to another, a smirk slowed upon his face as he held up his fists in a stance.

"Well ye seem hella annoyin te me" Brone scoffed with a half smile. He recognized this man was a hand to hand specialist, possessing great speed and strength, though he wasn't sure if it was stemming from body enhancement magic like Yuurei, or purely training. Either way, the dwarf had personal training fighting Yuurei so many times, giving him some experience in such battles. Spellcleaver, the green axe, vanished and was replaced by a golden shield; as for Dhuraindarin, it vanished and was replaced by the golden axe, Beowulf's axe.

"Ain't that a lot of gold? A little too flashy?" Terano laughed. Brone didn't say a word, but simply got into a defensive stance; widening his leg stance and raising his shield so that his eyes were peering right above the shield. He didn't expect to use this fighting style on anyone before Yuurei, but he couldn't risk losing during an incursion.

Terano lost his smile, annoyed that the dwarf chose not respond to him, "Rude" he said. In the next moment, the martial artist dashed forward, Brone instantly raised the golden axe above his head. Terano appeared before the dwarf, his right fist came in for a quick jab, but the shield blocked it, Brone began to drop his golden axe in a downward swing, activating his spell that caused the area around the two of them to quickly go increasingly cold, the martial artist then gave a quick left hook, slamming his fist into Brone's right shoulder, but the dwarf took the hit, continuing with his downward slash, aiming for his opponent.

"Tch" Terano cockily shifted back a few feet with great agility to dodge the blade of the axe, it seem the cold area of effect spell Brone used barely slowed Terano's movements, but it seemed the dwarf wasn't aiming for him; as the axe's blade hit the ground, an explosion of icy wind erupted, causing a small blizzard to form around the two, another spell activated.

The martial artist began to see patches of snow and ice form around his body; he figured he wouldn't want to risk fighting a well known fighter in such an environment, so he turned back, but before he could start running, Brone rushed forward, expecting this to happen, the golden axe was swinging in an horizontal arc. Terano sucked his teeth, annoyance rising, but instead of blocking, he gambled, knowing he had great speed, so he took a few steps, out of reach of the blade...

Or so he thought. The blade had quadrupled in size, still in reach of the martial artist. Terano was hit by the giant axe and tumbled a few meters away. He quickly got to his feet and continued his run until he broke out of the dome of swirling ice and snow.

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Yuurei had a smirk on his face as he was getting ready to dodge the bite of the titan, but then he saw the titan would shrink when it tried to bite him. He noticed that wasn’t even the case as the ground was destroyed and the Titan had sunk with the ground. The Nephilim looked quickly to see Kaito, and he would move before the Titan could regain his composure with what had happened. The Nephilim would go around the titan’s neck once again. This time he was free to hit it and he would break through its nape. The Titan would feel it and it would fall to the ground as Yuurei figured he had killed the Titan as he had done with the ones in the past.

It wouldn’t take long as someone would shoot out a spell from their spear and a lightning bolt would be shot straight at Yuurei. He would dodge the attack and he would look down to see that there was someone next to the body of the Titan. Well, the titan was not turning into bones, which confused him as it would seem like there was indeed a person inside of this.

“Now, I didn’t see that coming.” He said to himself as he would dive straight at his target.

The man was clad in armor as if he had figured this might have happened. Still, Yuurei would see he would thrust his spear at Yuurei. The Nephilim would swing his left arm at the spear as the tip of his spear would be met with Yuurei's blunt gauntlet.

“Can all giants do that, or only you?” He asked him.

Yuurei would jump back when he asked him as he would get into a fighting stance as he looked at the man.

“Only a selective few can do what I do. The smarter ones are usually capable of doing what I do. We get to live our lives as humans, and keep our true forms hidden.” He said to Yuurei.

This brought Yuurei to believe that some of the titans that he had taken out were not truly defeated then. Galatea was making her way through the battlefield though as she was cleaving her enemies left and right and she would finally reach Yuurei. It was then she would swing her claymore at the man with the spear, but he would send a shock of lightning straight at her. This would send Galatea flying, which kind of angered Yuurei.



