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Rune Knight for a Day [Solo]

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Rune Knight for a Day [Solo] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 3:14 pm

So things had been going well, actually. Super well! After a good deal of errands being run, as he helped everyone he could, he found himself becoming a bit more famous, known as more than just the hobo that helped people here and there as best as he could, but a hobo who was trying to make his way in life and was actually really useful. In terms of image, sure, it’s not exactly the biggest upgrade, especially when his endgoal is so lofty but everyone starts somewhere, do they not? It’s not like he’s in that much of a hurry, the gods never die and he has at least forty more years of life ahead of him. All in all, he had time.. and at the rate he was progressing, he was sure he’d reach them, eventually. 

Speaking of progress, what the hell would he do now? He didn’t want to continue doing the small errands that had become just second nature to him, he actually needed to.. improve, right? He needed to do more, to do more difficult things, for longer. A man needs challenges, things that will push him, that will challenge him. Through strife is how one improves, through struggle can one rise above his own limitations. He sure as shit would NEVER break his limits by carrying glass vials around or feeding fish. Fun as it was and surprisingly therapeutic, it wasn’t the type of struggle that would continue to work towards his rise.

So what then? He couldn’t be still forever while thinking about working hard. He actually needed to work, or he’d become like those weird fucks who panic about not doing things, while panicking too hard to do those things. Only to continue panicking about not doing things, rinse and repeat, ad nauseum, ad vomitoreum. Pretty sure that’s not how one says vomit in latin. ..Funny. What’s Latin?

Before he devolved into progressively worsening existential questions, the big hobo heard the effeminate whining of a desperate bitch. Going by the fact that it still belonged to a guy, he figured it’d probably be a rune knight. And so the stars aligned, he was completely correct! A kid who looked absolutely desperate. Desperate enough to go straight to the first big guy he saw, which ended up being the slightly well known hobo.

The request was.. surprisingly simple. Shitass superiors had called him back to the office but left no one to sub for him and watch the streets, displaying a wonderful level of incompetence that only the rune knights could pull off. Just for that, he knew that the kid was legit. So, after he made sure that the kid promised him a fat reward for taking over his job, he let him run off to listen to some random bureaucratic minging from superiors who just couldn’t get the sticks out their ass. Left alone, the hobo, who didn’t have to obey anyone, just sat down by a spot where he could watch everything just fine and.. watched. He was patient, he didn’t mind.

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A few hours passed. Nothing of note really happened, which really shed some light on how fucking drole the lives of pages with the Rune Knights really are. It brought into question why anyone in their right mind would subject themselves to this shit, starting by the fact that they’d have to obey some miserable rubes who never had independence in their life, who now get their stiffy, their high, by giving other people orders. So why would ANYONE serve such a shit organization? It can’t be a desire to protect people. It really fucking can’t.

For starters, you’d probably have an easier time protecting people by going independent, at least you’re able to help people on your own time as you please, with your own methods. You don’t have to ask your superiors if you can do your fucking job like a kid asks the teacher to go take a piss. Even worse, those Rune Knights and their laws, their justice.. it really isn’t justice, is it? Feels more like a forceful keeping of the peace not for the people, but for the rich and powerful. If peace is won by stomping and squashing the filthy, unwashed masses, then that’s how peace is kept. Rune Knights.. the only runes they got are runes of oppression.

Seriously, who even likes the Rune Knights? Their strict order, can’t do this, can’t do that, don’t do this thing, never do that thing, do this thing and get punished with a million billion trillion lashings, disobey and – wait, what’s that?

While he was ranting to himself about how much he detested the Rune Knights, the hobo’s attention was grabbed by something most uncommon. Those eyes of his, even if they looked like they didn’t exist, he could still see clearly: a drug deal. With known smuggler Hullston. Though, he didn’t think he would chase him. No.. after all, he’s KNOWN. And if a known smuggler is still walking free and doing business, then he’s not the type to be easily caught.

Instead, the giant jumped to his feet and barked out the ever typical “FREEZE!” and dashed at the men. Like expected, Hullston was the one who was actually quick on his feet, escaping without any sort of hesitation. The other guy, the Mr-Nobody-Knows-Or-Cares, hesitated for a few moments of confusion and began running. By that point, though, it just was too little too late. On a simple footrace, with the headstart Bucket had, he quickly tackled down the man to the ground, jagged mouth wide open as if he was about to eat the man’s face.

“WHO WERE YOU TALKING TO!?” Bucket roared out, writhing appendages slowly revealing themselves from his mouth, now bringing into question if he wouldn’t actually straight up eat the man. Just that notion was enough to make him talk very quickly. As expected, it was Reagan Hullston.

With confirmation, Bucket got off of him and chose to just tie him down instead, dragging him off to the spot where he’d continue to wait for the kid. By the time Collin actually came back, he handed off the criminal and the information, collected his payment and went to the pub. He was thirsty for some milk.

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