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And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket]

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And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 12:38 am


Rushed footsteps disturbed the sand, the excited laughter of children filled the air as the locals of Luluhawa island were enjoying the peaceful and pleasant weather their climate was known for. And among them was one particular figure that truly stood out. Dressed in appropriate beachware the elven maiden was fidgeting under the nearby trees as her gaze shifted back and forth along the beach, the beauty of the sea and the innocent playing children somehow making her feel more at ease compared to the cities.

"It's the Beach Espy!" A voice called out in her thoughts, making the girl whisper bashfully. "Mhmm... It's indeed the Maholo Beach. It's nice weather today, isn't it?"

To which Esperia saw the illusionary image of her companion manifest in front of her. "Nice? It's FABULOUS WEATHER! A pleasant breeze, a warm sun and MAIDENS IN BIKINI!"

Yet Esperia had caught note of something more interesting. "A bucket?" Yet hearing these words Hermes tilted his head toward her in bewilderment. "Silly, how does a Bucket wear a bikini?" But Espy shook her head lightly and pointed toward the figure. "No- I mean there is a Bucket over there... Wait, is that bucket walking?"

What a confusing trip...

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And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 2:20 am

Oh look, what nice crates for a tired, weary man to take a nap in! Snooze snooze, now he’s in Luluhawa island. It took him a few long minutes to really get it into his mind that he was in an island, surrounded by SEA and there was no way to get out without going on a ship. Because he needed that kind of panic in his fucking life. And it wasn’t the prettiest or most common sight to see a giant hobo in rags running around like a panicked, coked up madman who clearly didn’t know where he was or what was going on.

It actually took at least three hours for the man to resign himself to his fate and just lay down on the warm sands of Mahalo Beach. He’d probably become old and die here and for a while, he was resigning himself to his fate - after all, no way would he ever step in a ship by himself, on his own will. So, the sandy beaches are the life for him. Never will he leave. Ahahaa.. shit.

Eventually, he had to just get up. He couldn’t stay still and depressed forever, at least he could.. just walk around. Enjoy the warm sands. This is clearly a sort of vacation island, the least he could do is start enjoying the rest of his life. So he went, the man walking up a small hill in the sand, progressively revealing more and more of his body to anyone who may be spying on him from the trees. Someone who would now see it wasn’t just a walking bucket, but a giant, jacked beast of a man. With a bucket for a head.

Now what would she do? He most certainly looked like the type that no one in their right mind should approach but, even then, she’s super strong. No way it’d ever be trouble.



And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 2:32 am


A gentle tilt of her head followed; childish curiosity evident in her expression as the elven maiden pondered about the sight before her. What in the world was going on here! The walking bucket, which first appeared to be an ordinary bucket, well as ordinary as a moving bucket could be, grew to have the body of a man! Now just any man, a man who looked like he had not skipped a single day of gym in Hargeon in his entire life!

"Is that... a new fashion statement?" Hermes asked in amusement while Esperia found her feet instinctively moving. The pitter-patter of her feet rebounding on the sand was accompanied by Hermes chuckling behind her. "You know what they say about curiosity!" Fortunately, she wasn't a cat. As Esperia approached the man, she fidgeted gently on the spot, her hands bashfully hidden behind her back as she tried to lean forward a little to see if she could peek underneath the bucket. "B...ucket..." The elven maiden whispered shyly, but quickly regained her composure enough to clarify: "I-Isn't it warm underneath that bucket?" Was she showing concern for him? Judging from the worry in her eyes, and the slight flush on her cheeks it was clear the elf had overcome her hesitation out of something trivial like concern for his wellbeing.

Meanwhile marching behind her was an equally curious sight: An Exceed who was clad in a full suit of metal armor, and had a sword sheathed on the belt at his hip. "No Lady Esperia, I understand it all too well: This gentleman is CHALLENGING THE SUN! Such a warrior's valor. I am glad to see valor still runs in the veins of mankind."

But Esperia turned toward the Exceed and muttered softly. "Aren't you hot as well Nyacelot?" To which the Exceed muttered softly. "Yes... but I'm not throwing in the towel for this fight just yet... The sun can be praised for its relentless assault, but I am stalwart as your sword and shield!"

