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Back to Fiore [SL]

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The blood tasted great, and it quenched her thirst in comparison to having nothing at all for the past couple months. Her and the other prisoners had survived without much food and water for the past few months. She lost count as she only counted a couple weeks. She wondered how everybody was back in the country she was residing at. She missed her adoptive daughter and even some of her so-called friends. She put her synth away as she made it settle against her back. Her hair started to change color as it became blacker and whiter. Will she have to dye it a different color? She was really unsure what she was going to do with her appearance after she got back. She knew that after killing some nobles that she will be on the blacklist of many nobles and royals. What will become her guild for now?



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Once she finally got out of the palace, she saw that her horse and her new acquaintances were there waiting for her. She was surprised they were still waiting for her instead of escaping themselves. Slowly, she went down the stairs and approached them. She asked all of them if they were ready to leave, as their ship should still be there. She had huge doubts that the Royals and nobles would get rid of a ship that was in good condition. Thankfully it was night time outside as no one was awake in noticed anything different. All the guards that were there were inside at that moment as quilla killed them all. Well, they went through every alleyway and the streets that had no people walking before they finally got to the docks. They hurried and huddled into the ship as they started to go off into the sea.



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Everyone started to yell at each other as they started to lift. The sails go and the wind was carrying the boat towards the country they needed to go to. It was finally time to go back home as she then went towards the wheel. As she touched the wheel, she started to tear up as she remembered the captain that took her there. Such a nice guy. And they had to die, why? She wondered why such nice people had to die and the horrible nobles and society got to live. She bit her lower lip as she was getting really sad and then saw that someone was coming over from her side sight. She faked a smile as she started to act goofy to hide how she really felt. Before they got too far away from Joya, she asked them where they wanted to go. Will they go?



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She saw them gather around and started to talk to each other as if they were planning something for themselves. It seemed they all got along and agreed on something. The one with the dreamy eyes and the cool color hair of brown and different earth tones came up to her. He started to explain that they all wanted to go to the country Quilla was going to and see how it is there. Besides softly and told them all that she had a place for them to go while she was waiting on somewhere else they could also reside at. She was excited for the Country Island Place she would rule over. At least rule over till she ruled Joya itself. All of them are excited to go and adventure in another country. It seemed like Quilla had a whole group of people that was going to follow her.



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It seemed all peaceful, so she started to go down and let the sails take the wheel. She sat down with everybody on a barrel as they circled around a pit of fire made of metal and coal with a bit of obvious flame that lit up the area. She was studying to explain to them that she had a place in Dhalia. Each of them could have their own room, and she will try her best to satisfy everybody's will until she could get to her island altogether. They were all a little worried about her since she was the one that went through the most torture. That and the whole crew themselves, as their captain, were brutally killed. She gave us rather a weird smile as she told them that she was all right and we'll survive. Her fingers were all bandaged already by Kara, who wanted her to serve her without delay.



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How will she explain to Jin about her hands and scars? Will he be angry with her that she let people do that to her? Will he find someone more beautiful than her, One without scars? Suddenly as she felt a little bump against her side as she looked up to see her horse. Bai sat down beside her which made Quilla pet the side of his face, " You did a good job today," She complimented him as he took it well. Her horse seemed to be the prideful type as he always wanted the compliment but huffed about them as if he already knew that. Her heart skipped as she heard a deep voice and looked over to see that it was the man from before. He wondered what was wrong, and she explained to him that she had a lover who was waiting for her, most likely, right?



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He was lost for words as he thought maybe it was a different problem, but once again he wanted to say something but didn't. She keeps getting more curious as to what he had to say and why he won't tell her. Fully. If she wasn't with who she was with currently, she would probably assume he was interested. Was acting like Jin did. So did that mean he was interested in her too? She was still getting used to this romantic aspect. The point of view was a little odd for her, as she was used to the asexual sort of life. When you were too busy doing war things and being a priestess, he had no time, nor were you allowed to communicate with the opposite sex. They felt a little awkward till suddenly the rest of the crew started to talk about what they want to do once they get to the other country.



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They all went to sleep, as the next day they would probably arrive to Fiore. She went to the captain quarters and started to clean up the area before finally going to sleep. She set her scythe right next to her as Nu told her. Good night. Her eyes started to close and finally drifted off to sleep. It has been a while since she has slipped on a bed as it felt peaceful. Her mind was completely blank, as it was black as the abyss. She was dreaming of nothing, and it felt like only a mere seconds before she finally woke up. She yawned, stretched and grabbed her weapon before leaving to go outside. Some people were still asleep, but she went towards the triangle part of the boat. She doesn't remember of every name of the sections of the boat, was it the bow? It didn't matter as Fiore was now in front of them and everybody woke up the rest of the people that were still asleep. Where they finally getting a taste of freedom? Relief? How long was this relief going to last?




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