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Kaito looks at the woman that runs at him and she looks familiar to him as well. But he can't place her she runs at him and she starts using wind dragon attacks and he wonders if this is Lani or but this woman looked too young to be her the blade of her sword seemed to move with the changing wind currents the woman was causing with her magic and this was making it hard for Kaito to keep on blocking cause the wind kept shifting making the blades move faster or slower and move at odder angles and that really was messing with Kaito's timing almost like she knew his moves or was trained by him.

The woman giggles and she keeps up her assault on Kaito who is weakened by his over use of his magic, had she been waiting for him to wear himself out first or had she just been just waiting for him to prove he was worth her time. She was not taking it easy on him that was for sure as he flipped around to dodge the blades and he slides back looking at the ground as there were cuts and grooves in the ground from where her blade had hit. He had to give it to this woman her form was spot on as well as her magic. He moves in close and he clashes with her sword and it isn't a whip anymore as it had returned to it's solid form and she had the advantage on him in that moment and he was thinking this was probably where she gets the upper hand on him.

They both jumped back and swung at the same time as the other but her blade hits his and carried on and looked like it had cut into Kaito's body and he looks at her this woman wasn't someone to be under estimated as she knew him and his moves. She pulled back on her sword and the blades went back to her remaking itself into a sword again and she giggles as she figures that she wins but Kaito had been ready to be hit and he had made sure she hadn't hit anything vital if her blades had been able to pierce his skin which they hadn't done because his skin is like steel from his belts effect. He smirks at her and gets ready to return to clashing with her to end this fight.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Terano placed a hand on his side, there was a cut running up his torso, though it was superficial, it still leaked blood. He was now irritated that the dwarf managed to land a hit, let alone break skin and draw blood. The martial artist was used to fighting Brone the Bastard from his world that he wasn't expecting this Brone to have a different set of equipment. Seeing the blade axe Dhuraindarin, he had thought for a moment that the two Brones were exactly the same.

Brone Heavyaxe stepped out from the circling dome of snow and ice, gripping his golden axe in one hand and wielding his golden shield in the other, he smirked behind thew helmet and Terano could sense it. The martial artist decided to end the fight immediately, so in the next moment, he ran ran up to the dwarf while clenching his fist, activating a spell which turned his fist and forearm blue. There was a brief moment as Terano pulled back his fist to gain momentum for the punch, Brone spotted the color change of the fist and readied his shield before him. Terano focused his power into his attack, planning on having the magical enchantment allow his attack to phase right through his armor so he can deliver a devastating blow that would even bring Brone the Bastard to his knees.

An explosion of force so great that it caused the blizzard spell to dissipate, causing it's remnants to fall like snow around the area. Terano was surprised to see that his fist was stopped by the shield; not only was his fist stopped from phasing somehow, but his attack didn't even put a crack on the shield. His thinking was interrupted as the golden axe nearly hit him again. Terano then dashed away to keep distance. He began circling around Brone at high speed, trying to keep the enemy at bay while he tried to figure out what happened. He then noticed that there was a crater where Brone now stood, meaning the power of his punch wasn't reduced. The dwarf had some kind of magical ability that prevented his phasing ability and the shield seemed impossible to destroy. He needed to get around it.

Brone wasn't new to this technique; Yuurei was well versed in it, and because of it, the dwarf developed a technique to counter it. So he readied himself.

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Yuurei would look at the man who had harmed Galatea. He was not happy with this as anybody could see it on his face. His transformation would change as he was going in full throttle, not that it changed anything except for how much he could endure and his use of mana when it came to other spells. Still, Yuurei would move straight toward the man as he Yuurei would use his right arm to stretch straight toward him. The man had guarded as his arm had stretched too fast for him to do anything else.