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

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Underneath the bucket, there was nothing. His wide, thick neck filled up the bucket quite nicely, leaving only the rim of the bucket to “hug” his neck. Though a few times, when his head moved, a bit more opened up to reveal a never ending darkness. It was actually quite anomalous, no light seemed to penetrate or squeeze through even when it logically should. It indicated that it was magic in source. Soon enough, this would be clarified when she said that word which, as it turns out, was also the name he went by.

His head turned to face her, head leaning down as the eyes that should just be carved on the bucket.. moved. They narrowed to look better at the girl and the funny armored cat behind her, emoting quite visibly. The jagged line below them moved to reveal a mouth.. well, something that functioned like a mouth, resembling those pumpkins during halloween. This one moved freely to speak.
“Warm? Nah, it’s my head. Cool, right?” The big man asked, his tone friendly and warm towards the girl, the giant being unable to do anything else. That deep-seated wish to be a parent of his was hitting him hardest when faced with such a tiny, innocent and curious girl, he just wanted to entertain her and answer all her questions. Maybe she’d let him brush her hair and teach her how to fight.

Though, going by the feeling that the experienced man was getting in his gut, he felt like he was staring at someone powerful. The same feeling he got when he looked at that pretty mother with her two kids back at Hargeon.

Shit, he couldn’t even think too much about that sensation before the cat actually talked, praising Bucket for challenging the sun. Praise is praise and he does like it, but it should be deserved so, lifting one of his huge, thick and scarred hands, he waved away that notion. “My exercises and prancing around under the sun is nothing compared to a full suit of armor, honorable sir. I am merely lost. I fell asleep and woke up here, stranded.” Bucket explained, deciding to go with the vibe that the knight cat was showing. If he was that serious about being chivalrous, the least he could do was to honor that. Besides, he figured the girl would be sad if he didn’t go along with her kitty’s shenanigans.


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Nyancelot nodded his head firmly in understanding, its visor clapping shut and opening again in the same motion. "Lost, you say ser? I believe we are currently in Luluhawa Island, the Mahalo Beach to be specific."

The Exceed seemed quite pleased with Bucket's mannerisms, meanwhile the young elf smiled sheepishly as Bucket explained that it was his head. She took a step closer, seemingly growing comfortable in the man's presence. "It's very cool! I never met someone with a Bucket as head before." Her eyes sparkled with admiration and excitement as she tried to look at his head from different angles. "Perhaps you are a Transcender? Some humans tend to obtain such otherworldly properties as they grow. Wait- why do I know about-"

A sudden collection of visions coursed through her mind, a sensory overload that conjured a sharp headache, making the girl whimper softly as she let out a soft cry, a hand reached for her head. Nyancelot was quick to dash to her side, patting a paw reassuringly to her leg. "Hush hush now Lady Esperia, there is no need to rush, relax and take deep breaths."

As the girl attempted to calm down Nyancelot spoke softly. "Why don't you get us some ice-cream cones? I'm sure that would be an splendid idea." The girl nodded her head weakly, walking toward the direction of the nearby ice-cream vendor while the Exceed turned toward Bucket.

"Sorry about that. My master used to be a powerful sorceress. A Captain Commander in the Rune Knights, but she died during one of her missions. Was investigating a crime cartel. Group of really nasty no-gooders who wanted to kill the king. Of course, she tried to stop them, but she didn't take into consideration the idea that her own subordinates would betray her. They backstabbed her and watched the poor lass die simply because she was a vampire who rose through the ranks at a blinding pace due to her dedication."

The Exceed sighed deeply, clearly upset at the events that had transpired. "It seems that because of her dedication to protecting Earthland, Gaia itself granted her a second chance at living, being reborn as the girl you see in front of you. But it's as much a blessing as it is a curse. Her memories are shattered, and her concept of personal identity in shambles. To make matters worse the unnatural origin of her rebirth led to her kin to believe she is an ill omen. They look at her with these cold eyes, and as such when she fled to Fiore to try to recover her lost past, a bit of fortune smiled upon her in the form of a reunion with her wife. Even now it's a peculiar situation. On an instinctive level she is drawn to her, but I have no idea what goes on in the girl's mind when it involves that topic."

