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Aspects of Failure (Good)

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Yuurei and Renji had been within the Crimson Quarter of Hosenka. They had a job to do today, and it was from Yua. It seemed like she wanted them to come to the theater today as it would seem like someone threatened to steal her actresses away from her. It was sad to hear that, but he knew that he would be able to protect them if he was there. He would look over to Renji and the Exceed knew that they were going to be handling jobs today.

The two of them would make their way to the theater, and once they had gotten there, they would open the door. It would seem like it was busy tonight as there were a lot of people. He could see that Manager Yua was moving back and forth hoping that Yuurei would show up. When she looked at the door, she could see Yuurei was there, and a smile would appear on her face.



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Yuurei would wave at her, and she would make space for Yuurei to walk through. The people would see that Yuurei was here, and they were surprised that someone as famous as him would enjoy theater. He would make it to her, and there they would walk to the back together. When they got to a place with some privacy, Yua would look over at Yuurei as she was doing her best to calm down now that he was here.

“I’m glad that you’re here. A Criminal named Ayakashi has threatened to kidnap my actresses. I don’t know when, but I think he’s going to strike tonight. I need you to make sure that he doesn’t escape with them please.” She asked him hoping that he would take this quest now that he knew what it was truly about.

Yuurei would smile at her when he heard her story, and he was more than happy to help her.

“Of course, I will make sure that nobody is abducted tonight.” He said to Yua.



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Yua was happy to hear this from Yuurei and she was going to be able to rest easy. She would look at him and then she would allow him to know what he could do.

“You’re able to move freely as you wish. The only thing you cannot do is go on stage unless Ayakashi is there.” She said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would understand that, and the two of them would look at each other as they would start moving around the theater. There was one place they were going to head to. They figured if they would see him coming it would be from up top, and so they headed there. The Nephilim would be able to get to the stage without a problem if he had shown up.

He would move over to his destination without a problem and there he would be in a corner as he would watch the play begin.



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Yuurei would see as everything was going fine within, the premises. The play was nice, and he would be drawn to it. He was watching this for free it seemed, and of course, while the show was happening, a man would appear. He would sigh when he saw this as he was already holding to of the actresses. The crowd would gasp from the sudden appearance of the man, and they knew who he was as well.

“I will be taking these two with me and if anybody tries to stop me, I will kill them.” He said out loud as he was getting ready to leave.

Yuurei would shake his head when he heard this, and he would sprout his wings as his eye color would change to yellow. He would stay where he was as the people around him would see this and they were shocked that he could do this.



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Yuurei was waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump in, and he would keep staring at the man. He would wait for him to turn around, and that was when he would act. The berserker would fly off the edge of where he was, and he would fly straight to the man. He would move quicker than the guy could react, and he would punch him on the side of the head. Ayakashi would feel this, and he would scream and grunt from the pain as he would fall to the ground without being able to do anything. The Nephilim would drop down as the actress would look at his land on the stage.

He would smile at them as if they were safe, and someone would come on the stage as they would take Ayakashi away. Yuurei was fine with that, and he would see if the actresses were hurt. Of course, he knew they weren’t and the person that took the criminal away would disappear.



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Yuurei wouldn’t know this, but he was happy that everyone was okay. He would walk over to Yua and she was happy that he was here. He had saved her employees, which meant that he needed to be rewarded. They had stopped the people from leaving and told them the show would resume shortly. This would bring them back to their seats and they were waiting for the show to resume.

Yua would take out a bag of jewels and she would hand over the bag to Yuurei. He would check it out and when he saw that everything was there, he would be on his way. The light mage needed to go and handle more jobs that needed to be done within Hosenka.

Renji would make his way through the area and to Yuurei with an angry look on his face. He had forgotten to take him with him. When Yuurei saw this, he would pick up Renji and they would be on their way.

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