When the arm connected with the man’s armor, he thought he was safe, but then he felt the pain as it would cause him to throw up blood from the blow. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but it would seem like this man had a phasing ability with his attacks. The berserker would end up right beside the former Titan as he didn’t have enough time to go back into his form. This wasn’t good as Yuurei would swing his leg and he would kick the man in his face. He would stumble from the blow as once again he couldn’t block the attack. Yuurei would move to the man right in front of him and he would grab his face and he would slam him to the ground.

Once Yuurei had done that, he would fly into the air and then back down. His right arm moved back as he was cranking it up and then he would swing it forward as it would stretch right into the man’s abdomen. He would scream and shout from the pain as he had blood coming out of his mouth before becoming unconscious. Yuurei had taken him out and he would look for Galatea who was hurt, but still okay. He would look over to the battlefield and he would start casting spells. He would stretch both of his arms and two magic circles would appear. There, he would have a star bomb come out from his right and then the other would form a second magic circle in the air.

He would them both lost as they would start taking out the enemies on the battlefield. While this was happening he would go check on Galatea who would get up from the ground as she would see arrows piercing people, and a bomb exploding and taking out a bunch of other people. The fight was over for him, but he wasn’t sure if his friends would need help. He knew that it, so this whole ordeal would be in their victory.

“Are you okay?” He asked her.

“Yeah, thank you for caring, but I can hold my own. Now, what do we do with this mess?” She asked as there were a bunch of bodies everywhere.

Yuurei figured that anybody who was still breathing would become a prisoner of war.



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He and the woman keep clashing and he realizes why this woman looks familiar she looks like his grand mother just with darker hair and he realized something that in their dimension his mother must not have died and he has a sister in the dimension and this is her but she is a wood elf, he is human, and his brother is half elf. So he and his sister would have been the odd ones out it would seem and smiles and the woman smiles back as it seemed that he had finally figured it out not that it will help him but he knows how to handle her. It means they were both trained by their grandmother who always knew that learning was best away from others so you can hold an ace up your sleeve and this woman seemed to stick to the grand mothers teachings.

Revy sees this as well and she yells out as lightning almost hits her Emil had come back and Kaito knows this is about to be a team attack from them of lightning and wind as he knows his "evil" self was an odd ball like himself but seemed to work alone mostly and from what he heard had great power. He watches as the two joined hands as they summon magic seals and Kaito raises his hand and as soon as their spell fires forward he opened a portal and the combined spell disappeared and Kaito lunged forward and he knocks them both out with a double cloths line laying them out flat on their backs and he captures them and throws them into a dimensional prison to keep them trapped because they might be a bit too strong to just leave them running around on the streets or having the knight fumble the bag again and them getting loose back out to get more help.
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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone slowly turned about, trying to keep an eye on the running Terano who continued to circle around the dwarf from a good distance. They were waiting for the right moment, the martial artist was looking for the right moment to move in and attack a weak point, as for the dwarf, he waited for that same move.

And it came. Terano managed to get behind Brone the moment the dwarf turned his head to to the other side to try and keep sight on the martial artist, this allowed Terano to rush in at a blind spot. With his speed and rushing directly at Brone's blind spot, he wouldn't be able to turn around in time to block, not unless he saw him coming the moment he changed course...

Which he did.

Brone learned how to sense around him since he mastered his skill with axes, becoming a God of War. The only reason he kept tried to keep his eyes on Terano was to hide the fact that he was able to keep his enemy within his field of vision all about him.

When Terano closed the gap before the two, Brone turned just in time to block the devasting blow with his shield and as a counter, the golden axe came in for a swing. Terano had thrown his entire weight into the punch, so he didn't have to to jump out of the way of the attack.

Brone yelled at the top of his lungs to activate the axe's spell, increasing his strength. The blade of the axe cut down the martial artist and sent him flying. As Terano hit the floor, he fell unconscious.

Soon enough, the guards of Magnolia would sent field medics to heal Terano and the others who had fallen and remain alive. They will be taken in as prisoners of war.

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