He smiled weakly as he continued. "Oh, if you're worried, don't be. Aside from myself, she retains a fair degree of her previous self's strength, heck if she fought seriously, she likely could whoop my backside back to Hargeon with ease. And that's not counting the possibility of her using her undead powers or these of her benefactor."

Muttering the last bit he watched the girl return, seemingly holding some ice-cream cones in her hands.

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 10:52 am

That island? The vacation island.. that wasn’t so far from Hargeon if one went by ship but he still wasn’t happy about it. He still really did not want to step into a ship again, he detested the very notion of it. Still, knowing he’d eventually have to.. it made him shiver. Not that he’d show it to the two, since that’d just be troubling them with pointless stuff, but it didn’t please him. He’d have to figure out a way to get back to mainland eventually. And in that pensive state, as the girl suggested that he could be a ‘transcendent’, he was about to gently correct her about his curse, only to see her in pain.

Fearing that she could fall from that, he quickly crouched down to one knee, gently holding the girl steady so that she wouldn’t fall, looking up at her with concerned eyes. At least, that’s what the shape of his eyes indicated. “Girly! Are you alright? Don’t force yourself!” He said, seeing Nyancelot moving over to her to comfort the girl as well. The suggestion for her to go buy ice cream on her own was surprising and it definitely sounded.. bad, but Bucket chose to just trust him.

The info that came after? It was a lot, to the point where the first thing that came from Bucket’s mouth was pure bewilderment. “..That’s a lot to share with a hobo you just met, sir knight. But I understand. The poor girl.. this is what happens when you trust the Rune Knights to do anything that resembles competence or morally good. Hmph.” He said, standing up while staring off towards the direction that the girl went off to go buy ice cream. Feeling awkward that Nyancelot was the only one to talk about a touchy past, he figured it’d only be fair to share his own. “I know.. of being betrayed. Got left behind as a distraction while my parents ran from a violent preacher mage. He tortured me, broke me and kept me a slave for thirty one years. Now.. hm. I am just a lost creature with a cursed head. Not even as I ran would he just admit defeat. Nah, he cursed my head to forever look ridiculous.

By that point, the girl arrived and Bucket pat her head to make sure she was alright. He wanted to see the poor child smile, now knowing that she knew the sting of betrayal. Even worse than him, she knew the sting of death. Pain and death are two different things, after all. “Feeling better, girly? The day’s so fine and sunny, it’d be a shame to be sick!” He tried to cheer her up, seeing if she’d go along with him. Maybe he could distract her from those fragmented memories by playing with her in the sand.

Not that he wanted to at least try playing with a girl that could be his daughter so he’d get a feel of what it’s like to be a dad. Nope. Nah. Nuh-uh.


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The Exceed nodded his head somberly. "Then you understand her suffering all too well. The difficulty of trusting others after being betrayed, that stinging loneliness of having no place to call your own." Meanwhile the girl returned to Bucket, a sheepish smile on her lips after he asked if she was feeling better. "Mhmm, sometimes I get feverish when my head starts to hurt, but this time it wasn't too bad."

She gently crouched down to hand the exceed an ice-cream cone, while raising a hand lightly toward Bucket. "C-can you eat one as well?" She inquired, both sounding a bit shy and worried at the same time. However, it was after his response that she would correct him about something:

"Lily... My name is Lily~ That is what the other elves call me. Nice to meet you Bucket~" It seemed the girl had regained some of her cheerfulness, while the exceed was happily lapping away at the ice cream.

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

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Feverish. That’s what she believed was happening to her. Such innocence really could only belong to a child, which just confused the man more as to what her age could ever be. Sure, he is aware of the legends of very long-lived elves but did they really age this slowly? It.. could it be? Someone so young-looking having a whole life story, struggles and a wife, even though she’s so small and cute and innocent. Well, innocence could have come back after she was revived with nary a memory but one’s instincts and habits rarely ever die. At least he thinks so.

Course I can girly, thank you.” He took the ice cream and made sure to rub her head to thank her, preferring to take small bites out of his ice cream. Not that he couldn’t lick it, he just preferred not showing the poor girl a sight so unsightly. Besides, ice cream was best bitten and properly enjoyed instead of just licked. At least that’s what he thought. “Lily, like the flower. Good to meet you, tiny.” He said, choosing to sit on the floor so that he wouldn’t have to crouch for so long, quietly enjoying his ice cream with actual company. It felt good.. having company that he didn’t hate. Company that he liked. Too long had it been since he enjoyed something this innocent and peaceful.


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Lily nodded her head sheepishly as she smiled happily at having her head petted. Meanwhile as she took a seat beside Bucket the girl gently nibbled onto the tip of her cone, watching a group of children gathering nearby. "Did you know about the festivities going on at this island Bucket? There is this particular event that is really popular among the guys! It's a test of strength! Basically, like a duel? Of course, not to the point it gets scary... But I heard people often come to compete and test their skills there. Even the locals participate."

The girl mused softly as she hummed happily. "I bet you're super strong! Like I bet you'd be as strong as a real papa, At least I think I would know how strong one was if I had one. People say the Yesan-Qaphas is my Papa and my Mama, because I appeared from that tree." She couldn't help but ponder for a moment.

For a moment she paused, thinking carefully. "Ne~ Bucket, want to make a bet?"

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

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A tournament? Why would there be a tournament like that on a vacation island? If it was a tournament to see who can chug the most pina coladas, sure, he’d understand it. If it was a tournament to see who can dance the best, sure, he’d understand it. But an outright combat tournament? Didn’t sound normal at all. Considering for a while what she said, the pressure of a little girl’s excited expectations were crushing his soul, even though he knew that, with all the years of experience under his belt, he had never been allowed to become too strong: always underfed, never trained, just strong enough to raise an axe and swing it at peasants to scare them.

That is to say - he’s not strong. At all. Stronger than a normal man sure, but he’s nothing to write home about. Even his magic is middling, only used to support his movements. Man doesn’t even know how to use his magic to fight, no one ever taught him and he can’t even read, so he can’t even learn! But would he SAY that to the little girl that was looking at him with such hopeful eyes? That wanted to make a bet that was probably related to it? He just.. couldn’t! Too much pressure! He’ll die if he rejects her!

And with all that internal struggle, he simply turned his head to her and nodded. “Sure, lay it on me, girly.” He said, calm and smooth, as if he wasn’t having a full blown panic attack on the inside.
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If Bucket wasn't that strong, he certainly had stirred the imagination of the girl, for she added with a sheepish smile. "How about you participate in that tournament? And if you win?" She went quiet for a moment, bring a hand to her cheek as she pondered seriously about what to reward him with when finally, an idea struck him. "You'll be promoted to Papa Bucket!"

It was a silly idea all things considered, but Lily certainly believed that she was talking to an incredibly powerful Bucket man, so as a result she obviously wanted to see all the amazing things he could do! Meanwhile Nyancelot had been absently licking his ice-cream, although judging from the silence and the playful wagging of his tail he was secretly enjoying the predicament that Bucket found himself in. At least to him it looked like a fun bonding moment all things considered?

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

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Oh no, she called him Papa Bucket. Just the promise of being called that was already hitting his heart where it hurt most, to the point where he was wondering if he’d do it. Well, it wasn’t like he was going to say anything but yes.. but now he knew he’d have to really try, to REALLY give it his all. A reward like that, to be considered a father figure to someone so small and vulnerable, it hit his heart where it ached most, that crippling loneliness and desire to do better than his shitass of a father, that need to redeem himself for thirty-one years of wronging other people by simple orders.

I’ll uh.. I’ll do it, girly. I’ll give it my all!” He said, throwing the rest of the ice cream into his mouth, chewing it up and gulping it all down, still unendingly nervous. He really wanted to win now but he still knew that he ain’t strong AT ALL. Like.. he’s weak. He knows he’s weak. How will he ever win!? He’d.. yes, he’d probably have to fight really dirty. No way around it, nothing he could do! It wasn’t his fault, he had done nothing wrong, he HAD to do it! He had to win, he HAD to become the father figure of that girl! Even if it’s a complete deviation of his goals, it still gives his life a better purpose than just malicious revenge.


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Lily couldn't help but smile happily as she hopped back onto her feet, clearly excited to see just what sort of amazing things Bucket could do. At the same time Nyancelot had finished his ice-cream and looked up at the duo with a hint of curiosity in his eyes. "Oh, going to sign up?" He asked, a brief glance at Bucket being made as the Exceed climbed onto his feet. "We'll better head to the area then. Of course, I'll be cheering for nya Bucket."

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for Bucket Lily seemed quite excited about the entire idea, going as far as gently grasping a hold of his hand to help him upright while starting to guide him along the beach, an innocent smile visible on her lips. "A papa~ I'm going to get a Papa Bucket~"

Poor Bucket, he really was having the fire of enthusiasm stoked under him, wasn't he? Meanwhile Lily had started to hum what sounded almost like an energetic song-like rendition of the earlier sentence she had said. While Nyancelot simply followed the duo trying his utmost to retain a knightly expression. Dear Illumin, it truly was hard for him not to start snickering at the situation Bucket had found himself at currently. But even then, considering the sheer kindness the man was showing his master, perhaps he could help Bucket in some way or form during the tournament. How exactly he didn't know but. Surely there must had been a way.

By the time they had arrived at the lobby for the event Nyancelot had figured out a proper strategy: "Lady Lily~ Why don't we all three sign up?" The suggestion made Lily raise a hand to her cheek as she looked up at Bucket, pondering for a moment just what she should do. And then it came, the well and truly finishing blow: "Mhmm~ and if I win? I get to have Bucket pat my head and call me a good girl for winning!" The Exceed blinked in bewilderment as the girl happily went to sign the three of them up, the Exceed sympathetically patting Bucket's waist. "Sorry Ser Bucket, I tried... But rest assured, it seems the event relies purely on physical prowess, so for the most part I think you'll be advantagous against your opponents?" And so it seemed poor Bucket was about to be dragged in quite an exciting, albeit clearly silly and entertaining adventure! For the girl was looking at him with the eyes that could only belong to a true fangirl!

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] UcJA3TG

And in the next episode of Bucket Ball Z- [[PSF – Luau - Bucket] Empty Sun Sep 25, 2022 3:33 pm

Pain. Pain pain pain pain pain. SO much pain. Holy SHIT so much pain. Everything was agony. Everything was pain! All the pain in his heart, just because she was acting so happy and excited around him! Papa Bucket. She didn’t even know his real name. Fuck it, HE doesn’t know his real name, he went by all sorts of nicknames under that slaver, usually a synonim of useless or brute. Bucket was the name he took after he became cursed. It wasn’t his name. Never was. But to have her call him papa? It made that pain, in a way, feel like it was all worth it. 

This terrified him, of course. To no end. The man knew himself to be indeed just a mindless brute with too much blood on his hands and an endless streak of innocent bodies in his wake, ordered to or not. It still was evil, it still was wrong. Too wrong. Not to mention his personal quest to kill the gods, their angels, the demons that opposed them and their mortal servants. A father? How dare he even think of it.

The pain of one’s heart and the weakness of their soul, he felt it all too well. And in the midst of that turmoil, all he could do was nod at the girl in agreement, masking away his agony by continuing to put up that shell. Shell? It wasn’t a fake emotion or word, there was not a lie in what he said.. but the smile he put up, the excitement, it wasn’t real. The guilt just wouldn’t allow this. It wouldn’t allow deep, true joy. “It’s a bet, girly.” He assured her, letting her sign them up - thankfully, cuz he can’t write.
To the exceed, he listened and nodded, figuring he could at least get rather far with raw strength alone. He didn’t think he’d win the tournament, especially if she somehow got to the finals. His gut still warned him that she’s stronger.. and even if she wasn’t, there was no way he could hurt someone so precious.

All he hoped was that she’d have fun.

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